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Carol Denise Mitchell is journalist and author.

Mitchell has a thirty-year writing career. She wrote What Happened to Suzy winning praise; and, a coveted (2011) book award, for its’ message of healing and hope.

Mitchell worked alongside slain newspaper Editor, Chauncey Bailey, as a news reporter.

Carol Denise Mitchell, was born sixth of sixteen children, is the daughter of Zebbie Thomas Charles, Sr., and Tasceaie Carise Charles. Mitchell was reared in Los Angeles, California, during the Civil Rights Movement, and she recalls how living in Watts, California, during this era in American history, was a motivating influence behind her writing career.

"I remember the Watts Riot, when the city imploded for three long, life-changing days. Encouraged by my mother; I knew this kind of degradation and Urban ruin, was not going to be remedied fast enough for the kind of changes the community deserved. One year after the riots, we moved thirty-five miles east to Pomona, California," says Mitchell. She concludes that being a living witness to an infamous part of Watts history left an indelible imprint on her wanting to be a part of change that helped her old community via writing and memorializing such events first-hand.

In 1977, Mitchell moved to the Northern, California, Bay Area, to launch her writing career.

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