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Audrey Vernick is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Our students thoroughly enjoyed meeting Audrey Vernick; her presentation kept the kids engaged and energized! She helped them make real-life connections, and she reinforced writing tips that the teachers had presented in class. Her books FLEW off the library shelves after her visit! —Rita Painter, Librarian, Menchaca Elementary, Austin, TX

This sums up just a glimpse of who Audrey Vernick is and what she brings to the table. Vernick grew up in Whitestone, New York with her two sisters and parents. She had a passion for reading at an early age but coincidentally did not demonstrate the same passion for writing while growing up, her aspiring to become a writer was the furthest thing from her young mind. Nevertheless all of that changed when she went to college. She developed a passion for writing and allowed that passion to soar like Eagle’s wings. In addition she received an MFA from the New Jersey State council of the Arts and has been honored with two fiction fellowships from the New Jersey State Council of the Arts.

Vernick specializes in children’s writing but is not limited to it. Vernick has published more than a dozen short stories for adults in magazines and literary journals. However outside of writing children’s books she is an educator at heart. She can be seen touring the world visiting elementary schools and talking about writing and publishing, and can be seen at conferences. Schools speak so very highly of her passion for children and teaching. “The teachers have been stopping me in the halls to tell me how much they enjoyed your visit. Your presentations were informative, engaging, and most of all, enjoyable! The children loved listening to you and your stories—and so did I!”(Susan Soroko, school media specialist, Stephen J. Gerace School, Pequannock, NJ)

Vernick’s books had won countless awards such as New York Times Notable Book 2012, BCCB Blue Ribbon Book winner 2013, California Young Readers Medal winner 2015, Booklist Editor’s Choice 2012, and Bank Street College’s Best Children’s Books of the Year List 2013 just to name a few.

Audrey Vernick’s genuine love for children equipped with her love for writing children’s literature has definitely made her a beacon of light and a source of inspiration all over the world. Her accolades and her amazing first hand reviews and honor from people at elementary schools and conferences consistently speaks highly of her calling to the field of childrens’ Education.

Author profile written by Daisy Copelin.

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