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Click for more detail about Corridors of Genius: Excavating the Consciousness, Creative Process & Artistry of Michael Jackson by Glenda R. Taylor Corridors of Genius: Excavating the Consciousness, Creative Process & Artistry of Michael Jackson

by Glenda R. Taylor
Amh Publishers (Dec 15, 2018)
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Corridors of Genius is the first academic study that focuses on the creative process and artistry of Michael Joseph Jackson (1958-2009). It skillfully revisits the Jackson family narrative and explores the consciousness of both Michael and his father, Joseph Jackson.

Cultural historian and scholar, Dr. Glenda R. Taylor analyzes Jackson’s artistry by delving into his religious foundation and unearthing an artistic voice rooted in a Judeo-Christian ideology. She unveils a prolific creative process nurtured by his parents and refined by his quest for perfectionism. The study began when Taylor realized that Jackson’s artistic statement is profoundly rooted in the cultural traditions of African American artists such as Paul Robeson, Katherine Dunham, Nina Simone, and Spike Lee. She discovered an artist who promotes the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and vigorously endeavored to use the technology available in a visual culture to promote social change.

Dr. Taylor offers a fascinating interpretation of Jackson’s short film Earth Song by considering his religious foundation and, decidedly, joins the elite pantheon of scholars in the burgeoning discipline — Michael Jackson Studies.

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Click for more detail about Black America Cried by Glenda R. Taylor Black America Cried

by Glenda R. Taylor
Amh Publishers (Jan 21, 2013)
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“November 4, 2008, when Senator Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America, Black America cried. That historic moment not only brought tears to the eyes of Americans of African descent, but people all over the world cheered, cried and celebrated. Everyone was shocked when they found out that the first African American was elected to the highest and most respected public office in the land. This historic moment became a powerful symbol of Americans and the world’s long standing (but momentarily weakened belief) that in America one can beat the odds and achieve the impossible. It reestablished America’s image as the land of opportunity where anyone, regardless of race, could achieve the American dream.”
—excerpt from Black America Cried

Scholar, cultural historian, writer and poet extraordinaire, Glenda R. Taylor takes the reader on a modern day trek through the corridors of 20th century American history. Black America Cried is a tribute to the power of the American spirit. Reflective, engaging and awe inspiring, Taylor’s poetic voice illustrates how all things are possible if one dares to dream.

Click for more detail about Blind Light by Glenda R. Taylor Blind Light

by Glenda R. Taylor
Amh Publishers (Jan 01, 2010)
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This extraordinary volume of poetry interprets and transcribes metaphysical reality. What happens when one loses her vision, her eyesight in the midst of a successful and challenging career? What does the mind experience? How does the mind translate reality? Is survival possible? Does one gain access to the sixth sense? Blind Light answers all of these questions and more. It gives insight into that world beyond the physical. It is an amazing flight into territories rarely explored by the written word.

Blind Lightis a brilliant and compelling work. It is a testimony to Glenda’s talent……Blind Lightallows Glenda to join the elite ranks of writers whose contribution to literature gives depth and insight…”
Elizabeth Nunez, Ph.D., Literary Critic, Distinguished Professor City University of New York

“BLAZING LIGHT. BRILLIANT LIGHT. BEAUTIFUL LIGHT. BURNING LIGHT. All could be titles bestowed upon Glenda Taylor’s latest book Blind Light. This magnificent journey into the recesses of the mind of a woman who awakened one morning to discover that the darkness, dimness, shadows sleep were not replaced by sunlight, scenes, sight. In her poetry, one might expect defeated ambitions, diminished dreams, expressions of damnation or descent into eternal melancholy. Instead, one witnesses the ascent of this woman onto soring heights of creativity, courageous insights and profound wisdom.”
Nettie Jones, Author of Fishtales & Mischiefmakers

Blind Lightis electrifying. It is a phenomenal collection of poetry which opens the door to a fascinating world. Taylor takes the reader on a timeless, poetic journey. She raises philosophical and metaphysical questions which challenge our perceptions of reality. She combines the energy of Wordsworth and Blake with the power of twentieth century poets such as Angelou and Giovanni. Blind Light gives the reader an experience which will not be forgotten.”
—Sophia Stewart, Mother of the Matrix

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Click for more detail about Truth Beyond Illusion: African American Women, 1860s-1950s by Glenda R. Taylor and Mary J. Taylor Truth Beyond Illusion: African American Women, 1860s-1950s

by Glenda R. Taylor and Mary J. Taylor
Amh Publishers (Dec 01, 2009)
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Truth Beyond Illusion uncovers rarely seen photographs of African American women from the 1860s to the 1950s, revealing their beauty, grace and style. This book is a collector’s item which confronts the Hollywood images of Prissy, Beulah, and Aunt Jemima; disclosing a reality where African American women of the late 19th century and the early 20th century are poised, sophisticated, and glamorous. Glenda R. Taylor, a brilliant cultural historian and prolific writer and Mary J. Taylor a retired college administrator, use few words and many images to unveil truth beyond illusion.