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From former school Teacher to Successful Author

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Tami Charles is a 3-Time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Tami Charles grew up in a home surrounded by an Educator. Her mother was the Principal at the Newark Elementary School that she attended. At an early age she knew that she was destined for greatness and went down a couple of paths in order to obtain it. Tami started off in an all-girl R&B singing group where they had the pleasure of performing on BET, the Apollo and had a song on the radio. Although it was short lived it gave her the experience of being in the limelight and hinted at the potential for greatness on the inside of her just waiting to be released. This experience prepared her for being at the forefront. Although she certainly could have continued down this path she took a detour and began pursuing a career as a Teacher.

While standing out as a role model Teacher and investing into the lives of children within the classroom Tami one day had an epiphany moment. That moment caused her to make the transition and expand her horizons and influence outside the classroom. Nevertheless still investing into the lives of children just now more on a global level through children’s books. In fact the dream to her becoming an author she kept hidden away for some time. She enjoyed reading and writing growing up but the characters she read about didn’t reflect her or her friends. So she then put that dream of writing on a bookshelf and allowed it to collect dust over the years. Eventually she retrieved that dream and gave birth to it and contributes that birth to her children she taught down through the years. “My students were the ones who helped me rediscover my passion. Thanks to them, I began writing again.” Tami Charles

Tami is now a successful full time author and speaker and is currently being represented by Lara Perkins, of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Her books Like Vanessa (middle grade novel) and Freedom Soup which is a very impactful story surrounding Haitians becoming freed from slavery are her biggest hits with more books to come. Outside her career as a full time author yet thriving she ultimately is a family person. She currently lives in Central New Jersey with her husband and son [2018] and loves traveling, reading, writing, and empanadas.

Her journey on transitioning from a Teacher to a children’s Author has been a rocky road with many life lessons but she has no regrets and loves doing what she does.

Author profile written by Daisy Copelin.

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