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copa libertadores 10232019 #Flamengo #Gremio #Bruno #Henrique #Gabriel #Barbossa #Pablo #Mari #Rodrigo #Caio


Flamengo vs Gremio 102302019

Bruno Henrique Goal- the referee in this match did his best to aid Gremio or keep gremio on the pitch, but a penalty and many fouls were let go. It seems Gremio was favored. But, like in the first leg, Flamengo kept plugging away and finally it clicked. What I love is the two former santos players: Bruno Henrique/Gabriel Barbossa made the goal, though it was started by a midfield zone tak eby Everton Ribeiro.

Gabriel Barbossa 1- A gremio defender made a header away and Gabriel Barbossa hit it the first time

Gabriel Barbossa 2- Bruno Henrique earned the penalty . Santos to Santos , brilliance. Flamengo just another team living off of those Pisces brewed in the Santos community in Sao Paulo.

PAblo MAri- it was not a free header, nor was it easy, the angle was world class, like some of the best german headers of the ball. So much power, and an odd angle in close range.  

Rodrigo Caio- the goal was brilliant, even better angle than MAri's but broke free from Gremio sleeping. The face of the gremio coach though:)


In the first leg, Video Assisted Reveiwing, took four goals from Flamengo. In the second leg, Flamengo showed their mentality and continued their barrage and was sharper this time.
River Plate vs Flamengo will be a great match, too bad it is a one off. Flamengo and River in the end, were better than their opponents. The idea is the best of the best.


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Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.


Title: Lebron's statement part 1
Lebron James made a statement < https://www.sfchronicle.com/warriors/article/LeBron-James-comments-on-China-an-14535304.php > over a week ago concerning statements made by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. As a point, the highest media profile chinese player in NBA history, Yao Ming, played for the Rockets.
I quote Lebron:  "When you’re misinformed or you’re not educated about something, and I’m just talking about the tweet itself, you never know the ramifications that can happen ... Yes, we all do have freedom of speech. But at times, there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others and you’re only thinking about yourself. I don’t want to get into a feud with Daryl Morey, but I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand and he spoke. ...So many people could have been harmed — not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually. Just be careful about what we tweet, what we say and what we do. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that, too. ... I think when we talk about the political side, I think it’s a very delicate situation. Very sensitive situation ... For me personally, if any of you guys know me or always cover me, you guys know when I speak about something, I speak about something I’m very knowledgeable about" end quote.
Many people opined Lebron's statement was false but I want to go through it to see where any falsehood reside.
Lebron's first point is those who are misinformed or miseducated , based on their writing, can not know the ramifications to their words.
What is false in that point. Daryl Morey is not chinese or from Hong Kong. Morey being an massachusetts Institut of Tehcnology graduate does not give him a license to speak on anything as an informed person. Morey made his quote while Statian, statian meaning from the usa, basketball players were playing in China. If a Statian basketball player would had been hurt, Morey is the sole to blame. And, the history of sport is full of fans whose emotions/passions/energy act independently to any law. Morey could not predict the reply from chinese people.  Lebron is correct.
Lebron's second point is people in modernity have tools to express themselves freely, and thinking only about yourself can be absent a care to the ramifications to others and Morey in particular was ignorant to the situation. Firs to freedom of speech. It is true, in modernity, throughout china or the usa, tools are available to express yourself freely. If you go to a chinese website like Weibo, not every post is against China or for the special administrative division in china known as hong kong. Morey as general manager to a sports team , tweeting in the usa, was clearly not in any danger or had any fear of ramifications from the chinese government or usa media. The chinese goverment was too far away or doesn't have a way to manipulate his finances while media in the USA rarely attacks owners or administrators. USA media likes cheap targets like employees or players. Sequentially, Morey was free from harm. Lastly, his ignorance.
The following is Morey's original quote: "Fight for Freedom. Stand for Hong Kong" End quote.
Morey's quote confirms Morey's ignorance. First, freedom. For Hong Kong to be in need of freedom suggest Hong Kong is being taken over by China. Hong Kong is a special administrative division in China. Hong Kong is a part of china. Hong Kong is not an independent republic. Hong Kong is equivalent to native american reservations or washington d.c. Do people consider native american reservations in the U.S.A. as independent republics? Is washington d.c. independent from the u.s.a.? he then reaffirms the faux independence of Hong Kong. Can people outside the usa stand for the district of columbia, where the white house sits, or the Cattaraugus Reservation in new york state? Morey assertion to a need for freedom or independence concerning Hong Kong is ignorant to the situation. The problem in Hong Kong is a matter of rights or oppression from the higher governmental level. And, it is in terms of rights or oppression that Morey in not speaking on it, shows greater ignorance. First, Hong Kong was started as a piece of the British Empire. Hong Kong never had freedom as a part of the british empire, including after world war II. If you think Hong Kong had freedom in the british empire then you must think Puerto Rico is free, as a territory of the U.S.A. in modernity. No territory is ever free. Second, China had no obligation to do anything outside its own desire when the British handed hong kong over circa 1995. Sequentially, China allowed Hong Kong a special administrative status on their own desires. Now it is true, that Hong Kong represented a quarter of China's port income at that time. And it is not hard to see that a Hong Kong less valuable as a city financially makes it lose value to Beijing. After said truth, the issue of Hong Kong is a myriad of things. It is part extradition battle, hong kong doesn't have extradition to mainland china for all cases especially concerning the fiscal ruling class or hong kong/part cultural friction, the mandarin culture is growing whether forced or not in a place groomed to view cantonese as a symbol unto itself  or its uniqueness/part governmental failures, from Hong Kong's leadership not working hard giving the time it was given by beijing to change hong kong's role while integrate it closer to the rest of china ASIDE the people's republic not making a greater effort to merge a special administrative division that was losing unique value/part mishandling to a simple clear murder case in my view that exposed how poorly the merger of hong kong into china has occured. But like Morey I am not Chinese, but unlike Morey I will not opine who is to blame more or less in any of said myriad things. And that is the greatest crime of Morey's statement, that lead to the third point of Lebron.
LEbron's third point was that many people, not confined to merely basketball players, could had been hurt, not only financially but physically- emotionally- spiritually. People have to be more careful what they say through electronic media.Negative consequence can grow more than we can imagine. Morey's statement was used by those in or out of china to be viewed as support for HOng Kong as if Beijing is all to blame or some interloper while used by those in our out of china to be viewed as support for the people's republic as if Hong Kong is seperated and acting as traitor. Any descent youtube search and you can hear where people , chinese or related to chinese have had personal schisms based on this issue and Morey only stoked fires. In the same way the media, cnbc plus fox plus most others,  in the u.s.a. showed similar fire stoking skills during current president donald trump's candidacy. We all know some of said schisms had all sorts of injuries, financial, physical, spiritual or other.
Lebron's last point was simple. These governmental/cultural issues are delicate and when Lerbon speaks on a subject, he is knowledgeable. Lebron wasn't speaking on China's government or any subdivision in it, speaking of the special administrative division known as Hong Kong. Lebron was speaking on Morey and how conveying messages when popular in modenrity has to be done with care or you create negativities, all to often unknown or seperate from yourself.
Lebron is totally correct or true.
In the transcript, which is linked in the Description of this audiobook, is a video from a youtuber, the duran < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jTJhxJX2Cs > which is a good viewing to get a balanced view to the HOng Kong issue. It goes into detail about events that led up to this clash.
I repeat Lebron said nothing wrong concerning Morey or China as a whole or any part from it.


Title: Lebron's statement part 2
A chinese man from hong kong stated < https://sports.yahoo.com/ted-cruz-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-cosign-congressional-request-that-nba-suspend-activities-in-china-021745024.html > , through unconfirmed translation that I paraphrase, that he thinks lebron is no longer great but good and that a difference exist between a great basketball star and a hero.
First, assessment to lebron as a basketball player can be statistical or philosophical. the philosophical is up to each person, the statistical shows itself he is one of the greatest in this era. As for lebron being a hero. no basketball player is a hero but every athlete can speak truth. Morey wasn't a hero for his tweet, he was an interferer from a distance. Lebron wasn't a hero for his comment but he was more than a basketball player, lebron was an honest man, maybe that chinese basketball fan from hong kong can learn from lebron and be honest about hong kong going forward. One thing I know, for any team to work most positive, on the basketball court or off, the teammates must work together giving or providing to each other with as much prescience as possible from their erudition or wisdom. The chinese basketball fan position through his translated words shows he is not being prescient or his erudition or wisdom is not at a level to help him be so.
< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rOeZO8T0pg >

In amendment, the following is not about lebron's quote exactly, but about the responsibility lebron referred to.... Ocasio Cortez side Ted Cruz found unity between the elephant and donkey concerning this china issue.
This proves how many monied interests are involved in the usa involvement in the media position to the  scenario in china between the special administrative division known commonly as hong kong and the remainder of the people's republic of china. A special administrative zone is like washington d.c. in the usa.
Why are these parties, who can't come together to make positive functional legislation in the usa, able to come together for a part of china, considering the only people it will hurt are people living in china, whether citizens to china or statians, people from the usa, in china.
People like cruz and cortez couldn't unite on Kaepernick but can unite on Hong Kong? that is telling
< https://sports.yahoo.com/ted-cruz-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-cosign-congressional-request-that-nba-suspend-activities-in-china-021745024.html >


Title: Zlatan and Major league soccer with a slice of Pulsic in US Soccer please
Jimmy Conrad made a point < https://twitter.com/JimmyConrad/status/1187586483214925824 > . I paraphrase him, that he feel he can start in LA Galaxy's backline now eight year after retirement. While proving his point is not the issue, he beg a question, that he did not have space to suggest, even if he wanted. The question is simple. If LA Galaxy is supposed to be a top team in MAjor LEague Soccer, then how can a retired player make that statement. Can you imagine Jimmy Conrad saying that about Barcelona/Atletico Madrid/Manchester City/Bayern Munich/Juventus/Flamengo/River Player ? Many people have stated Zlatan is false for his comments to Major LEague Soccer. But, I recall the less vocal Thierry Henry or Andrea Pirlo or Bastian SChweinsteiger. During Henry's time in New York RedBulls or Andrea Pirlo's time in NYC Football Club or Schwiensteiger's in Chicago Fire can anyone suggest those clubs showed ambition or planning and sequentially ownership that is serious about success?
Each player I just mentioned is a world cup winner, a player deemed a legend at a club in UEFA, france side arsenal, italy side ac milan or juventus, germany side bayern munich respectively. Those players wasted their time and so did Rooney at DC United or Zlatan currently still at LA Galaxy. Major LEague soccer teams are not serious about success. It is that simple. US media and the financial fan environment in the u.s.a. allows a negative sports league, Major league soccer, to be deemed a shining light.
Zlatan is telling the truth. But, the problem is not Major LEague soccer. THe real problem is USSoccer.
Phil Schoen asked people on his facebook page <  https://www.facebook.com/officialphilschoen/posts/962578674077939?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDP_s0DsO_tAHjg1eDLpdXnMg3dO918I13JlgkK8499-oeOtV0WNgDHVVdiaC-Gp_tOCIzvveV4xSPdarM8EfKNwI98tQBumIRNe8x_oz4htGFx3O8oLpxXfmb6bl3H3LbYd0IRwWTTs9tQWU5ek8YvnTJdk41G4qT-tTPAn7F4lRAhHHLJIcNudNJdQIZkvmO3rmnto0Rg901GzPPjJjtWKPKuYqvnfVSIGw8EE506v6fyB1ABxBEPtKdRQ42I1nFLTLdPI-KIceSIH24DAf69wJ7XFgjprXRdkzjZ7AtjbhMgkEUHa0ssPPUDtMiA1v4-HLvImrep9CSZq48&__tn__=-R > to vent  on USSoccer and I said the following.
Begin quote "Mr Schoen, I do not know if the following is a vent, and it definitely will not be comprehensive as your vent. But, I remember being a teenager who played soccer every day and had no local club, no league no anything. Streetball and a disconnected secondary school team. Then fifa said the usa will have a league. In my head i thought wow! I thought NYC was going to be full of teams. So many communities, so many people who love the game. In my head I saw something closer to the brasilian set up than the nfl. Then reality hit, the ussoccer organization i did not comprehend or know aside the nfl influence i didn't realize was involved, and MLS was born. In the end of the day, ussoccer allowed the creation of MLS and then both parties went about a plan that was never going to be as good as possible. The problem is the financial potency of the parties behind ussoccer/mls aside the administrative hindrances in ussoccer/mls mean the only way change can occur is if someone has a lot of money to push them or the bureaucracy aside. That is a tall order" end quote
The problem is the financial winds are in play and will take a very large amount of money to correct now, thus, USSoccer is on a road it can not leave from... concerning the men's game. you see this in the media coverage to Pulisic to MLS in the USA which is the plot the monied interests behind ussoccer planned. The monied interest behind us soccer want usa players hyped absent warrant. They want MLS teams hyped absent warrant. This controls the media narrative as most online will follow the media narrative. MLS teams have never won the concacaf champions league or its predescessor tournaments twice in a row and in truth, barely make the final. Yet, in the media MLS is a comparative league to Liga MX. You see this in UEFA, to be fair, that is why the EPL is deemed greater than la liga in spain or serie a in italy even though epl teams do not dominate the u.e.f.a. champions league. Confederation cup tournaments for clubs allow the best teams from each league to compete against each other, its results prove the quality of the clubs and by extension the leagues they are from. Liga MX is not only better than MLS, it is overwhelmingly better, and the proof is the concacaf champions league where MLS teams have a role no greater than the leagues from the fiscally impoverished countries in the caribbean or central america.
BUT, US Soccer has one zone it can undo its dysfunction absent a need for finances beyond extraordinary. That place is in the womens soccer system. I watched the NWSL semifinals < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-733 > and comparing it any from the Liga MX Femenino compeititons I have watched < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-696 > NWSL is already inferior to LigaMX Femenino in a soccer playing sense. NWSL's success is the role the national collegiate athletic association has in womens soccer, as the last womens world cup had only three teams that did not have a former NCAA player. Women around the world enjoy the student athlete collegiate experience as most countries are negative or absent when it comes to female athletics in general. Sequentially, NWSL gets access to a strong amateur culture that over time will be undone, but for now is very viable. But, the NWSL project has serious problems in its planning from above. The league is not merely the third incarnation of a womens league but it has no team in california. How can a project be considered serious absent a team in california. Consider that the english womens program used to be aligned to NWSL and is now aligned to continental UEFA. NWSL has some advantages but most come from external sources, the NCAA or womens opportunity in the usa itself.
The dysfunction is made most clear in the expansion franchise in Louisville. Now, for the record, I support the expansion of the national womens soccer league. But  I oppose, first the lack of admittance in media that the womens program can be changed by USsoccer absent large financial entries, second the denial in those who want changes in the NWSL that all the best changes require extreme contrast to the us sporting landscape. ... As always, when I suggest change,  I end with giving my suggestions.
Womens soccer through fiscal revenue or cultural linkage does not have the same scenarios that allow the mens soccer model in the usa to be utilized in it.
First, each state in the usa, needs to have their own womens soccer league table, that utilizes relegation and promotion, all set in the same time frame, meaning every league will be in the calendar year or between two calendar years but every league in every state must start and end around the same time, the team at the top of the first tier being the champion of the state.  This one act means a team like western new york flash no longer has to be placed in a lesser role with a purposeful ownership.Teams in California do not have to worry about traveling to new york city to exist. Owners to teams can be more than millionaires or billionaires but can be open to phenotypical or genderwise or linguisitic or other racial demographics that have a smaller financial footprint than white males, in the usa. Said non white male owners also will open up youth programs in their communities through the clubs.That will allow a saturation into the multiracial society in the usa that all sports lack currently. The competitiveness will spur long term improvement in each state as nothing separates the better from the best like relegation or promotion. Second, the champions from each state will be part of a fifty team us open cup. I suggest a one leg phase in each round. Third, the name change is simple from National womens soccer league to the National Womens Soccer Leagues. ... I realize many may suggest I am asking too little or not enough. But, when you look at the most successful womens or mens programs throughout humanity, clubs have a huge role in the development of players, more than the football associations. The key is to allow clubs to grow throughout, something that has occured in UEFA or COnmebol but has been denied in russia/china/usa.  The most important point is, USSoccer can make this change now, absent a huge financial investment or lose. Womens ways do not have to be mens ways. Those in the sport media need to push that Womens soccer in the usa can be improved in ways other than mens soccer and those changes do not require the fiscal cost that are highly prevalent in mens soccer.

Title: Good Thoughts

Congratulations to Aries Susanti Rahayu  the female indonesian muslim hijab wearing living legend for becoming the world record holder for speed climbing


< https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=734 >

Congratulations on Chicago Red Stars side North cArolina Courage making the NWSL playoff finals

Ada hegerberg broke the record for number of goals in the uefacl for a player, but like messi or cr7, they have spent most of their career healthy as the primary offensive player on the top teams. this helps achieve great goal tally heights

Internacional won the final of the Campeonato Brasileiro Feminino Sub-18 against Sao Paulo,  two legs aggregate 2-1


< https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=725 >

Ferroviaria  for succeeding over Corinthians to become the Campeonato Brasileiro Feminino A-1  champions


< https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=729 >

Eliud Kipchoge - world record holder for a marathon, under two hour in the race

great success for simone biles  who earned more trophies than any other gymnast in a career


Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening


Edited by RM Interviewer
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photos 10/26/2019


Aries Susanti Rahayu @AriesClimber #livinglegend @serrels thanks for posting  @adwoalioness thanks for sharing
her twitter


scenes at La Bombernera for River/Boca 10222019


Luis Suarez is paying
Luis Suárez and his wife Sofía Balbi will pay for the operation of a 24 month old girl named Defina who has Myelomeningocele (a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth). The operation costs 24,000 euros [cuatro]


Scenes at the maracana for Flamengo vs Gremio





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weekend 10/26/2019

Chelsea vs Burnley in england

Pulisic goal- It was a burnley mistake, and it was not from chelsea pressure but Pulisic was ready and pounced on the mistake, and finished well. He likes the pass or strike between the legs.

Pulisic goal 2- It was another burnley mistake and Willian started the play off, he intercepted the poor burnley pass and sent it into pulisic space. Pulisic strike was not threatening but the deflection took it from the keeper

Pulisic 3- burnley kicked the original corner back to the corner kicker, mount flun it to pulisic, who generated his inner chicharito

Willian- good goal , Bunrley kept going backward to goal and willian's close speed is magical, slotted between the defender and keeper. Burnley are a woeful side. The pundits keep suggesting Burnley is a good team, they are woeful, each goal was a burnley mistake to start it off: misplaced control/misplaced pass/misplaced kick out/poor defensive alignment. When willian went off the youth only midfield lost control of the match.

Atletico Madrid vs Atletic Bilbao in spain

Saul Niguez- The work from Correa, him and Lemar all game are masters of turning, turned into open space and then kept the ball alive and Saul was there. Oblak had some great saves in this match

Alvaro Morata - Partay went wide to  Trippier, Trippier found Koke, Koke one timed it to Corres, Corres made the cross to Morata... goal!


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Weekend 10-27-2019

Galatasaray vs Besiktas in Turkey

Mehmut Umut Nayir goal - this match was a battle, both sides made attempts but neither side was sharp. It was the individual excellence in taking the header that gave the edge to besiktas, they are now one step under my galatapalace in the turkish table

Borussia Monchengladbach vs Eintracht frankfurt in germany

Marcus Thuram goal

Oscar Wendt goal

Niko Elvedi's goal made the game out of reach for Frankfurt. A late goal for Zakaria meant no doubt of the win. Gladbach are not the defensively most solid team in recent seasons but when the young horses, get their sharpness together. They can beat anyone. The season is still


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Chicago Red Stars vs North Carolina Courage NWSL 2019 final  

North Carolina Courage in the Lyn Williams/Jess Mcdonald duo have the dominant goal duo in the league by a distance. Sam Kerr is the leading goal getter individually. But the key is athleticism. Can Chicago defend against the attack of North Carolina, especially the runs from midfield from Crystal Dunn/Debinha that support Williams/McDonald. Chicago can be lethal but they will play a delicate counter attack. The problem is not that Chicago cannot score but North Carolina's speed over 90 minutes is dangerous. The key is that Chicago has defeated North Carolina twice and drew once, never being defeated in the regular season. So, the entropy in the year is in the zone for Chicago. But this is late season so we shall see.  


Introduction- is this Argentineans women soccer, the gas caused the players to cough, bad timing fans  


Labbe Save- One of only two true needed times by circa 25: 37 


Debinha goal- It started with Lyn Williams bringing the ball centrally. Jes McDonald kept the play wide as Williams pushed the Chicago backline. Then when McDonald got the ball, she made a dangerous cross right in front and Debinha bested her marker and after a tussle a tap in.  


Jess McDonald attempt- she called for the ball earlier but the pass took too long, the defensive error is why she received it, but the space was lost and Naeher closed her out 


Jess McDonald score- Lyn Williams stayed out wide like McDonald did, they each rotate that role to maintain width and McDonald is too strong for the Chicago defenders 


Samm Kerr cross attempt- after the first few minutes, circa 43rd minute was the only time North Carolina let up their collective pace or pressure. It allowed Chicago an attempt on goal, but it was not a collective effort. Chicago is best when Kerr is the spearpoint end to a counter 


Jess McDonald score again- A brace and again the wide play. Though the mistake by the clearly fatigued Chicago red star defender. The ability of North Carolina to run hard for the whole match overwhelms opponents. 


Samantha Mewis - The physical domination by the Courage is on display. The header was not free, but Mewis seem unphased by the challenge. But the error was in the beginning. 


Heather O'Reilly last moments on the pitch 


North Carolina trophy lift 


The first attempt on goal was from Chicago. But North Carolina quickly reacted with thier modulation game from defense to attack and that caught Chicago off. I think Chicago foolishly went to an attacking posture when they can't keep collective pace with North Carolina. After the goal, Chicago went into counter attack mode, but they should had started that way. Never over assess failure, never under assess success. Whether intentionally or not Yuki Nagasato was not in the game for Chicago. Although after the goal, Chicago was always endangered attacking. Lyn Williams circa 18:35 ran all the way from the frontline to get the ball from Sam Kerr. She is very hungry. The problem with North Carolina is having such an attack minded quarter, when they are condensed in attack, the lack of speed in the defensive setup opens them up to a player like Kerr, who is excellent at running the angles. Julie Ertz by circa 22:32 looks out of the game like Yuki Nagasato. The opening strategy is costing Chicago a lot. Circa 41st minute, North Carolina finally stopped running and Chicago was allowed into the match. The attempt linked above from a Sam Kerr cross was the result.  Lyn Williams cannot stay in the match a full 90 minutes, right? By circa 44th minute and the second water break she ran more than anybody else, changing her tempo a number of times. Casey Short seemed knocked out of breath, squatting on the pitch unable to go anywhere. After the second water break, North Carolina came out energized and Chicago was ready for the halftime break. The duo of Lyn Williams side Jess McDonald made the first half, their wide play, their goals or sharpness in attack, their defensive tracking back. The NWSL final was over for me at the half. Chicago do not have the legs or strength to overcome North Carolina 4-0 in one half. The referee took away a Chicago red Star goal based on a foul. Circa 74th minute Jess McDonald was taken out, great game. Debinha was still running and Lyn Williams is bullying the backline of Chicago. By the 85th minute, the game is over. North Carolina is not pressing and letting Chicago try, but Chicago doesn't have the goals in them. They have one spearpoint and she is Kerr. Ertz/Nagasato are parts to their sword to support her. Did Lyn Williams stay a full 90? YEs, and She wins the player of the second half, for me. Did Chicago come back? Chicago never had a chance when they went down one goal. The coach chose wrong, the posture was not correct.  At the trophy celebration, Chicago Red Star players need to be angry at their coach. The face of Naeher seemed very upset but the Chicago Red Star coach made the error. Some players need to wash those tears. I love how players make it seem like second is woeful. Imagine if you are relegated. Imagine being bottom of the table.  North Carolina if they keep their core can challenge for the NWSL title next year. But, the duo of McDonald / Williams is electric and worthy any money spending women's side, a look to get from North Carolina, ala Madrid. Also, even though Samm Kerr was isolated in this match she is the biggest goal getter in NWSL history, again Real Madrid come calling. Heather O Reilly is becoming an assistant coach at UNC after this match. North Carolina are the 2019 NWSL champions. 


Richard Murray 

Audio blog 

Text Blog 


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Womens Soccer News 10-27-2019 #NCC #NWSL #TEAMOL #TUTladies #SNWL #atleti #Colcheneras #AyuNakada #INAC #Nadeshiko #BRescia #LEonessa #frankirby #CFC #Londonblue #ladyji #juventus


Congratulations North Carolina courage on winning the NWSL 2019 playoff final


OL feminin won- They took the top of the table provisionally defeating bordeaux as PSG have yet to play



Tut ladies win and remain unbeaten in the SNWL


Atleti ladies, the colcheneras defeated sociedad ahead of the uefa champions league clash
video of highlights


Happy birthday YOSHIDA Nagisa , it is n october 26th she is 23 years old at the time of this post


INAC Kobe last game of the season, a 1-0 victory placing us in third spot
Post victory from Ayu Nakada
from Miki ito
from tknkrei0518
from Mana Iwabuchi
From the club
INAC Staff, good wishes for next season
message from the boss- highest amount of attendance onto te empress cup


Brescia draw 0-0 to Venezia

youth victory



Fran Kirby 100 appearances


Chelsea Ladies defeat West Ham 3-1 ,

winning goal from lady ji


Congratulations on Juventus winning the womens supercup against fiorentina














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Atletico Madrid vs Alaves laliga

Morata goal- he chested it to Correa and Correa controlled and slipped it through to Morata who slipped the ball between the keepers legs

Thomas PArtay attempt- he dribbled through four Alaves players and achieved a pass through to Morata but the Alaves keeper saved it. That was the play of the game, if Morata had of scored, Atleti win.

Lucas Perez goal- It seems teams prepare to place their strikes at the golazo angles when hey face Oblak.

The squad in this match is a lot of players who are not regular starters. Correa/Lemar/Llorente/Herrera/Arias are all irregular players in the starting role. Atletico MAdrid were applying the system, but these players seem unsharp in execution. This match Simeone is using as a depth test. This starting 11, especially the irregular starters, needs to be able to defeat Alaves.
llorente went out and partay came in and the midfield control became greater. Morata came in and Hererra came out and Atletico gained a blade tip. Diego Costa came out and Koke came in, for more midfield  versatility.
Atletico had good chances and did not score. Some pundits suggest these are slip ups but the season is long. Atletico are not miles away from the top of the table. And Simeone is sticking to his rotation policy, like Lampard at Chelsea. The rotation is getting better in results.


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Photos 11/1/2019

LEwis Hamilton wins the Mexican Grand Prix 2019, 4 points to win the title, he started the race 4th
mexican grand prix champions list


If you know a junior in high school or senior in hugh school interested in rugby or playing rugby, view the following video


The Executive Chairman of premier league side Dreams FC Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku was elected the new Ghana Football Association President after an election was held in Accra on Friday 25th October, 2019...I do not recall any grand plan publciized but..


why brazil at a lower level from dani alves?






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Galatasaray vs Rizespor in Turkey

Montassar Talbi own goal - Galatasaray pushed rizespor all game, this goal was eventual. Rizespor are at the bottom of the table, and Galatasaray fought hard all game.

Ryan Babel goal-a penalty earned by a soft handball call against Rizespor

Gökhan Akkan- save of the day , even though Rizespor lost ,this save was the save of the day


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womens football news 11-1-2019


Atleti defeat MCFC- Atletico MAdrid and Olympique Lyonnais prove that absent the ability to buy a litanny of stars, the manchester city or paris saint germain model in the mens game has no weight in the womens game. Atletico Madrid or Olympique Lyonnais or Wolfsburg have the most successful sides in germany/spain/france in the womens game and it is telling that the larger monied sides in the mens game in germany/spain/france have been unable to succeed in the womens game absent the ability to buy talent through money in the womens.
AUpas Atleti !!


Ada hegerberg uefa champions league goal leader- she is the undisputed and growing goals leader in the uefa champions league. Now to be fair, she is not a player that is on a small team, she is on the best womens side in UEFA.
another video


Banyana banyana new logo- looks slick, what are your thoughts.


NWSL raising cost
I shared the following comment on twitter

Begin Comment
good share @AScavs #NWSL see the #UEFA dominance on the wall and realize that salary cap as UEFA invest more will make the nwsl a joke for non usa players

End Comment
For me, LigaMX femenino will be better than the NWSL sooner rather than later, but this fiscal push will do well to strengthen the NWSL to maintain the second destination status for top players, under the uefa zone as first. Though I think the chinese womens super league or the nadeshiko league need to consider what they can do.


River Angels reach the Finals of the NWPL super 4 - congratulations to the blue angels.















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Dijon vs psg 1112019


Mounir Chouiar goal-PSG absent Neymar have serious problems. Mbappe is a goal machine, but absent Neymar the binder, the center of the team is absent and he is needed, but he needs protection, even in this match, the fouls on mbappe are the fouls neymar would had got. PSG are not better absent neymar, moreover, psg absent Neymar are not even close to being a world's best.

highlights- This proved what I said prior


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Olympic Team made by Izzy-

Izzy made an Brazilian Olympic Team squad. https://twitter.com/IzzyWoso/status/1190705207111487490 I placed the complete comment below

I never mind the squad selection but I mind your structure. I watched most of these players.
My structure is 3133 Barbara//Rafaella/Erika/Pardal//Formiga//Debinha/Marta/Luana//Tamires/Cristiane/Ludmila

First the experienced players: Formiga/Marta/Cristiane all are not wide players or players who can handle wide roles. Is Formiga in shape? yes. Is Marta still dangerous? yes. Is Cristiane a warrior? yes. But, Formiga for PSG plays a deep central midfield role. She is passing forward, and is best suited to add a central strength to the defense when it needs four members not three. Marta is used to the wide role, but Debinha or Luana are younger and in Debinha's case, she is the midfield engine. MArta need to be the xavi while debinha is her iniesta.  Luana is in for control, especially against the counter.
In attack, Cristiane need width. Ludmila for Atleti does not play in midfield, she also is not a big goal getter, but like a Raul she is one of those shorter fighting forward, willing to make runs, connect the midfield and fight for lost causes. You want that on one side of Cristiane while Tamires can be on the opposite side. I like Izzy's idea of pushing her upward.  Like Dani alves or Marcelo , Tamires is one of those brasilian wide backs who can play a wide midfielder or wide attacker. These average positions will do better for all the players. Tamires is willing to track back wide, as is Ludmila, but both are hungry to run forward, and can bring the team up with them and not worry about goals. Marta will be under Cristiane thus in the foil position and in the best place for distance strikes. Debinha in the wide midfield can cut in with her pace and also switch with marta in midfield in the run of play to have a nice craft.
Izzy's squad is part youth part experience. But the experience need to be central on Brasil. Yes, MArta can not play the neymar/messi role center midfield but she can conserve her energy in center midfield and let the team develop itself, which need to be the role of the olympics, a place to develop the team, not a standard tournament.



Edited by RM Interviewer
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Weekend 1122019


FC Barcelona vs LEvante in spain

Jose Campagne goal - Barca gave it away and LEvante goal

Borja Mayoral goal- Barca gave it away and then Levante pounced again

Nemanja Radoja goal- FC Barcelona are shambled, alose today

Barcelona like Mahcester United woke up this morning with moneyt, theaters of dreams and cirque du soleil shows but ended up down to earth


Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla in spain

Franco Vasquez- a free header in the box. It was well made through a  peel off from vasquez, seem like training ground. Atleti had a second half to battle against the soccer gods, this is a must win match.

Diego Costa goal - Var took away, but it was a lovely header

Alvaro Morata - Header and no way it is offside,cause the cross from correa was going backwards

If Atletico won this match, they go top of the table.  At halftime simeone took out trippier and put in arias. Diego costa had a goal taken away from offside and his penalty was denied by the Sevilla keeper. That was the basis to the draw. Good match atleti, keep fighting , long season ahead.


Chelsea vs Watford in England

Kepar save - Chelsea have five straight wins in the EPL, great work for this squad of team players under Lampard. London Blue...great save from kepar against a ben foster header



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womens football news 11-3-2019


Anjor Mary  won NWPL player of the season


Patience Adjetey is awarded the best midfielder in 2019 in the nwpl


Rivers Angels win the NWPL16Super4 VIDEO


Congratulations OL femenin for defeating Montpellier

congrats to Sakai Kumagai for her 200th match


Chelsea ladies defeat LewesFC to continue in the cup
look at the passion ROAR  @MagdaEricsson great photo! #LondonBlue love it @ChelseaFCW


Lovely assist- Grace Asantewaa @AsantewaMessiah to Bex Barbra Banda @BandaBex VIDEO








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Audioblog season 2 episode 2 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-2-1

Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.

Title: Jamie Vardy and the myth of the path to professionalism
I quote myself
Begin quote
pundits or media firms dislike vardy, he is not a guy who got into the epl easy, it took years, vardy's story breaks the narrative
End quote
The narrative is the merit myth. A myth that is constantly pushed in homes or media in the anglophone world, a myth that has never been true. Patronage always was and is the way people succeed and patronage always requires a patron, a father, a giver, who gives you the opportunity based on the their desires, not your merit. Vardy always worked hard, but his opportunities came cause others allowed it, it was not straight from his actions. For merit to be the determining factor in sport, you can not have owners in sport...
what is the fear in not accepting merit as the primary aspect to opportunity in athletes lives?
< referral https://twitter.com/farouq_yahaya/status/1187842481297285121 >
Title: Rel/Pro in the USA
I paraphrase girdiron player JJ Watt
Begin quote
The part that really enthralls me about it, is the consequences of what could happen, if you lose you are literally out of the league, it is not like you get the first draft pick and your back you are out of the league and you have to earn your way back in, i felt like that is such an incredible competition, there is nothing else like that in the worlda, and the fans over there are insane and they live and die with their teams
End quote
JJ Watt was refering to the relegation and promotion common throughout all futebol or soccer outside the united states of america. The key point he made ofr me, is citing the structure ot the competition is harder in itself because of relegation. That is the key that I iwsh more fans of womens soccer comprehended concerning the National womens soccer league or usa based sports in general. The idea in the usa is, since you don't have relegation or promotion , teams should be more invigorated since they suffer no penalty upon failure. But, the reverse happens. All sports leagues in the usa are filled with teams that quit halfway through the season and can ot invigorate cause they are safe. Most in the usa deem the gridiron, played in the NFL , to be the hardest sport, in an athletic sense. sequentially, for a nfl player to openly admit the competitive system in the NFL is not the best or better than one having relegation and promotion need to be heeded more
Can womens soccer in the usa utilize relegation and promotion if the male game in the usa does not?
< referral https://twitter.com/danielworkman/status/1188153117122150400 >
<referred by Steve Graff https://twitter.com/SG_Calcio >
Title: Equal pay
I paraphrase what I said to Ellen Busolo
Begin paraphrase
good point Ellen, but does the male community outside the usa in most other countries allow or support gender equality in pay more or less than the male community in the usa? USWNT do dominate the pro side, but the potency of women outside the usa is not equal in their countries
End paraphrase
The problem in equal pay as a global movement is the truth in the gender balance in many countries in humanity. To put it bluntly, most countries in humanity don't have a female community that is empowered. In most countries the female contingent is subservient to the male in every sector, thus why womens sport in most countries is not more advanced as it can be. Ellen makes a truthful point, but the path to undoing that point requires each country in humanity to have womens empowerment movements that most have not, and will not have by external coercion.
Can sport communities accept geographic inequalities off the pitch must reflect on it?
Title: NCAA aand the gradual end of the student athlete
Gavin MCLeavy reported that the NCAA board has made recommendations to allow across the federation, all athletes have the ability to profit from endorsements, something california imposed on its own. This was my reply to his blog
Begin quote
To the past, it is extremely unfortunate this took so long, it is not an exaggeration to say that the NCAA model came from the slave plantations economic model in the history of the U.S.A.. Many former student athletes may shed many tears unadvertised or known if this recommendation becomes accepted.
To modernity, it is a win for athletes in the major sports to gain financially outside being drafted in, it is bigger for student athletes in sports not as popular as the major ones. Colleges or Universities will each do one from three thing: embrace this by inviting and aiding to manage sponsorships, oppose this by making clauses for their athletes in their contracts, do middle of the ground allowing some athletes the ability to make money while restricting others.
To the future, a question of the major leagues structure is key. If Gridiron players in NCAA can make sponsorship money then it bears a question to their athletic role. Some may ask why the NFL/NBA/NHL can't be expanded to include college teams. MLB will have to wonder where does AAA/AA baseball exist with student athlete baseball players able to make money. WOmens Soccer may make the biggest shift as the salary in womens professional soccer is so low, it will make the college players , under scholarship with sponsorship money able to be equivalent in pay at a certain level to professional female soccer players.
End Quote
I am happy for modern student athletes and athletes in the future, but the NCAA colleges/universities had the last century to make money off of athletes, many who lived or live financially poor. It is a statian story in labor that owners get free labor or unfairly cheap labor for a long time before labor is given anything near proper due.
Since the financial abuse to student athletes can not be redeemed, is it possible to make all labors in the sporting world utilize fair wage?

Title: Good Thoughts < use womens soccer roundup 3, photos 4 >

Congratulations again on North Carolina Courage winningt he NWSL title

Happy belated birthday to  YOSHIDA Nagisa from INAC Kobe

Congratulations to Fran Kirby for at least 100 appearances for CHelsea ladies

Congratulation on Chelsea ladies winning the supercup against Fiorentina

< referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=745 >

Congratulations on Atletico madrid defeating Manchester City women

Banyana Banyana, the south african womens team has a new logo, remember to see the transcript to see a link to the image

Congratulations to UEFA for forcing the national womens soccer league to increase payment to players

< referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-749 >

Congratulations to  Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku on becoming the new head of the ghana football association

< referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-747 >


Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening



Edited by RM Interviewer
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uefa champions league 1152019 #UEFACL #FCBarcelona #Barca #Slavia #Praha #Chelsea #CFC #Ajax #Weibo #Sina #aalbc


Barcelona FC vs Slavia Praha

Ansu Fati - Nice pass to Lionel Messi , it was the best chance

Two points, First I saw at least eight times, where runners: Griezzman/Messi/Dembele were missed by midfielders. The midfield of Barcelona did not have the skills or courage to make the passes from willing runners. I know they practice, but the midfield did not seem willing to use the many willing runs Barcelona's forwards provided all game to barcelona midfielders. In reverse, Slavia PRague's movement meant the short passing from barcelona had to be faster to break through the Prague block and Prague on the counter exposed the legged Barcelona squad that either do not track back or can not track back effectively. Second,


Chelsea vs Ajax

Tammy Abraham own goal from Quincy Promes cross- It was not an own goal for me, pure PRomes goal, Abraham missed the ball away and the closeness required Kepar to have a magical save , especially at his size
Jorginho- Pulisic earned a penalty , nice restart from chelsea , the lack of experience caught Ajax, bad tackle on Pulisic, Jorginho put in the penalty
Quincy PRomes- goal of the day, Promes out played his marker from a set piece and had a free header at goal

Kepa Arrizabalaga own goal from Hakim Ziyech set piece- again, the assessment to goal is wrong
Donny van de Beek- it was on the counter, the defensive take from Tomori went in favor to Ajax.
Cesar Azpilicueta- It was a low cross, chelsea have not stopped battling even down so many goals, and they will not, a battling team
Jorginho penalty 2- It was based on the second double yellow, ahandball in the box
Reece James- a set piece from willian, and knocked around in the box, Reece found it.
Cesar Azpiliueta handball- to be fair, this goal was honest, as the same handball rule led to the second jorginho penalty. The only thing I am angered about is all my yelling and hollering was wasted:)

Chelsea is a battling side, they are not a side that will lose by much or win by much, they are a drawing side, a neutral side, good at everything.
The scoreline should not confuse the match, it was an even match, as chelsea usually do, but the sharpness of Ajax and the dullness from chelsea is the difference.
Circa 69th minute, two players from ajax earned a second yellow, one yellow that went to a penalty, chelsea needed to win this, but emotional drop after VAR deleted azpilicueta took a little wind out of my london blue


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UEFA champions LEague 1162019 #locomotiv #juventus #Atleti #leverkusen #galatasaray #realmadrid


Lokomotiv Moscow vs Juventus

Aleksei Miranchuk- the crowd is buzzing for lokomotiv. The lokomotiv keepr made a mistake giving juventus a lead, but that spured lokomotiv to take it to juventus. Juventus may be a better attacking side but absent barzagli/chiellini and absent the more defensive set of conte/allegri juventus are open to be scored on. And that openness is the most unitalian aspect of the CR7-led Juventus

Douglas Costa- one of my selecao. Great play, Locomotiv had more chances and was not able to score, thus allowed Juventus the late winner


Atletico Madrid vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Kevin Volland- Partay own gaolled the first and Correa missed a well worked chance after getting by a backline and being reached by a lob from lemar. A shaky game from atletico by the 65th minute ,seem a little unsharp, good test in the rotation

Nadiem Amiri- red card, a sliding challenge that luckily didn't contact the atleti player, atleti had 5 solid minutes to get two goals to earn a point

Alvaro Morata - goal late, we needed more time for an equalizing goal or even to win, but we still have a advantage

Good game Atleti, the rotations, the injuries, we are on course to be through to the next round and we have


Galatasaray vs Real Madrid

Rodrygo 1-Marcelo was doing his habitual prayers in the tunnel but very few wide players have the craft of marcelo. He made a lovely cross to Rodrygo, who then controlled the situation for a nice strike

Rodrygo 2- marcelo led to both assist, the key to Rodrygo is he is stronger as a wide reference , a little more arjen robben like, he stays wide, he is good on the sdribble nbut not as dangerous as viniciusjr. His goal touch is better than vinicius jr, I see rodrygo as the mirror to hazard, but viniciusjr need to come on for hazard, as Vinicius jr was doing all hazard did. When the copa america 2020 run, willian/douglas costa/rodrygo/viniciusjr will all be able to help marcelo/casemiro/neymar/thaigo silva/dani alves make it possible

Karim Benzema - 49 goals in uefacl , tied with di stefano, Rodrygo intercepted a pass from galatasaray defenders and benzema reacted quickly and slotted it pass Muslera.

Rodrygo 3 - Benzema providing the assist, I have no doubt , Rodrygo is more suitable to the squad or needs in Real MAdrid

Rodrygo, he has earned against a soft galatasaray. Viniciusjr need to come in for hazard


UEFACL recap
Group A PSG/REal MAdrid are through- galatasaray can still fight to get into the europa league so the match against club brugge will be important
Group B Bayern Munich /Tottenham are through, Olympiakos still can get int the europa league against red star
Group C Manchester city are through , but Dinamo zagreb and shaktar have it all to play for, either of them can still progress into the next stage of the champions league. Atalanta in defeats may decide a lot
Group D Juventus/Atletico Madrid are through, Lokomotiv and Bayer leverkusen have the europa league to play for, either is worthy
Group E Liverpool side Napoli have the advantage but neither can afford to lose another match, if either lose, a potential europa league place can be for them, a key advantage in liverpool is de laurentiis actions are souring the players IF Red Bull Salzburg can win their next two and either liverpool or napoli lose one from the next two, Salzburg is in, Genk is out
Group F Barcelona have the advantage, but are not safely into the next uefacl stage, Dortmund did themselves a big favor by defeating inter milan but if inter milan can win their next two matches and dortmund or barcelona lose one from the next two inter milan is in, slavia prague with a draw will stun any from the teams ahead of them
GRoup G LEipzig/Lyon/Zenit/Benfica are all in positions two wins in the last two games of the uefa cl will change, it is a battling group and the best to watch going forward
Group H Chelsea/Ajax/Valencia are all tied in points, the teams who win the most points from the next two games progresses, Lille as the whipping team has a role to play in suprising a side or being beat on badly, this is the next best group to watch


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photos 1172019


I quote Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira
I’ve been blessed to have been part of teams that achieved so much success over the years, and I have many memories to cherish forever, but I can honestly say that winning the RWC is the perfect ending.
<his twitter https://twitter.com/Beast_TM/status/1192104704785956864 >


<south african rugby article https://www.springboks.rugby/articles/2019/11/06/Beast-retires  >

<springbok south african rugby  twitter  https://twitter.com/Springboks/status/1192091343218184192  >



Hamilton us grand prix he placed second and won his sixth grand prix
One  world championsship behind Schumacher, 5 behind schumacher's pole lead and continuing!!!

https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IeAvTqlp5?fid=1034:4434768268361449#lewishamilton #blacksilver #mercedesamg
article on addign another, a good read



Heung min-Son trip that led to the extreme injury to Andre Gomes after colliding into Serge Aurier is an example of how quirky all sport is. All Sport by default risk physical injury. And to be blunt, most athletes are too fearful to injury to want to injure others


PHil Schoen shared that england has invested in making an offside line, extrapolated using techniques from the goal line technology. it is not completed, but it is in the works. again, financially expensive monitoring systems are not needed , financially cheap simpler rulings is the key
<article https://www.si.com/soccer/2019/10/30/premier-league-introduce-hawk-eye-produced-technology-aid-offside-calls?fbclid=IwAR19sy0adrErwoiDPTN9BOfLyHUtNtL2sAnhrRkr_aj0VKtjyqSBiwBV1oM >

<referral https://www.facebook.com/officialphilschoen/?ref=br_rs>






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weekend 1192019


Chelsea vs Crystal Palace in England

Highlights- this proves what I continually said about Chelsea, this is not a team of superstars, but team players, experienced veterans who play for the team and youth players who play for the team, thus best suited for frank lampard. Willian is not a wide player, notice he usually ends up centrally like messi or Neymar... or coutinho. Absent Ngolo Kante, Willian's central game is getting the first time to shine since shaktar. In the end it is wise he stayed at Chelsea.Chelsea the last time they had a squad or moment where meida thought they were useless went on to win the uefa champions league... we shall see

Frank Lampard- Frank lampard was given a gift,a team with solid experienced players/ solid youth players/ no primadonna big names / no expectations. It is the ideal scenario for a young coach. The key for lampard's future is to stay at chelsea as long as possible, his first big test will be the end of the transfer ban. The club will want some big name star, pulisic is a big name for the flag he plays for , not his individual talent. The rest of the team in Chelsea are either well known or rising but none are global brands. Pulisic is a lowest value global brand. So, it will be interesting the name he brings in.


Real Madrid vs EIbar in Spain

Benzema goal- he joins de stefano for goals in Real Madrid white.


Bayern Munich BOrussia Dortmund in germany

Robert Lewandwoski goal- He ahs been on fire, but the team balance agaginst most recent opposition is lacking. Dortmund is a faux top club, lauded in media but in truth weaker than others.



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womens football news 11102019 #nadeshiko #afcu19 #takase #meguimi #socceroos #australia #equalpay #majri #lesbleus #jmac #USWNT #jess #macdonald #bresciacf #brescia  #Koreadpr #u20 #worldcup #UEFACWCL #Atleti #barca #bayern #OL #psg #arsenal #Wolfsburg #Glasbowcity #host #concacaf


NAdeshiko win the AFC U19 womens championship, congratulations
show to fans
happy birthday Takase MEguimi


Equal pay in australia


MAjri get 3 in a friendly for les bleus-video


Jess McDonald is starting an audioblog


brescia defeat corte franca


Korea DPR and Japan are into the U20 world cup , advancing to the AFCU19 womens final


UEFA womens champions league- Atletico madrid vs Barcelona/Olympique Lyonnais vs Bayern/PSG vs Arsenal/Wolfsburg vs Glasgow
Atletico will make a huge statement if we can defeat Barcelona in the champions league. Bayern is rising, but again, another harder run than others to the final. Allez OL. PSG side Wolfsburg got it easier again.


USA will host the concacaf world cup qualifiers













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weekend 11102019 #atleti #espanyol


Atletico Madrid vs Espanyol

Sergi Dader goal- The pass was not hard by Partay but Koke needed to block off the runner from intercepting the pass.

Angel Correa goal-Partay made the assist, morata controlled it rough but was able to lob it to give correa a chance to score

Alvaro Morata goal- vitolo made a great pass through the run lane made by morata and he knocked it pass diego lopez on the short side

Koke goal-lovely forward play by costa and reverse pass which vitolo dummied lovely to koke, who had to control bu tslotted it well , very artful from atleti


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Richard Murray Thoughts Round 3  AUDIO https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-3-1

3 Richard Murray Thoughts Season 2

author Richard Murray
narrarator richard murray

non fiction >sports> general
non fiction >sports > football(soccer)
biography > sports

Title: Introduction
Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future.

Title: LEwis Hamilton is a six time Formula 1 racing world champion

Will-I-Am, the musiciam,  was asked about Lewis Hamilton after he won the f1 world championship for the sixth time and his replies were not only incoherent, they were not inspirational, rushed and lacking the foresight to comprehend the moments when words mean a lot, if they would had asked me, I would had said the following in preparation
Begin what I would had said
Lewis Hamilton as a racer, as an individual racer, is like all the other great racers before him. He has the ability to race faster than most, a rare gift, but amongst the rarest he has the ability to adjust how he races while being that fast, and that is what makes the legends of racing rarer than their unique counterparts. On merit, one can not judge proust/senna/schumacher/vettel/hamilton based on phenotype or gender or language or geographic forebearance... they can only be judged as humans, with a gift of being able to be fast while in a moving machine, and able to adjust that machine.
Unfortunately while fortunately, the human mind does not allow us to ignore difference. In the same way a man can see one woman from one hundred and feel for her a connection bridging time, is the same way a child can look on a wall of champions and feel empty when they can not see someone who looks like them. Lewis Hamilton, like tiger Woods, like the Williams Sisters can not undo the financial inequalities or weaknesses or strengths from one community to another, they can not repair systemic damages in billion dollar sporting industries propped up over centuries. But, they can offer a challenge to someone who does not look like or have the same gender as Schumacher or Niklaus or Mcenroe... said challenge is not to love a sport, a sign to loving a sport is not embedded in participation when a sports culture or rules are biased or not open... said challenge is to accept the bias/restriction/oppositon in the community about a sport whether you participate or not.
When Lewis Hamilton or tiger Woods or the WIlliams Sisters win, they challenged and challenge those not white to accept the biases in motorized racing/golf/tennis while participating as they want. Easy to say but not see to do, thus why it took those three for many not white to watch racing or golf or tennis. Cause humans fortunately or unfortunately feel excommunicated when they don't see their own. And the william sisters prove it can bear fruit. When you see Naomi Osaka, you see that some will rise to the challenge. Will some rise to the challenge Lewis Hamilton raises? some already have and more will come. Will it change formula 1 thoroughly? no, thorough change to any large community requires more than one person and requires usually a long time, especially through peaceful means. But it is a beginning of a race, and while lewis hamilton may not make it to an end where motorized racing is participated by all the way soccer is, he can say, he did well to bring fuel to the engine of the car, someone who will reach that end, will use.
End what I would had said
... a belief exist, that competition drives people to improve, that belief is designed to ignore environment and focus on the individual. see whether an individual is given every opportunity or none, competition can exploit weakness. The belief has truth but it misses a key point. An individual that improves through competition gardless their challenges does not have to be the best at something. Opportunity provides more stimulus to impovisation than competition. Why? unfair competition blockade opportunity to improve and unfair competition stem from inequal opportunity. Lewis Hamilton/Tiger Woods/The Williams Sisters are examples of individuals who improved over inequal opportunity, but their success does not validate the competitions they are in. It is time for everyone to accept unfairness in sporting opportunity, not to criminalize it or illegalize it but to admit it, and sequentially stop glorifying it as ideal when one overcomes any competitions inequal opportunities.

<referral https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IeAvTqlp5?fid=1034:4434768268361449 >
Title: Referee quality
I Quote Ross Dyer
Begin quote
This helps prove Martin Atkinson & Anthony Taylor aren’t fit to referee in PL or be VARs:
Missed 2 clear EFC penalties (Sanchez trip on Richarlison (did not review) & Alli handball (even with a several-minute review & clear contact above head)).
+ Missed red card for Sanchez.
End quote

A referee relegation/promotion is the answer. We relegate teams based on quality, a system to do the same to referees is the key. The problem is, creating and utilizing such a system in large bureaucracies like UEFa or globally known Football associations like the FA or USSoccer come with a complex web of media/legal/bureaucratic challenges that will make anything produced cumbersome or dysfunctional, like video assisted refereeing itself.
< referral https://twitter.com/RossDyerTV/status/1191774810189291521>

Title: Il Drama
I learned about the napoli drama first on sportsburst with gabby amado < @gabamado > side Mike fuentes < @mikefountains>
The reality is DI Laurentiis as an owner is eccentric on one hand but comprehends media life is a path to money. Napoli the city or the club will never be bigger than Turin or Juventus in near modernity. Said Neapolitans will never be bigger than the global or continental cities of europe. Napoli must be dramatic as a smaller club in the global age. It seems it has cooled down to some extent, but I am not an insider and I imagine carlo ancelotti side many players have made career choices that will play out this coming january or summer.
<article https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/football/napoli-confirm-they-will-take-legal-action-against-their-own-players-as-row-over-training-retreat-escalates-with-stars-leaving-their-base-and-boss-carlo-ancelotti-locked-in-talks-with-a-chance-he-could-quit-or-be-sacked-today/ar-AAJWQeu >
<referral https://twitter.com/kollonabiswa/status/1192121224723402757 >
<referals  @kollonabiswa , @mercykhahukani  >
Title: Equal pay
In a follow up to the equal pay segment in Round 2 from the second season I paraphrase the administrator , linked in the transcript
Begin paraphrase
whether male or female football is the sport for you
End paraphrase
The key to australia is that the administration side the male players support the desire from the female players. In the usa, the usa mens national team members in silence or opposition showed a lack of support to usa womens national team members vying for equal pay. Again, as I said in round 2, the issue is the culture from males in various countries or communities that are opposed to women. It is not hard to see. Women or men who support equal pay have to state the condition of men in various countries culturally. IF the men in any country have a large opposition to women, equal pay in general will be opposed, cause men in most countries control the financial winds.
<video https://twitter.com/FFA/status/1191855291047899136 >
In amendment English women want Equal pay, post Australia... again, Australia has led some to believe, why can't every country, well every country's male populace, is not interested as a community in equal pay. LEt us not kid ourselves when it comes to money, someones gain is always someone elses lose, I do not care what any one say. Fiscal capitalism, global fiscal capitalism does not allow someone to make more money today while someone does not lose more money the same day.
<referral https://nbsportslive.com/england-women-call-for-the-fa-to-introduce-equal-pay-with-mens-side/ >

Title: UEFA Womens Champions League semifinals
The list of participants are
Atletico Madrid/FC Barcelona
Olympique Lyonnais/FC Bayern Munich
Glasgow City FC/VFL Wolfsburg
Arsenal/PAris Saint Germain

My atleti have not done so well against FC Barcelona this season. These two matches may decide long term if the colcheneras can battle against barca femeni
My TEAMOL versus Bayern munich is a battle, not as tough as against Wolfsburg but definitely a battle. Some suggest that the english womens league is the best league in U.E.F.A. , that is the silliest thing to me, the best league in UEFA based on champions league results is germany, seconded by france, plain or simple. Like in the mens game, english  media hype and the global anglophone seem to control how sport leagues are placed. This tie is the best in the semifinals
Wolfsburg got it easy against Glasgow City. I am not suggesting glasgow didn't earn it, but glasgow have no historical precedence to suggest they will defeat wolfsburg over two legs.
Arsenal are the historic biggest team from England but PSG is getting stronger and with that french attacking youth , they are very dangerous. One thing that is interesting is the increasing latin power, in the mens game latin europe dominate the champions league , in the womens game, german europe, which includes england dominate, but latin europe is beginning to take over the womens game and will probably not lose hold once it does.
< referral https://twitter.com/NBSports_Live/status/1192788939939237888 >
Title: Another round of US Soccer talk
Phil Scheon shared an article from Geoff Cameron,the following is my reply
Begin quote
Cameron made three point:  UsSoccer does not have a competitive culture throughout its structure, the stewards or stalwarts in ussoccer are dysfunctional to  improvement, the culture in ussoccer is an unwarranted auto greatness....
While I concur to each point the problem is each point reflect a situation beyond ussoccer.
The uncompetitive or patronage culture is not bounded to soccer, it exist in all youth sport, in all professional, professional meaning paid athletics sport.If you play basketball in the streets and never accept a nike camp or agent or college program you can not be a professional athlete. The system of youth development in all sport in the usa is based on patronage. the coach for most well known high school basketball teams is a god, he holds childrens fate in his hands. He is not someone there for the children or layers as cameron suggest. The second part of the uncompetitiveness is beyond soccer while throughout all sport in the usa. The statian franchise model allows any sport club in any league that utilizes it to be safe from its own mismangement. Players when they are at fault are fired or demoted or transfered. Coaches when at fault are fired. But what happens when administration is at fault... the answer is relegation. Relegation isn't about players or coaches, it is a sign to an organizations quality amongst its peers. How can competitive culture grow when the clubs owners or administrators are safe from the penalty to owners or administrators that relegation allow provides.
But, how to improve the culture? will require a change in usa sport culture itself, which will take a lot of money, and most absent any fiscal return.
The second point I consider from Cameron is the stewards issue. Again, when you look at the sporting landscape in the usa, it is full of stewards or stalwarts rotating positions and safe , no different than bruce arena or others. And, like the stewards and stalwarts, the financial controllers behind every sport support the use of the stewards and stalwarts.
It will take new owners purposefully not utilizing stewards and stalwarts to change their use in any sport in the usa, but that goes back to money.
The unwarranted autogreatness, which is why ussoccer fans can oppose usa players playing in better leagues is part of a larger cultural issue in the usa. It is the same reason why basketball players in the usa didn't run to china to play in greater number, or baseball players haven't over the years considered japan or mexico better for their careers. The USA internal media always has espoused a usa greatness that is reflected in the dislike of usa athletes playing overseas. How to change that is more than money, a raw cultural viewpoint, that will take alot of money to saturate advertising enough to get any hold.
My final point is, as in all these ussoccer report articles, the money needed to amake the changes is never spoken of, and absent the money, the competitiveness/stalwarts/unwarranted pride will remian in ussoccer or any other sport in the usa.
End quote
What I learned growing up as a kid in new york city, is the money in sport is truly massive and those who control each sport in the usa utilize the same model that brings them great profit but is a rigid lattice to changes if you do not have the money for it.
<referral https://www.facebook.com/officialphilschoen/posts/986014368401036?__tn__=-R  >
<article https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/geoff-cameron-what-must-change-in-u-s-soccer?fbclid=IwAR242SFhZ1EOM3-DQa0mmtixX9SW-QiZOsSYqxaNU8R4ieWncUlvJgKOGOM >

Title: Good Thoughts

Congratulations on Anjor Mary  winning NWPL player of the season

Congratulations to Rivers Angels for winning the NWPL16Super4

congrats to Sakai Kumagai for her 200th match

<referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-753 >

Congratulations to the NAdeshiko win the AFC U19 womens championship

also congratulations to Korea DPR and Japan who are into the U20 world cup

<referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-762 >

LEwis Hamilton won the mexican grand prix  

<referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-747 >

And, lewish hamilton won second in the USA grand prix and won his sixth world title, only one behind schumacher

Congratulations to Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira for winning the world rugby championship , he hangs up his boots on top of the world

< referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-758 >

Title: Conclusion
Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment.
I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening


The Topics Covered in this edition are
LEwis Hamilton is a six time Formula 1 racing world champion
Referee quality, in the beautiful game
Il Drama, at SCC Napoli
Equal PAy , between the genders in the beautiful game
UEFA Womens Champions League semifinals, 2019-2020
Another round of US Soccer talk- continuing the debate
Good Thoughts- various good things to hear

Use the Kobo App to listen

Transcript to this edition

Season 2- current season

Season 1


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