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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSj3hsabWmc
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  4. Yeah I don't know how Jack managed to live so long... He was no joke!
  5. It was both. O Mag ignored my emails explaining what they were doing and what the impact had. Still, I was disappointed they decided not to link to a Black booksellers. I get that linking to Bookshop.org pays affiliate commissions. I would have done the same. I've had a couple of conversations with the ABA on this issue, they are sympathetic, but won't doing anything, as they have a financial investment in Bookshop. The investment in Bookshop was not revealed to me. I read about it in Publishers Weekly. Bookshop offered to discuss the issue with me, to their credit, but I saw no
  6. Black. Communities. Street. Gangs. Slaughter. Black. People. and ,children. . No. Black. Lives. Matter. Protesting. . In. Democratic -Cities. No. Democrats. White. Or. Black. With. Anger. And. Outrage -Where. Is. Black. Entertainment. Athletes. ? NAACP ,Black. -Political,The. Church. Leading. Up. To. The. Election. They. We're. ,On. The. News. . Minister. Farrakhan. Should. Lead. The. Nation. of ,Islam. Men. Into. Battle. With. Chicago. Gangs. Politicians. James -Clyburn ,Corey. Booker. Hakeem Jefferies ,Stacy. Abrams ,They. ,Showed. Concern. For. Black. People. During. Campaigning. For ,Vo
  7. Preachers. Convention. Preachers. Wearing. Fancy. Suits. ,Alligator ,Shoes. ,Diamond. Rings. In. Their. Bentleys. ,Mercedes. Benz ,Rolls -Royce. ,Their. Chauffeurs. Driving. Looking. For. New. Members. Each Day. Like. Predators. Hunting. Prey..Claiming. God. Anointed ,These False. Prophets. .Enslaving. The. Souls. Of. Black. People. For ,Personal. Profit .They. Speak. Your. Life. Guide. Should. Be. The. 10-Commandments.. While. They. Have. Mistresses. On The. Side. And,Steal. Church. Money. To. Make. Car. Payments..They. Have. --Televised. Preaching. ,Preacher. Reality. T. V. Shows. . While.
  8. Dude you have not posted a single article, from a reputable source, stating that: It is possible that I missed it; I'm human and capable of making a mistake. So please, share just one now. Thanks.
  9. Forget Harlem and the gentrified northern cities, and come south man you see plenty of darker skinned people. Plus kids don't play outside like they used to. Also I'm thinking globally; Nigeria probably has more Black people than the U.S. has white. There are probably more black people in brazil than europe's most populous country.
  10. Just in Time for Valentines and Black History Month A pleasant day to one and all. I am Kendal-Valentino Smith, and I would like to introduce you to my work, my book, recently released on am*zon, Passion: The Art of Making Love and War. Passion: The Art of Making Love & War expresses love as the unbiddable, ungovernable, uncontrollable force that can overthrow empires, completely subduing the will of the individual. It posits the erotic love in terms of its beauty, sincerity and its purity. Yet it portrays this love according to its opposites as it is ancient and classical, yet bol
  11. If. I. Had. A. Hammer. Book. By. The. Late. Great. Hank. Aaron ,He ,Talks. About. His. Triumph. And. Struggles. With. Racism. ,Negro -Leagues. ,And. Becoming. Baseball. Home. Run. King.. News. Showed. One. Of. His. Interviews. . Civil. Rights. Activist. He. Was. A,Great. Man...Lot. Of. People. Say He. Is. The. Home. Run. King Not ,Barry. Bonds ....
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  13. Sisters In Christ Forum https://www.naturalhairhairgrowth.com/sisters-forum
  14. 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' 2021 https://www.naturalhairhairgrowth.com Full of awesome tips and instruction for black natural hair care and hair growth, plus it has a fun and easy step by step routine to make sure you achieve healthy and long hair!! A MUST HAVE for ALL black women and young girls!! It's on AudioBook too!
  15. Troy Well...... ((tosses up hands)) Not sure what to tell you at this point. I've posted the articles more times than I remember of the FBI reports of White Supremacists deliberately going around the nation trying to spread Covid 19 to targeted communities. Either you don't believe it or don't WANT to believe it. So if you trust Josh, Dustin, Becky, and Kaitlyn and don't believe they'd ever put your health and safety in jeopardy.....you do you. "Hey heeeey Troy! Welcome back buddy... We were just finishing up a pizza, want some?"
  16. Troy Are you sure? The only numbers we have are those put out by Caucasians...who have a history of deception and inaccuracy when it comes to dealing with people of color in general including African people. I have reason to believe that there are FEWER so-called "Black" people in the United States than many believe! Look at Harlem, South Central Los Angeles, Washingon D.C. southside Chicago and other historically Black communities around the nation and how they are no longer even majority Black. Most of them are mostly Hispanic or Caucasians have gentrified back into them. Not
  17. the url is http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/MSinChe/MSinChe1.html
  18. The people in my office definitely are not contracting covid-19 coming in the office to deliberately infect me, the only negro there. Indeed I'm not aware of anybody with a brain in their head that would feel that way. You realize that whole idea is ludicrous right?
  19. In a word, yes. You realize the people you understand as being part of the "African Race" are in such a numerical majority that there is no real risk of meaningful relative decline.
  20. Share photos or videos of playing the games in the MSinChe series:)
  21. Wow... it sure feels good to hear someone make mention of Franz Fanon. The Wretched of The Earth was required reading back in the days when I really believe there was going to be a revolution. I sincerely commend your intent to involve yourself in community activism. I, too, have made the same commitment. Peace and Progress!
  22. For months now AfroAmericans have been warned OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again to STAY AWAY from these protests and marches and other activities where Caucasians are shouting and raising hell. They are tricks and traps. The only thing they accomplish is spreading Covid around and getting the AfroAmericans who participate in them in trouble. Out of a mob of about 50,000 angry screaming rednecks only about a handful of AfroAmericans were there....but notice how they've seemed to finger EVERY AfroAmerican who was there and charge them with something? These racists only bring
  23. Troy No, I'm not one. Staying at home ALL the time would pose a greater risk than going out...especially in the Winter. I've learned over the years that you are MUCH HEALTHIER when you constantly expose your self to the elements outside for a certain amount of time so that your system can get used to all changes in the environment. This is especially important in places like Michigan where the Winters are cold and your body needs to learn how to handle the snow and cold. I just make sure I practice as much safety as I can when I go out in public. We didn't create
  24. Troy Are you suggesting that reinforcing the behaviors of SEX and REPRODUCTION doesn't serve our people well? If we didn't objectify women and see them in a sexual manner 2 things would happen: 1. The African race would decline from lack of enough reproduction 2. While we're busy holding eachother back from "objectifying the sisters"...men from OTHER races would move in and start having sex with them
  25. Thanks to member Ray Gibson of the private BlackGamesElite group, I realized an error and correct it on the game KumRan Please say the highest level you reach as well as the time it took http://houyhnhnm.github.io/BlackGamesElite/GameRoom/MSinChe/MSinChe1.html
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