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Karen Bass--Mayor-Elect Los Angeles

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Looks like Rep Karen Bass will be the 1st female Mayor of Los Angeles.


Her opponent spent $100 million of his own money in a losing effort.


Hopefully, Mayor Bass will be able to make a difference in reducing crime, homelessness and unemployment in the city of angels. 😎

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Happy for the sister:) 

I know your worries ProfD, as you stated in the other post. In fairness to the Black populace in the USA whose forebears were enslaved, we didn't want to be here. That simple historical fact is the reality at the root of all problems black DOSers have in the USA. It means all Black DOSers whether collectively or individually have to figure out how to come to terms with the USA. 

My argument has always been, all Blacks need to accept that coming to terms with the United States of America for a Black DOSer can come in any form because we didn't want to be part of the USA in the first place. DC Sniper/Barrack Obama/Clarence Thomas/Robert Johnson/Lebron James/Oprah Winfrey/Fannie Lou Hamer all are acceptable paths. 

Do Black DOSers alone have this problem in the USA? yes. We can share no comfort. We have comradery to other groups with this issue. 

The only other group that has a similar situation is the Native American, whose forebears didn't want the USA to become. So...

Find the like minded Black folk is the only option, for all Black people in the USA. If you are like a Barrack Obama, fine, but don't expect the clarence thomas's or Malcolm's or Ansel Williamson's to follow your path, they have their own. But all blacks can be happy for each other's success. 

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I'm happy for our sister's success, although I wish she HADN'T won....lol.


However I seriously doubt her Administration is going to have much of an impact on the crime, violence, and homeless problem plaguing that city.
One of the reasons why is because it's not an "LA" problem but a NATION WIDE problem plaguing most major cities across the nation, and the problems are getting worse because of the economy and shitty way the governments are being managed.




You'd be surprised at how many AfroAmericans in the past as well as in the present wanted and want to be part of the U.S.A.
Probably more than who would care to admit it.

They may trash the U.S. from time to time but when they leave and go to some other nations and come back, the aquire a new found love and respect for the nation.



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Brotha Tariq Nasheed keeps it a buck both in breaking down the compromised Black folks (pawns) and wayward n8gglets (dusties and hoodrats). 🤣


Yet, we have to give Mayor-Elect Bass a chance to lead. Until there's a mass exodus out of LA and/or we groom better representatives, she's all we got over there right now. 😎

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I don't have the best feeling in the world about this situation....

I think Black folks are being given so many Divine warnings to just LEAVE California.

From the threat of Earthquakes, anti-Black hatred from Latinos and Asians, mass incarceration, etc......

Except for a few Black millionaires as a result of the entertainment industry, there is no real reason for most Black people to stay in California except for either being born there or expecting the glitz and glamour of California life portrayed by the media.

The Black population has already been decimated in L.A. and other cities, so what are Black Californians holding on to?

My dial is set on Black folks just packing up and leaving.  Go to Nevada or Arizona and set up shop, but just LEAVE that place.....nothing to look forward to there.

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Many AfroAmericans left the South in order to find a better life elsewhere.


That's how we ended up North and on the west coast too.


It worked for several generations as evidenced by the progress of AfroAmericans over the past 100 years. 


There is a thought that AfroAmericans should return to the South. Flood a state like Georgia. 


Relocation.  That would be the best hope for a mass exodus from Cali or anywhere else. Take a state by being the majority population there and run it from top to bottom.


In a state like Georgia, Stacey Abrams would be governor and mumble-mouth Herschel Walker would not have even been on the ticket. 😁😎


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I thought about that relocation move for years.
That we should all flood the South or a few southern states like Georgia and Mississippi and concentrate political and economic power there.
But then changed my mind because it leaves us too vulnerable in OTHER parts of the nation.

Why just GIVE the rest of the nation away to Whites and Latinos and Asians....who clearly aren't limiting THEMSELVES to any region.
Latinos....especially Central Americans....are migrating to all regions of the U.S. in larger numbers and trying to dominate certain industries.

I say we just leave CALIFORNIA and maybe the coasts of Oregon and Washington state....but still maintain or establish large concentrations in major cities in every other state INCLUDING Hawaii and Alaska!

Ofcourse it really doesn't matter WHERE the Negro migrates to, if he's gonna have that same SLAVE mentality of going along to get along and just working for someone else and grabbing up a bit of food, some weed to smoke, some liquor to drink, and living until he drops dead.
No desire to rule or dominate or do for self....just "survive" day to day.

A damn slave is a damn SLAVE no matter where he goes.....so he might as well stay in California or where EVER the hell he's at, until he changes his mentality.

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@Pioneer1, you're 100% correct...relocation means nothing if folks are going to being the same slave mentality and/or be doing n8gga sh8t. 


That's why I'm a proponent of empowerment. AfroAmericans have to be taught how to think and act like a boss in all areas of human activity but especially economics and politics. 


Other groups of people can post up in any state and thrive because they have a tie that binds...their culture=code.😎

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Like you said, we need to CODIFY our culture.

Niggaz love doing shit that don't work.
Racist cop shoots down an unarmed Black woman and these fools get out in the streets marching and twerking and going on.


Three women filmed twerking on top of a police car in Chicago similar  incidents in Seattle St. Louis - Salten News

Damn nigga twerking and flapping their wide open ass on top of police cruisers and shit as if THAT'S gonna stop them from killing more people.

We need to establish a solid culture that actually WORKS for us as AfroAmericans.
Like Neely Fuller Jr. said, find out what works and employ THAT instead of constantly doing shit that has been PROVEN not to work.
Find out what works then CODIFY it as part of our cultural code.


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2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

Niggaz love doing shit that don't work.
Racist cop shoots down an unarmed Black woman and these fools get out in the streets marching and twerking and going on.

Unfortunately, those same n8gglets will show up at the woman's funeral wearing T-shirts with her picture on the front.


Instead of being respectful and going into the church and sitting through the service, n8gglets will sit out in the church parking lot smoking, drinking and playing loud music. 


Codifying our culture will take a miracle. I hope it doesn't come down to a disaster forcing our people to get on code. 😎

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I am happy she won and is the now the first female Black Mayor of Los Angeles.

This shows that while billionaires CAN be defeated, no matter how much money they toss into their campaigns. 

The fear about earthquakes is the same as always worrying about hurricanes when moving to the Caribbean or Florida. But the concern for racism and anti-Black sentiment from a segment of the Latino population in Los Angeles is real - which is why political coalitions must be formed and sustained. 

One cannot keep harping back to what happened a more than century ago as some on here do. That will never explain the current political dynamic or lead to path to survive in the future. We need to be focused, stalwart and understand the local issues.

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What do you expect for her to actually ACCOMPLISH....for us....as the first Black female mayor of L.A.????

Do you think she'll actually house the thousands of homeless Black people there?
Do you think she'll free the tens of thousands of incarcerated Black people there?
Do you think she'll magically eliminate the racism and hatred so many Latinos who DOMINATE Los Angeles have for the tiny Black minority there?

Besides being a Black face sitting in office....what exactly are the benefits you expect to see from this victory????


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Know what else I take as a no? You actually THINKING about an issue.

Karen Bass will not represent just Black Angelenos. She will represent the entire city.

I know this a hard concept for you to grasp. You being a "Mike Pence is brilliant" believer and all. You exhorting a view that the U.S. and NATO need to launch nukes in defense of a country whose capital city name you couldn't even pronounce a year ago. You espousing the canard that Black people need to pack up and run away if a group of folks speaking a different language move onto the next block.

When you say something that actually makes sense and is DOABLE that will benefit Black people, get back to me. But your defeatist attitude, cowardly outlook and belief that the almighty White man has all the answers is disconcerting to me. 

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I gotta hand it to you, you have one hell of an imagination.


I bet you pass by a person at a bus stop and assume they're catching the bus
....because their license was suspended
....because of a DUI
....because they're an alcoholic
....because they inherited alcoholism from a bad parent
....so they were also abused by that bad parent
.....so they probably abuse their children
......so they're on their way to court to try to regain custody of them.


Just one little detail is enough to send your mind spiraling down into the Twighlight Zone....lol.



National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled - Nobody seems to  know why May 11 is “Twilight Zone” Day. It's not the anniversary of the  critically acclaimed TV series, which










what happened? When did you start espousing this belief?

I'm not sure, but apparently I've had it for some time!


I also didn't know I was a campaign manager for Mike Pence!
And a Mercenary who does tours fighting the Russians over in the Ukraine!


You see.....
I don't have access to the same ALTERNATE UNIVERSE that Stefan dwells in from time to time where he apparently engages with ANOTHER Pioneer1.


magic worlds parallel worlds through the mirror | World, Travel, Dream  meanings

It's so sad that when he wakes up and has to interact with us in THIS Universe, he keeps forgetting that we don't have the slightest clue as to what he's talking about and how he comes to the conclusions he comes to...lol.

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