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Brian Egeston is a writer.

When asked to identify who he is, Brian has been known to bellow out, "I’m John & Delores’ eldest boy." His jovial demeanor is but a mere facade for this rising writer.

"I make people smile and feel comfortable because this thing that I do is not about me. Not about the accolades I can collect nor the notoriety I can attain. It’s about the transferal of emotion through words."

Often times, if I interact with people, it’s a lighthearted or humorous environment. Then, when we’re alone, just you and me, represented by my words in a book, I’m trying to touch your life in a matter of moments."

Perhaps it was in his formal education where Brian grasped the easy free-flowing spirit. While attending Tennessee State University, he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Post college, he began work as an engineer for Thomson Consumer Electronics and then for Motorola, Inc.

Writing became a solution to boredom for Brian. During the summer months in Nashville, Brian worked at Kinko’s and during his off days he would come in and use the store’s computers to compose literature. His first creation was an essay entitled, A Black Eye: Views of the Black College Experience which received rave reviews from students on campus. After using his employee discount to mass-produce the essay, he decided to write a short story. The short story became a long story and the long story ultimately transpired into his first novel, Crossing Bridges A Testimony Of Brotherhood.

When asked about his long-term goals as a writer, Brian will tell you, he simply wants to leave a legacy. "I look forward to being read by your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s children."

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