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  2. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud Tiger Tiger , Marca Worst 11 2018 , MUFC needed system 2018-2019 , PSG/Brasil needed system 2018-2019 , CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF , Sarri Chelsea part 2 , My UEFA CL champion pick , 2018-2019 uefa womens champions league round of 8 to final thoughts , Womens Soccer in the USA , AWCON2018 World Cup 2019 entries , The Glyne Dame , 2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie , 30 years from now , 2018-2019 uefa mens champions league round 16 , beInMourinho , atleti-juventus2202019 , Ownership or a reply to samantha weber , ElClasico 322019 , thoughts 332019 , ajax/realmadrid352019 , my reply to samantha webber's prose on critiquing prose, Morata/Griezzman/Costa , favorite team by flag , Football Crazy Replies 89, 90 , 91 , 92 , 93 , 94 , 95 , 96, 97 , 98, ? Ownership PSG , Atletico Madrid , Inter Miami , Audio Blog Richard Murray Thoughts <Kobo>, Richard Murray Thoughts segments <Youtube> Image Blogs <Google Photos> WSplus GoalChatter Guest Blog entries Women's clubs must survive , UEFAWCL is better than NWSL in 5 reason , Botafogo Star Guest Blog entries Pereira guidance Initial Introduction When I began punditry on sport, it was confined in online locale to my material, still is. I looked and learned through various other formats or Ideas to create my own place. Past blogging, I thought to use Ebooks, my most common format. EBooks can utilize audio and are a clear way to lineate your actions. I made the Kings of London Epic Poem Series and Richard Murray's Thoughts Series reflecting that truth. But, Ebooks were and are not the most used format to messages through the internet. Sport require common channels be used, if you have not figured out how to use an uncommon channel more imaginatively while attention getting, base on saturation in sport viewers to modern media. I thought to audio blog, The Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible, while collate from some of my favorite womens soccer connections, Richard Murray's Fanatacism, or strictly from the players, The Players Say. I gained more outreach but I found myself acting in similar to what others were doing. I find myself now starting a new endeavor, in this AALBC blog entry, like the Audible but absent the strict format. Now, Richard Murray's Thoughts Version 2 is here. I will post in the comments in this blog, any are free to join me,and state my thoughts. But the content or style will now be free. I will not assume I know how best communicate to the audience or viewership,
  3. My Thoughts to the Womens Game and Football Crazy Episode 98 Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the womens game and reply to football crazy episode 98, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video before I speak on the show In Womens Soccer... An interesting media note to hear from Fran Kirby the negative thoughts from others from her missed penalty. The problem I have is how the womens game is taking the best from media in the mens game but eliminating the rest. In the mens game, too many players/coaches/owners are judged unevenly and that judgement style is accepted as warranted or allowable, even though it is common. The players/coaches/owners in the womens game must change how media interact to the womens game. End the viper pit on failure culture or at least, make it far less prevalent than it is in the mens game. https://twitter.com/frankirby/status/1120253496887001091 Olympique Lyonnais defeated Chelsea 2-1 and FC BArcelona defeated Bayern Munich 1-0 in the UEFA champions league semifinals, nothing is decided though the Olympique Lyonnais advantage is far stronger, if OL get one goal, it makes the task for Chelsea massive, while Bayern munich can overcome Barcelona, especially in Bavaria. https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/HqLMzni8P?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime FOOTBALL CRAZY SEGMENT BEGINS NEW begin intro, love the poetry on speak like shakespeare day , Kay, Kev, Des are together. Ray Hudson is not interested in seeing photos of 4 month old James:) Kev Egan's son. Des said James is a lovely addition to humanity. hilarious. Love the little ones, everyone does...I love how in the podcast they recorded ray hudson saying, don't be putin this out on that internet, classic , classic:) 2:08 MUFC segment, Gary Neville said you didn't need to name names. Ole essentially has said the same as Mourinho while mourinho was coach. Kev is wrong to be stunned by the lacking of the players in Manchester red cause Mourinho challenged all the players , pogba the most, to be better, they failed individually or collectively. Real Madrid want Pogba cause he is a money vault on a team winning trophies, filled with talent. Real Madrid knows this. I agree to Kev that the workman culture was in the club but that culture had two elements, not just alex ferguson but the player culture that has changed. Modern players are not brewed in the streets, as journeyman, they are brewed in academies where they are coddled and groomed in many ways outside mere ability and mindset. The reality is, unlike in usa based sports, where the new york knicks, dallas cowboys, new york yankees can be athletically poor and still be the fiscal dominant, manchester united can not do this. 11:01 title wins in france/italy segment,First PSG, no Mbappe is the heir to the CR7 goal killer throne. Neymar is the heir to the Messi Talisman throne. But, I concur to Kay, the masses, most who are neither functional fans or equal critiquers. I agree to KAy, Mbappe and Neymar are wise to stay in PSG. FOr Mbappe the reasoning is simple, he is french, he is winning, and winning in spain is not in the modern global media a greater than winning in france. Neymar has already proven to be great at Santos where he won the copa libertadores leading the team in a way no other player, including mbappe led a team at that age in recent times. And, he showed he was able to be a great team player, coming to barca and being a second or third at that age, showing great maturity. PSG is a project he need to finish. Neymar is a global brand that has proven himself in a way Bale never did so the comparison is false. Neymar's true club is Santos. Bale is nothing compared to neymar in terms of accomplishments. Neymar need to win the copa america and then win all trophies for PSG and then move to ... AC Milan and win the Copa Libertadores with Santos and win the UEFA Champions League with FC Barcelona/PSg/ AC Milan Second Juventus, To me Juventus under Allegri reached two finals. I think if PSG had reached UEFA champions league finals that would had been enough from prior coaches. ANyone can lose a final, but getting theree is the true sign. To get to a final proves you know what you are doing and how the team is organized.Allegri has earned another rebuild of the team. 22:23 La Liga segment, everyone knows who Lahoz is if they watched any LaLiga recently. Getafe had a huge win but even though they continued to show SEvilla's weakness in the road, the placements for the fourth position is not finished. aduriz and Now Molina prove that the development of players is not a matter of age but of settling in to your game, you never stop learning but Would Getafe be willing to make a great affordable summer youth squad instead of getting experienced players for depth, if getafe make fourth in la liga season end? Valencia's momentum make them the ones to make the fourth spot for me. 30:40 Villareal and the relegated segment, I love Kay's story on Carzola being fouled by Amera, the leganes manager told Amera to apologize to Cazorla who plays for Villareal. And, I love the subsequent story from Kev Egan and a similar though other ending story on his time in gaelic football. Celta Vigo/Villareal/Bilbao all had a time near or in the relegation zone, it is not a bad thing that in la liga midtable teams are battled by minnows to stay in the top flight 34:13 MLS segment, Atlanta United is a young organization, I think every firm needs to go through experiences to learn from them, books can not teach you experiences, they can guide you but only going through it can teach. Atlanta United had a great first season, one of the best in Major league soccer history but they are not going through the process of shifting coaches easily. The key in LA FC is that bob bradley is probably in it for the long term. Happy for Carlos Vela 37:46 EPL title race segment, Tottenham/Manchester City third match was in the citizens favor but was another rough match, maybe familiarity forced the team to play ragged. Manchester United should not be able to stop Manchester City for scoring. 41:36 PFA awards segment, I wish the player awards can occur after the season. If Manchester city win Sterling. IF Liverpool win Van DJik. 43:20 Bundesliga segment, the race is still on. very compelling between Dortmund and Bayern, essentially neither can afford to lose or draw, the one who does gives the other the win for certain. 43:33 Icardi Transfer, the focus on the show is on how an organization will handle his agent and his media ways but for me, the issue to icardi is the team. Icardi is a goal getter. He isn't someone who connects like Benzema or Suarez. He isn't a warrior like Lewandowski or Mandzukic or Lukaku or Cavani. He isn't a technician like an aguero or firminho. He is like Carlos BAcca, one of those players who will score a lot of goals if you give him opportunities but you have to give it to him, and he will wait for them in his area. So, I think the bigger key is, if Inter Milan do move him on, that he guides that movement to a team that need a goal getter but don't necessarily need another kind of player in the center forward position. When I look at big money or high profile teams I think Manchester United could use Icardi. Other big money or high profile teams either have the depth in the center forward position or play a style where they ask from the center forward a style of play not in Icardi's repertoire. Some say Real MAdrid but Icardi is not skilled enough for Real for me. Yes, Icardi could be the return of a player like Raul for Real MAdrid, but is Icardi that kind of warrior, I am not certain.Icardi is a battler but to the level of Raul, who can come of the bench and contribute over one hundred percent, I have not seen that from Icardi at times. 44:15 The La Liga top three segment, The two madrid giants are wobbling and both in need of modulation in the summer. FC Barcelona may have their last great season in the messi era cause Barcelona's pace or movement this system show some legs need to be exchanged to give them greater rest , to still more liveleness in them. Morata was clipped by the referee and I agree that the referee need to be exposed for the misbehavior that players are exposed to cheaply from media. Benzema is a great forward who is a team player, I only wish another team player, Willian was given a similar opportunity, maybe he will in a Sarri led chelsea absent hazard side others. Power Rankings 10- PSG's bench , neymar,cavani, di maria, buffon 5 a side, you can not sit with us 9- title's with caveats, PSG, Juventus 8- PAOK , first title in 31 years 7- Drake Curse is lifted, By Olympique Lyonnais, I wonder did memphis depay get drake to smoke a cigar with him 6- Chukwueze, Villareal 5- Guedes, in Valencia, scoring goals 4- Barca Backline, Lenglet, Alba, Pique 3- Liverpool set pieces, decided at half time by Klopp 2- Peppe Bordelas, Getafe who will move to SEvilla, getafe is fourth in la liga 1- Easter Weekend, Iago Aspas savior of Celta oh, this is for Gabby Amado or Kay L Murray who I think like the cultural refereces, since today is speak like shakespeare here is a formation similar to a famous poem from three women double double,hat trick trouble, yellow cards and offsides bubble, whispers in'a theater of dreams, may not be for anfield screams, who knows how much pep is needed, at least more than a klop has seeded, will it be sergio or - salah, or maybe one from arsen-al!, want more nice english troubles, watch while it boils and bubbles double double,hat trick trouble, yellow cards and offsides bubble, Cool it with the boos and hate, Then the day is worth, the wait. Thank you audio only https://soundcloud.com/footballcrazypodcast/pogs-plan-football-crazy-podcast-episode-98 article on beinsports https://www.beinsports.com/us/premier-league/news/football-crazy-podcast-man-uniteds-mood-swing/1173557
  4. I can understand why sites don't allow guest posting so many abuse the privilege. It is a pain to manage.
  5. Yesterday
  6. A. Black. Skin. Race. Of. People,Captured,Kidnapped,Forced. To. A,Strange. Land. By. Evil. White. People ,For. Enslavement. ,The. ,Slave,Auction. Poster. Does. Tell. Human. ,Bondage,Horror,Torture,,Misery,They Would Dwell. Negroes ,For,Sale,The. Slave Auctioneer Begins. I Tossed Some Of ,Them,Over. To Be Eaten By Sharks,Slave Ship Captain Says,With,A ,,Demonic ,Sadistic Grin.. Families Separated,There Is Weeping.. Their. Love Ones ,They Will Never Again. Be Seeing. The ,Slaves,Remember. Upon. The. Ship,,Thrown. Into. The. Ocean ,The,Dying. And. The. Dead. Floating. Upon. The. Ocean,We're. ,Arms,Legs. And. Heads. Back. To Their. Native. Land. They. Yearn...A,Place. They. Would. Never. Return! Naked,Chained,Shackled,Slave. Buyers. Poke. Them,Pinch -Them,Check,Their. Teeth,While. They. Are. On. Display. No. Way -Of,Knowing. The. Horror,Torture. ,And. Misery. That. Is. Coming. ,There,Way.!!..
  7. @Troy yeah, their internal organization changed and were guided to lose the openness. To be fair with so many websites restricting images and deviantart allowing adult images, i can comprehend why their accountants said it is a money lose to continue the embedding, but it is a shame. That is one of the reasons I like aalbc, you can guest comment still, though many websites are not allowing that anymore
  8. @Chevdove i don't do Instgram either and would like to see it destroyed. I was half joking with you though about nit embracing my comment 100%
  9. Yeah I guess I dont really know how i would act if I were scared and the person did not want to go to the hospital and the person is adamant about not going.
  10. Just hit the play button on the picture and the video will play @Chevdove.
  11. That is interesting. Deviant Art requires creating an account to comment. Too bS they stopped allowing embedding
  12. @Troy I don't follow instagram, so I really don['t know what the hype is about.
  13. @Troy I am not sure. I think that my friend was just being overwhelmed by the young man and, he was just flipped over her and trying to get her interested in a church activity so that he could hook her. I think maybe, he would have tried another avenue if she did not care to go to his church.
  14. @Pioneer1 I posted this same photo in a past post, but I cannot remember exactly where. You know, the fact that these are PHOTOS dates these pictures to be thousands of years after the original people lived in these Caucasus mountains though. And, the term for these people is something like ABKHAZIA or ABKHAZARIA? This term does connect them to ETHIOPIA and some of the present day villages in Russia, Turkey and elsewhere in the north are the same names in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, some of the Black soldiers at this time, I think may have been something like SLAVE SOLDIERS. That soldier has the similar uniform of another Black soldier who actually stands beside a massive predominantly 'all-white' military force! So, he was not a part of a Black military at all. Also, that WOOL TURKISH HAT [Seljuk head dress] he wears dates this photo too before it was outlawed. Yeah, the historians are very vague on the true origins, but they do know that these people are linked to Ethiopia at one point. They admit too, that they lived in East Europe and Turkey Anatolia and were slaves in Russia, but they provide vague information. I do think that they were definitely intermixed with the Colchians. There is a lot of amazing history about them, but it is scattered.
  15. @Troy THANK YOU!!! Oh Man!-- Troy, I don't know why they didn't call 911 or take her to the hospital. But, I know this, she was a 'spit-fire!'-- She was very bossy and she told me to take her home. I asked her if she wanted me to take her to the hospital, and she said, "No". If I had to do it all over again, yes, I would have taken her straight to the hospital! Yeah! She was really bad off. I'm so glad she was okay, but I should have taken her to emergency room. I think I panicked and just did not make good judgment. WHEW! Don't know, but I think that he was willing to do what she wanted because he was trying to get married! She didn't realize how sick she was. I had a delayed reaction, but I definitely regrouped and started fighting for her well-being. @Pioneer1 LOL! Thank you! Oh yeah... it was some highs and lows, some ups and downs... LOL, Yeah, when she said the word "slut" to her mother, I was like, Oh no! That's it, ... I can't even fight, but, I was like, this has got to stop. I had to get her off that phone, somehow. @Pioneer1 I am telling you the truth, NO ONE person said anything to me, it was A VOICE. Just when I got to work, sat down at the desk, this is what I experienced. I can't believe it myself, but it happened. I had absolutely no idea that my friend was sick. I had never called her from my career job in the 8 months that I had worked there. It was not until her 'best friend' called me that I realized what she had been doing for the past week or so. So, I say, 'supernatural' because it was not a normal happening at all.
  16. @Pioneer1 Thank you My brother! Again, thank you! I always ponder this happening but whether the two men, Gabriel and Michael, were human or etc., I don't know, but they came to my rescue that day but this I believe in that they were sent by the Supreme Being. I did not know anyone in that city and other than my house friend who was working on that Friday, I didn't know who to reach out to for help. The help just came! I can't speak for Mel or Cynique, but PIoneer, people in general can be beautiful in spirit or physically, and it would not be normal for people to not recognize this essence in someone just because they are Black or Asian, or White or etc.
  17. Michelle Obama is beautiful. I am interested in seeing what she is talking about.
  18. Dear Readers, I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. Work Cloud EBook List- see below , Onmyoji Contest Entry , Pacific Rim contest Entry , Bettering American Poetry Anthology Entry , White House Carol , Maple Me entry , We Happy Few Wellington Wells entry, Fiyah Magazine- , Killens Review-, ? Creative Cloud Questions to think about , How We Define Art a response , Lessons from Last Action Hero , Black Soldiers fighting for the British against the USA during USA secession why no memorial , Levar Burton Reads , Ethiopian apocalyptic film , Is Biography the biggest genre today circa 2018 , if they remade Cleopatra jones? , which cliche you dislike most? , Grammar Check , those who write love are making money, have you done a collaboration .. on a train , be your character on social media , who are afro latinos ? , a short history to the internet , What describe best the Native American experience in fiction , Get Out early - what do you think compared to the final film? , Prince and religious friction in film , Let us compose something together using these rules, what other language will you say if you can? , AALBC community book- in progress till made , not any time soon but... , A Glengarry Lead , silhouette in film , Get Out defined , inspiration listings, the return of poetry and some fun , written and sun by Aretha Franklin , Unconventional art , Der Tchrumpfs , Selections from poetry through the native female pen , a question to multiculturalism , Nonqonqo in A Warm December , Peola Edit- Immitation To Life 1934 , concealed carry models , Ann Gorman Edit- Follow Me Quietly 1949 , censoring online , MLKjr2019 , Black Party to governance , Star spangled why, Audio EXcerpts , False Civility , US , Glass submission story , code geass, ? Engineering Cloud Fixing Plastic , Blacksmithing Basics , multi electromagnetic wave observation , AMP in Email , Makers jobs or cosplay , ? Email Gazette Fragments fifth issue , tenth issue, eleventh issue , twelfth, thirteenth , fifteenth ,sixteenth, seventeenth ,eighteenth , 19/20/21/23 ,24/25/27/29/30/31/32 , 33/34/35/36/37 ,38/39/40/41/42/43 , ? EBook LIST Richard Murray Short Story Collections Kobo Link OverDrive Link JIHI series Kobo Link Overdrive Link Gospel of Joseph Kobo Link Overdrive Link Richard Murray Collages Kobo Link SanaTambo Versions Overdrive Link Kobo English Kobo Francais Kobo Portugues Kobo 日本語 Kobo 中文 Der Tchrumpfs Kobo Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art Be Safe
  19. Code GEass Submission In retrospect, I should had not placed the alias in there considering the color scheme, but I started at 9pm and wanted to make an honest art work. I chose calligraphy which is an art work i am interested in for another project later on, but I tell me how you like it. Sorry but Deviantart no longer allow embeds. Lelouch vi Britannia alias Lamperouge alter ego Zero <in gold> lelouch vi britannia <in black> alias <in indigo> lamperouge <in red> Zero https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Three-Lelouch-in-Calligraphy-794883590?ga_submit_new=10%3A1555987298&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1
  20. Last week
  21. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=heaHle2PDT8
  22. Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, a goddess of love, identified with the Queen of Sheba.[6] Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy (recurring season 1; main season 2), the Ghanaian trickster god Anansi. He works as a tailor.[8] Mousa Kraish as the Jinn Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis (recurring season 1; main season 2), the keeper of stories past and present, the Egyptian god Thoth.[8] Chris Obi as Mr. Jacquel, the Egyptian God of the dead, Anubis.[9] Also Orlando Jones is a Consulting Producer.
  23. That question can also be asked in the case of a teen-aged white girl accusing a white man. Nowadays, the credibility of every accuser is questioned because all teen-aged females know how to be seductive, thanks to the media and the internet.
  24. Obviously, you've never lived in or around Chicago or Atlanta. So in answer to your question as to whether you have, my response is "no". Case closed,
  25. Hello All, Please Join Us! Spring Into Action! Writers Empowerment Series is an interactive panel discussion with authors, Guy Jazzy Rainey and Julia D. Shaw. Hear their perspectives on writing, get tips on publishing, principals of success and overcoming obstacles. There will be an interactive Q & A session following the discussion. There will be door prizes and authors’ books for sale. The Early Bird Sale Ends on Friday April 12th! About Guy Jazzy Rainey: Guy Jazzy Rainey is a Harlem native; happily married with four children. His passion is his family, motivating people, life coaching for the past 10 years, DJ’ing and public speaking. Guy is better known in the music business as DJ Jazzy G. and in the Hip-hop world as The Hip-hop historian (and he wears that title proudly). Back in the days, Guy made his bones as a DJ and club promoter in some of the top clubs, retail record shops, radio stations and indie record companies in New York City (Harlem World, The Rooftop, Downtown Records, Downstairs Records,107.5 WBLS and Select Records) just to name a few. He is also producing a documentary film about the life and time of the New York City club DJ's from the past & present. Throughout all of his success, Guy Jazzy Rainey felt like everything was going wrong when His wife had tested positive for breast cancer, his mother had congestive heart failure, his real estate business had taken a nosedive and his best friend was murdered. Despite it all, Guy remembered the principles he was thought and shares that in His book is entitled: "The FACTS of Life....Faith, Action, Change, Truth and Service." About Julia D. Shaw: Julia D. Shaw is the Lead Consultant at Shaw Biz Consulting (SBC) formerly Shaw Literary Group. SBC provides traditional and non-traditional consultation services supporting business growth and development. Shaw's insight has proven beneficial to entrepreneurs, small businesses, publishers, authors, corporations, radio stations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Shaw's professional experience spans over twenty years. Her latest business venture is a publishing partnership with Toni Coleman Brown compiling Delayed But Not Denied: 20 Stories About Life and Resiliency. Julia consults with the Network Journal Magazine's -40 Under Forty Achievement Awards and the 25 Influential Women in Business Awards. Shaw and/or her clients have been featured in the NY Amsterdam News, NY Daily News, NY Times, USA Today, the Network Journal Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine among a host of newspapers, blogs/websites, TV and radio shows. Shaw is a contributing author to the Amazon Bestseller, Network to Increase Your Net Worth, compiled by Toni Coleman Brown and was featured in Steppin' Out with Attitude: Sister, Sell your Dream, by Anita Bunkley. Julia is the proud mother of two daughters with three grandchildren, residing in Queens, NY. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-into-action-writers-empowerment-series-tickets-59971780209 Best, Inspired Ink NY
  26. Happy Hardcore Easter 🙂



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  27. So the next time a little Black girl accuses a grown White man of sexual assault, will she be believed? Or will people have this image buried into their subconscious of how overt and seductive even the LITTLE Black girls can be when "tempting" White men.....and take that into consideration for justifying any behavior inflicted upon her?
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