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Some thoughts to video games from a weapons student



I admit, the following youtuber, I follow for sword/weapon information and design. He is informative. 

But when I realized he had a set of videos specifically on games,  I feel they are discussion starters. 


rpg character classes are stupid- his reasoning is that character class restrictions turn the fantasy into tomfoolery.  Why can't a wizard pick up a sword? His proof is whenever a game has added character classes later, the developers are admitting the original character class set is dysfunctional


rpg levels are stupid- his reasoning is that the ability of a player to reach the unkillable level deletes the reality any player should have. I will call it the sword art online god power. 


dragon's dogma best rpg ever- the ability to manipulate the personal characters plus the pawn system free's up the personal touches to the game. 


what divinity sin 2 tactical rpg did right- has all that baldur's gate, but has all modern features of a tactical rpg



why fantasy dungeons are stupid- great for gameplay but bad for the purposes of the main boss who couldn't get out except how the heroes get to them, or the heroes who can't use the big bosses back door until they defeat the big boss or the mini bad characters who are always bottlenecked in the vault of their boss.


master sword of link- he made models for each blade, which one do you like




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