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  1. Where are all the Black missing in action dad’s!! Where are they ?
  2. When you have blacks such as myself who believe in structured families, hard work, and personal responsibility but then have blacks that have no morals, condones thuggery, embraces unstructured families ,out of wedlock babies, makes excuses , and looks for handouts; you will never get black unity.
  3. No, I think your ignorant mind thinks blacks are superior.. but superior at what ????? aside from running and jumping of course.
  4. The problem is the 2 political differences. 1 black condemns violence, out of wedlock children, and endorses structured families. the other black ignores those common sense beliefs and continues to make excuses.
  5. Its astounding to me that the media and black leaders ignore all the violence by blacks. You can take the guns away but you are still left with violent thugs who will use other weapons. A violent thug is a violent thug with or without a gun. Removing guns doesn’t change their violent dna .
  6. I guess its ok for a black to say they are a “ superior race”. I call bs on that. Everyone thinks their own race is superior.
  7. The black karens ( sheniqua’s ) are in the news again tonight. They violently attacked an asian woman walking home from work. What else is new !
  8. Lets start rounding up all the gangs and thugs and send them to central america in exchange for some hard working people who dont feel entitled and want to live off the system. Not to mention all the violence they commit. Lets solve the crisis now !nwe can start with chicago and work our way east.
  9. The thugs were at it again tonigjt. Watch the news.
  10. Another disease from a third world country that the white man will find a cure for ( again ).
  11. I Agree. Blacks are great at running and jumping. In fact they are the best at it and they are also entertaining. White europeans are inventors, creators, thinkers, problem solvers, visionaries, and they have built modern cities and civilizations.. They basically invented everything and found cures for basically every disease. But again, lets not forget how good blacks are at running and jumping.
  12. you have got to be kidding me !!!! You think black women being violent is a good thing?? Violent black women reinforces ignorance and poor impulse control. There is absolutely nothing femanine about a violent black women. Such a turn off !
  13. Were our black women always this damn violent? Its really getting out of control and makes black women look very bad. Black women not only commit violent assaults but also murder and armed robbery MUCH MORE than any other race. Again, this is fact. One just needs to look at recent video footage and news articles, its absolutely insane. Black women are angry, scary, and vicious. Its the black culture and lack of family values, structure, and poor impulse contol.
  14. Blacks commit more violent crime than anyone else and its a fact we all have to face. Its due to poor impulse control and lack of family values and structure in our very dysfunctional black community.
  15. Jews use blacks as puppets and have what they consider ignorant blacks do their dirty work. Thats why jews try and push the racism narrative. Jews are great at creating new victims. Jews do not like blacks and view them as inferior but they know how to use the black race to their advantage, We as blacks should not allow that.
  16. Im Black but I must admit Im ashamed to admit it sometimes. The black culture today is an abomination, its embarrasing the way blacks act.
  17. Yep.. gather up all the violent inner city thugs and trade them for some hard working south and Central Americans. .
  18. Honestly, I think the fbi stats under report Black Violent crime. I think its much higher than 60%.
  19. I tell my children that if they are near a black karen( Sheniqua) , they need to run. They can be nasty amd violent. When black karen’s get into their violent trances, look out !
  20. These thugs didnt use a gun to slaughter an innocent old man. Guns arent the problem, violent thugs are. This is a great example.
  21. A black genius? Where ? I have’nt heard anything.
  22. Black men have absolutely NO IMPUSE CONTROL. This video is all too common in the black community. Blacks robbing and shootinginnocent, hard working people.
  23. Blacks call Black Women “Sheniqua’s.”. Black women can be very violent and randomly attack people. We just witnessed a bunch of violent Sheniqua’s video’s.
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