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Looming Supreme Court Decision Regarding Voting Redistricting

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The Supreme Court agreed to hear a redistricting case that may have repercussions for people of color who vote. South Carolina Republican lawmakers moved over 140,000 residents from the 1st Congressional District into the 6th Congressional District. The NAACP argues the Legislature moved over 30,000 of those residents because they were Black, violating the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Folks need to grasp the idea that the Constitution guaranteeing the right to vote doesn’t apply to us. We are fighting the same battle to vote as my father, his father, and his father. Jesse Helms said, “Anyone can vote if they are qualified.”

See the voting test. Were you qualified?

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19 minutes ago, aMhayes said:

The NAACP argues

IMO, but also respectfully, in today's times and political environment, the NAACP is one of the most corrupt ass-kissing do-nothing organizations in the country that does very little and nothing more than give lip service to black America.

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@aMhayes Two things, 

first, You referred to your father^2? One of the problems when Black individuals in the USA today speak on the past, is we forget to mention how anti-white + anti-statian (USA) most black people were. Remember, most free blacks fought against the creation of the usa during the war of secession from the british empire , fought against the maintenance of the usa in Britain's attempt to retake the usa, the garvey movement in the black populace of the usa was more popular than booker t washington's schools or the white jew financed NAACP or the call for embracing the usa by Frederick douglass at the same time. And the garvey movement while nonviolent was 100% anti-usa, it was anti -american, his base idea was the entire american continent: usa/jamaica/brasil is no good for black folks and that the entire Black Continental American community whose forebears were enslaved need to find a home from the place they were ripped from , by white = black hands, which is the continent of africa, notice I didn't say a country in africa but the continent itself. DOSers are not citizens of any particular country, we are citizens of the continent for our forebears came from all over.  I end with , Black people since the nascent of the usa have fought to be part of it, to be statian/american, but most black people were anti white + anti statian in the nascent, this is fact. so the black community has slowly developed a majority into the fight you speak of. And why is that important. When you speak of the fight for rights, when you suggest a timelessness you are being unfair to where most black people were philosophically in the past. 


Second, I once talked to a person from europe who disliked the european union, which is functionally, the articles of confederation applied to most of europe with a financial binding secured by the usa. The question is, can you name one city in south carolina that is financially bustling/ripe/potent and dominated by black people in all sectors: public/private/la enforcement/education/utilities? South Carolina at one time in its history had a majority black legislative body yet today most, including me, can't name one city in south carolina that is completely a positive example of black power. The why is well known, white power. But what is the point? When you speak of the constitution and federalism, what you are speaking about is the federal government of the usa being a greater law enforcer to the states. But you are forgetting that the entire point of the constitution was only to make the federation strong enough to survive, not for federal law to make states impotent or molded by the federal government de facto.  I comprehend the strategy of using federal power and trickling it down to the states then counties then cities, but the the whole point of seperation of powers between the states and the federal government is to deny the federal government the function that I think black people like you, like frederick douglass have always wanted. 

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