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Nintendo Direct 9-13-2022





Fire Emblem Engage

If you are a fan of the fire emblem series, this is a buy. 

It will be out 1-20-2023

A divine edition with collectible items will be with it. Fire Emblem is a franchise game so what that means is, fans will be favored and non fans for whatever reason, take it or leave it.


It Takes Two - electronic arts usa, 2 players required

Help two parents return to normal, can be played in handheld mode exclusively, I think. They say you can play it in the complete switch. 

November 4th 

Interesting game, a natural two player.  I am interested. Can pre-order if you are seeing this post.


Fatal Frame: Mask of the lunar eclipse - Koei Tecmo games

Creepy game, scary game, for you frighteners:)  Seem to be a maid outfit:) 

she mysteriously vanished as a child and is now in an abandoned hospital , a camera is used to recover memories. 

This game never came out in the USA but those in japan know it. Nintendo does a number of these sorts of games, new to the world outside japan.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 second wave

look like mechas.  Ino is a new hero made for this advance in character or item content or quality for xenoblade 3.

She will allow new strategies and types, after you complete her quest.

A third wave is coming

October 13th 


Indie or smaller budget games- my preferred zone


Spongebob squarepants: the cosmic shake by THQ Nordic

I am not a fan of the cartoon so...

3-d platformer. Looks fun though if you are into the series. Voiced by the original actors from the show

launching next year, no exact time given


Fitness boxing fist of the north star from Imagineer

Wow! the original screenshot I was thinking. Oh wow! first of the north star, but this is  a fitness game:)  I remember a relative had the first fist of the north star video game on his nintendo. It was interesting. 

You can take on bosses, they look like the characters from the anime. But it is for fitness, you need to move and work out as you play.

March 2023


Oddballers from UBisoft

Many minigames, six players can play simultaneously, can specify your playing character. Meant to be fun. These games are best if you have a bunch of people you know play the switch, can get online with it, and then you can organize play times.

Launches Early next year


Tunic by Finji

A puzzle adventure game. A fox washed up on a shore, needs to complete a manual and to do that you have to go through the island. Looks pretty.

September 27th preorders are available now


Front Mission 1: Remake + Front Mission 2: remake both by Forever entertainment

Front mission is a strategy game, turn base, you ride a mecha, they call wanzers, that you can advance. Front Mission 2 was not released outside japan. I love strategy games so I may get this. IT all depends on how busy I am. 

Front mission 1 in November 2022 Front Mission 2 in 2023 Front Mission 3 is coming after Front Mission 2


Story of Seasons: a wonderful life from Xseed games

Originally it came out 20 years ago. This is a daily life routine game. Care for animals, raise up a farm, like Stardew Valley, but better colorizations or scope. You can have a child and raise it and characters will grow old. 

Summer 2023


Splatoon Injection


First post launch splatfest for splatoon 3.

09/23 friday 5pm Pacific time to 09/25 sun 5pm Pacific time

Theme: what would you bring to a deserted island? 

  • Gear 
  • Grub
  • Fun

Splatoon was injected here. This is a larger project that the smaller games, but Splatoon was started as an experimental. Like PRofessor Layton, it was contingent on success so it was an inhouse indie project so to speak. 

Enjoy splatters:) 

They end with more updates for splatoon 3


Medium budget game


Octopath Traveler 2 from Square enix

This adds 8 new travelers.

Hikari the warrior

Agnea the dancer- I am a dancer and a singer, for those who remember coming 2 america

Partitio the merchant- who sounds like he doesn't know whether he wants to be from the midwest or the deep south and sports a cowboy hat of course:) while his name is:) partitio

Osvald the scholar

Throne the thief

Temenos the cleric

Ochette the hunter

Castti the apothecary 

Players path differs between day and night. This is a game meant to give users truly different stories to be a part of, like a choose your path but meets super nes graphics

Launches 2 24 2023


Fae Farm from Phoenix Labs

A lifestyle game. Farm simulator. Magical spells to grow crops. Face off against mischievous foes. 

Can play up to 4 players online or local player. Can customize home. Seasons change that will be important.

Spring 2023 


Theatrhythm Final bar line from Square Enix

For the 35th anniversary. I have the original. For fans of the series, this is for you

385 songs in total, can play each stage, music divided by game.

Two players can compete locally, 4 players online multibattle

February 16th 2023- can preorder now

after games launch downloaded able content songs from various series in the square enix  library


Mario + Rabbids sparks of hope from Ubisoft

I never got into this. but you can freely roam into worlds. Find coins, unlock paths. help locals with task. 

A gold edition can be ordered that gives you the game with weapons skins and a season pass

October 20th 2022


Rune factory 3 Special from XSeed games

You can now fish, farm, relax in the town in and around doing quest. Can transform into a "Monster"

Locales will change how they react to you based on your look and they have improved the features to be with your game spouse:)... I play a game that has that and I can't bring myself to go down that tunnel

Out in 2023

A new rune factory series will launch in the future. This is a series though which has many fans who have every game so for newbies like me, you can get in now if you want. 


Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo online


Pilotwings 64


Marioparty 2 

MArioparty 3

Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon stadium 2

1080 snowboarding

excitebike 64

Goldeneye - i played that game:) when it was new


Games out now or near out and medium to small budget to Indie


Various Daylife from Square Enix

An RPG. More common visual structure.

Out the day of this post, so you can get it if you see this


Factorio from WUbe Software ltd

Management simulation game. This kind of game is what I mean by a game's scale is very tiny. It looks interesting, but your character is really small. At least by the images given.

I love the concept though. More original than the usual. Crashed ship, you have to reconstruct it on an alien world. Like Pikmin meets Astroneer.

Love the look of the construction lines. You have enemies you will need to construct. 

OCtober 28th 2022


Ib from playism 

A young girl named Ib in an art gallery gets sucked into a scary surreal world through a painting, you have to get her back. A puzzle horror game with nice visual graphics so you can actually have puzzles. Puzzles can't be difficult to see, that is why horror games that try to look like a movie with puzzles can be too difficult. Like the concept. 

spring 2023


Big budget games


Mario Strikers battle league from Nintendo

Pauline , Diddy Kong joins in

More gear and  a new stadium 

2nd free update launches in september 2022


Atelier Ryza 3 alchemist of the end and the secret key from Koei Tecmo games

I don't know this series. I love how it is subtitled into english. One of the come here from japan games.

Ryza is a female lead. An RPG, very graphic. If you are in the series you are in. 

February 24th 2023 


Mario kart 8 deluxe booster course pass Wave 3

A sneak peak of the courses. Mario Kart fans rejoice.

This holiday 2022 launches. If you have nintendo switch online + you don't need to pay


Nintendo switch sport

Golf will be added from Wii sports, 22 golf courses

Free update this holiday 2022

The guy in mr iwata's position asked for fans to wait a little longer


Shigeru Miyamoto- if you don't know who that is , shame on you

Super Mario Bros animated movie will be out next Spring with illumination 

Suepr Nintendo world, will open in hollywood california 


Pikmin! over 20 years for the first game. I love pikmin. I wrote this as I listened so if you read my words you know how I feel.

Pikmin Bloom - Take it with you . Send out pikmin , on your phone, a phone game.You can keep a record of where you have been with pikmin. 


Pikmin 4!!! YES!!!

2023  I can wait I can wait

You can play from the pikmin perspective from the ground. Switch will make it more interesting. 

Dandori- strategically deploying commanding the pikmin!!

I can't play Pikmin on the phone but I am very happy. As an engineer I think Pikmin is one of the finest games ever made. Non engineers don't comprehend the challenge of pikmin. I have enjoyed Pikmin , Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, Hey Pikmin, and will enjoy pikmin bloom if I can. Pikmin 4 is a keeper!


Big Budget games


Just dance 2023 edition from Ubisoft

Karaoke games. Great for partying. for gatherings. Not really a game you buy for yourself, you buy that for the house. 


Medium Budget Games


Harvestella from square enix

Life simulator RPG. very glitzy, pretty. Not for me, the combat is too glamoury.

Demo will be later the day of this post. 

November 4th 2022


Bayonetta 3 

Bayonetta recovered memories, confronted demons to save friend, now saves humanity from the humonguli

Any one who wants to play a bad ass woman, who looks like a purposefully cosplayable character, enjoy

October 28, can preoder now- a new trailer will launch on youtube.IT wasn't on nintendo's


Master Detective archives Rimcode  from Spike Chunsoft 

Yuma an amnesiac detective, and a spirit haunting him have to solve cases. This is like Yokai watch had a baby with Ace Attorney. 

Spring 2023


REsident Evil Village Cloud from Capcom

OCtober 28th 2022- can try a demo if you see this. Winters expansion available December 2nd for third person character. Resident evil 2 and 3 will be available as cloud versions


Sifu from Sloclap

Brawler game, thrusting, tripping, parrying.

Break opponent's stance and gain the upper hand. SIFU!!

Fall in combat and you get older and weaker. 

Get revenge before your time is up. 

This reminds me of Sakurai samurai designed by the late Mr Iwata, a game I absolutely love, where you wield a sword but you have to do it wisely

November 8th , can preoder today


Crisis core final fantasy Vii reunion from square enix

The events leading up to Final Fantasy 7

Final fantasy fans rejoice, separath and cloud are with him. 

December 13th 2022


Radiant Silvergun from live wire inc

A space shooter game. 

September 13 2022, today . For space shooter collectors this looks nice, nothing new mechanically, but looks pretty


Endless Dungeon from Sega

Gauntlet but in space junkyards , procedurally generated levels. unlock weapons heroes. 



Tales of Symphonia remastered from bandai namco entertainment america inc

Remastered. I am not a fan but for fans, rejoice

early 2023


Quick news


Life is strange arcadia bay collection from square enix

september 27th 2022


Romancing saga minstrel song remastered from square enix

december 1st 2022 , pre order now


Lego Bricktales from Thunderful 

Was a few short video clips but looks fun

Fall 2022


Disney Speedstorm from Gameloft SE



Fall guys season 2 from epic games

september 15th 2022


LATe Big news


Kirby's return to dreamland deluxe

Mr Iwata's baby, Kirby fans rejoice for 30th anniversary of Kirby

February 24th 2023 can preorder


King LINK!!!

One man alone. 

When will they do a link between worlds 2

The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom 





Saw a lot of Square enix and in house Nintendo. Though I did enjoy some of the smaller development firms projects


Of the games I saw , the following interest me in a sale. 

  • Tunic- looks beautiful
  • FaeFarm- this is the first game in a long time that looks like it mirrors for me one of the most fun games ever, and that is fantasy life. When I look at this game, it makes me think of fantasy life had a baby with animal crossing and stardew valley. The time changing and scope is very stardew valley-ish. The visualization, which is important in these games, is like animal crossing. You can see everything. some times in these games, its too tiny or too large. Or the scale is not right. But, you can actually battle in here and that is Fantasy life. I think fantasy life was underrated for how people could come in and play and help another person playing the game. 
  • Factorio- this is an individual game, I wish it was a multiplayer, I swear this concept with a multiplayer facet could be huge. But I like it. It's not for everyone, it is niche. But I like astroneeer, I like pikmin so if you like those then you will like this, and I haven't even played it. 
  • PIKMIN 4 Mandatory
  • Sifu- the mechanics I like. I am tired of immortal fighter games. I want fighter games where the mechanics are more honest, not unfun, not real, but honests. Why can't I get older if I lose. I like the concept.
  • Endless Dungeon- like gauntlet ,a loose maybe
  • Lego Bricktales- looks fun, I love my build a world games




The following games I want to say why not.

  • Oddballer- if i can get members of black games elite to do this game, I will be in, cause it looks fun:) and we can go as a team on others teams. but it is contingent on the group
  • Front Missions- I love strategy but I will not deny, there is a particular strategy game that I like a lot and until that next edition is available on switch while I like certain strategy games a lot, I will pause.
  • Story of Season- look at faefarm above



The main video:) 


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