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  1. I just feel bad that all we seem to look like in those kinds of films is wife-beaters, dead beat fathers, alcoholics and rapists that's all. (So do I. But then again, when I came up we were all happy go lucky, water melon loving, chicken stealing coons. America is unable to see us as humans and individuals. Oh well. Maybe we should take the same approach Bruce Willis did to his baldness and lean into it)
  2. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. If the economy doesn't improve he's out of there no matter what he does, I think--and right now it looks to me the odds for approval are less than 50-50. It looks like he is going to try to be John Wayne in Afghanistan. I just hope we are not destroyed like everybody else who tried to conquer them folks. They are some mean, crazy SOBS and their national sport is hunting down and killing foreigners. Even the ones who are our allies hate us and want us out (expelling the hated foreigner is a mantra to them over 2000 years old. Even Alexander the Great could not subdue them)
  3. Troy, I knew there was something about you I liked from the first. Now I know what it is. Any man who loves the Funk has no sin within him. I will dance at your next wedding, no matter where it is held. CHRIS HAYDEN P-FUNK memories: The first time I saw Funkadelic was in 1972. I had never even heard of them before, was going along because the trip sounded good. They appeared at University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. (I went there from 68-70 so I was going to see some old pals, party, etc) They appeared in a gym. I think the ticket was $2.50. They started late. By the time the concert was over one half the audience had left. Not because they were lousy, but because it was so intense. I remember George Clinton came on stage through the audience, scattering people as he came. He had on a loin cloth, a black leotard, a cape, one half of his face was painted white and the other half was silver. We thought these guys were raving lunatics, the way they acted and performed. The music was great and ear shatteringly loud. They had Bootsy with them. His brother Phelps. Bernie Worrell. Eddie Hazel. They had a horn section. I think most of this band appeared on what was then their latest album "America Eats It's Young" They performed "Pussy". The other half of the audience (which I was in , Praises Be to God) had to be told the concert was over and to leave. We were frankly stunned. I saw them several times after that (I remember one time George Clinton drove out on stage in a Volkswagen--this was Pre Mothership) Funk is its own reward!
  4. Ahhhh! P-Funk puts me in the holiday mood. Cynique was on a few of these cuts, as I recall http://www.amazon.com/Music-Your-Mother-Funkadelic/dp/B000001TV7
  5. (And what did we gain from this excercise?)
  6. I'm not hating on Steve. He should milk the suckers for everything he can get. I only wish I could come up with some bushwah to separate them from their money. My own religion, maybe? Hmmmm
  7. What did I tell you? Now, no doubt, a lot of you tree hugging leftist socialist lip dragging liberals are accusing him of selling out. You are absolutely correct. He had to. He's weak. That's why the Democrats allowed him to run. Can he get back his base? Sure. The rabid radical right is sure to overreach and act up. He can pull a Clinton on them and rope a dope them. For his base? He should get the hell out of Afghanistan AND Iraq now. With these tax cuts we cannot afford it. He could do it easy, moving them battalion by battalion and brigade by brigade. Who gives a damn about them two crapholes? Declare Victory and Get out, Obama!
  8. Hmmmm. I have been called many things in my lifetime but never Priceless. Chris Priceless Hayden. Does have a certain ring to it.
  9. Funny: When Tyler Perry dresses up as a dope smoking, pistol packing old black woman nobody has a problem. I suppose if the three young ladies in question had been men in drag you would have found it okay?
  10. Chris and your point is....? "My point is that this guy is STEALING YOUR SHTICK! You could make mincemeat out of him! I can see it now--TROY JOHNSON--God, Guns and Glory and BLACK!" or something like that. We could make MILLIONS!
  11. To my "nephew" Troy, my son appeared in his high school’s production of “12 Angry Men”, a work which was adapted from a “teleplay” (What part did h play? Don't tell me. Let me guess. He played the court reporter.)
  12. WHOOOOOO! WE'RE NO 1 USA! USA! USA! http://www.golf-talk.co.uk/news/st-louis-most-dangerous-city-in-the-us/12457501
  13. Chrishayden: In my opinion misogyny is bad no matter where it raises it's ugly head. But mysoginy relative to black women is different than the misogyny that might show up in County and Western music or Schwarzenegger movies because slander of black women historically in so many different ways, in so many different media, has been one of racism's props. Whatever misogyny there is or has been in C and W music, blue-eyed, blonds have not been dealt with by the society the way that black women have. Hence, it is particular hurtful and bad if black rappers play racism's game by joining in the slander of black women. (How can you separate out misogyny against black women from misogyny against women? Like a misogynist is going to slander white women and then treat black women like queens? No, if he's going to treat his woman like a dog he's going to treat ours like dogsh*t. There are some who say that the freest people in this society have been white men and black women, with white women and black men following in that order. . I don't hold to that myself, of course.) That said, it does not mean that there can be no play, movie or novel by black writers that confronts and explores tensions that might exist in relationships. My comments about FOR COLORED GIRLS suggested looking at in that light, and if it both members of a couple feel that they are in a good place in their relation then, for them, it's just a movie they'll probably enjoy talking about over an after show pizza. JohnH (They'll probably wind up yelling at each other and stalking off in opposite directions--as should happen if people are getting it off their chests. I finally met a black woman who doesn't like Madea. She's also the only black person I have met who thinks Michael Jackson was a pedophile)
  14. This could have something to do with it 1 in 5 Americans mentally ill http://www.cnbc.com/id/40257359
  15. This is what you call a Democratic society where people are allowed to speak their own minds. I don't have to like Barak or Tyler even if they are walking on water. Criticsm goes with the job. An old Gospel Singer by the name of Martha Bass used to say if you are going to be out here in public you better have a rubber butt cuz you are going to get it kicked. I don't feel sorry for them one bit. They are doing fine. They need to suck it up and keep pushing.
  16. But it's all about whose ox is being gored, isn't it? Even now, we get all these shrill squeals when somebody brings up all the misogyny in rap (they never seem to care about it in Country Music, Rock or Arnold Shwartzenegger movies, but I guess that is another conversation). I wonder where all the voices of reason and mercy are when we talk about that? "But that's different" say the voices. Some people think it ain't. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. We all need to respect each other's opinions and not tell somebody to go have a pizza. I'd like to tell Tyler Perry what he can do with that pizza, allright.
  17. Tyler's potential is limitless. (right about the time folks say this about a Negro he takes a big fall. Perry is just another filmmaker. If he gets too big or too black for his britches he will be where all the other Great Black Hopes wind up. The chopping block. Couldn't be too soon for my money.
  18. Here you go, Troy http://www.riverfronttimes.com/2010-11-04/news/kevin-jackson-wrote-the-book-how-to-win-white-friends-and-influence-black-people/
  19. (Everybody ain't on the web. In fact all the FOR REAL people despise and avoid the web. Contemplate all this on the tree of woe...)
  20. The first thing a defeated general does is repair his shattered formations and comfort and revivify his defeated troops. When I see Obama overseas getting pimpslapped in Seoul I realize he ain't got a clue. He needs to understand he don't get to go to these swell meetings unless he gets re elected and that he has a big problem with the electorate. He has to understand that he has been defeated and now he is fighting for survival. If the election were held today, he would lose. He has t go to work on that. Specifics? He needs to give in all the way on extending the tax cuts, but cut the best bargain he can for them. Maybe extend them six months at a time while he is cutting a deal. Them Republicans are salivating for them tax cuts. He has to position it so it looks like it was his idea, all along. He's got to wage a fighting retreat on the health care. They are going to pick it to pieces. He has to have his folks give where they would obviously lose, compromise where possible, and string it out as long as he can with hearings, campaigns, etc. His biggest problem with that is that nobody really knows what is in it or what it does. Brilliant idea to put something like this out there. Who did that? Rahm Emmanuel?
  21. "@Chris the democrats did not oppose Barack out the box what are you talking about?! Needless to say the Republicans were always against him." Troy: Herewith and I quote myself ****The opposition to him and the Democrats started the day he won*** Him AND the Democrats, I said. Do YOU honestly feel think Barack was "vastly" superior to Hillary Clinton? "After the racist campaign she and her cracker husband waged in the primaries she was unacceptable to large numbers of African Americans. I for one would have voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin if by some hook or crook, she'd have gotten on the ticket. THE VOTERS SPOKE. BARACK WAS SUPERIOR TO HILLARY CLINTON.
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