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Kola Boof (born Naima Bint Harith) is is a Sudanese-American novelist.

Kola has become the new black woman writer that "lots of people love to hate". Remember back in the 70's and 80's when authors like Alice Walker, Ntozake Shange, Gayl Jones and even Toni Morrison were widely cursed and demonized for the skeletons they exposed? Well now we have the strangely fabulous and daring Kola Boof (she's a sexy feminist literary babe slash African warrior girl slash historian) and she's already getting death threats by the ton! Why is her work so confrontational?

Miss Boof claims it's because she was adopted and raised by Black Americans. She credits her teen years in the lower class Anacostia Park section of Washington D.C. with giving her "the nerve and skill of a hornet".

In her native Sudan, they told her that if she ever tries to return, she will be killed on the spot (Ms. Boof has joined Dr. John Garang's SPLA in an effort to end Arab-Islamic slavery and oppression of Black Africans in Sudan). Born on the Nile River to archeologist Harith Bin Farouk (an Arab-Egyptian of "hemetic" ancestry) and his only wife Jiddi (a blue black Gisi-Waaq princess of Somalia's Oromo nomads), Kola Boof came to America after her parents were murdered by "the murhaleen" (because her father, Arab-Islamic himself, spoke out against the slavery he had witnessed). Kola was then put up for adoption by her Egyptian grandmother, who felt that Kola's skin was too dark for assimilation with the rest of the family.

Ms. Boof now considers herself "half African, half Black-American" and has used the pain and tragedy of her life to create a distinctive, sometimes "angry" but always outspoken "womanist" voice that champions the survival (whole) of the African race, and especially, the affirmation of black women-their beauty, worth and innate goodness. Kola Boof refuses to compromise on her "blood-black" message and signifies it by insisting she be photographed "topless" for the back covers of her books-in honor of the animist nilotic goddess-based African religion that she embraces.

In 2004, Kola Boof saw the American release of three of her best books. "Nile River Woman", a collection of her best and most controversial poems. The reissue of "Long Train to the Redeeming Sin", her acclaimed bestselling short story collection that was forced out of print the entire year of 2003 after her publisher was firebombed by Dragons for Jihad in Morocco, and the English translation (by Said Musa) of Kola's provocatively erotic Black American historical romance "Flesh and the Devil".

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