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MY THOUGHTS TO- Silent Hill Transmission Live Reaction With YongYea



Silent Hill Transmission Live Reaction With YongYea


I want to say it bothers me that in these shows, they make people wait an hour and a half hour... is this business? Not my gaming company. if own a firm and I say we have a release, it will be given at a specific time, none of this welfare line business. it started ast 31:46 
33:16 what the hell is that
these horror games
33:38 one man alone, among all these freaks
34:34 that pyramid head guy thing right?
35:13 this game, information transmission has a facilitator:) 
35:29 Ito :) the video commentator, asian elvis presley:) 
37:50 the silent hill audio designer will work on this remake. Yamaoka. 
39:06 Bloober team is a swedish game development team
39:19 bloober team members made statements
40:02 i agree with the youtube video presenter, the goal of bloober to make a game remake that has the same influence as the original. 
41:30 Konami receives proposals every year for silent hill, i wonder how many failed proposals sould like good games.
42:12 sony playstation silent hill 2 exclusive
It will be exclusive to playstation 5.
43:36 another trailer. 
annapurna interactive designed
a no code game
Silent Hill Townfall
45:03 jon mckellen, the creative director of townfall
just a teaser trailer, it had quick images
townfall started with the fandom toward annapurna as a design team
Rui Naito head of cross media development for silent hill
the film adaption
48:21 movie excerpt
Return to Silent Hill
the director of the first  christophe gans is coming back
victor hadida is the producer
50:39 I saw Sean Bean from the first film, he played the husband, it will be cool if sean bean comes back
you see clips of the original film/development artwork from the second film
end at 55:01
55:35 it is preproduction
55:58  merchandise is being sold
59:03 end  of merchandise
59:14 a new experience
1:00:15 silent hill ascension 
from genvid +bad robot+others
live 2023 - face your trauma together
real time, live series, as fans watch story, people can change outcomes or be part of scenes
Shape silent hill cannon.
I agree with the youtuber, a communal silent hill dungeons and dragons
JJ Abrams directed this
I see now, an interactive movie, with streaming it works
A Choose your path film, that works through streaming
they say changes become cannon and that is it so no backwards
1:04:38 end explaining this game
1:04:50 it ends with the final new vision of silent hilll
The youtuber said a japan centric silent hill
I concur, it is clearly nippon
1:06:01 a woman being absorbed by the red tendril things from the wall
1:06:18 she is on a river of bodies that sprout plants and she is sprouting plants
1:06:40 her face fell off
1:06:58 silent hill f
ryukishi07 made the story - maker of Higurashi When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry
kera creatures and characters
neobards developed
1:08:13 end of it
I concur to the youtuber, the last game silent hill f, looks nice
I think silent hill f may have a greater effect than the silent hill 2 remake






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