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  1. Lets see. The lady in the red dress said robymarie. lets take a step back in time. http://www.thumperscorner.com/discus/messages/47723/42311.html?1231359969
  2. Are you kidding me Troy, of course I know. In her brief posts, she's left a few dead give-aways. For one, she mentioned Jackie. Now why would she mention Jackie, who hasn't posted in a bit? am just sayin'... Here's another, "all4you33". Yep, there's gold in that name. Hint: is she left handed or right handed... young, or old as Thumper. She's also single.
  3. As the defense lawyer for AllForYou, I am advising them not to answer all the questions. If they do, they'd might as well start the IV drip. We'd be dead in the water. Troy appears to have a second life as a state prosecutor... He's good, but I am advising my client to take the 5th. I mean, come on Troy, why don't you ask them to list the dates of their last posts. I agree, it's hard for us to change our voice (I don't think anyone can do that) but I think this person will give you a run for your money.
  4. Well Troy, do read the whole post [you know where Iam at, I got you comment about Yo' house, yo' daughters, and me. LMBAO] Of course you must know that I took a little artictic privilege with this post. You have to know that I know the president can't grab his johnson and all that other nonsense. Although you may have missed the jest of my post or was simply shaking the pile, ('tude), as you called it, is what makes the world go round. Confidence is a 'tude, wouldn't you say? What leaves the heart will find another. You know that some people take kindness for weakness. Few people will follow a man that appears weak. You show me a woman that loves a weak man and I'll show you a lesbian. Again, come on by and add to the other 25 comments. Some may agree with you. Many may not. You can even post under anonymous so no one will know you are slumming :- ). You will not be the only TC postee. And like the others, I will not out you *LOL* Well, let me check that. Once I did post your ugly mug. But be at ease, you took a good picture.
  5. It's time for the president to tell the public that he's the real HNIC. It's time for him to open his stride, jack-up his slacks, and shake his di*k at all the naysayers. Grab his nuts and... Cont...http://careycarey-carrymehome.blogspot.com/2010/01/yo-prez-slap-first-mther-fker-through.html BEFORE and AFTER It's Gorilla time.
  6. Well Thump, in my humble opinion, I do not think Precious was the Best Picture, nor will it winning any grand wards. Maybe it can snag a BET award but we don't even want to go there. But for the rest of the categories, it's possible. But see, since we are not in a post-racial society, and we all know that "race" is always in the race, I know nothing about the voting habits of the BAFTA. But black performers have always said that some Europeans are more accepting, open and honest, about the artistic values of black performers. I am sure you know a little something about the past history of the BAFTA. I know you know a lot about their love of black writers. Tell us what you know. Sprinkle us with your words of wisdom.
  7. Well Thump, since you're the oldest one around here ( I don't know why you posted that fake birth date) you'll have to tell us. Thumper is the one in the middle.
  8. Hughes Brothers I work all day till the sun go down. Money short, but I go anyhow. Eight foot, seven foot, tally me banana. Daylight come and I me wanna go home. When I found out Denzel was in a new movie, I had to get some of that. When it was said the Hughes brothers would direct the movie, I had to have some of that. Movie tickets... twenty two dollars. Pop & popcorn for two... twenty dollars. Total, 42 dollars, I got that! The Book of Eli... SMH. I didn't get it. Cont... http://careycarey-carrymehome.blogspot.com/2010/01/day-o-daaay-o-elis-comon-and-i-should.html
  9. Hey Yvettep, I have not heard anything about Everett's new book or the movie. Good looking out. Everett is a great writer (ask Thump). Or go to the old-old archieves to see what Thump had to say about him. Don't ask Google. They ain't got nothing on Thumper :-) So, the married couple, Angela & Courtney, are involved in the making of "Erasure", uuummm. Now all they need is Oprah... or Tyler Perry. Well, maybe not Tyler but his money. I don't want to see another chick flick with the lead being played by a grandmother in drag.
  10. Oh boy, it looks like I've been corrected. I didn't know that all the categories were not voted on by all of the academy voters. Well, although my comment wasn't very clear, I knew that about the DGA. But, nevertheless, I still don't like the fact that Cameron won for Avatar. But in this case, it's probably fair. Given the fact that there was so much involved in making that movie, I can't imagine how aware he has to be in all aspects of making a movie of that kind. But wait Thump, how you gonna say that you're gonna wait until AFTER the awards to make your picks? That's cleavor but that's not fair. Maybe you are saying who will win the Oscar, not who should win? But come on Thump, step out on a limb, or stand on a large tree truck, but tell us who made you smile. I don't want to hear any fence stradling "reviewer" talk. Give it to me like you care about me and my money. Hug me like you love me.
  11. Thump, I have so much to say, but your mention of Lee Daniels caught my eye. Well, more so, the DGA awards. We've talked about the racism Prejudice certain flavor of the voting panel of the Oscars. Well, this year the DGA is honoring Norman Jewison. First, I don't know if Mr Jewison is a Jewish fellow, but I know he was born in Canada. So here's my thang, he's always shown the courage to direct movies that championed black folks. I know I don't have to tell you, but for others, he did In The Heat Of The Night, A Soldiers Story and The Hurricane. In my opinion, he's due an award. Now, I don't know the core of Oscar voters, but I wonder how many of them are part of the DGA? Over the years we've seen what you call Negro Oscar Busters. I wonder how many of "Buster's" fathers are part of the Oscar Academy? Sure, they gave Denzel and Halle an award, but I don't even want to go there. For that "I don't want to go there" reason, Monique could take the big one. But anyway, although it's great to see the light shine on Lee Daniels, I am not very big on the BEST DIRECTOR AWARD. First of all, I don't know what the voters are looking for. It seems like if the movie is a fan favorite, the award drops in the hands of the director. To me, that should not be the case. Take for instance the DGA nominees. Jason Reitman Quentin Tarantino Kathryn Bigelow James Cameron Lee Daniels I doubt if the aveerage joe can match the nominated movies to the correct director. Also, if asked I don't think many people can say a thang about the "direction" of the movie. How in the hell is Jmaes Cameron a nominated director for Avatar? I love seeing black peole get their props, but Thump, although A_womon hates it when I slam "black movies" or black directors, I gotta do my thang. I have to speak on The Book Of Eli. I'm not going to highjack your post, but i gotta talk about it. I'm going to do a review & blog. Yep, my way. Have you seen the movie? You may want to slow your roll. Well, the Hughe Brothers jump out with Menace To Society. This WTF movie should be called Dennis The Menace meets Max In The Thunderdome.
  12. My man Thump, You know you sure do bring it! See, I need you right next to my copy of TCM's 2009 DVD catalog. I didn't know "Patricia Highsmith wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley AND the Hitchcock classic Strangers on a Train". You know I love both of those movies. The movies was great and so was the acting. Oh, before I get caught-up, I am waiting to hear your Oscar picks. I've seen all the talked about movies and most of the performances of the leading actors. I am not going to show my hold card but Morgan Freeman and Avatar gets my 10 TOES DOWN. Well, I fell asleep while watching both of them. So, you know, 10 toes down. They were just "ok" in my book. Now I'll tell you who I think did a great job. I mean, he might not win a damn thing but, Brad Pitt did a great job. The movie may not be for everyone (the director does his usual thang of over-the-top-ness, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course you know what I feel about Monique`.... BEST ACTING - by a black actress - EVER! Agree or disagree, I'm sticking with that one. But Thump, can I have my card back? I mean you spanked me for blowing ol girls name. You know, the one that played Julie Child. Will you ever forgive me? I was drunk. Okay, that's a lie because I don't drink, but come on man, can I have my card back? Anyway, although she's a great-great-great actress, the movie and her, gets my 10 TOES DOWN! Well, for the Julia & Julia chick flick. Back to movies and books: I knew you were on this kick, but did you ever consider that "Benjamin Button" was developed from a short story? I think we've talk about the movie, but how does short stories fit in this issue? Wasn't there 2 movie versions of The Postman Rings Twice and Double Indemnity? Although I was never a big fan of Broderick Crawford (fat face talked to fast), he killed Willie Starks.
  13. Well Kitty, I am all in because I don't know what I am doing. I am afraid to touch anything. I feel like I am in my mother's "good" room. Plus, I am trying real hard to start a new life... over here. Yep, no arguing and no snide remarks. Yes sir, I am just going to read Thump's reviews and be like the 3 monkeys.
  14. I feel like George Jefferson... moving on up. ** big applause** It even has a spellcheck :-) Thump, I can't wait to read your reviews! Good job Troy!
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