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Who The Heck Is This.............


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Look who popped up across my Youtube screen yesterday......


At first I thought it was some brother running for Mayor or a member of Biden's Administration until I looked closer at the name.

Troy you're looking kind of professional up in this video.
Looking like you know what you're talking about...lol.

I wonder does the Wall Street Journal know you like WE know you....LOL.

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Yeah or was definitely a good look @ProfD if I had a publicist working for me that could have been parodied into more opportunities 🙂


@Pioneer1 it was a panel. me and the two women. one worked for Amazon curating content  (I believe) and the other runs a small press in brooklyn. The panel was part of a much larger event called “The Future of Everything” They had exhibitors and i really got a good sense of what the metaverse and augmented reality is like. 

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@Delano, think social media put on steroids.  Business people are excited about it because there is a great deal of profit in monetizing control over people. 


I now understand why Marky Z is all in on this technology.  The last thing I want is to give that guy is the ability to hack into my brain with greater ease.  So, I will use the technology very cautiously and judiciously.


Now I know there are people who will say  "Oh not me, my brain can't be hacked.  The metaverse is just a way for me to have fun with my friends."  To me, this is a variation of the ideas that Covid is a hoax, climate change is not exacerbated by human activity, or slavery wasn't all that bad for the Blacks.


This tech is great; it is the people who use it for perverse goals that make it a problem.

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yeah writing for the web means short simple text. Rising social media means immediately engaging short videos.


 It is a wonder anyone still reads a novel.

I haven’t even considered the physical aspects. I try to stare off in the distance rather than looking at my screen for so long, but I’m sure my eyesight has suffered given my vocation…


what did the Uni bomber say about technology?

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On 11/20/2022 at 8:58 AM, ProfD said:

I missed it while clowning about big forehead Ethiopians. 

My mtDNA L3 haplogroup indicates my foremothers are ethiopian - and I love my big forehead.  We have a saying in this family "big head big wit; little head not a bit" 😉😊


On 11/20/2022 at 12:15 PM, Troy said:

 it is good to know YouTube's algorithm is sharing some of my content. 

It would show more but your content is labeled "made for children" so,  -subscribers can't opt for notifications of "new videos or "live"


16 hours ago, Troy said:

yeah writing for the web means short simple text.

Search engines reward long content, thank goodness!



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