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Cornell WEst, the People's Party and The problem with Third parties in the usa

Anyone in the usa can answer  

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  1. 1. What is the best way for third parties of governance, no matter their positions or your connection to any, to grow?

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Below is a comment I made on ProfD's post



yeah I heard. Again, why is it 99% of the third parties in the usa, since the two party system, never choose to actually grow from the bottom to the top?

the People's party first campaign is this one for Cornell West. Their first campaign. How can you expect to win a majority of  50 states when you have no presence in any state?



Unfortunately, politics is about raising money and BSing people. Intelligence is not a prerequisite or requirement. 

Cornell west and many others before him, like Ross PErot, have differences in many ways, but all of them , regardless of their knowledge, clearly lack erudition in terms of government. The people's party has a website that is willing to accept money, has a bunch of goals, but has no process. Has no examples to show what they can do in smaller ways? 



I should not had but I went to Cornell WEst's  website. 


I quote him 



I am running for truth and justice as a presidential candidate for the People’s Party to reintroduce America to the best of itself - fighting to end poverty, mass incarceration, ending wars and ecological collapse, guaranteeing housing, health care, education and living wages for all! 


What is Cornell West, a member of GI Joe the cartoon. And moreover, based on his introductory statement he is forgetting the USA can't be reintroduced to something it wasn't. When did the USA guarantee housing/guarantee healthcare/guarantee education/guarantee living wages/ guarantee ecological maintenance/... this made me laugh the usa is ending wars, the usa has started or propelled most of the wars since the year 1900/ the USA for over 150 years, which all black people know, has been the king of incarceration/ and the usa has always had extreme poverty, what do you think a slave is financially but poor. 

Ahh what is the process. 

But I will entertain this as this involves black leadership and cornell west is a black leader. 


First he is running for truth and justice, those are concepts, not people. What is the definition of truth or justice? He offers none. Why does it matter? You need to define how you determine a concept. Humans beings have never concurred on what is truth or justice. So you need to define it strictly so people can be clear on how you view it in terms of policy. 


Second, reintroduce the USA to the best of itself. Well, he explains what the best of the usa is, but the one big problem is most of what he states has no historical basis. So this is an error to me. The truthful thing to say is,  introduce the usa to the best of what it can be.  The USA hasn't been any of the things he defines as the best of in the usa's history. 


Third, how to make the things he wants to happen

A. end poverty- well, simple equation. revenue earned per person+ financial assistance per person > cost of utilities+cost of food+ cost of clothing+ cost of healthcare. The problem is, the labor market in the usa has never supported the majority, again, slavery as a system is great for fiscal captalism. It allows for humans to be kept in a negative financial state legally which allows for the process of fiscal capitalism to play out and influence most free folk positively, cause the enslaved are taking a constant financial hit. So what is the solution to end poverty? Government assistance, or more bluntly, printing money and giving it to people or when people need, ala healthcare. But, this will not lower cost of items so this is a constant growth of printing money


B. end mass incarceration- well, legalize prostitution + legalize loitering in public places like parks/sidewalks<not assault but loitering and not in residencies or private property but public places>+legalize all sales or possessions of drugs: from the heavy like cocaine, to the middle like nicotine  or alcohol or to the light, like marijuana+ legalize all gambling, no restrictions anywhere meaning playing dice in the streets it allowed+ legalize all gun sales. The Black community knows this more than most. Black people used illegal means cause we were not allowed legal means by whites. It is simple. Most humans aren't killers but most are not going to fool themselves into low servitudes for the sake of legality.  But in a very christian country with many self righteous people, legalization like I just suggested will have many opponents.


C. Ending wars :) this makes me laugh. This is probably the hardest of all. I don't know how a country with seven fleets/three airforce commands/a satellite flleet/three submarine fleets/ a drone army/the CIA/the FBI/the NSA/and of course privateers like Blackwater is going to end wars when they are the genesis of most wars. The fiscally wealthy in the USA + the military community  is not going to go back to isolationism as before the first phase of the european imperial wars, commonly called world war one. So this one is hard and I will not spend more than a minute on each of these. 


D. Ecological collapse well, the USA is going to need an army to tell other countries how to use their resources. At the end of the second phase of the european imperial wars it was possible to get most governments in humanity to guide their economies but today, it is too late outside of using force, but of course, if you want to end wars, you can't start wars so... the good news is, the earth can survive humanity's destruction. 


E. The guarantees: housing+healthcare+education+living wages. all these things in fiscal capitalism require money. To guarantee them means at the moment, the usa is going to print money like never before, to guarantee them. Now, a problem exists. How can the usa tell china or russia to not print money for their people ? how can the usa not give some members of the european union or the european union itself the ability to print money? if every major government is printing money where does the financial markets reside in all this? I quote a banker, fiscal capitalsim absent penalty isn't fiscal capitalsim. The ability to be broke/penniless/kicked out/totally indebted is part of the natural cycle of fiscal capitalism, to guarantee means that someone's financial ledger has to be totally made up somewhere and why should only one be made up. 


I conclude with function. 

Points A+ E policy wise, law wise , mean print money and pay for things. And woe be the day the usa empire isn't the global policeman and someone calls in that debt and has to get it. 


Points C+D policy wise, law wise, are impossible together. The only way to get all governments in humanity to operate on one page is a larger war machine. but a larger war machine will by default lead to more wars, sooner or later.  Second money never blocked an army so the usa has to have a military to defend itself, like all countries. but the usa serves a function as a law enforcer for global trade. the usa has a military machine that breeds wars. No empire can have peace absent its military , while a military is mandatory to allow any government to function against another government, cause eventually another government will want to simply take.  And while money can be potentially used to deter wars or get governments to allow certain activity, that is an ever increasing bill. 


B policy wise, law wise, is the only one that is purely domestic or in the usa in terms of scope. It is the only one that can have a different solution but it is the hardest sell. the usa is full of self righteous people. In AALBC,how many people have chided at the level fo religious zealot black people selling drugs, selling themselves, dealing in guns. To empty the prisons you need to first change the legal code. But, all the towns that are supported by prisons will vote against this, rally against this. So you will sate them with money. What about all the law enforcement communities? they will be unhappy. LEgalization deletes the need for law enforcement as it is. If the only thing illegal is murder and assault, you don't need so many law enforcers. man is drunk on the corner, what's the problem is he isn't assaulting someone. Woman is selling drugs in the park, what's the problem if she isn't assaulting someone. But, I doubt the majority of the populace in the usa , again, very religious, very self righteous, very much into lying will accept such policies. 


In the end, Cornell West's policies add up to print money. Print money to:  end poverty, stop wars, stop mass incarcerations, get governments to allow certain actions concerning the environment, plus pay for guarantees to all living humans. That is a lot of money. In a modern humanity where china makes 92% of the cathodes in all electric car batteries, where Russia + the Arab monarchies own most of the oil.  And the most important point, West has nothing but his speeches to show for functionaizing these ideas. Cornell West has a place or lived in Harlem in Manhattan in NYC in NYS. Run for city council. why not? 



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IMO, there is no need to reinvent the wheel for everything and/or start at a grassroots level. 


Starting a political party is an example.  It only takes a few people with a vision/goal/agenda and a significant amount of money behind them to start a movement. 


To date, most 3rd political parties have rolled up into the main 2 political parties.  That's because of money.😁


Former POTUS 45 had zero political experience at any level prior to joining the GOP and tossing his hat into the ring. His accomplishments up to that point had been shady businessman and reality TV personality.


The qualifications to be POTUS are 1) natural-born citizen of the United States (US), 2) be at least 35 years old and 3) have been a US resident for 14 years.


Dr. Cornel West is over-qualified for the job regardless of what he says or does.   


Sen. Bernie Sanders had lofty ideas that haven't been implemented in his home state of Vermont or anywhere else.


The measurement of a politician is what they can do to secure the interests of their donors and constituents...in that order.


The history of the United States is well documented.  It would be a tall order for anyone to make America a more perfect union.  That's *if* America even wanted it.


Dr. West's concepts and ideas could be building blocks to a better society and shaped into policy *if* Americans wanted it. 


There's no shortage of *smart* people in America both inside and outside government capable of bringing a vision to fruition *if* America wants it.


The reality is that America is a divided country with a sordid past. Regardless of politics, it will take more than one person to begin to right the wrongs and clean her up.


But, I think it will take a non-politician to put America on the *right* track.  Along with his intellect, knowledge and wisdom, Dr. West at least brings that voice to the table.😎

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@Troy, thanks for linking the video interview. 👍🏿


As I've already known from listening to Dr. West many times over the years, he will probably need an interpreter to break down what he's taking about for the intellectually challenged.🤣


However, there's no doubt that a Dr. West State of the Union speeches would be lit.  He would probably have some type of music playing in the background for punctuation.😁


To be clear...I would vote for Dr. West in a NY minute but I realistically know he cannot win.  Getting on the ballot will be a major feat.😎

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Dr. Cornel West is indeed brilliant. But I will never vote for him.

I recall his incessant kneecapping of President Barack Obama as if this one Black U.S. Senator who ascended to the Oval Office could magically erase centuries of racism, discrimination and economic nonsense.

In this latest extreme partisan and racist era, there is no way West or another third party candidate can win a national election. 

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Were it not for the fact that West aggressively campaigned for Obama I might agree with you somewhat @Stefan.  "Kneecapping: the president is not something that West was capable of doing. 


What West did was bring attention to what Obama did not do and held him accountable.  West is sophisticated enough to understand Obama's limitations. I do not think his critique was unfair.  I doubt West would have gotten aboard the Obama train without some indication from Obama on what he would do as president.


Again, the most telling thing to me is the unwillingness of Obama to give Black newsletters interviews.  George Curry complained about this: 


There is a disrespect for the black press that we have not seen in recent years. For example, we have requested — every year — an interview with the president. He can ignore 200 black newspapers and 19 million viewers but he can give one to every stupid white comedian there is on TV, the black ones and the white ones, and has time for all types of buffoonery but they will not respect the black press enough to give us an interview.


You guys might be right about West's chances at being elected.  But I don't think it is impossible, but it is indeed a long shot.  


I attended an Obama rally at Harlem's Apollo Theater (don't ask me why my camera decided not to focus that day).



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23 minutes ago, Troy said:

What West did was bring attention to what Obama did not do and held him accountable.  West is sophisticated enough to understand Obama's limitations. I do not think his critique was unfair. 

Agreed.  Dr. West did exactly what we're supposed to do when it comes to elected officials.  Hold them accountable especially as it relates to getting things done within our interests.  Maintaining the status quo doesn't serve us well.😎

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Years ago, Cornel West was so angry about the state of the African American economy that he lashed out in appalling fashion. But he forgot that this country’s first elected Black President, Barack Obama, was not responsible for Black people being blocked from owning bank accounts, land or running for office.

This was all decided many, many decades BEFORE Obama moved into the White House. Those were national structural problems and they existed long before Obama came along. I doubt very much West can uproot them.

Everyone knows and understands that Barack Obama was a Democrat. So, why did lamebrain Cornel West label him a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface?” I guess West had no frigging clue how belittling Blackface really is. Labeling Obama a Republican was supposed to do what for West? Make Obama seem like a turncoat?

Cornel West didn’t just go after Obama. He also targeted after Rev. Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry and social activist Michael Eric Dyson for vitriol as well. His words of condemnation for many Obama backers were so nasty you would think he now wants to run to be Denigrator in Chief.

Know what I think? In 2008, Cornel West, like Rev. Jesse Jackson, was insanely jealous of Obama’s reach into the White voting world. Cornel West’s ideas are sort of akin to those of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Both men have been frustrated for years. Both are old farts. Both never realized their dreams.

However, Sanders never had to punch through a reputation display wall that makes him seem crazy and at times, out of control. West endorsed the Socialist candidate Sanders twice. But West has in the past, certainly acted out of control.

According to West, Obama was a pimp of Black People. Really? Obama is to be blamed for tackling the 2007-08 financial crisis head-on and averting a worldwide depression? I was writing and editing a lot of financial/investment news stories during those days and had access to every newspaper and all financial newswires. Yeah, the U.S. economy nearly went off the rails back then.

West could never solve anything with that anger of his. He’d spit and scream amid a conference room meeting with bankers and investment firms. The man is perennially pissed off. His main weapon is his rage. The fact that he is highly intelligent is overshadowed by his rhetoric.

And I doubt that’s going to attract many on-the-fence voters who are already in turmoil because of racism, the rich getting richer (which no one can seem to stop) and threats of wars from Russia and China. I don’t know if many here realize one cannot impose new taxes without Congress. One can impose fees as a POTUS, but those won’t raise appreciable sums.

But If West can get on the ballot in all 50 states – then let him run. That’s usually a difficult barrier to overcome for third party candidates anyway.

According to West’s campaign Website, the former Yale, Princeton and Harvard professor wants to end all wars, disband NATO, forgive all student debt, expand Social Security and invest in clean energy. Also, free ice cream for everyone as well along with the aliens landing to greet West’s arrival at the White House.

Does this 70-year old man really want to help whomever the GOP nominee is defeat Joe Biden the same way Ralph Nader helped George W. Bush defeat Al Gore in 2000?

I guess so. If Joe Biden is supposed to be too old, then Cornel West is too angry to sit in the Oval Office. West will not win just as I predicted Sanders never would.


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The issue I have with and the question I have with the "People's Party" is....WHO are the "people" running it?

Just because you have a lot of AfroAmericans and Liberal Whites out front in it making a lot of noise, doesn't mean it's being controled by them.
As long as Caucasians are running it and are the ones primary funding it and calling the shots, you might as well forget about it having any kind of meaningful impact on solving the problems our community or any other non-White community in the U.S. faces.

Many of these so-called "third parties" are nothing more than spider web traps.
Covert operations developed by racist Whites to find out who the more progressive and foreward minded people are in the AfroAmerican community and suck them in and NEUTRALIZE them.

The know if we formed OUR OWN party we'd be extremely  effective in getting things done, so they'll try to suck you into THEIR party in order to monitor you and suppress most of your ideas in the name of "unity".

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7 minutes ago, ProfD said:

@Pioneer1, the People's Party was started by Nick Brana who formerly worked for Bernie Sanders.😎

THIS guy......??????


Oh, well shit.....that tells me all I NEED to know about the so-called "People's" Party, lol.

Now that I see the type of "people" who founded and are running it....no need to know anything else about it.


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