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  1. I received two years probation and a fine. It doesn't matter to me what other people received. And I have been moving on from my indiscretion.
  2. On the Topic of Homosexuality, there is nothing that can be legally done to combat it's normalization in American Society so it is an Individual Choice to Accept it or Rejected. I have a felony. I have no empathy or sympathy for the criminal elements in our society. If you commit the crime you do your time. Once you get out you do your best to get pass the error of your ways. I think that you are confusing Media Figures for Black Leadership. They do not define Conservatism or Liberalism. I am not anti-Caucasian. I have Caucasian members of my family. Before my father married my mother and had me he was married to a White Woman. So a lot of the points being raised I take a different position. If you want to see African/Black Society in action, look at Africa. Plain and simple. Dr. Jeffries has been working in Ghana for numerous years. Dr. Ben used to take numerous trips to Egypt virtually Annually. I think it's a waste of time discussing what "White People" are doing or aren't doing unless it's on the legislative front. If you don't believe you can become wealthy you won't. It's not that complex. Encouraging self destructive habits won't help you build a strong society. Colin Powell was just on the Sunday News Shows this morning, unfortunately because the program and station isn't Black Controlled it's significance is diminished;. Communist China has the Plurality of Asians. 6 billions plus are not under the mind control or love of the Caucasian. The purpose of the Cultural Revolution was to purge their society of Western Influence. There is a difference between adoption of practices which work and being beholden to a particular group of people. It's like that erroneous concepts that mathematics is racist. We were some of the first masters of math. Finally note, if we don't deal with the criminal culture in our community the death toll will continue in our communities. The free use of the N-Word is just a symbol of the self loathing that our community faces.
  3. I don't know Bro Martin. The biggest difference between this system and other systems is that anyone can accumulate massive wealth. Jeff Bezos wasn't always rich. There's nothing to stop anyone of us from exceeding his performance if that is what we focus on. It's just like the Momma of the Fuller Brush man said. "God didn't make us poor. We are poor because Pa never set his mind to becoming rich." The system for wealth is a massive customer base that repeatedly buys from you. Charles Schwab became rich as an employee. If you look at the salaries of the Administrative Staff of Top Company's there salaries and compensation could be consider astronomical. I don't want to live under the Egyptian Mystery System where they deliberate keep people done. I don't want to live under a monarchy. I want to live under a system where there is the Promise that I will be able to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness. Right now we are in an extraordinary time. We are in a period which will dwarf the economic explosion of 1492. We are on the verge of mastering Near Earth Orbit Colonization. The problem is that we are letting the Anarchist and Vandals tear down the ladder. And if the book Civilization or Barbarism is correct, the very people you hate most like Bezos will only profit more and not be harm like the damage that will be done to our community. People think Greenwood was bad. What is approaching us now is far far worse if we don't get a handle on things.
  4. Here is one example of the treatment of Justice Thomas https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/clarence-thomas-says-a-smithsonian-exhibit-he-hasnt-seen-is-incorrect-its-not/2019/06/13/480c622e-8d1b-11e9-8f69-a2795fca3343_story.html I don't give people any power of language or definitions because it comes down to what I envision. Unless we start speaking in a Black Language, we will stay in the Fishbowl Paradigm. When it comes to American Politics it always balls down to which Party is going to provide the most for you Community. At this time, the Democrats pose a threat which wipe out all gains "Black" people have made. It's not going to be a collective which brings our community to the next level. It's going to be Individuals like it always has been. I don't think we are looking at the numbers properly. And the numbers alone don't begin to tell the story. To look at the numbers properly we need to stop dealing in Black and White. Number 1 because Color isn't the primary determinant for success. It's those disciplines and follow through which are. If we focus on working with the willing we will continue to see the gains we are making multiply. If not we will have a situation like after Reconstruction. The difference is the rulers will be Asian not White. White Domination of this planet has be a recent and short event. If you look at their history you will see that they can only go so far then fall back into Dark Ages.
  5. "Black Cancel Culture" does not exist, because we have no media to speak of. Here your opinion of Carson gets equal weight to Pioneer's whose assessment is diametrically opposite. Unfortunately that is like saying that Blacks don't discriminate based on Skin Color. Our Cancel Culture existed before it had a name. Chapters 14 and 15 of Black Fortunes gives early examples. But look at the treatment of Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and other Black Conservatives. Colin Powell is doing some wonderful work in the Bronx with minority youth. We are not taking the full humanity of our fellow Blacks into consideration. It's like the nonsensical dispute between the Ballot and the Bullet or Dubois or Booker T. We need to work together to know each other. We don't have to like each other We are really handicapping ourselves with our current attitudes towards each other.
  6. Well number people will stay poor if they focus on buy new cars even if they are inexpensive. What the middle class does is buy a used car. That way they don't have to pay those finance charges. The second thing is to purchase vehicles for the purpose of increasing one's income. The biggest challenge isn't high insurance it's not focusing on how to manage money and climb the financial ladder. Right now I am driving ride shares and taxi. I would have never thought these thing would have brought in as much income has they have. But reading Black Fortunes I see that Blacks have moved from poverty to the middle class was in the service industries. I only use the term middle class for convenience. I don't believe America has a class or caste system. I think those are mental hold overs from Europe and Asia.
  7. Creating my capture page and building an email list was just on my mind earlier today. Thank you for you questions they are really helpful.
  8. Before I start to answer your wonderful question, I would ask if you have heard of the Bronze Shields? They are an Black Police organization. To start with my father was Marxist Leninist Communist who met both Kruchev and Mao. The books I was exposed to were the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, the Selective Works of VI Lenin and The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. When they were protesting for the amnesty of rioters in Newark and Philadelphia my parents brought me with them. Rizzo brought them in for processing they took my footprints because my fingers were to small. I also was exposed to the Little Red Book of Mao. My father emphasized Scientific Marxism and used that philosophy to successful organize in Unions and get some of the first Blacks elected to Political Position in Newark NJ and Nationwide. It was his understanding of Politics which lead to the election of the first Black Councilman Irving Turner and the First Black Mayor Ken Gibson. Baraka had failed because his understanding of politics and organizing were limited compared to my father. I am grateful for that upbringing because I can see the shortcomings of that philosophy and it actually bringing about Happiness. Number 1 it was about the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. I don't want to live in any type of dictatorship. Number 2 It was the rejection of Private Property. You can not be free if you don't have the right to personal and private property. Now both Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke were opposed to Communism and Capitalism. When I was in college they would be frequent guest speakers at African Echos in East Orange. When I left college and started a limousine business, I had the please of driving them to and from lectures. Dr. Clarke opposed Christian and Islam he called them both murder cults. The most important thing about both men were that they were well read and took their studies seriously. Pan Africanism was the philosophy that I would say best sum up Dr. Clarke. Dr Ben would have be characterized as an Ero Sensei in an Anime. He loved the Black Woman and the power she had to make Black People. My only regret is that I was too arrogant to fully appreciate and take advantage of my time with them and my father. I have more information about my on my Facebook page. I hope that I was able to answer you questions.
  9. I appreciate your answer. By Focusing on making sales I meant investing in Advertising and potentially internet radio or article writing. What other platforms do you recommend?
  10. You are taking for granted how advanced the United States is. In the Laws of Success in 16 Lessons by Napoleon Hill, he postulated that the automobile would the ruin of many Americans because it would put them into undue debt. I have lived in the North East Urban Centers and I have been among the poorest of our pour. Having been on Welfare and Homeless as an adult. Buying a car by Black Americans in my part of the country (NJ, NY, Pa) is a matter of choice no finance. Most can put a full $14,000 aside to purchase a car if they want to. Divide $14,000 by 3. When you break it down you will see that even with bad credit a sufficient down payment can be made to buy a cheap new car. The first new car I bought was a Subaru in 1988 while I was still in college and didn't have good credit.
  11. That's a great question Troy. I believe that Carson represents us missing opportunities to move forward for the last 3 1/2 years. When Dr. Carson first become the Secretary of HUD he talked about a Title II which I never heard about. There have been many government programs which the Black Community has been missing out on because the Big Colleges and Universities and Not For Profits have snatched up the money. I believe Dr. Carson is sincere in his desire to help Black Families. I think that he was done an injustice by the Black Cancel Culture which doesn't recognize Blacks who disagree. I feel that we need to engage Dr. Carson's on Urban Forums so that more people can judge for themselves his commitment to the Black Community. I know he has been more outspoken on the changes that need to be done in NYC housing than I have heard. I hope I was able to answer your question.
  12. I just finished and reviewed Debi Thomas What Really Happened by Carol Denise Mitchell. I am 65% through Black Fortunes by Shomari Wills. I just started Dear Beautiful 31 Days of Affirmations for Women by Stalina Goodwin. I am going to take the next few days to stop watching Anime and read a few more books that I bought a few days ago.
  13. I changed my party affiliation to Republican when Ben Carson announced his run. I believe that the demonization and oversimplification of Black Conservatives is one of the biggest injustices Black Americans commit. George Floyd was a clear cut case of MURDER. The same applies to Amadu. Breonna was the result of keeping bad company. Too many of our youths are falling victim to death by association. I was almost a victim when I was a younger man. I thank God he had other plans for me. On the topic of Candance I do believe she falls into the same trap that many of the leading Public Black Conservatives do which is attempting to minimize wrongs by attacking people who have suffered injury. It's a tactic that backfires more than it succeeds. What is your object? To be a part of America or apart from America. We have many examples of people on all sides of the political spectrum. The side you choose doesn't determine your character or value as a human being. Look at Marcus Garvey who made a deal with the KKK to fund the Black Star Line. It's better to synthesize our individual values with the best points that come from all sides.
  14. For Immediate Release United States, 11th July 2020 [United States, 11th July 2020] - Author, Clarence Coggins, delights young children in this new story, Auntie I Don't Want You To Get Married: Danielle The Girl From New York, featuring passion, desire, and an attraction filled with love and humor that will charm all ages. This is the first installment of the new multicultural Illustrated Children's Book written by Clarence Coggins. Danielle is a young girl who travels from New York City to Georgetown Guyana to visit family for the first time. When she gets there, she has all types of adventures. This is the tale of when her Auntie Julia is trying to find out why Danielle doesn't want her to get married. "Auntie I Don't Want You To Get Married" is an absorbing and exciting story full of intriguing plot twists. Clarence Coggins takes the readers on Danielle's emotional journey and how she doesn't really want her aunt to get married. This beautiful graphic tale about the adventures of Danielle is a fun and creative writing that was lovingly produced with page after page of beautifully crafted illustrations, vibrant colors, lifelike images, and graceful figures that will fascinate the readers. Clarence Coggins is an author with a degree in Economics from Kean University in Union, NJ. Clarence hopes to represent the thrill-seeking tendencies of childhood combined with lessons of young adulthood. Clarence N.M. Coggins is a big fan of Japanese Anime. Raised on Golden Legacy Comics, Mr. Coggins learned at an early age that Blacks had contributed to the development of the Western World. He worked in the Public and Private sectors as a consultant and IT professional. Mr. Coggins is a Radio Personality who has hosted the show "A New Day is Here." He currently lives in the city of his birth, Jersey City. People interested in "Auntie, I Don't Want You To Get Married" and seeking a book that has got it all: intrigue, suspense, and adventure can order on Amazon. For media inquiries, get in touch with Clarence on 973-943-4073 or email at daniellegfny@gmail.com. You can also reach him on social media via Twitter (@danielle_from) and Instagram (@daniellegfny)
  15. You raise some very valid points Troy. When referring to economic studies I was thinking of things like the Osiris Revolution describe in Civilization or Barbarism and also the Economic Plan laid out at the end of Destruction of Black Civilization. There could also be information gained by looking at some of the reports made by early European Colonizes. Of course you have to filter out the cultural bias. I am also reading Black Athena now. So many books, so little time.
  16. Good Day Everyone, As I am going through learning how to promote my book. I am wondering which did I focus on first. Do I focus on building subscribers on Social Media Pages or should on focus on making sales as rapidly as possible? What has your experience been?
  17. I hope people won't be offended, but my experience has been different. I was raised a Marxist Leninist Atheist. When I got to college and I was able to meet and converse with scholars like Dr. Lenard Jeffries, Dr Yosef Alfredo Antonio ben-Jochannan and Dr. John Henrik Clarke. This was where I was introduced to various Pan-African Philosophies. I don't see Donald Trump as the Boogie man people are making him out to be. Just today the first Federal Execution took place. It wasn't a Black Man, it was a White Man. This is important because I believe Trump is a pragmatist above all else. We have a unique opportunity to shape and mold a destiny which is beyond many people's imagination. However, I don't think that bright destiny will be brought by the Democrats or Biden. I believe that under a Biden Administration, the talent 5th of the African American community will be further isolated and the path to do likewise will be blocked. These are just a few of my thoughts. I will close with the notion that Blacks who support Trump believe that the Constitution is a Promissory Note. The Democrats have declared that the Constitution irredeemable. It's a great topic. I enjoyed reading the earlier comments.
  18. Thank you so much. I missed the reference to the E-reader. Now for a little more background about Danielle the Girl From New York. You actually get to meet her parents in the second installment The 6 Magic Cans and The Present: Danielle The Girl From New York. This will actually be released late September or Early November. At the time the tale is told Danielle is 9 years old. Her father who was an Guyanese immigrant and NYC Fire Fighter died in the line of duty when she was 2 years old. Her mother Stella, a native born African American remarried a man named Paul. Stella works as bank manager in an Investment Banking Firm. Paul is an entrepreneur who meet Stella when he was at a venture capital forum in Dubai. The first book "Auntie I Don't Want You To Get Married" was originally written in Guyana in the 90's. However I lost the original story and Illustrations. This time I used an Illustrator from Sri Lanka. For the next book I'm not sure whether I will be using them again or bringing in a different team. The big think is that I will looking to work with other Writers and Illustrators to complete the series and go into the other stages of the project. I do hope that people will find this project worthy enough for review. If you need a review E-copy I will be be glad to supply one. I choose the short, installment form because that is the same style my favorite Black Author Alexander Dumas wrote in.
  19. Democracy and Capitalism are two different topics. I don't think that Democracy is a good thing. 1. Because it requires an educated involved population. 2. Because education systems can be manipulated. While there may be many challenges with Capitalism, I most definitely believe Socialism and Communism would leave us worse off. Looking around the world I see tyranny. In order to progress there needs to be a certain amount of stability and freedom. Looking at books like A Wealth Choice and Black Fortunes, I see that while we have had many challenges in this nation there are still more opportunities that exist today which don't exist elsewhere. I saw someone mentioned our own economic systems. The challenge with that is when you look at books like Civilization or Barbarism one sees that most societies have fallen from outside influences and not from internal rot. There are plenty of books which describe the history of Black Economic Systems, none have really been able survive in a meaningful way today. I don't think it's helpful for us to look at stats that say 50% of US families can not afford to by the cheapest cars. With the subprime auto market most people can buy a car, they have to pay a higher price. In terms of credit scores, that is why financial education is essential. Plus the statistic doesn't take in account the used car market. Isn't the real object to acquire independent transportation?
  20. Hello Everyone. Thank you for allowing on the site. I hope I am making this request properly. I would love for qualified people to do reviews of this book. UBER DRIVER TURNED AUTHOR DURING PANDEMIC *** New Book Alert*** *** Available in Paperback*** Contact Information: Clarence Coggins 973-943-4073 daniellegfny@gmail.com Twitter @danielle_from Instagram @daniellegfny ISBN-10: 0578721783 ISBN-13: 978-0578721781 On July 31, 2020 Auntie I Don’t Want You To Get Married; Danielle The Girl From New York is released. This is the first installment of the new multicultural Illustrated Children’s Book written by Clarence Coggins. Danielle is a young girl who travels from New York City to Georgetown Guyana to visit family for the first time. When she gets there she has all types of adventures. This is the tale of when her Auntie Julia is trying to find out why Danielle doesn't want her to get married. THAT WAS THE CUTEST STORY I EVER READ IN MY LIFE. I AM CRYING. I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW WHY SHE DID NOT WANT HER AUNT TO GET MARRIED. IT KEPT MY ATTENTION ALL THE WAY THROUGH...” - Carol D Mitchell, Author of Debi Thomas What Really Happened About the Author  Clarence N.M. Coggins is a big fan of Japanese Anime. Raised on Golden Legacy Comics, Mr. Coggins learned at an early age that Blacks had contributed to the development of the Western World. He graduated from Kean University in Union, NJ with BA in Economics. He worked in the Public and Private sectors as a consultant and IT professional. Mr. Coggins is a Radio Personality who has hosted the show “A New Day is Here”. He currently lives in city of his birth Jersey City.
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