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Kiki Swinson is a Top 100 Bestselling Author Making Our List 9 Times

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, KiKi Swinson discovered her flair for writing twelve years ago after completing her first novel entitled "Mad Shambles," while serving a five year sentence at a federal prison for “being the wifey” of a known drug dealer. This charge is known as “knowing of and/or about a criminal-enterprise.”

After being released in December 1996, she did a little research and learned about the success of authors such as Bebe Moore Campbell, Terry McMillan and Sheneska+Jackson. She said, “Dang?? these women got it going on. And if they did it, so can I!”

After being released, Kiki self-published Mad Shambles. Her passion for writing didn’t stop there. Writing feverishly into the wee hours of the night, she completed her second novel, Wifey, which was published by Melodrama Publishing. After the success of Wifey, Kiki penned the sequels I’m Still Wifey, Life After Wifey, and Still Wifey Material. Taking a break from the series, Kiki also wrote A Sticky Situation, The Candy Shop, Playing Dirty, and Notorious, as well as the novella Keeping My Enemies Close alongside a novella by Wahida Clark in the collection Sleeping with the Enemy. Staying true to the Wifey brand that made her readers love her, Ms. Swinson has returned to pen Wifey 4 Life, part 5 in the highly acclaimed Wifey series.

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37 Books by Kiki Swinson

Book Cover His Rebound Bitch Part 3 by Kiki Swinson

His Rebound Bitch Part 3

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Book Cover Cheaper to Keep Her 5 by Kiki Swinson

Cheaper to Keep Her 5

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Book Cover Mad Shambles (Original) by Kiki Swinson

Mad Shambles (Original)

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