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by Hickson
Ghettoheat (Feb 02, 2015)
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ALL THE LADIES IN THE HOUSE SAY: A-O-W-W-W!!! It s 1983 and THE ROOFTOP roller-skating rink is the place to be! SKATE ON!, a coming-of-age tale about three teenage girlfriends from the Polo Grounds projects in Harlem, New York, learning life in the streets, getting into trouble and having carefree fun; while hanging out at the world s most notorious skating rink, THE ROOFTOP. Meet the young 80s ladies: Shani Smith Darling, smart and naïve, this 15-year-old college student and devout Christian is growing bored of her sheltered life and good girl image; becoming more fascinated with fast life in the gritty streets. What happens when sweet and innocent Shani attracts Bricks, a ruthless drug kingpin from Washington Heights? Keisha Campbell Sexy, sassy and self-indulged, this 16-year-old materialistic girl is the ghetto-princess of Harlem. Extremely driven by money, power and the glamour of the drug world, Keisha, manipulatively goes to great lengths to get what she wants: even if it s playing with fire by courting Bricks. Will lust and greed ruin her relationship with best friend, Shani? Monique Mo-Mo Morrison Rough, rebellious and raw, this 18-year-old inspiring rapper is a rebel without a cause, finding herself at war with the ghetto. An aggressive nymphomaniac, living minute-to-minute by any means necessary, will Mo-Mo succumb to the dangerous trappings of the inner city? SKATE ON! backwards into the 80s and reminisce on fashion, street and pop-culture, classic Hip-Hop, Dance Music and R & B at its best. Word up!

Click for more detail about Ghost Town Hustlers by Castillo  Ghost Town Hustlers

by Castillo 
Ghettoheat (Mar 16, 2014)
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Ghost Town Hustlers is a suspenseful, urban Latin tale, based on the betrayal amongst members of a powerful Dominican drug cartel in The Bronx. Six close-knit friends’ bond and loyalty becomes threatened while entering the world of drug trafficking, as greed shows its wicked face, causing certain shifty members to compromise their own integrity and honor amongst the drug ring.

Click for more detail about Tantrum by Charles D. Ellison Tantrum

by Charles D. Ellison
Ghettoheat (Sep 05, 2008)
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Councilman, a young, handsome, firebrand Philadelphia legislator in desperate search of true identity and meaning, is one day faced with an anxious assassin s missing bullet, and the soaking blood of a dying man in his arms. Puzzled police investigators scratch their heads and assume it s a failed mob hit, but over time, Councilman figures there are even deadlier, more hidden powers at work…. Unbeknownst to him, also is the mysterious, trailing enemy: a missing woman who reappears as a trained activist, struggling to escape her difficult past. TANTRUM, the highly-charged urban score of a politician s remarkable fall from personal grace, punctuated by his brief rise to public glory; revealing the internal conflicts of an elected official at war with both inner and outer demons. In between, discover a dramatic mix of compelling personalities, as suspenseful, intriguing plots quickly unfold. TANTRUM: an explosive political thriller, wrapped in fiery multi-narrative by a city, gripped in extreme violent rage and unstable transition.

Click for more detail about Sonz Of Darkness by Dru Noble Sonz Of Darkness

by Dru Noble
Ghettoheat (Mar 15, 2008)
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Lost to the hands of a tragic past in Haiti, the lives of two brothers separated during their early childhood, are pulled into a twisted course of destiny they can t escape. Gary Romulus, an urban ex-convict blessed with supernatural gifts, is plagued with constant haunting nightmares of his origins. Andrew Taylor, a distinguished, a wealthy industrialist, living the life of privilege and power, is totally unaware of his true history. When their present opposing lives collide in America, both Gary and Andrew are faced with the truth of who they really are, and the knowledge of their undeniable future. Witness the extraordinary journey of SONZ OF DARKNESS, as the two brothers battle against a coming tide that will stop at nothing to claim them, but will ultimately destroy the world itself for its victory.

Click for more detail about London Reign by A.C. Britt London Reign

by A.C. Britt
Ghettoheat (Sep 11, 2007)
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Boston’s Boldest Boy-Toy London s got a huge secret…and doesn t want it to ever come out! As this attractive, aggressive, androgynous teenager relentlessly tries to hide this dangerous scandal, charming London constantly battles great turmoil, the unpredictability of inner-city streets, verbal lashings and extreme physical abuse from an alcoholic father while enduring an exhausting tug-of-war of a tumultuous love triangle. Bouncing back-and-forth to the urban streets of Boston and Detroit, after being seriously rejected from family and ostracized from home, young London experiences a series of life-altering events that test London s strength, courage, survival skills, identity, and the quest for real love, acceptance and understanding. LONDON REIGN deals with sexuality, relationships, monogamy, gender roles, love, lust and betrayal.

Click for more detail about And God Created Woman by Mika Miller And God Created Woman

by Mika Miller
Ghettoheat (Mar 01, 2007)
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AND GOD CREATED WOMAN, a provocative, sophisticated story that chronicles the evolutionary journey of four flawed African-American women, as they overcome their individual struggles, and survive to become beautiful and stronger. Meet the feisty, fascinating females:Tristan, a beautiful, successful, financial guru who s emotionally bankrupt: Men call me a bitch! Because when it comes to business, I m a man-eater. Mekka, the bold, sexy, exotic dancer, and a single-mother of two: Some people call me a hoe…because I strip for niggas and hustle for cash. Shawn, an Afrocentric, neurotic, neo-soul goddess who s an elementary school teacher with substance abuse issues: Some people call me desperate. The truth is, I m a basket case, a borderline alcoholic I hate being by myself… Melanie, the cool, sassy, hardcore round-the-way girl with a sexual identity crisis: I can see that he s trying to figure out whether I m a girl or a guy. It s not easy to tell. AND GOD CREATED WOMAN is a groundbreaking tale of perseverance, filled with many moral messages. Taking readers on an emotional journey with enticing plots, twists and turns, Tristan, Mekka, Shawn and Melanie are forced to realize the true essence and beauty of a woman.

Click for more detail about Harder by Sha  Harder

by Sha 
Ghettoheat (Sep 14, 2006)
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Kai Toussaint is a gorgeous, cold-blooded teenaged girl with great ambitions of running the entire New York City drug empire. She has a taste for the fast life, and a heart that s jaded. Through chance encounters, Kai links with the city s top players, ones who enables this feisty young lady to live a dangerous lifestyle. Fear isn t apart of her vocabulary Kai lives life to the fullest while taking great risks. Hypnotizing men as she uses them, Kai has absolutely no regrets, getting everything she wants by any means necessary. But is everything too much for Kai when she gets caught up in a web of deceit, tainted love, murder and the strict codes of the streets? Take an adventurous journey with Kai from the back streets of South Jamaica, Queens to Mafioso territory in New Jersey, before venturing off to sunny Florida and to the jungles of Jamaica, West Indies. Witness her courageous act of invincibility manifest itself into a twisted dilemma, one that Kai never saw coming, as she fights to stay on top in her quest to be HARDER!

Click for more detail about Convict’s Candy by Damon Meadows and Jason Poole Convict’s Candy

by Damon Meadows and Jason Poole
Ghettoheat (Feb 01, 2006)
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The two talented writers’s purpose for creating Convict’s Candy was to expose what’s really going on behind the prison walls, in addition to educating readers everywhere, especially those in high-risk urban areas about HIV transmissions and how the crisis is leading among African-American females.Hickson, Publisher Ghettoheat

Ever wonder if the man in your life who s been incarcerated, turned to another with an alternative lifestyle for comfort? Meet Candy Sweets, a teenaged, pre-op transsexual who gets arrested and sent to federal prison, exactly one week before her scheduled sex-change operation. Still having male organs, Candy is housed with strong, masculine, handsome male inmates who haven t touched a woman in years. Candy soon finds herself being caught in several love affairs with men having families, girlfriends and wives at home waiting for them to be released. Yet, Candy doesn’t kiss and tell, she understands the code of silence: What happens in prison stays in prison… Convict’s Candy deals with sexual identity, prostitution and homosexuality within the prison system, the interactions and relationships between the inmates and officers, infidelity and most importantly, explains how the HIV/AIDS virus spreads rampantly within the prison. It also reveals how the dangerous and deadly disease is transmitted within society, when infected inmates are released to go home.

Click for more detail about Ghettoheat by Hickson Ghettoheat

by Hickson
Ghettoheat (Sep 01, 2003)
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GHETTOHEAT, the debut book by HICKSON—a collection of thought-provoking poetry and prose that focuses on the inner-city voices of ghetto-America. Exploring everyday people experiencing trials and tribulations of life in "da streetz", GHETTOHEAT takes its readers on an emotional roller-coaster; revealing the joys, pains, economic pressures and spiritual struggles many endure within urban populations. With a multitude of complex characters and controversial issues, GHETTOHEAT is street-poetry in motion. It’s raw, real and riveting! GHETTOHEAT— "The hotness in the streets!!!" Do you feel it? S-S-S-S-S-S-S!

Click for more detail about Love Don’t Love Nobody by Stubbs Love Don’t Love Nobody

by Stubbs
Ghettoheat (Jan 01, 1970)
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