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Endy was born in Newark, NJ. Like most inner city children she was fascinated by the noise of the busy streets in the "hood. Raised in a two parent home with her younger brother, her parents knew the harsh reality of living in the city.  With her mother being robbed several times at gun point while operating the clothing store they owned, her father carted his family away to the suburbs of Linden, NJ.  Endy’s father wanted to give his family a better home and a solid foundation.  Little did he know his daughter would be drawn back to the streets in which she was born. 

Endy first noticed her creative niche when she was 9 years old.  She loved to read and write poems and short stories.  At that age she had an imagination bigger then any ocean.  She graduated from high school as a well rounded girl.  Sports orientated and the personality to melt any heart of ice.  She was known to her friends as the life of the party.  She always told stories dramatizing them with wit and creativity, that you could imagine your self right there in the middle of it.  "My friends always said that I could take a simple sentence and turn it into an adventurous ride like at Six Flags Great Adventure.  They would say you are crazy!"

But Endy felt a magnet pulling at her and that magnet was the streets.  So, she returned.  Although, she continued with her schooling in which she enrolled at Union County College, she couldn’t shake the monkey on her back. "I’ve seen a lot in my time in the streets and I’ve stored them in the back of my brain as a learning tool."

As an adult she became involved in different after school programs for kids after witnessing what most children had to deal with growing up in the "hood. She continued to write poetry going on to win several poetry contests in NJ and in NY night clubs.  Endy loved to read and write.  She says, "It relaxes me and allows my mind to release all it has taken in for the week."

Endy became heavily involved with the community and volunteering many hours helping children.  She joined the Pop Warner Organization where she became a certified Head Coach for the Cheer teams. She enjoys mentoring the girls steering them away from the fast life of glam and glitter.

One day Endy sat down to do some creative poetry writing, when one thing led to another and before she realized she had created a manuscript. She sat on the manuscript for a long time not sure of what to do with it.  So she began to write another.  Endy met one of her favorite authors, Al-Saadiq Banks founder of True 2 Life Publications. She was introduced by a friend who was related to him.  From there it was the beginning of her first introduction to Crystal Lacey Winslow who was interested in her work and later she signed with Melodrama.

Endy now resides in Kansas City, Missouri, where she is raising her two daughters.  She is currently still volunteering many of her hours to coach children and dedicates her time to helping others. She is also currently working on her next novel and plans to pump out many more.

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