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Women Soccer news 14 #caf #oshoala #njoya #kgatlana #d1 #thiney #pfc #ntv #urawa #INAC #empresscup

cafawards 2019 womens best player-i agree to julia, chawingwa warrant far better than outside the top 3. but as i also told her, these contests are a joke, determining the best player can not be done in a way that satisfy every basis to judgement resulting in one.
photos of the three finalists:  @Kgatlanathe1st, @AsisatOshoala and @AjaraNjoya


Congratulations to GAetane Thiney on having in the past ten season the most appearances in D1 (200) , most passes in D1 (76), and the highest percentage of goals in her club (41% from 117 goals in Paris FC feminine or its predecessor Juvisy)


NTV are three time empress cup champion, they defeated URawa to achieve this feat. Urawa defeated my INAC 3-2 to get to the final
video highlights

all japan womens championship starts on january 3rd





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weekends 1/4/2019 #realmadrid #getafe #atleti #levante #barca #espanyol


Real MAdrid vs Getafe in Spain

Rafael Varane- varane stayed true to the attempt, the keeper mistimed his approach to get it

Rafael Varane 2- Ray Hudson said that the purpose is to favor the attacker, but that is the inherent problem. Favoring the attacker goes against the exact fairness that supporters to video assisted refereeing said they want eliminated. In the same way the FIFA rules have problems so do the arguments supporting video assisted refereeing. You can't say, give favors/favor the attacker - speed up the game while on the other hand, get every call correct.

Luka Modric- Viniciusjr worked to take the ball and then casmiero found bale who one touch found valverde and then he ran with modric coming in to reach it.


Atletico Madrid vs Levante in Spain

Angel Correa- lovely one touch, Partay to Trippier made it where trippier only needed to touch it once for the cross and Correa then slotted it lovely.

Felipe Augusto de Almeida Monteiro - Atleti defensively are softer, not as strong, not as focused, but if the team is going to score more that will counterattack the defensive fragility. Some will say this game is entertaining, but I never like losing a clean sheet especially in a first half, that is a bad sign for the defensive setup.


ESpanyol vs Barcelona in Spain

David Lopez- barcelona has been soft defensively and this goal set the tone for the match. Espanyol were always up for this. Defense is not merely a skill, it is an art and those teams like barca who treat defense as something for individuals instead of the collective craft it is , like attacking, are bound to make serious problems.

Wu Lei- Barca went down to ten after De Jong had to take a yellow card for an exposed player, and that opened up Barcelona up more. Wu Lei was slotted in and made a great strike.


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PSG vs Saint Etienne in France #coupedelaligue #PSG #asse #leverde

Mauro Icardi-lovely angle to score, Icardi has missed passes, m,issed hold up play, not sharp in anything else, but sharp in scoring.   Neymar been clattered all match but his conditioning seem good.

Neymar- Di maria assist, lovely curler over the keeper

Angel di Maria - the pass from Mbappe!  a goal blessed by an angel. defensively not satisfied with PSG but lovely offense.

Mauro Icardi 2-  Mbappe stretching the midfield - provided icardi the hat trick

Mauro Icardi 3- Neymar/Mbappe/Cavani

Mbappe - assist from Icardi, lovely control from the argentinean, assisted by his fellow Di Maria


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Richard Murray Thoughts Round 8 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-8-1

#ghana #balo #balotelli #whyalwaysme #davidvilla #villa


Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.
Title: Ohhh GHana

The Ghana Football association laying off the coaches to each team, all age groups, male or female, was organized by Kurt Okraku with the supervision of a FIFA representative. In the time since it first occured I heard nothing about new appointments, thus this remaking of the ghana football association is meant to be long term. In the end, I will not assume the future or judge the development stage. But, Kwesi Appiah led the senior ghana squad well in qualifiers , with no losses, and Mercy Tagoe led the Black queens to the inaugural west african football union, wafu, title. The coaches proved they are quality and are being derailed by a choice to reboot an entire football association. One whose external environment, that being ghana the country, is not financially growing at a fast rate or governmentally showing a high level of functionality.
I wish Ghana well in the future; but their remodeling has alot of challenges that a relatively recent remodeller, germany , did not have to deal with in the german football association, dfb, external environment.
<article https://mimimefoinfos.com/ghana-makes-sweeping-reform-lays-off-all-national-team-coaches/# >
<referral https://twitter.com/Mimimefo237/status/1213150528789778433 >
<article https://nbsportslive.com/gfa-mercy-tagoe-quarcoo-evans-allotey-and-yussif-basigi-axed-out-as-gfa-dissolves-all-technical-teams/ >
<referral https://twitter.com/NBSports_Live/status/1212841617155072007 >
Title: Balotelli
I paraphrase an article in the new york times concerning mario balotelli... "No matter where his career has taken him, Mario Balotelli’s home has always been in Brescia... He bought the penthouse in 2012... He visited sporadically while playing in england, in 2013 he joined milan and moved in permanently, preferred the hourlong commute to Milan, when he joined OGC Nice or Marseille after games, he returned to the apartment and made the 250-mile journey back for the next training session.. rather than playing for flamengo in brasil or a team in china for more money than he can get anywhere, he chose brescia with a severe paycut, Balotelli said: as soon as this offer arrived, i didn't have another thought"
... when I was a kid a cartoon layed on rerun entitled the hurricanes. It is a cartoon from england. In the cartoon, each player represented some part of the world. The italian player in the cartoon had a brother who was a prodigy but got hurt saving his brother from falling off of rafters. The little brother went on to join the hurricanes full of guilt while the big brother, needing a cane, became a teacher to youth. In the episode that informed said tale, the little brother is very apologetic but the big brother suggests it is all right and the big brother has no regrets for his career ending cause he saved his little brother. Balotelli from his MAnchester City days , where he let off firecrackers in his england resting spot, is like the big brother of the italian player in the hurricanes. This local soccer hero of decades gone by , you rarely see anywhere. ... I admit, I wanted balotelli to go to china first, flamengo second, over brescia. It is not that I hate brescia , the hometown of my favorite womens team in italy, brescia calcio femminile, the leonessa, but Balotelli to me, is a fine footballer, who has been placed in bad scenarios or bad teams. Inter milan was a bad scenario, a team of experienced players and a hungry coach, with a diamond youth player who needed start time, while the team went on to win the first treble in italian history. Manchester city, the last small team made big by big money before financial fair play in U.E.F.A. hit, that were on a total buying spree absent identity, was a bad move for a young player with talent, a talisman, to be jumbled alongside an entire squad of talent. People forget how many players came and went through Manchester city's early years when they became big money. A totally dysfunctional club that pep guardiola's planning finally made stable. Then he went to more dysfunctional, last of the berlesconi years Ac Milan. The year balotelli went to AC Milan, AC Milan was unable to keep Zlatan and Thiago Silva after winning the scudetto and then fired allegri after he didn't turn piss into wine. Bringing in ever brave clarence seedorf, to sail a ship without a mast, with balotelli as the hull. Both seedorf side balotelli were gone by the summer. Then Balotelli went to post luis suarez/sturridge beginning his injury prone phase, Liverpool. All the players brought in by Brendan rogers had a woeful time. Balotelli was blamed for every failing at liverpool, markovic the highest signing who barely played was blamed for nothing but seemed incapable, and iago aspas who needed balotelli as a foil was let go before balo came for markovic. Balotelli was let go to Nice when klopp came in, and brought organization to the plans of the new statian owners to liverpool. At Nice he finally found a proper footballing experience. In my view, enjoying the only true time he was in a stable situation. But, OGC Nice is a small club fiscally and Raiola is Balotelli's agent and thus a move to Marseille and well, you know MArseille. Bad Scenarios for him individually in inter milan or bad teams in manchester city/ac milan/liverpool hindered balotelli while blaming him for everything.. I paraphrase the article again : "It is not possible to tell Balotelli’s story as a player. He did not make the cover of Time as a footballer; he was featured, instead, because of a cultural significance that had been ascribed to him as a black Italian player or more honestly, Italian soccer's black player, a personal friend to Balotelli asked, what would success have looked like?  Could it have been measured in goals/assists/social change? Balotelli never asked to change italian culture through soccer, but it is a task media gave that no one can complete... Balotelli is still box office, still click bait, still a source of fascination and intrigue that the media created, and that an internet driven media will never stop feeding. He has an ability to attract suitors at least in part because the media made him a lifetime seller of newspapers. He is a name, a brand, a star, regardless of what he does on the field. He even has a lifetime deal with Puma, his apparel sponsor, signed at the height of his fame, that ensures his income even after he retires."
... In the u.s.a. many black athletes, moreover many non white athletes,  were in the role Balotelli is ascribed by media to be in italy. The one who breaks through the barriers off the pitch by merely being on it. Jackie Robinson is probably the greatest example. A great player on a o.k. team, the brooklyn dodgers, for most of his time there, who made the owner ricky, alot of money and newspaper interests off the pitch, an owner who eventually left brooklyn for a huge deal in a city in california. Althea Gibson won the french open once and wimbledon and the us open twice. But, Robinson's running or Gibson's volley didn't protect a black person, any age or gender, from white assault , whether badged or unbadged , from upstate new york state to the delta in mississippi. Same goes for Jim Thorpe whose olympic exploits did not change in any way the poisonous, sinful perception of whites whose forebears killed native americans and forced the native americans to survive to live in open air prisons while their children are taught in mental experimentation clinics. Balotelli is a player greater in talent than the statistics or trophy cabinet can say currently,though it was he who passed to aguero like a true hero, but part of his dilemma is not always him, it is that a player who reflects a traditional soccer hero, is caught between agents greed/owners dysfunction/medias mob gathering but needed and perhaps need time away from all three in a little town where he is a local hero , to set himself right for the next chapter, which may be better still. But even if it isn't, I think balotelli will be happy.
<article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/02/sports/soccer/mario-balotelli-brescia.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytsports >
< referral https://twitter.com/RorySmith/status/1212875331620757507 >
<referrer https://twitter.com/EricKrakauer >
Title: The Journey of Villa
DAvid Villa had a great letter to myself in the players tribune from derek jeter, but what I like about him most as a player was he played like one of those workmen players. Flashy when need to be, but never a true prima donna. Like a dani alves, his fiscally poor origins and not so lauded youth made him a player that learned to fight unfair disadvantages at times, and be very wise in his movements. But, I find it interesting that he is becoming a part owner, not the majority owner of queensboro fc. I see the ussoccer model in totallity. While Major league soccer has an unquestioned first tier status. United soccer leagues is used as a fiscal entryway to investors, especially former players in the global game to invest in soccer in the usa in clubs structured more realistically. The one thing I can not stand is the modern media infatuation with naming media names as owners. David Villa is not the primary owner of queensboro fc, a man named cohen is. Beckham is not the primary owner of Inter Miami, a man named Mia is. Carmelo anthony is actually the majority owner of Puerto Rico F.c. whose geographic position in puerto rico has been , to be blunt disatrous, but at least, Carmelo is actually an owner. Villa has made his long term investment in queensboro and it will probably be fruitful and allow him to own a lesser team in his native spain one day, but either way, Villa has always playedor gambled with passion but also seriousness and that combination can not fail you in any environment.
<referral https://twitter.com/GrantWahl/status/1213197110293803008 >
<article  https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/01/03/david-villa-queensboro-fc-usl-retirement-vissel-kobe-spain >
Title: Good Thoughts

Congratulations to NTV Beleza for winning the empress cup in Nippon

<article https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=801 >

Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening


The Topics Covered in this edition are
Ohhh GHana
The Journey of Villa
Good Thoughts

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Season 2- current season

Season 1


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Richard Murray Thoughts Round 9 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-9-1

#madrid #realmadrid #atleti #psg #fandom #neymar #mbappe #intermiami #mls


Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.
Title: Madrid women

I ask you to read the links in the transcript to Ana Rosell side Lola Romero. Both are the best examples of how womens soccer will grow in most cases, wisely or outside the u.s.a.. One of the problems with organization in mens sports is the fiscal entry fee, like a certification of matriculation from a educational college is a control mechanism. Meant to blockade or regulate. But, womens soccer, especially ten years ago, though still in most places, is financially unconvincing in terms of short term fiscal revenue. Thus attracting sponsors is a hard task for most female clubs.  But, on the reverse side, having a small short term financial footprint allows clubs to be started or  initialized by ambitious people who have the dream that started nearly all mens clubs near one hundred years old or more. That was to create a soccer team to represent their community. Lola Romero did it at atletico madrid, starting from the bottom tier in the spanish womens pyramid, when fiscally wealthy fiscal institutions like red bull are unwilling to do the same in brasil's mens game. Ana Rosell, who played for Atletico madrid and found support in Atleti's organization in her efforts, began CD tacon with the purpose to provide Real Madrid with a womens club to absorb. On june twenty fifth, the year two thousand and nineteen in the christian calendar, Real MAdrid initiated the process to integrate cd tacon into their organization and turn them into the womens football section of real madrid. The modulation will finalize july first year two thousand and twenty. Congratulations to Ana Rosell. It is a shame, US Soccer denies the opportunity of a first tier womens team to be developed from within a community like atletico madrid or the soon to be real madrid feminino.
<translation https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.elconfidencial.com%2Famp%2Fdeportes%2Ffutbol%2F2019-06-22%2Fana-rosell-cd-tacon-real-madrid-mundial-femenino_2078782%2F >
< article https://www.elconfidencial.com/amp/deportes/futbol/2019-06-22/ana-rosell-cd-tacon-real-madrid-mundial-femenino_2078782/ >
<translation https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=es&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fes.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FLola_Romero >
<article https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lola_Romero >

Title: Paris Fandom
While the article linked in the transcript to this segment , I hope you read, is a fun example to how fandom in soccer, where teams from smaller geographies can play against teams from larger geographies that they adore, thus will support any other day. The unmentioned aspect I want to focus on is the possibility of Paris Saint Germain, P.S.G. . I recall when NEymar left FC Barcelona for P.S.G. . Many said they could not comprehend why, but I saw clearly why. PAris is the largest city in Europe by total population. A city that is itself a media brand, bigger than london or madrid and seconded only occasionally by Rome. Rome is the biggest city in europe or the world a few times every year. PAris winning the uefa cl will be a big windfall and the players who make up the core or are considered the main players when paris first win the uefa champions league will be rewarded on nearly all levels. I know media have prompted Mbappe is the main player, but I do not think that is remotely true, Neymar is the key player in PSG. He is the player, that takes up the central space when against the strongest opponents and the one teams look to stop more than any other. If the current psg squad reaches and wins the upcoming uefa champions league final , It can be the beginning of a love affair to psg that will trump anything liverpool/manchester united/real madrid/fc barcelona/bayern munich have achieved in terms of global scope.
< article https://sports.yahoo.com/team-psg-fans-hope-upset-heroes-french-cup-175536081--sow.html?src=rss >
<referral https://twitter.com/PhilSchoen/status/1213530536314056704 >
Title: Inter Miami
Earlier in this round , I spoke of the challenge of starting and growing a team in the mens game, using the parallel of atletico madrid or real madrid women in the womens game. Inter Miami is a prime case to the controls/blockades/walls placed in mens sport, designed to control who owns. The article connected to this segment suggest Inter Miami has a complicated path forward. But, isn't every new mens sport team, especially in the usa that way. The article mentions the Miami Marlins. The Miami marlins started with a near one hundred million expansion fee. Can you imagine one hundred million dollars to pay off other owners to be in a league? Beckham was guaranteed the chance to start a Major LEague soccer team in his contract to come into major league soccer, as MLS's first major international star. Sequentially, his minority ownership in Inter Miami is touted a lot. Cause Inter Miami would cost more,iin entry fee, if not for that. But, how can Inter Miami not have a complicated path forward when money had to be shelled to mls clubs still. When a stadium can not be modest, but has to be an attention getter. When the team is touted by media like it represent miami while in truth, it has no cultural connection whatsoever to miami, all expansion clubs made in all leagues in the usa, in modernity, they are businesses, that tout communal connection in a well paid media, while in truth, have no way to replace the process century old male soccer teams outside the usa or most women soccer teams in history did to reach their communal connection. If Inter Miami becomes one of many expansion caves in the sporting landscape, many will blame many things. but the truth is, like any individual who comes into a community forcefully absent want from the communities original residents, the media calls that colonialization and gentrification I call it invasion and strangification, a sports team's lack of being born from in a community is why few in a community feel attached.
<article http://www.yanksarecoming.com/in-2020-soccer-returns-to-south-florida-a-look-at-inter-miamis-complicated-path-forward?fbclid=IwAR337K5TaH2xNQi12ZpaXU9D0hRtZkg3oqW_ws_xLfmMlHITsawMGuX_fb4 >
<referral https://www.facebook.com/officialphilschoen/posts/1041121742890298?__tn__=-R >

Title: Good Thoughts

Listeners , I ask you to leave me a message on twitter or aalbc , and tell me what good thoughts in womens sport you want to share. On twitter I am thetenner10 spelled t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-one-zero
I am on the african american literary book club  aalbc website in the blog Richard Murray Interviews , you can guest comment


Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening


The Topics Covered in this edition are
Madrid womens
paris fandom
inter miami
Good Thoughts

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Mourinho and Tactics ... and Tuschel


I said the following

Liew said Mourinho "warns you to stop the opposition first and only then to think about playing" that quote is the problem in modern soccer, Somehow attacking equals playing and everything else is not soccer, everybody, no matter how a team play it is soccer.


Eric Krakaeur replied https://twitter.com/EricKrakauer/status/1216501822858448897

No one is arguing that it isn’t part of the game. It’s just cynical, boring, defeatist and underlies - in my view - tactical ineptitude.


My reply

I remember when Inter Milan won the treble. Many pundits/fan used that word cynical when Inter defeated Barcelona. I never comprehended the idea that the winner of a match is dishonorable. You play to win. So, if you win, how are you dishonorable. I do not think any team is cynical. I think some teams do not appease the media or the opposing team. But, the goal is to find balance. If a squad plays suitably one way, why change it?  If Inter Milan under mourinho had played a high possession game against Barcelona and not went on to win the champions league, moreover the treble, would that be a sign of honor or acynicism?

The goal for the team is to win, the fans want to win. Now I comprehend that barcelona fans tend to desire a certain playing style and that has spread to many fanbases through the media's guidance. But, when Leicester city won the EPL title, was that boring? When porto won the uefa cl, was that boring? If a team is not winning then a coach must change tactics and if need be strategy but if you are winning, why not keep going? No team is ever defeatist. No coach is defeatist. To call anyone defeatist , is to suggest they want to lose. Who wants to lose? I know no one who want to lose. When mourinho is successful you can not call him inept. IF he wants to mold teams a certain way, then he can not be called inept until he show an inability to adjust a strategy through tactics or set up a new strategy. Mourinho reached a uefacl final with chelsea/won laliga with real madrid. won the europa league with MUFC. I can not say he showed ineptitude in any team he coached cause inept coaches in the end, don't lift trophies. Didier deschamps won the world cup with a system that fits your description as cynical/boring/defeatist/tactically inept, that mourinho often employs. In the end, Tottenham fired Pochitenno based on defensive liabilities that led to negative results. Mourinho , a defensively centered coach, has one job and that is to shore up the defense in this team. He is given time before the summer to comb the squad. Liew suggest Mourinho is a negative hire but it is clear that offensive strength was not what cost pochitenno his job. So, Mourinho doing what the squad needs to find balance is key. And tottenham need defensive improvement. If less possession percentage or goal attempt quantity aids in keeping clean sheet or less goals scored then mourinho is off to the right start in using tactics to make his strategic alignment of tottenham successful. That is not ineptitude but purposeful. If he need to get new costly players to do that , it is not defeatist but warranted. If tottenham win an epl or a champions league under mourinho, i am certain some will deem it boring, but not all. 


Look at Tuschel at PSG, Tuschel is playing a 424, it is a vetted strategy, he is using tactics to try and make a high possession/high goal attempt in PSG. I suggest, that he use a tactic of modulating the base position of the lines of the squad to delete the space behind the backline and provide greater space in front of the attack. My suggestion will lower the possession percentage/lower the goal attempts, but each goal scored on PSG in the recent match will have a smaller chance of occurrence as PSG will not be spread  now, is that cynical? again cynical defined as dishonorable/negative, I do not know. The role of a coach,mourinho/tuschel /any other, is to find the balance in a team. PSG's 424 strategy is not defensively improved by the tactic of manipulating defenders movements. if tuchel does not try to use tactics that he has not tried to adjust the strategy, then is not that the most dishonorable/cynical thing to do? I can not say if being scored on is boring, I know I didn't like it and it isn't a positive. And if you have exhausted all the tactics you want then using a tactic you may deem as boring , and continuing to do so if the team find balance is the role of coach. You spoke of defeatism concerning mourinho, but is the role to win or is the role to appease a strategic philosophy, using tactics to mold every strategy into a certain evaluation, which Tuschel seems willing to do? I say, Tuschel's continuing desire to make psg a high possession/high goal attempt team has continually proven defeatist, defensively. And said defensive flaw does not come from tactical ineptitude, but tactical rigidity, Tuschel knows tons of strategies and tons of tactics to manipulate strategies, but if he or any coach is unwilling to use tactics that may find balance, that is a dysfunctional mentality by any coach. And I admit that I said Mourinho has been rigid in the past. To be fair, in his MUFC tenure, where the team was not built for his preferred system. The role of coach is not to make a team appear honorable/acynical or exciting /not boring. The role is to find balance. Where the defense or offense in a lineup, in a strategic  formation, using various tactics is at its best. Best defined as where the players seem the most comfortable. PSG have never, in all three of tuschel's season, been defensively comfortable. He tried various strategies, used various tactics. But it is clear he need to use tactics that he may not want to.If he lead to defeat people may say he is inept or was unwilling to be defeatists, but I say Tuschel is rigid and was unwilling to accept negative critique to his tactics to win, which led in seasons past to defeat.

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PSg vs Monaco in France

Neymar 1- The throughball by verratti was lovely, i worried that monaco would collapse but they didn't

Gelson Martins 1- The PSG backlines problem isnt' the 424 shape, it is the offensive posture, when a team is heavy in attackers, force the attack to start deeper, bring pressure onto the team. Tuschel wants to play a high line possession with a 424, play the bunker

Ben Yedder 1 - Like the first monaco oal, PSG's problem is trying to stay high, it is the problem, they have four players who are in the attacking zone who rarely track back, so they are stretched if they play a high backline system

Neymar 2 - it took two deflections but with neymar never assume anything close in the box is not planned.  VAR or own goal be damned

Neymar 3- Mbappe in close quarters demands a foul against most defenders, neymar is a huge penalty practicer

highlights- Monaco drew threw a islam slimani  goal, cathcing psg backline again, if psg are not stretched they will not get caught out. Tuschel has to accept the 424 with a deep bunker posture


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PSG vs Monaco 1152020


Mbappe- The foul against Keita Balde was not called but Di Maria found Mbappe on the auto counterattack



Neymar- Kurzawa made the goal curling a marker and Glick risking the referee's choices. Neymar slow waltzed the keeper the wrong way



Pablo Sarabia - Verratti's first touch was an assist, Sarabia's first touch was a goal, Neymar attracted attention that gave Sarabia more space



Mbappe 2 - he celebrated this time, neymar fed it to him and made the run to give him space


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womens football news 1162020


Woedikou Mafille is the first paid togolese female soccer player


congratulations @descaptain  great player, great coach , all accolades well earned @NBSports_Live thanks for sharing


congratulations @FecafootOfficie best female team in #CAF @NBSports_Live thanks for reporting


congratulations Oshoala on CAF player of the year


congratulations Beatrice THAUD , Alice Farizua CHAKULE, Doris Essumang DARKO , Mary TEI  on earning referee badges








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Richard Murray Thoughts Round 10 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-10-1


Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.

Title: THe WNBPA
The new collective bargaining agreement between the womens national basketball association the WNBA and the Players in the WNBA. Top players, I did not find out what defines a top player exactly, can get half a million. DeWanna Bonner was the top salaried player with one hundred and twnety seven thousand and five hundred as her base salary. five hundred thousand as a base salary is a near four hundred percent increase, as dewanna bonner's salary is twenty five point five percent of five hundred thousand. Now, rookies in the wnba made approximately fifty thousand, more to forty five thousand, and it was forty one thousand in the year two thousand and sixteen. But, the new league average will be one hundred and thirty thousand , again a huge increase. Now, some other financial facts is that , half the wnba players , play in european leagues for more money. And, statisticians suggest the wnba is growing near the same rate, but a little faster, as the the nba. While all these fiscal numbers are great, and I am happy for the players, the issue isn't this agreement but the media presentation to this agreement as landmark. I have traveled outside the usa, and one thing I notice is the female relationship to male outside the usa is far less positive in most places. As I said in an earlier round concerning iranian women. Sport can not undo off pitch problems, they may allow a nice colorful bandaid but in the end, an operation is needed on off pitch issues , and the gender balance is an off field/pitch issue. The reason why serena williams is the only female athlete to reach the top one hundred is no accident. Most human communities about humanity are not only advanteged to male, they are dominated by males usually to female detriment. My point is simple, statian actions on gender do not reflect the human community outside the usa and if women in the usa think the wnba's policies will be copied outside the usa, they are foolish.And women outside the usa will be foolish using the usa as a reference point to change the condition to women wherever they are, outside the usa. To women in the usa, this is a good sign, and an ever growing one that better days are coming.
<article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/14/sports/basketball/wnba-contract-collective-bargaining-agreement.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytsports >
<tweet https://twitter.com/NYTSports/status/1217082475056418816 >
<referral https://twitter.com/jesscribe/status/1217102131343384579 >
<article https://www.wnba.com/news/wnba-and-wnbpa-reach-tentative-agreement-on-groundbreaking-eight-year-collective-bargaining-agreement/?fbclid=IwAR2ELCL1KSoTItV4Ip3TPS_cniCJ0sEPdwdoEkaUm1xB3qm0gVxpr-k3Vyk >
<referral https://www.facebook.com/groups/410280079072359/permalink/2567306613369684/ >
<article https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0410/top-wnba-salaries.aspx >

Title: The LEgend of Neymar
I know Neymar, not personally, not as the individual off the pitch, but I know the player on it. This man's ambitions are very high, I argue too high. He wants to say in one year he won the UEFA CL/Ligue 1/coupe de ligue/ coupe de france/olympics/copa america.  He will not change his playing style, still dropping deep, though if I am honest, neymar has learned to be more picky , still playing the deepest of the attacking sector of psg, but he is not being as forceful, allowing the midfield or defense to get him the ball. IF he physically survives, he is a legend and ballon d'or winner hands down.  But, the challenge of winning all that while playing his way is a very demanding request neymar is giving hiself.
<article https://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/futebol-internacional/futebol-frances/noticia/apos-brilhar-contra-monaco-neymar-diz-que-quer-jogar-copa-america-e-olimpiada-sou-fominha.ghtml >
< referral https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/1216540431250526208 >
Title: MONEY Money money
Bobby McMahon has a two part study of barcelona's finances. The first part is what I will speak on... I was ignorant in the past in that I did not comprehend how straight forward many soccer clubs finances were. Coming from the usa, sport teams are run like fiscal operations held by global banks. but many soccer clubs in europe, honestly over one hundred year old, have come late to the intricacies of modern financial accounting. I respect barcelona for keeping their socio system while reaching a more comlex financial structure, internally. .. I think now on pop from the natural, not the book but the movie, especially the kind of simple, player/coach/owner he represented. Ticket sales/advertisements/concessions/salary/travel/health/training was all pops saw, the acute financial ways were trciekd upon him, but he survived through sport. FC Barcelona have messi to thank a lot for. Some people say that barca has wasted messi's time organizationally. But the articel from bobby mcmahon made me see, barcelona realize what they have in messi and have worked hard to strengthen their financial footing, not for today, but also for the future. Cause when messi is gone from barca, the same when pele left santos or cruyff left ajax, more than likely barca will never be the same for a long while if ever on the pitch. but unlike ajax or santos whose greatest talismans left them before modern financial intricacies, Barca will be ready to remain a bigger club.
<article https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbymcmahon/2020/01/15/barcelona-the-top-earning-team-in-the-world-how-did-they-do-it/#7e8921ff16fc >
<referral https://twitter.com/BobbySoccerRep/status/1217608351506452480 >
Title: Good Thoughts

Woedikou Mafille is the first paid female togolese player

And, congratulations again, to the wnba players  contract negotiations

<referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/11/?tab=comments#comment-818 >
Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening


The Topics Covered in this edition are
The WNBPA- The contractual agreement is good news but some in media or in the esocial sphere are suggesting a global scope and that is false
The legend of Neymar- if he can succeed with his personal goals for Paris Saint Germain side Brasil, he will win the Ballon d'or
MONEY Money money- Barca's fiscal climb does not show a team that is not thinking about tomorrow or treasuring today
Good Thoughts- just happy thoughts

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Transcript to this edition

Season 2- current season

Season 1


Edited by RM Interviewer
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copa libertadores 2020 1/21/2020 #copalibertadores


Carabobo vs Universitario Copa Libertadores 2020
Edson Alejandro Tortolero Toro scored for Carabobo while Jonathan Dos Santos scored for Universitario. This was a flat out battle, poised for its second leg finale. Best to both clubs, but neither has a chance of progressing against stronger opposition if they play as lose as they did today. They need to be more tight.


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Copa Libertadores 2020 1/22/2020 #Copalibertadores


C.D. San Jose vs Guarani highlights
The penalty that Guarani earned had to be called cause the path of the ball was blocked using part of the hand, not only the head. This is another great battle in the first round of the tournament. The second leg will be drama filled.

Progreso vs Barcelona S.C. highlights
Barcelona S.C. didn't start out the best but the lack of finishing from PRogreso gave Barcelona S.C. time and that was enough.


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Weekend 1/25/2020 #gladbach #mainz #BDL #valencia #barca #laliga


Gladbach vs Mainz-Gladbach are still defensively soft, though they are better than years past. Luckily, the offense from gladbach is hungry and capable. Even if gladbach do not win the title, it is a race, and that is enough.
Alassane Plea- it was quick awareness, speed of play. Gladbachcaught mainz fatigued or napping on their defensive duties and executed well.
Celebration- look at hunter:) end of the game proceedings, the third goal by gladbach was the goal of the week, perhaps the month in the bundesliga, a chance of being goal of the year candidate.


Valencia vs Barcelona- no suarez, high percentage possession, but not enough patience by barca. Valencia like all teams know barcelona is a slow team throughout, very weak on the counterattack, playing a highline
Maximiliano Gomez Gonzalez- sealed the game for valencia, barcelona trying to play high up did not have the athletic recovery ability individually or collectively to reshape and it showed.


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weekends 1/26/2020 #galatasaray #realmadrid #psg #falcao #neymar #kobe


Galatasaray vs Konyaspor- some opined my galatapalce had no chance to lift the title, but i repeat in turkey nothing is ever finished till the last month of the season.
Radamel Falcao - the first goal of the game, falcao's game was never speed or strength, he had thse in arelative quality, his game was and is positioning and finishing and those traits are eternal in soccer.

Emre Akbaba - caught konyaspor again, sharp thinking, wqins is vital in getting a team moving forward, oddly enough ryan babel's move back to holland seemed better for galatapalace.

Adem Buyuk- the game was over but this made it certain, Konya seemed deflated in their movement or energy.


Real Madrid vs Villareal - Real are top, in th end, the key is winning  and if barca flop, it will be because they treasured image over success , like image is acceptable.
Nacho - great cross in from toni kroos. nacho ran straight to zidane, he is doing it again.


PSG vs Lille- neymar said it best himself, he is having the best moment in psg. I think having mbappe/icardi around with gueye behind is giving him enough options to be a focus but not be crushed under the weight. When mbappe first came in neymar took a lot of weight on, it seems mbappe's growth has allowed neymar to be not paid attention to , which si lethal in all earnest. I know cavani wants to go to Atleti but in all earnest, atleti need to wait for diego costa to be ready and cavani can come in the summer. I hope simeone stay at atleti but if cavani leave for atleti he may not like it if a new coach come in that is less defensive minded.
Neymar highlights- Neymar rushed back from injury twice, and neither time was correct. He healed properly and looks healthy again, if he wants to win it all with psg and the olympics and the copa america, he must be fit, I think he can do it.


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Womens Soccer news 1/27/2020 #INAC #santos #christiane #cbf #NWFL #logo


INAC have the leading japanese scorer for the past four season
<article https://www.kobe-np.co.jp/news/sports/202001/0013044621.shtml >
<referral https://twitter.com/kobeshinbun/status/1218455819307507713 >


Christiane of Santos


Congratulations mr. muktair @ONewsNGR thanks for posting @TheNWFL thanks for sharing


The CBF women







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photos 1/27/2020 #f1 #floersch #shrewbury #kobe


Sophia Floersch makes a good point but a constructive argument is formula E, that is a relatively new racing environment and may b better for women to get a initial look at


Shrewsbury getting a second chance against liverpool in the FA cup


The legacy of Kobe
a father's happiness
learning the trade





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weekends 2/1/2020 #realmadrid #atleti #benzema #PSG #montpellier #dimaria #leipzig #Gladbach #MHSC #plea


Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid in Spain
the first half was balanced, missing felix/deigo costa/trippier has hurt the balance to the team. In the second half, Lemar side carrasco came in for morata side vitolo, then partay out for canello , interesting, simeone is testing these players by fire. I like Atleti's chances in laliga, I do not think atleti will lose another game in all earnest.

karim benzema - team goal, vinicius jr started, he is learning the ability to be patient centrally, while having a great dribble, something neymar does brilliantly. Playing fast does not mean you have to move fast.


PSG vs Montpellier in France
Montpellier went down a player and it was their keeper. IT was a downhill spiral for MHSC after that.  When neymar went down and seemed to injure himself after being dragged down quite crudely by a montpellier defender, I was worried. I like neymar and want to see his dream of winning everything with psg side brasil in 2020 happen, he deserves better luck. In the second half, he was on the pitch moving well, so a good sign to his fitness , his strength... and his luck

Angel Di Maria- nice chip, always good for players to see placement is greater than power.

Kurzawa - it was a Daniel COngre own goal, but kurzawa was the marker. PSG seem to have the luck on their side.

Mbappe- the assist was from who... NEymar, again, if PSG administration can keep this team together PSG will have an era.


LeipZig vs Borussia Monchengladbach
Monchengladbach had leipzig 2-0 until the plea double yellow, that changed it all. Leipzig found advantage and it led to a draw. The good thing is , nothing is over and gladbach are still in the race. A win against leipzig would had been better for gladbach long term but as long as the race is still active, all is well.

Alassane Plea- gladbach as a team moved better, reacted faster than leipzig.

Jonas Hofmann- this was another team goal, beautiful movement before the goal.


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womens soccer news 2/3/2020 #rinsola #babajide #liverpool #sincy #sincy12 #marozsan #OL


A haul <four goals> for Rinsola Babajide - RinsolaB11_


congrats Christine Sinclair on becoming the top goal getter for any flag as a female player < @sincy12 > thanks for sharing @Ahema6


Goal of the week @KaylynKyle @gabamado @CeciiBritos @_DaniRiosG  from #Marozsan @GDMetellus8 @EricKrakauer @DreCordero @PhilSchoen @TRongen Allez OL!! @cami22ethomas @OffsideBeet @AScavs





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Richard Murray Thoughts Round 11  https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-11-1



Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.
Title: The quiet legend of The Reggaegirlz

LAter in this round I will speak on the problems of media and development in the womens game, but the issue of the Reggaegirlz is a prime example of the challenges in womens soccer in modernity.  
The first problem is investment. A daughter of bob marley is the only reason the reggaegirlz are still in existence. The jamaican football association was finished with the female project. What does this mean? women who have money must be the owners to womens teams. I do not want to repeat myself, though I will say the same thing later in this round. But, women must be the financial owners to womens sports teams. Yes, sports are a risk, but male ownership to womens teams lends to a lack of financial risk or ambition that, to be blunt, is not how male sports grew. People forget, how many male sports teams had huge financial risk takers on the mens side over the decades. People talk about the 49ers, but they will not be the team they are today absent their legally criminalized former owner.  
Second problem is... jamaica. No not jamaica as much as what jamaica represents. Jamaica represents disorganized countries. What people have to comprehend is a country can have a government, flag, national song, representation in the united nations and still be completely dysfunctional. What is the dysfunction? the dysfunction is the inability of a government to do anything not generated by an external financial source. Anything not generated by an external financial source means one thing, the government does not do anything that an external source does not pay for. So for example, jamaica need a jamaican womens league? why does it not exist? No one from the united states of america or europe, in particular england, is paying for it. If a multi-millionaire or billionaire from the u.s.a. or europe went to jamaica and gave the government officials and local financial operators money to start a league, it will start the next day. Most countries governments lack any internal will. They will only do what someone pays them to do, but sport is a funny thing. It can make lots of money, but financially in  its infant stage or early stages, it requires alot of risk or time that gives nothing back financially. A jamaican womens league will not be fiscally profitable for sixty years if it stay consistent. But, it will grow womens soccer in jamaica. Jamaica needs it, they need it long term, but only jamaicans can make it cause, non jamaicans don't care. And Jamaicans do not want to risk.  
Third problem is... my old foe, the modern media. One of the problems womens sports has is the constant idea that modernity demands a quicker path to financial success for womens sports. That is the largest media lie in modern sport. Mens soccer was amateur for a large part of its early history but that truth seems forgotten or unknown. Oddly enough, the national collegiate athletics association or NCAA in the united states exists as an amateur organization that most women in soccer played in, yet, they can not extend the allowances to the university of california los angeles to their local teams in brisbane australia or pretoria south africa or sao paulo brasil. I find it very funny how women can play as non paid athletes for four years, but then be unwilling to play in their countries for a smaller contract or as a dual worker, dual worker meaning they play soccer while have a paying job in another field. That imbalance by women is the modern media, which pushes the idea that women have to have equal pay , sustainable pay, when modern media seems to forget, many male players , to be blunt, most male players also are dual workers or play for not the greatest of salaries.  
In conclusion, I wish the reggaegirls well, but three things are part of any true solution. First , financially able jamaican women need to invest in womens soccer in jamaica, the jamaican government need to learn how to do absent impetus from an outside or external source, jamaican female players have to own up the reality and be proud and able to accept the hardships of the womens game in jamaica as it is and not be swayed by global free market media. Cause, if the best jamaican women do not want to play or are not willing to play in jamaica in less than the best scenarios why will any little girls follow them?
Jean Quiel, in my facebook page, Richard Murray Sports Talk, asked the following:  
What are my thoughts on weight limitations within soccer, for example players being cut from flag teams based on restrictions, even though they've played with this weight at club level, especially in the womens divisions
My reply was the following:  first, in the mens game you have fitness trainers for every player , but many womens players for club or country have to take care of themselves, absent the resources for men. So, the overall environment for women players is my first problem. Second, in the mens game, didier drogba played with a broken arm. hazard started overweight from vacation for real madrid. My point, as female players media/money becomes larger that will end this severity which is being applied largely cause most female players are not high profile enough.
And I do not like my reply in total. My first point, didn't offer a valid point. If a female player, or any player, is their natural weight and playing well for a club, then the flag team is being inconsiderate to not allow that player to play. The second point is the solution,as women soccer grows, youth players will have so much invested in them they will be allowed various things based on the financial investment in the player. I recall a toulon tournament where some youth male players were clearly overweight, in all earnest, but many of them are in scenarios with sponsors or agents that demands they play.  
In conclusion, it will be ideal if flag coaches can treat the club quality as satisfactory, but the culture in the female game is such where many have their philosophies and the lack of big money allows those choices to hold sway. But personally, if I am a flag coach, and a player is playing week after week , I will assess the best natural alignment to the available players and then play them. It is simple to me. I think flag coaches make it too complicated. You have a player pool, who is most fit, what can they do, put them together in their natural way and go from there.  

< referring thread, please read https://twitter.com/sammweber/status/1218724424251314176 >
< referring post https://www.facebook.com/richardmurraysportstalk/inbox/2613610382224672/?notif_id=1580500903100145&notif_t=page_wall&mailbox_id=2357108244541555&selected_item_id=2613610382224672 >


Womens Transfer

The telegraph in England spoke of the lack of knowledge about womens transfer fees in england. But a greater issue in that post was the movement of female players to england. Ct22 on twitter has always said she feared when the womens game will become the men and one very negative trend is already starting in the womens game. The media infatuation or player infatuation with england. I will explain. When men's soccer began and till the nineteen hundred and seventies, it was mostly a local affair. Local affair meaning, players did not play outside their country of birth. Yes, some did but most players played in their own country. What did this do ? this built up local clubs. Look at the history of many south american clubs. If Brasilian players in pele's time moved like brasilian players in neymar's time the santasticos probably never happens. And thus, club growth in brasil is stunted.   
In womens soccer, it existed in an environment where the normal is to leave for bigger financial shores, not be blockaded into your own country, so a player like marta has only played one partial season in brasil as a senior player. This means what, a brasilian club never grew around her legend, and thus, womens soccer in brasil is weaker for it. Now, what does this have to do with england? Well, england is not the fiscally largest country in western europe or europe, that is germany or russia , not in population, that is france or russia, not in size, that is france or russia. But in terms of financial activity, England is the leader in Europe. Sequentially, sport contracts tend to go higher in england. Now some will say, but if germany makes more money why isn't germany the big destination. well, another reality is the other problem that relates to womens soccer. Germany/France/Spain/Brasil/Argentina are mostly domestic leagues. Domestic leagues defined as leagues where most teams train/hire talent from the same flag. Yes, barcelona/olympique lyonnais in the womens game hire many non spanish or french. But, look at most teams in the womens or mens game in germany/france/spain//italy and you see, most players are local. But look at the english premier league? Most teams have many non english players. Wolverhampton or Newcastle are portuguese or french teams that play in england at times in their recent history. My point, in the womens game in england, the same trend is starting where england hires the non domestic better than the rest at a high quantity. But what is the real problem?  
The problem is the narrative? Germany or france or spain are not less competitive than england cause they are not hiring more from outside their flag. They simply choose not to which is why , england men have never reached a world cup final while france, whose league is supposed to be the weakest of the big western european five has two world cup victories. The media narrative is already suggesting england is the better than all the others, better than all the rest, based on their hiring practices. But, the results of english clubs does not show that in the champions league of men or women. If the EPl or WSL was as dominant as media suggest players state, then why are clubs from england not dominating the finals? The reason is simple, having international squads is great financially. That is why epl clubs are followed more in the confederation of african football or the confederation or north , central, and caribbean association football or the asian football confederation. The top USA, Australian, Japanese, nigerian, south african players main destination is england. Very rarely do the best outside U.E.F.A. find themselves anywhere in Europe but england and that leads to media power, cause the fans in those countries want to see their flag stars. I close to this point, the system of mens soccer in england is being mirrored in women and the lies/problems in the mens game in england from the quality of play especially is creating the same flaws in the womens game.  
In parallel, the daily mail spoke of the tottenham womens team and the issue is the truth of being a sister club. I can remember when womens soccer teams throughout UEFA were mostly unconnected to any male team. Then came my Olympique Lyonnais, whose men team I supported in France, and some clubs took notice and the aulas project became the advertised norm for sister clubs, sister clubs defined as women soccer teams attached to much older or financially potent male teams.  
But a problem existed, what Olympique Lyonnais did was not common, it was not standard. Yet, throughout the union of european football associations, male teams began the habit of making sister clubs, Atletico madrid or Wolfsburg or Chelsea did this, or taking womens teams and turning them into sister clubs, Juventus and ac milan did this to my brescia who survived it. The problem is, no real standard existed. U.E.F.A. side Football associations in general were merely content that big name mens teams labels dominated their first tier women leagues. Thus while you have the o.l. women or barca women or atleti women who are treated with ever growing facilities or respect you also have the guingamp women , tottenham women, et cetera that exist in a state below the grandeur to their label, but they have the label.  
Who is to blame is simple? administrators in the game, most who are men and most who feared the womens games clubs being different than the mens games. What people have to comprehend is that, if the mens clubs didn't dominate the womens first tiers, over time, that will have empowered womens clubs but will have meant the cohesion to the mens clubs plans may not happen. In U.E.F.A. , most top tier womens leagues have the same names as the males , more importantly, the same owners, so the same strategies will be applied and friction will not occur.  
But, what is the remedy? This is difficult. It is hard to place strict rules on operation throughout the futebol world. Countries have different finances, clubs have different scenarios. It is not wise to apply a global standard for clubs in FIFA. Humanity is not an even community by any measure. The remedy has to be womens clubs themselves. In the end, womens only clubs exist. The question is, can they compete financially. IF anything , this is a test to fiscally wealthy women. In modernity, fiscally wealthy women exist but their financial actions tend to be safer more than riskier. I can not imagine that will change. But, fiscally wealthy women in certain regions, need to come to a collective agreement and if they share the cost shall be able to turn a womens club into a better competitor to the sister clubs. As I say to all communities that are not white european male, white being a phenotypical race, the other two self evident. The futebol world does not blockade anyone from owning a team. Too many countries have leagues to think anyone is barred today if they have the money. The question is, how much money do you and how long will you invest. Investing with others is always safer financially while more complicated organizationally, but is the way for womens clubs to return to the top of the womens game and have the finances to stay there. More importantly, it is clear, that sister clubs in majority are nothing but window dressings for clubs looking to spend a long time waiting along till the advertisement money comes in stronger for women. I do not think women have to wait.  

< referring article https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/31/transfer-market-has-arrived-womens-football-cost/ >
< referring article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7932047/Rats-digs-jam-sandwiches-lunch-inside-hidden-world-womens-football.html >


Project Africa

One of the most distasteful thing in modernity , fueled by the recent or farther past, is the notion that a community, phenotypical or geographic, can be bettered absent its own internal strength. I have no grand bias or dislike toward f.i.f.a. president, from u.e.f.a. which represents europe mostly, infantino, but if fifty members can not find their own strength to better themselves, then no external source will be able to do it.  
The confederation of african football has fifty members. The idea that F.I.F.A.'s three key point: refereeing/investment mobilization/competition development needed f.i.f.a. to be said in c.a.f. is untrue.  
Are referees in c.a.f. sometimes paid to rig games? yes, most countries in c.a.f. are financially negative. Thus, one uses their position to make an extra dollar. Do leagues in c.a.f. gain huge investments from outside c.a.f. ? no. But, outside south africa/nigeria most countries in c.a.f. either are too tiny in populace or too fiscally negative to warrant huge financial investment from outside coming in. Lastly is competitiveness. TP MAzembe was the first team outside the union of european football associations or the confederation or mesoamerican futebol to reach the club world cup final and where are tp mazembe from? congo. The competition isn't a necessary issue. Yes in the past and today, I do know a better model for the cup of nations or world cup qualifiers exist for c.a.f. but implementing either is not a mandatory. Competitiveness is not a need in c.a.f.. The problem in c.a.f. is internal finance. As I said in the first section of this round, most countries in c.a.f. are fiscally poor and thus all in government , including referees or administrators to clubs work on a payoff model. Someone pays them and they do something, if no one pays them, nothing happens. It is crude, not proactive, but it is the truth and in a modernity where financial winds from afar are not blockaded in most countries local community, it is unfair to ask most in humanity, to suggest skimming a dollar is a grand evil when their financial safety is not protectable in the country they live in.

< https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/who-we-are/news/project-african-football-to-the-top-of-the-world >  

Title: Good Thoughts

Thank you and congratulations to Christiane for joining Santos. I hope this can be a great era for Santos women.

< https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=828 >

Congratulations to Rinsola Babajide on getting a haul, or four goals in one game for Liverpool women

Congratulations to Christine Sinclair, nicknames Sinc, for becoming the female player with the highest tally of goals to any flag

Congratulations to Dzenifer Marozsan for performing an Olympico in the run of play , not through set piece

< https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=831 >

Congratulations to Shrewsbury town for continuing the battle against liverpool in the f.a. cup

< https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=829 >

Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening



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Season 2- current season

Season 1


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Copa Libertadores 2/5/2020 #timao #guarani #clubguarani #copalibertadores


Corinthians vs Guarani- it is early season, so Timao have to succeed in Brasil, which is their long term plan. But Guarani have a recent history of upsetting the musketeers. We shall see. Any goal for guarani will mean an extra goal is needed by TImao.

Jorge Morel- lovely set piece ball, some guarani players were offside but the player in question was not. I am uncertain to the offside rules.


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Weekends 2/8/2020 #atleticomadrid #atleti #aupatleti #granada #laliga


Atletico MAdrid vs Granada
the key to a defensive purposed team is the efficiency when they attack, the key is not possession percentage but number of attacks on target . IF a team has little possession but has more attemts of high quality then that is a defensive team that has a sharp attack, that is the goal for simeone.


Angel Correa- Atleti has been up for it before the goal.


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copa libertadores 2/12/2020 #copalibertadores #guarani #timao #corinthians #competitive


Corinthians vs Guarani - O Timao underhwelmed in paraguay, the season is just beginning in brasil. They lost 1-0. I figured they had the skills to come back from that, but the red card is the key. The red card to Corinthians so early, led to a lack of momentum that got under the players skin at corinthians, and they eventually lost by away goals.
For me, the big lesson in this match is that global soccer is not under any threat, when the biggest team in the biggest city in conmebol can lose out to a lesser side like guarani in the biggest club tournament in conmebol, soccer is just fine competitively, maybe people need to turn away from uefa.

Luan- guarani were under pressure and looked to cave in, Luan was allowed to easy a time
Mauro Boselli- Vagner Love made this goal, his work back to goal and passing to Boselli was needed when he went off.
Fernando Fernandez-the goal that sent Guarani through and again led to an upset of Timao by the paraguayan side. Well done, set piece. Cassio has to be replaced.


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Womens Soccer News 2152020 #kobe #INAC #cfb #female #refs #barcelona #barca #femeni #copadelreina #atleti


Authentic uniforms are sold out for inac kobe


awards for female referees of the cfb


Barcelona progress to the copa del reina while atleti failed to follow them





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