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#Aritz #Aduriz- the Lion of Bilbao, scored a golazo off the bench  to begin barcelona's season with no points.

I think he has a great role in that way, Inaki williams is the starter and against lesser teams will score more. Inaki is not a center forward to hold up the ball so when Bilbao is in a trench he only offers an outlet running to goal not back to goal.

Bilbao to me showed a depth, a sharpness, that can bear a top four in laliga or copa success.

I asked a simple question in twitter, did this match prove fc barcelona need another talisman besides messi. My answer is yes. what is yours?

Aritz Aduriz first la liga goal of 2019-2020 any team


Twitter query: does fc barcelona need another talisman after the results from the first match of their 2019-2020 la liga season?


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The #pregnant worker - #Nike has stopped wage reductions due to pregnancy for track and field athletes, good news. To be blunt, women are not equal to men, women are different. Natural Pregnancy  can only occur through women so any labor equality must not penalize women for being pregnant. A simple idea, but like many arguments between the genders, the goal from some to make genders equal misses the truth in their differences, that need to be honored, not ignored or spoken to as less valued. I heard women say , it is just pregnancy but that act is a thing no man can do.



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 Weekends 8/17/2019

Arsenal in england- was unable to keep a clean sheet against burnley. Arsenal have a powerful attack and still a leaky defense, no chance in the uefa champions league but if they can defeat their next two opponents , tottenham/liverpool , they will be in the table race.

Augsburg in germany- cut into dortmund under 40 seconds. I am not suggesting augsburg will win the bundesliga but Dortmund's early season defense is not good, that is very absent minded from dortmund.Dortmund scored under a minute after but augsburg exploited how soft dortmund is. Dortmund don't have a chance in the uefa champions league.

Real MAdrid in spain- Celta vigo is not atletico bilbao but Real Madrid have an energy absent in fc barcelona. Toni KRoos showed his value, scoring a powerfully placed shot from outside the box while real madrid were down to ten.
Benzema goal

In Transfers: Balotelli is going to brescia, the deal with flamengo ended cause he wanted more than flamengo was willing to pay. I wonder if it was his desire or his agents. I don't know why he isn't interested in asia.
Learned from Paulo freitas @cynegeticus
et tu V.A.R. - like cesc, luka modric's red card is not about intent or power, it is about the action.


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Weekend 8/18/2019
CHelsea in England- drew but as I said before, Chelsea are in the second phase of the Roman era. In the first phase money, provided high cost coaches side high cost players. Many things were won. I enjoyed the whole ride. But this second phase starts off with a transfer ban, a team of team players, a talisman whose highest skill is ball recovery/movement, not scoring, and a coach who is a playing legend that wants to play an open field system with a squad absent that offensive fulcrum.


PSG in France- lost to Renne and the reason was simple, PSG's defense is poor. IT was poor last season, thus no Cup victory. Tuchel's defensive setup is poor. If that is not the first topic to discuss concerning PSG from any in media, then they are missing the true problem, trying to manufacture it out of player roster.
POLL- Neymar Out or Tuchel Out?


Atletico MAdrid in Spain- People complain about Video assistance refereeing but I recall most pundits speaking so vervently on video assistance, i don't comprehend how so many pundits can now speak ill, where was this negative narrative to video assistance when naysayers had valid questions, functional positions against, but were drowned out by larger fiscal concerns.
Again, my atleti prove they are a true footballing team and the conmebol culture simeone brings into them makes them malleable, flexible , battling. Too many uefa teams have a uefa mindset which is imbalanced. psg/barca/mcfc attack but don't defend. Real madrid play open win lose or fail. Atleti is a proper footballing side that can do it all.
The man of the match was savic, throughout the match his play determined most. Felix had the moment of the match.
Joao Felix dribbling- his dribbling is not messi -esque cause neymar also dribbles that way and besides his dribbling is felix-esque



Real Madrid won down to ten men so, referee red cards don't decide matches


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A Case for #china - Many pundits based in white owned or european owned media, that I am totally immersed in, suggest playing in china is a lesser than scenario but looking at the current players in china not from china, I see some continuations or interesting points.

  • Brazil- a continuation- by far Brazilians are willing to play in china. approximately twenty four are in china. They are in various teams, various clubs. Now it is true, Brazilians have a history of playing everywhere far more than any other country. But it begs the question, what do so many others have against playing in china? is it agents doing, most agents in UEFA or CAF are interwoven in uefa's community. Many Brazilians have agents who are sanguine thus not tied into a uefa centric as much as a money centric wherever scenario.
  • The Caribbean Football Union <c.f.u.>- an interesting point- so many players from the caribbean play in second tier uefa leagues, why not first tier in china? I don't comprehend why not?
    In Jamaica only Leon Bailey plays in a first tier league from a top five football association in UEFA, so why not play in china? Jamaican women have nine players who play in the first tier in the top five leagues in UEFA or the top tier in the USA. But for either, why not play in china? Jamaica women are better represented in top leagues than Jamaican men, so the Jamaican men need to do it more but why not?

    In Trinidad, both the men or women mostly play in Trinidad, a Caribbean country that does have oil money. But,
    Haiti men are like Jamaican men while Haitian women live through the efforts of Shek Borkowski.
    Suriname men are like Trinidad's while Suriname women are in a less developed environment than Haiti.
    Guyana men are like Jamaica's while guyana women are like Suriname's
    Between Jamaica/Trinidad/Haiti/Suriname/Guyana you have the powerhouses of the Caribbean region. None in the player ranks, male or female, have a need to reject playing in china.

  • Lastly, money exists in China or Eastern Asia. When you look at kpop's power, that is related to the financial power in east Asia. Entertainment acts in east asia do not require the usa or europe to make profit and thus with global media connections, if they can become popular outside east asia, they are global superstars, but global superstars based not in Europe or the usa but east asia. I think it is no accident paulinho came back to china, after impressing in FC Barcelona. He realized what he has in Guangzhou has higher value than anything to him in fc Barcelona.



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The #BlackQueens are unable to study- Naa Bardina @NBSports_Live quotes ghana coach Madam Mercy Tagoe-Quarcoo in her lamentations about the lack of structure in ghana to the womens game to prepare players for competition when called up. The first thing all have to realize is most selectable female players, over 95%, for any flag play on the land that flag stands. sequentially, female soccer is not the place like in mens soccer where flag teams can be developed through the global transfer of players. You see this in the mens teams of ghana/ivory coast/croatia side many others. Absent france's ligue1 or similar leagues that accept a high percentage of players from outside their domestic land or confederation many flag teams will stifle cause the domestic leagues under those flags are not developed enough to aid the development of players to improve. Womens soccer is not in that place, sequentially, womens soccer flag teams demand a higher quality domestic league to aid in player development. And in ghana's case, the development of the womens system internally is closer to dead or absent than growing or blossoming.  The problem going forward is the solution? how does a country absent a strong natural resource, absent a potent fiscal community, find the money or resources to develop an athletic environment?
I do think the answer is in crowdsourcing, accessing people from ghana living abroad to finance through a collective financial system to specific agendas is key. Functionally, I see it as the socio model through crowdsourcing. The first type of product financed are basic: pitches, boots/kits et cetera , objects that are about aiding players or all teams. For example, all teams in the first tier, need a pitch so provide a crowdsource that will collectively make all pitches needed for the teams. For other actions, like salaries a person pays a certain amount of money they get a vote to vote on who gets a contract. The idea is, crowdsourcing can access the money outside ghana from the people of ghana.



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#Coachcam- The #NFL has started a coach cam. Ian joy @JoyPaulian suggest #klopp or #guardiola having a coach cam in manchester city or liverpool but I think his query lead into a bigger issue. The goal in media is to entertain, but not all people are entertained the same way.
Millions of fans want to see their favorite sport absent higher referee activity or higher electronic assistance or higher pre-during-post match assessment. Millions want to simply enjoy their favorite sport absent many of the modern media adjustments.
Millions of fans want to see their favorite sport using more than current referee activity, electronic assistance, pre-during-post match assessment. Millions enjoy their favorite sport with more media activity or electronic activity around their sport that is used in modernity.
But, what is the problem? Millions want both ways. It isn't that all want one and few want the other. Many want both so how can media enterprises serve more than one master?


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#CopaLibertadores night 8202019


#GRemio vs #Palmeiras

It was a great match.  The round of eight has pure conmebol battles in the copa libertadores, Teams are not separated by huge distance in salary or quality. Felipe Melo was a general in midfield but his reputation led to his two yellow cards and meant palestre italia sao paulo was down a man against palestre germania porto alegre. But when Palmeiras had the numbers disadvantage, Gremio did not reply with patience. Gremio attacked like the last few minutes was to win the copa libertadores, not the end of a first leg in the round of eight. The second leg will be in sao paulo , but palmieras absent Felipe Melo as well as the fact that Gremio had more possession in this match, bolds well for a victory for gremio. Surviving twenty five to thirty minutes down to ten absent your defensive general is not the same like a full ninety minutes. Palmieras do have the counterattack and if Gremio's emotion late in this match is a sign, gremio will lapse and break before they settle and mature into the kind of emotion they need to play with.


Gustavo Scarpa goal


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#Copalibertadores night 82122019


#Flamengo vs #Internacional

As I said in the prior night, the competition at this level is equal, yes, boca juniors swept quito away but when brasilian side argentinean teams meet they meet as equals in this tournament at this stage. It is a pure battle. I will say, energetically, Internacional didn't keep up with the pace of flamengo throughout the pitch, and really died in the later minutes. Paulo gueerrero in the first half suggested injury and I think he did carry a knock through the match. It hurts a lot that two santos players are in the forward role for Flamengo but it is acceptable as Santos is a less fiscally potent club, and must sell the diamonds it brews.  The next leg will be tough for Internacional in porto allegre. But, I expect a battle and a full house to cheer them on.



Bruno Henrique 1 - the first goal of henrique was based on a poorly cleared ball, but no grand fault from Inter. The energy from flamengo in attack survived the entire ninety minutes.


Bruno Henrique 2 - from felipe luis to gabriel barbossa to bruno henrique


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The sister club- I quote chris phillips the manager of London City Lionesses :"We want to show people that the time is now right that a women’s football club can be a women’s football club and it doesn’t have to be – and I use this term whether it’s politically correct or not – the annoying sister of a men’s club. If you speak to about 80% of clubs out there, they’re not happy with the relationship with the men’s team.”"
I am a fan of Rivers Angels @Rivers_Angels BRescia calcio femminile @BresciaCF and Turbine potsdam @Turbine_Potsdam , now I will not deny I love Olympique Lyonnais feminin, Atletico Madrid feminine, Chelsea football club ladies, Gladbach Fraun, Santos Feminino, Botafogo feminino. I support them constantly. But, I will always have a special place in my heart for Rivers Angels/Die Turbinen/Leonessa cause as womens clubs they have faced serious challenges. Rivers Angels is in one of the only few womens leagues in CAF that has some semblance of existence, I did not say paid athletic quality , or heavy investment, merely existence. Turbine potsdam small owners were once champions of UEFA. But then came the sister clubs in germany but die turbinen survive in the table. Lastly, but not leastly, BRescia was multiple champion of Italy and brewed most of the most well known players for juventus women or ac milan. But their organization was bullied into a lesser league where they keep up the fight.
It is hard in the modern financial environment for a womens team to survive. Ask the teams of the National womens soccer league in the usa. For all the advertisement to the usa womens national team or their multiple world cup wins or high profile players. They don't attract sponsors as easily as one would think, ala the death of boston breakers , or prior attempts at a first tier team in the usa.
I quote the article again: "“It’s all well and good for people to bang on about equality but it has to be more than words,” says Phillips. “Little things like giving all the girls private medical care. I can’t have a player who’s injured and waiting six months on the NHS to receive an MRI scan and then another six months for surgery, then we’ve lost a player for a year there."
That quote lead to a good point, that I need investigative journalism to answer. How many female soccer players recover from injuries? I know Amel Majri side many other Olympique lyonnais players have injuries and recover well, including alex morgan during her time, but I will love to know the statistics of recovery for female soccer players after major injuries.
The article for me was historically untrue in one way. I quote: "“With it being the first club to be fully separate is pretty unique,” says the full-back Leanne Cowan."
The london bees and other clubs that are no longer in existence, were womens only clubs,and existed before the sister club era hit uefa. Those early clubs aren't mentioned enough, many like bad neuernahr in germany are gone and forgotten in this internet age, but kept womens soccer alive in underrated ways.
I penultimate with the title in the article , equality has to be more than words.
I end with the truth, equality has to be based on ownership. Womens clubs must be owned on their own.



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Corinthians Futebol Feminino- @SCCPFutFeminino have a 28 straight win record in all competitions, the longest for any club, mens or womens. Their last non win was a lose against my Seirenes, Santos women. Congratulations to O timao, they rebooted their program after some faltering. Santos , like Arsenal in england , has led but has been unable to keep up with more financially able or ambitious clubs into the womens game come about.
They are being led by Millene @millenefernandes_



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Ai Kesen- Elkeson is becoming Ai Kesen to play for china is the beginning. Paulo freitas @Cynegeticus shared the news. The connection brasilian players have to that part of asia is not little. Brasilian players are long standing stalwarts in japan. I wish him well and expect with the money china offers he will not be alone.


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Chelsea Ladies and the history of english women in soccer- I qUote the article from Chelseafc women @Chelseafcw : "In 1972 Harry Batt, secretary of Chiltern Valley women’s club, predicted, ‘Women’s football will prove so popular that in 10 years clubs such as Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Manchester United and Leeds will be running women’s teams,’ and indeed, one of the new pioneer clubs was a Chelsea Ladies side."
It is a nice history. I knew about the popularity of womens soccer. In the same way the Nat King Cole show was the best show on television, yet couldn't find a sponsor the networks could accept and was canceled. Womens soccer had a similar fate. In the end, the big problem I have to non white/male/christian/english speakers in modern humanity is they still don't realize their community needs to own. I have nothing against a man or white person or christian or english speaker owning a firm and providing opportunity to those who are not white or male or christian or english speaking. But, those who are not white or male or christian or english speaking NEED TO OWN THEIR OWN FIRMS and thus can empower their communities toward self suifficiency absent any need or input from whites or males or christians or english speakers.
THe Photo is :"Chelsea Ladies FC ahead of their 1973/74 cup final win over Millwall Lionesses"



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Weekend 8/24/2019


Borussia MochenGladBach in Germany-  Gladbach had a small turnaround in terms of overall tactic this summer with Embolo coming in for Thorgin HAzard but in terms of attack it was a big question. Hazard was the heart of the attack. but, Embolo has found nice footing in gladbach. the season is early to decide if the coach gets the rotation correct. But, gladbach are running.

Stefan Lainer goal


Breel Embolo goal



Real Madrid in Spain- Navas is the beginning middle and end to the real madrid saga. I must admit, one pundit, Ray Hudson , admitted the strategic problem of Courtois whose best times as a keeper is on teams like atletico madrid or antonio conte's chelsea, that have a defensive base. Real Madrid's problem in keeper is simple. They fly in attack leaving space, thus any keeper for real madrdi must be fast to react, which is why Iker Cassilas or Keylor Navas are the best two goal keepers they had in the past fifteen combined seasons. Most of their other keepers are the modern common tall large space keepers who are great in the air or blocking shots but usually the worst when they need to react to sudden changes. And, in this case, courtois compared to navas in reaction is a gulf in quality.

Karim Benzema Goal






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23 year and younger- HEre is a list of the top 5 male players at msot 23 years old who play in brazil or the uefa ranked top five leagues in uefa by career goals
1- Gabigol (Flamengo) - 111 buts 22
2- M. Dembele (Lyon) - 104 buts 23
3- Mbappé (PSG) - 102 buts 20
4- Gabriel Jesus (Man City) - 91 buts 22
5- Werner (RB Lepizig) - 86 buts 23
6- André Silva (Milan) - 84 buts 23

Each player has thier own path to their current ranking.
Gabriel Barbossa has exploded recently, but his entire success is brasil based. Gabigol in his playing history prove, like paulo guerrero , that he is a conmebol player. He is a brazilian who needs brazilian teams to excel.
Dembele has never played on a team of superstars. I think like Gabigol, he requires a certain type of squad to be part of to keep up his goal rate.
Mbappe is a superstar though he is being given too much responsibility as a player that is not complete. His speed, goal scoring ability are sharp but his ability to be a talisman is still weak.
G. Jesus is in guardiola's system but for brasil he is far less profiting so it proves the system in guardiola's structure aids him, beyond his talent.
Werner side Silva, like Dembele have yet to play for a heavily superstar side. They have yet to prove, unlike mbappe, the ability to handle goal producing on a big team.

Of them, I think MBappe is in the best position to continue his streak. Gabriel Barbossa, if Flamengo continue to get a fiscal investment from outside the club into it, G Barbossa may be in a great age. To be blunt, brazilian soccer was never better than when brasilian clubs  was the source to the selecao.
Dembele, to me transfered under Lille going to arsenal. Arsenal have the money but leaving a champions league team for a europa league team is negative.
always transfer above your current table position.
shared from Rabeeta Farooque @OffsideBeet

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Olympique Lyonnais #TEAMOL #OL 2019 to the future-
They start the season annihilating olympique marseille. OL as a womens club have the ability to dominate quite a bit into the future with its french core and its not french sharp agents. Some OL fans say that it is boring seeing OL feminin dominate but I disagree cause one day, OL will not be the dominant and when that day comes will OL fans accept it with grace or talk about the good old days as tiringly or unfairly as many a trophied past mens club do.?
shared from Eugenie Le Sommer @ELS_9_FRANCE

A nice history, in the end, aulas saw the truth and took a fiscal risk. In the end, that is what business does in a new sector. You can't verify potential. too many try that, you can only risk and own up to risk. If the risk was foolish, you will know as you lose money that can destroy you. if the risk you will know as you make money that changes your potentials or power.
shared from Rabeeta Farooque @OffsideBeet




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#SWNL - congratulations to #SAFA the south african football association for starting the South African womens national league, an improved league. I think it may be the most financially potent womens league in C.A.F. , I hope nigeria takes note and advances the #NWFL nigerian womesn football league in competitive reply.  If I had money I would invested in either. But I don't have the money, I hope those that do invest. Alot of opportunity long term.




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Weekend 8-25-2019

Chelsea FC in england - The third to nineteenth position in the english premier league only has a three point distance in the table. This season is open for all teams thus battling chelsea, under super frank lampard have a chance to get into the fourth.


Atletico de Madrid in spain- as I told people before, the most important players for atletico de madrid is savic/thomas partay/Gimenez, throughtout the match, they touch the ball the most. I love the lucky needle, joao felix and morata, but the team runs through savic/gimenez/partay. Those players dictate how high up is the team, how deep is the team, and where the attack comes from. The role or lemar/Hermosa/koke/saul are to support the defense, going side to side above it, and link to the attackers morata/felix.
Atleti are not a high opportunity team, they are a counterattack team. They are not trying to score a ton of goals, they are trying to keep a clean sheet and earn sharp high opportunity chances.
Vitolo goal - this goal prove my point. yes trippier had the ball and passed it to the lucky one, Felix, and then felix pressed the leganes lines keeping possession and found Vitolo who skipped his marker and slotted for the goal. Atletico madrid is not trying to win games by large margins. They are looking to keep clean sheets. and have sharp high chance opportunities. The backline and midfielders of atleti are looking to react to balls into their markers , controlling the situation , if the ball is high control the ball into the air , if the ball is short skip over the marker. It is proactive defense. Savic dominated the air in the match. Atleti had three solid chances in the ninety minutes.


Real Betis of spain- My Olympique Lyonnais had to let go of Nabil Fekir. Great statistic mentioned by ray hudson on beinsports usa. FC Barcelona let in more goals at home than real madrid/atletico madrid/ leganes and three others. That explains the uefa champions league failures. FC Barcelona is soft in defense. and thus need to outscore opponents, thus the need for neymar.
Nabil Fekir goal- the recovery speed in defense is too weak by fc barcelona, and fekir in betis is a first attack option.
Griezzman second goal - in a team based on passing the ball, one touch play, Griezzman game of movement and interchange fit very well, though betis never mae barca punish enough.


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#NEymar - well well well, all the fans booing neymar, knocking him down, trying to call him names. now cavani out for weeks. mbappe out for weeks. Who you gonna call?
Pundits talking about neymar is a worse player than santi mina, lukaku, everybody is better than neymar. Neymar is the ultimate nonmature. Everybody is more mature than neymar. The negativity toward neymar is amazing in Paris Saint-Germain and now PSG have a month of absences and in a funny way cause cavani's hip nor mbappe's thigh have to get better quicker, those injuries are dangerous as cavani likes to play off defenders who will test that hip and mbappe run's constantly test that thigh. So, we shall see.
PSG didn't keep dani alves, wanted him gone, didn't keep buffon, buffon wanted to leave, saw a troubled club, now neymar out the door, though if neymar doesn't leave it will not be cause of love to psg as much as a scenario that has become dire for psg.
I think this moment in time will decide a lot for PSG and alot for Neymar. I want neymar to leave psg cause i feel the organization has not supported him enough. But, if Neymar stay PSG is winning it all this season and everyone will have to admit PSG is neymar's team but also we are living in neymar's time, not griezmann's not joao felix, not cr7, not messi, not harry kane, not sterling but Neymar. PSG as a team have issues, have imbalances and tuchel is in over his head, but, if neymar stay this season , it will click together for him, and he will achieve PSG's first uefa champions league and thus reach a rare accomplishment, and it will allow him to go to china in his early thirties, perhaps through italy.


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Olympique Lyonnais vs Montpellier 8/27/2019


PRematch- Lyon like montpellier use youth. Lyon have more electric attackers but i expect an open game.


arnaud souquet from montpellier- it was a youthful goal. Ligue1 outside psg is full of youth players who play like they believe absent the patient sharpness usual from more matured players. It is called a golazo.


After the match - The penalty was well earned, the OL defender grabbed the shirt. I saw the reply, Kone was goaded into it. The montpellier player pushed his head to him first and then when he replied, the montpellier player acted. They talk of video assistance review is suspect here cause, the montpellier player warrant the red too. So, essentially, it is ok to initiate head contact but then not reply. The montpellier player warrant a red card for initiation.
I know many will chagin but this is a lose. it happens, the season is young. Points are too be had, sylvinho will adjust and learn, give this team time and they will improve.


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#Hasaacas ladies and pay scales- @NBsports_live reported HAsaacas is finally acquiring their prize money four months after the tournament ended. The first thought in my mind is , any financial uptake from the money is probably erased by four months of debt from the players.  I don't have the power to force positive or money to invest in making positive changes. But they are needed in the ghana football system for such a late fiscal action.

The purity of womens football... I just quoted marc skinner coach of the orlando pride. His entire words are below. But I think this purity talk in any labor is , financial sin. Everyone, we all, we meaning all in humanity, live in a communal system called global fiscal capitalism. This means most, nearly all goods or services, require something to be traded in exchange, deemed as equally valuable. Money is the mancraft that allows fiscal capitalism to be more than bartering. The point, from collegiate or high scool sports in the usa which is all unpaid officially or legally, to women getting wages below living standard in nearly all sports. The concept that the athlete who struggles, risk injury, gives time to an athletic endeavor they love while not getting a wage at all or at the most beneath aliveable wage is sin. It is pure sin in the global fiscal capitalistic environment to actually promote someone not getting more money.
The men skinner forgot to add, labored through many a court case to demand more money. it didn't come easily or through some market assessment. this is the problem with female athletic pay. The argument, and I quote skinner:
"I'm not going to go into the equal pay row because I think that I'd still love to see the women do something the men haven't done, and that is to continue to love football not just for the money but for the love of the game. I think that's the purity of womens football, I really do... I think they have something beautiful that they should look after and cherish, and not just sell out to that. But I also think they need to be paid to be respected and supported like that"
Skinner has argued that male athletes have sold out demanding more money from those who make billions on their activity. That is a lie, male athletes have simply demanded a piece of the revenue owners or administrators or coaches seem to always get. He then suggest women can love football for the love of the game and not just for the money, implying mne love it for the money. Every single male soccer player loves the beautiful game, and every male soccer player wants to make a dollar as a human being who lives in a system where nothing is free. Women are not lessening their love to the beautiful game by fighting , as the men did before, to get bigger pieces of the revenue pie, that owners/administrators/coaches seem rarely chastized for getting.
The truth is, in fiscal captialism every action is financial, whether you love it or not, hate it or not, like it or not.



NB Sports answered the following question

one question, where you able to find out who handled the finances for the event, or at the least, was it someone in the ghana fa? or someone in some private group?

Ghana FA is currently being managed by a normalization committee formed by FIFA. Any money they spent must come from the ministry, so let's say the ministry kept long in releasing that money, which wasn't the best.



hasaacas ladies.jpg


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#Copalibertadores night 8272019


#Palmeiras vs #Gremio
Palmeiras did enter this match, with an advantage. And, poor defense led to a two goal advantage. But, the reply from Gremio is magic/heart/skill in a chakra combination.  Even down to ten men, palmieras fought hard and they had chances, but it wasn't meant to be.

Luiz Adriano- it was gremio mistakes that led to it, but it was a strong reation

Everton Soares- the one touch from the set piece. Truly a goal to watch


Alisson- his goal proved why Felipe melo cried when he earned the red card in the last match, he knew palmeiras belly is soft absent him




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