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  1. I think Perry meant well, but he is starting to believe his own publicity. He is about like the purveyors of drugs and alchohol thinking that their products sell so well because they are healthy and nutritious. He is successful because his stuff gets into N-mess--he ain't the only one. Mess sells. I think also you got problems when you try to take a play to the big screen. I just saw a DVD of "American Buffalo", which is a play by David Mamet. It has three characters. In a small, intimate theater it might have been good. It was a failure as a movie. Plays are all about the actors and their delivery of the dialog. A movie can be successful even when it eliminates dialog for long periods.
  2. (It don't bother me. They ain't talking about me when they are running down these dudes-- Besides we do it to them all the time, too. We just can't make a movie or play about it)
  3. Maybe Tyler should have played all the parts in drag. Or had a bunch of other dragsters--Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Idris Elba, et al http://www.gomemphis.com/news/2010/nov/04/perry-treatment-for-colored-girls/
  4. I know some folk might think I'm hatin' on Cynique-- Their suspicions would be correct. I am one of them crabs in the barrell negroes. But I agonize about it sometimes for hours with my girlfriends. Never fear, Neeky poo-- Like Kat Williams say If you ain't got at least a dozen people hatin' on ya you ain't doin' nothin'!
  5. In fact I would love for EVERYONE to use the social media icons (facebook, twitter, digg) to share posts with your network -- especially you lurkers! That would defintely help. (Unfortunately I do not have such a network. I ain't got no blog, no web page, I aint selling an album or a book right now or anything. Plus, facebook, twitter and digg are the Enemies of God.) I'll keep working on some ideas. I still think if you reinvent yourself as an Ultra Conservative you might draw some heat. Imagine if you file an essay attacking the Emancipation Proclaimation! That would put you way to the right of Clarence Thomas--I think.
  6. Comedian sez: Black folks, we have to examine this terrorism thing. See, there's some forms of terrorism we, as black folks, got to stay away from. For instance Time bombs. The first thing you gotta remember about time bombs is Ya gotta be on time. He got us good, didn't he. Almost as good as the Worstershire Sauce joke. They got us good with that one.
  7. (I've told you you need to make efforts to get new blood on the site. Go on somebody else's site and steal some of their posters. Offer prizes. Make false promises. Show a little cheesecake. Or beefcake. Get some of those New Yawk celebrities that you jingle in your pocket like so many pieces of silver to come in. Imagine if you got Idris Elba to come on a couple of times. That would get the rubes! You have some other problems, too. One is this is a reading site. Readers are a cowardly and superstitious lot---wait a minute. That's what Bruce Wayne said when he was deciding to be Batman. Strike that. It deals with books. Books ain't hot. Movies are hot. Gossip is hot. Sports is hot. But also, let's face it--from what I have seen on the web what happens is a site starts up and people are hot on it. Then, folks drift away. Some are mad. Some are bored. Some start getting laid again. Almost every site I started posting on when I first started up is gone or moribund. You got these new things that came up. Tweets. Twitter. Facebook. I don't fool with them because I would just say the same things I say here. Plus, they are they enemy of God. You could get more out of Thumper. He could come on more. You got to get hot. Find out a way to get them HITS, baby!
  8. "When was this board NOT contentious? And why is it that Black people object to discussion on a discussion site? I admit I am at fault--lots of times I forget that people are on the web because they can't handle real life, real face to face down and dirty dealing with people. Cussing and fussing and playing the dozens. Get off the web and walk around and interact. Then some words typed on a site won't disturb you so much, I think--
  9. Second, EVERYBODY'S on-line musings will remain in cyberspace forever. (Oh really? When they turn off the power, take out the hard drives, where does it go? Did you have any floppy disks? What happened to what was on them? Face it, Cynique. You are destined for Palookaville-- Unless you heed my words.... More to follow
  10. Chris I just think people are frustrated and are willing to listen to anyone that will promise them that they will make things better than they are now... (I think this analysis is naive. The opposition to him and the Democrats started the day he won. But the Democrats and Obama cannot excape the blame. Here in Missouri Robin Carnahan ran a lousy campaign especially in the heavily Democratic districts. When I pointed this out to some of her supporters their answer was that she was not a very gregarious person, was kind of shy, etc. What kind of damn politician can you make with this sort of make up. Obama ran off from his base. He tried to cozy up to people who knew that was the kiss of death (to be seen cozying up to him) Look at him now, going overseas after getting this ass whupping instead of trying to repair the damage. He ain't gonna make any points with those foreigners in such a weakened position. He should fire all his advisers. They have been remiss in underestimating the type of racism and vitriol the first Black President would face. If there is a failing in white liberals (not radicals) it is in being unable to face up to the racism of other white folks. Maybe they would have to face up to their own racism, then. Obama had to see that he was re elected, that he had majorities in both houses. Then maybe he could do something. The Democratic party has to forget FDR, JFK and LBJ. This ain't 1932. Black folks just will not vote at all and he needs all the votes he can get from us. "Black folks cannot and could not swing it for Barack. It would have taken all those young people and college students of many backgrounds that came out in 2008 and were more or less told to go sit down afterward. You think George Bush ran it in the ground. Wait til Sarah Palin and the teabaggers are through.
  11. Of course I appreciate that it is impossible for a Black station (any station for that matter) to broadcast serious subjects in an intelligent way, to be commercially viable. (A local black female talk show host, who was unabashedly liberal, and who is now off the air, by the way, revealed that she was told that she could get a nationally syndicated show if she was a conservative. Liberal, forget it. According to Talkers magazine, the Bible of Hate Radio, most of the listeners to talk radio tend to be white conservative males. Think about it. Most listeners to radio go to music, sports, religion, and talk in that order. There is a radio station that offers a couple of hours of black talk a day here and the rest oldies (music). It's the ADS man. If you don't get the ads you can't stay on, and nobody is going to buy ads if nobody is listening. Unless you are a conservative. They got people on here that can't have a demographic, but they play ads. I think these businessmen like that kind of talk.
  12. My musings will be in cyber space forever and when the ruins of this civilization are discovered, archaeologists of the future will come across my computer hard drive and upon translating its hieroglyphics, will learn something quirky about an ancient culture. (And SHE calls ME a Megalomaniac!)
  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elections/ Maybe it was inevitable given the tide of hysteria But there was also the clumsy politicking of the Democrats 1) They realized that their base included younger voters,esp college students. Once they had it in the bag instead of keeping all of them involved, like Republicans do their young, they told them to go home and sit down that they had it. Primarily ex legislators, they thought all they needed to do was get some bomb legislation over and everybody would go along. Wrong. 2) They knew they were in trouble when they lost Ted Kennedy's seat. They should have at least been campaigning like they are now since June. Nope. I dunno. Maybe they got the word to lie down.
  14. Troy you need to encourage a strong Black conservative stream of thought on these boards. You must know some. Get them to come on and post. How come they ain't defending their homie, Juan? http://www.counterpunch.org/lawrence10272010.html http://www.counterpunch.org/farago10272010.html
  15. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130757782&ps=cprs
  16. Chronic depression is a byproduct of the creative state. Bear with it. Seek advice. Above all keep feeding the Muse. Painful as it is to serve her, you ignore her at your peril.
  17. And it will all be over. But it will only be the beginning of the End. THE NEXT TWO YEARS IS GOING TO DRIVE MOST OF YOU OVER THE EDGE! I ain't goin'. I'SE ALREADY CRAZY! (Cue real scary laughter, haunted organ music, moans groans and chains rattling--haunted house sounds. Fade to Black!)
  18. I made "Along" two words, as a hint that my post was a lengthy one. "A Long Comes Cynique" was a play on words, something which apparently went over the head of an obtuse Dummy like you. (Oh. HAHAHAHAHAHA! BTW, if you have to explain a joke, it is a failure. Funny as a crutch, Cynique!) Furthermore, nobody asked for your stupid advice, Chrishayden, so don't tell me what I need to do (When I get through with you, you will be waiting everyday by the mailbox for my detailed instructions. Pages and pages of them. All I shall require of thee is thy soul--) I am admittedly prejudiced when it comes to Islam so I exercised my right to hold erroneous opinions about this religion which, like many others, I find stifling, vindictive and corrupted. (Troy and all you others, when you wonder why we're in the shape we are in, look no further than this one. Here is a woman, who has twisted and brainwashed at least four generations of Black people, who admits she don't even know what is going on next door to her in Chicago but feels she is qualified to comment on a religion thousands of years old and countries on the other side of the world. JESUS! IF YOU COMIN BACK HURRY UP BEFORE THE NEGROES SCREW IT ALL UP!)
  19. just posted a review of the film Waiting for Superman which talks about the crisis in American education. It is quite astonishing that in 2010 we are trying to figure out how to educate our children. (This film is a bullshit advertisment for the Charter Schools Industry which is not producing kids with much better scores than public schools. Here in St. Louis, the Charter Schools hire kids just out of college without teaching certificates. The teachers have to buy books and pencils out of their pockets. If they complain they are fired (they have no unions) if parents complain their kids are tossed out. The schools keep all the money they have sucked out of the system. In the end, after they have failed, the companies that ran them shut down, get out of town, having made a healthy profit, and start all over again. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT JUST ROBBED US BLIND ON WALL STREET! I guess the public is so stupid maybe they deserve it.
  20. (I can't figure it out. From what I can see, most Americans are a bunch of retards. Yet somehow the education system is supposed to make the descendents of knuckle dragging degenerates into geniuses. If the kids are stupid you can look to the parents. THE APPLE DON'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE! Contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.
  21. Given how many ministers tend to worry more about Heaven than material concerns, it is rather refreshing to see a member of his profession offering answers aimed at to alleviating the pain his congregation is suffering in a Hell on Earth. (You never heard of Reverend Ike?) To break out of economic bondage, it is suggested that black folks need to free themselves from a “culture of debt” by transforming themselves from conspicuous consumers to sage investors. As far as the familiar mindset of relying just on faith in Jesus alone for financial salvation, it is duly noted that such “optimism needs to be rooted in reality.” (That's right. Maybe you coons could load up on junk bonds and other toxic investments and let Wall Street steal all your money. You might as well wipe your butt with it as spend it where these sharks tell you. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. America is populated by nothing but thieves and whores. Have a nice day and drive safely.
  22. This has been an open secret for a long time. Other tricks--counting shipments but not returns. Having some institution buy thousands of copies that are remaindered. Flat out putting books on the list without regard to any copies. C'mon, man! We have had TWO Presidential elections stolen right in front of our eyes in the last ten years. We have gone to war based on lies and obfuscations, resulting in trillions of dollars wasted and hundreds of thousands killed and maimed. We have had worthless stocks sold-- So What if somebody lies about some books? This is the 21st century, man! You can't TELL the truth because you can't SELL the truth!
  23. Another view of the U.S. relations with Muslim countries http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts10152010.html
  24. I take issue with the very fact that the man is on this planet, breathing, while so many more deserving life forms are extinct. He is Mediocrity incarnate and he should't be trying to represent the Colored folks!
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