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If You are who I think you are, it should scare all of us

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History tells us we should be very concerned


I have documented through the whileBlack Chronicles’ the Country’s violent response to maintain the status quo after slavery ended in 1865. I can only assume free Black people intimidated you to the point you fell back on what you do best.

Fast Forward 2023: Homegrown terrorists are ready to protect white men hell-bent on getting elected and never leaving. Never underestimate the violence these people are capable of. The former governor of Arkansas said,” We will either win in 2024 by the ballot or the bullet.”

But I’m amazed at folks who tell me they can't support Biden so they will either not vote or vote for a third party. If enough people do that, our lives will change, and not in a good way.

If not Biden then any Democrat will be better than the alternative whomever it might be.

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History and common sense. 

The media keeps talking about how old Biden is and how any democratic candidate would be preferable. This is turning people off, meanwhile Trumps supporters are fired up.

 The media misreports on Trump normalizing his behavior, minimizing just how bad he is… not even if it is not Trump off we’ll be someone else—probably worse!


that nut Mike Johnson would literally eliminate the separation of church and state! The republicans are off the rails… where is Mitt Romney when you need him…

@aMhayes I agree, but the more time we spend on social media the less hope I have for this  election.

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Well, based on what you said, people in government have been lying or making policies based on lies, and lies have consequence eventually.

NY city is a prime example. WHo told NY city to be a haven city? NY city has always been mostly poor people, always, not sometimes , always, yet adding more poor people is smart? NY City used to have a bread factory, used to have a multitude of industries, didn't keep them? So who is to blame ? Eric Adams says the immigration is a federal issue. but, ny city through management of both parties of governance lying about the situation of the city is what led to this situation. 

Truth may not be pretty or simple or desired, but government by lies always leads to chaos. 


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