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Join us for our second-annual Professional Bootcamp, presented by the*gameHERs and Belong Gaming Arenas! Sign up for 3-days of informative events including panels, educational webinars, and roundtable discussions with gaming industry experts. Plus, you’ll be able to join the conversation, connect with industry professionals, and directly speak with them in RitualMotion GUILD!

This event is the perfect opportunity to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in various parts of the gaming industry, including cosplay, streaming, esports, community management, game design, and more. And... your registration automatically enters you for a chance to win a Respawn 200 gaming chair!
Just a few of our exciting sessions include:
Professional Bootcamp Kickoff with Belong Gaming Arenas with Mary Antieul – VP, Customer and Strategy at Belong Gaming Arenas
Goddess Gab: The Gamer without the Girl with Emi Vener – Executive Director at The Athena Alliance CLT
Content Creator and Organizational Influence with Ashley "MiDNiTE" Glassel – Director of Content at Version 1
Our Lived Experiences: Non-Binary in the Gaming Industry with Raffy Regulus – President & Co-founder of NYC Gaymers
How to Identify Your Personal Brand with Chibith0t – Event Curator, Fashion Consultant, Stylist at Noir Network/LanPartyStudios
Along with panels on:
Contemporary Issues & Solutions in Esports featuring
*Ahman Green, ESports Head Coach at Lakeland University
*Halina Malik, Director of Content at eFuse
*Freya Marquardt, VP of Marketing at Vite Kitchens

Women Building the Metaverse & Beyond featuring
*Ahna Boley, Chief Experience Officer at Double A Labs
*Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers

Streaming 101 featuring
*Morgan Biemiller, Head of Design at Streamlabs
*Michelle Henderson, Head of Success at Streamlabs

Let's Talk College Esports featuring
*Kyla Kennedy, Director of Esports at LevelNext
*Sari Kitelyn, Executive Director, Esports and Project Development at Full Sail University
*Neal Tilley, Business Development Manager at Cisco

Get Inspired: A Conversation with Industry Game Changers featuring
*Britanni Johnson, CEO & Founder of TVRN
*Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo, VP of Events at VP of Events at Dignitas & Raidiant
*CtrlAltQuin (Quin Martin), Twitch Partner and Social Media Influencer 

And more!
Thank you to our incredible sponsor!
Belong Gaming Arenas is home to a growing community which welcomes all gamers - from professional and casual, to those who are new to the world of gaming! Creating unforgettable grassroots experiences for gamers across the nation starts by bringing together people who share a commitment and passion for gaming. Our mission is to deliver inclusive gaming environments for all who love to watch, play, and compete together. Our vision is to provide a home for every gamer and gaming community - a place to Belong. Everyone can feel like they’re part of something bigger at Belong Arenas! 
Thank you to our partners!
Ritual Motion was formed in 2018 with the mission to develop content, products, services and experiences FOR THE GOOD OF GAMERS. Since launching, the brand has reached an audience of millions across its website, media promotions, social platforms, events and campaigns. With its latest product, Ritual Motion GUILD, the brand aims to support the growing creator economy for gamers. This innovative social sharing and collaboration platform allows gamers to create, collaborate, and share content with a more deliberate and enhanced audience experience.
Founded on the belief that we want to help creators make a living doing what they love, Streamlabs provides a robust suite of features to help creators grow their audience, increase engagement with viewers, and improve monetization. At Streamlabs, people can be open and ourselves, where ideas and innovation can thrive and where driven individuals can come together to build. We are a team that is deeply passionate about the creator industry, building products for streamers and creators.
iFOLIO® helps companies grow with a digital marketing platform for the mobile world. Enhance digital presence with web sites and landing pages that are easy to build and update. Ditch old school business cards, presentations, and emails for modern digital presentations and text message campaigns. Engage clients with QR codes and e-signatures. Speed sales cycles and target customer engagement with patented analytics. Make work easier with all the tools you need to grow! Contact us today at www.ifolio.cloud/home and @iFOLIO.
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