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  1. I have not heard from Chris Hayden in a while now. Check my post for the information you requested. Thanks.
  2. Please, take some time out to consider this book for an honest review. ABOUT THE BOOK Author: Sarah Jane Heidelberg Title: All the Pretty Roses: A Tale of Bittersweet Love and Betrayal ISBN-13: 978-1545164273 Paperback 1st Ed ISBN-13: 978-1520859330 Paperback 2nd Ed All the Pretty Roses is set in a Southern University with a popular poetic atmosphere where everybody who so desires are allowed to pop their literary cherry and participate in the emergence of Slam Poetry Readings in Mississippi, attend musical jam sessions, and attend special events that bring the promise of new love. You wonder if any studying takes place with all the excitement. Mercedes, the embodiment of "Love" meets campus Romeo and poet, "Bitter" and their whirlwind affair leads to heartbreak as it dawns on him that he, a Senior in college is dating a mere freshman. He takes all lengths to avoid this beauty, inadvertently opening the door for Betrayal to move into his territory once he decides to give it a go. Life circumstances and a long talk with his homeboy leads to a bargain. This bargain leaves himself out of Love's life. When Betrayal finally makes his move and everything seems perfect, an unexpected event leaves both Bitter and Love feeling empty. After Love forgoes all the glitterization of poetry and prose she once loved in college, a burst of energy to tell her story re-energizes her to write the story of a lifetime. How is Bitter connected to her success and will she find passion again after loss? Find out in All the Pretty Roses: A Tale of Bittersweet Love and Betrayal. First Edition Second Edition
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