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  1. LOL... You guys are so right and on point. I typically always have something to add, but not this time. Troy knows how I feel about it all and I think Mel gets it. The only solution is to continue doing what we are doing. When I see Mel's work come across my Twitter feed (What's your Twitter handle?) I will retweet it and if we are linked on Facebook i will reshare it. As long as the content goes back to a place where you benefit I will retweet and reshare it. That's the best we can do. This is how we use social and not be used. For example, Troy posted a great video on Youtube yesterday. I liked it (which automatically tweeted it, which shared it to my Facebook) and then because it fit my online course I'm doing I created a post for it and then tweeted from my site. Now it may only get an additional 5 views from that, but it is now indexed by Google on YT and through my site and through social. That's how we build community.
  2. I appreciate that of course, but we are already connected through AALBC and anything you want to rap about, you can e-mail or inbox me here. I consider the people on this board extended family and family helps each other.
  3. I agree 100 Percent, but I took a few days to set up my online store and then doubled that work by placing all inventory on Square and then pasting the html code into my site so people could buy from me. I put the same shoes on Amazon and the only sell I've gotten through my site was from someone on Facebook going straight to the site. I've had my own shoe line on my site always and without fail, people only try them because they are on Amazon. I'm telling you it's all about convenience and that one click without taking your wallet out.
  4. Miles was a woman abuser. That is definitely an indicator of the imagery shown in this video. So I had no problem at all believing the behavior in the trailer. http://www.avclub.com/article/miles-davis-beat-his-wives-and-made-beautiful-musi-105904
  5. I actually wrote about the first store opening on my blog here: http://www.cbpublish.com/business-why-the-amazon-bookstore-helps-legitimize-their-imprints/ I guess I have a deeper perspective on all of the Amazon action because that is where I make my living. Did you also know that Amazon purchased planes and a fleet of trucks to develop their own shipping service ala Fed Ex? What's crazier is a couple of weeks ago Fed Ex's software guys began updating their software to interact with the Amazon Marketplace and Amazon literally removed them as an option for shipping on the marketplace for over a week. This meant that the marketplace stores could only choose UPS or USPS. I spoke to one of the software guys and he said they aren't worried about Amazon and this shipping thing... but why wouldn't they worry? Like I said in my post, it's very disturbing the control Amazon has on the buyer. I literally have shoes on my website at a cheaper price than I do on my Amazon store and people will buy from Amazon almost all of the time. It's all about convenience. I talked about it on this video:
  6. Such a dope back and forth. I have nothing at all to add. (Googles self just for fun).
  7. Most important, make sure you add the script from Google Webmaster Tools. It helps with indexing the entire site. That's what the board is for... we help each other. Troy has a lot of info about indexing as well, but the main one that I can discuss is making sure you site is indexed. I think I will do a video on that as well in the future. Keep pushing!
  8. Once again Troy, the cosign by the Roots is generating this attention. You have to get that cosign to gain ground in the mainstream media. This is good news however. Becoming Fallon's houseband is creating unlimited opportunities for the Roots.
  9. I definitely believe that what we are doing is both creating and supporting the community. It's not even much of an effort to come in and check and respond. If more people did this, then the writing community would be a bit better for us. Now on to your name and your site... Here is an article that explains why your site isn't showing up as high as it should. Pay close attention to the info on Google Webmaster Tools. http://www.cbpublish.com/arch-marketing-sales-discussion-may-2014/
  10. I love how optimistic Mel is!!!! It takes a person of considerable character to interact and do as you have Mel. Most people tend to do what is easiest and what connects them to the most people at one time and that's social media. The perception of social drives the engine of connection for most. You have taken the time to join a community and the interesting thing is everything here is indexed and searchable through Google which means you are creating a bigger digital footprint than just using social media which tends to disappear within 24 hours unless it goes viral which is very rare. Keep attempting to link the sites though because it is definitely an admirable cause and it's needed.
  11. Troy this is what you have said continuously. When a person of substance decides to step away from the machine to create a venture founded in purpose they can successfully bring it to fruition through perseverance and hard work. I hardly ever get to the movies, but I will try if and when this gets a theater release. I will buy it if I don't see it in theater. I commend Nate for working to get a passion project done.
  12. It has duality. Remember the secret society of presidents and rich guys from Harvard ( I think...) is Skull and Bones. It is funny though.
  13. Mel is on point again. The e-mail list is vital. I still haven't developed one, but what I kind of rely on is updating my site often with content and then pushing it out there in a variety of ways. In regard to Black Enterprise, I have long thought that the audience Black Enterprise caters too is a bit elitist in some ways and it really fails to do a better job of reaching and delivering info to the people who really need it. I guess the same could be said about all forms of media, but I even discuss BE in my first biz book. I talk about how the scenarios simply didn't jive with the Black folks I knew and had lived around. It almost seemed that the way the info was presented it was the same info I got from Money and INC, two white publications that spend more time addressing people who make six figures and have debt of about 20000 dollars. I'm not saying that giving those people info is not as important, but it overlooks the population looking for real help to make it out of the lower class. BE has to cater to its supporters though and I don't knock it for that. Troy, I don't know how you understood that e-mail. Your deciphering skills are bananas! LOL Mel, the idea that BE's article didn't really help is directly related to conversion. Because you have a book any marketing is important, but the most effective conversion comes when you are marketing through channels that are made for the audience you are looking to reach. If your book was not fantasy and was business related, BE might have helped more. As it stands AALBC is a site that is about books and will help you convert more CTRs. While having coverage leads to more coverage, I have to wonder if it really leads to conversion for a lot of people? I do know there is a bump from really big media platforms, but I don't there is ever really a big bump from media that is not in the field you're aiming for.
  14. Man don't play! LOL. You should see some of the statements I get in the sneaker biz. It has gotten so crazy I even considered writing a book. Here is the cover and one of the statements. If you want to compare crazy e-mails you may be starting something that will never end. (customer) 07/26/2013 - 21:38 Product: air jordan 6 olympic 2012 release aye man what does the left shoe and the inside of both of them like the out side inside.. look like?? side look like??
  15. The Skull & Bones could be an inside joke though...lol.
  16. Here is a series that I did from one of my books. You probably are doing this, but you will have to go back and connect all of the articles once you finish the series. http://www.cbpublish.com/25-keys-points-to-stay-motivated-in-small-business-intro/
  17. I will take the blame for this since I've taken on "difficult" teaching assignments in bad areas and I more than succeeded, but I didn't write a book about it... and I probably wouldn't get published if I did write a book. No one wants to hear the good story. People want gloom and doom to justify their charity.
  18. When you are published by the companies, you have to give blurbs. This takes us right back to controlling our story. What can you say? I just spend my time trying to build my business and sharing what I can that is of importance. I've given way too much of my life away to keep fighting the same issues over and over. I'm only doing what I can control.
  19. They used the word scurry!!!!!! Rats freaking scurry man! Ahhhhhh Troy! Our lack of empowerment and controlling our narrative is indeed a frustrating and dangerous thing.
  20. If the lottery is hope, label me a nihilist.
  21. I think this question of understanding is a book Troy. I think you really need to think about doing something with this idea. The disconnect between reality and reality for Black folks is insane.
  22. Well, at least China doesn't have a problem with trolls and people who hide behind screen names... That's not funny, but it's the truth. A communist country in all honesty is not very different from the US. Your comment about looking at the state of Black media is basically a comparison to the control created by Communism. It's the same thing. The only difference is we have the idea that we have free will and our own ideas.
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