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Blind Light
by Glenda R. Taylor

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $14.95
    Format: Paperback, 107 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9780982554005
    Imprint: Amh Publishers
    Publisher: Amh Publishers
    Parent Company: Amh Publishers
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    Book Description:

    This extraordinary volume of poetry interprets and transcribes metaphysical reality. What happens when one loses her vision, her eyesight in the midst of a successful and challenging career? What does the mind experience? How does the mind translate reality? Is survival possible? Does one gain access to the sixth sense? Blind Light answers all of these questions and more. It gives insight into that world beyond the physical. It is an amazing flight into territories rarely explored by the written word.

    Blind Lightis a brilliant and compelling work. It is a testimony to Glenda’s talent Blind Lightallows Glenda to join the elite ranks of writers whose contribution to literature gives depth and insight…”
    Elizabeth Nunez, Ph.D., Literary Critic, Distinguished Professor City University of New York

    “BLAZING LIGHT. BRILLIANT LIGHT. BEAUTIFUL LIGHT. BURNING LIGHT. All could be titles bestowed upon Glenda Taylor’s latest book Blind Light. This magnificent journey into the recesses of the mind of a woman who awakened one morning to discover that the darkness, dimness, shadows sleep were not replaced by sunlight, scenes, sight. In her poetry, one might expect defeated ambitions, diminished dreams, expressions of damnation or descent into eternal melancholy. Instead, one witnesses the ascent of this woman onto soring heights of creativity, courageous insights and profound wisdom.”
    Nettie Jones, Author of Fishtales & Mischiefmakers

    Blind Lightis electrifying. It is a phenomenal collection of poetry which opens the door to a fascinating world. Taylor takes the reader on a timeless, poetic journey. She raises philosophical and metaphysical questions which challenge our perceptions of reality. She combines the energy of Wordsworth and Blake with the power of twentieth century poets such as Angelou and Giovanni. Blind Light gives the reader an experience which will not be forgotten.”
    —Sophia Stewart, Mother of the Matrix