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Topless First Lady - Artisitc Expression or Just More Racism?

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From Magazine Fuera de Serie


The relevant quote from the article show below;

Nunca ese conocidísimo dicho que asegura que detrás de todo gran hombre existe una gran mujer fue tan acertado para describir al matrimonio Obama. A la sombra del presidente de Estados Unidos se encuentra una persona cuyos índices de popularidad superan a los del propio Barack. Esta persona no es otra que su mujer Michelle, quien protagoniza la portada del Magazine de esta semana.

Los expertos en comunicación política no son ajenos al arrollador encanto de la primera dama estadounidense y, conocedores de ello, apuntan incluso que ella será pieza clave para la reelección del demócrata en las próximas elecciones presidenciales que se celebrarán en noviembre. Para conocer de qué manera Michelle ha conseguido seducir al pueblo americano, el periodista Pablo Scarpellini detalle los secretos de la mujer que no solo ha conquistado el corazón de Barack Obama.

translates as follows (using Google translate).

"Never said it ensures that well-known that behind every great man there is a great woman was so successful in describing the Obama marriage. In the shadow of the U.S. President is a person whose popularity ratings exceed those of Barack own. This person is none other than his wife Michelle, who stars in the cover of the magazine this week.

Political communication experts are no strangers to the overwhelming charm of the first lady and, knowing this, she even point will be key to the reelection of Democrat in the next presidential election to be held in November. To find out how Michelle has managed to seduce the American people, the journalist Paul Scarpellini detail the secrets of women who not only won the hearts of Barack Obama."

I could not find a link to the magazine article itself

Most people i shared this magazine cover with thought it was offensive -- no ifs ands or butts.

Is this artist expression for a culture with different mores about nudity or is this straight up racist simple and plain.

Incredibly many people found it insulting that I would even post the photo. I can probably never overestimate the Obama worship that exists in our community -- and I mean worship of biblical proportions.

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I can certainly attest to the truth of your reference in regard to the worship of the Obamas having ascended to biblical proportions, Troy!

Polemicist that I am, I had the audacity to remark on FaceBook that I thought the glitzy, shocking pink, sleeveless designer gown Micelle wore to deliver her mawkish speech at the DNC, was inappropriate for somebody who's trying to appear humble while blubbering about her "deprived childhood" as a member of Chicago's middle class and, boy, did I get the flack.

I confess I usually do these things just to tease Obama's black groupies who are seriously invested in how sacrosanct the POTUS and his first lady are, but I really did think that wearing a tasteful conservative outfit would've been more in keeping with the austerity that the country's economic picture calls for, - as opposed to a dress sure to elicit rave reviews from the fawning, frivilous, fashionista industry. Silly me.

This political race has really developed into an "us" against "them" proposition in the loyal empathetic black community which is in dire need of a savior to help soothe the resentments its members harbor against America. Fortunately for Obama, the Republican party makes it very easy to back the incumbent leader. And nothing like having white haired old white men Like Clint Eastwood and Bill Clinton to make or break a candidacy...

As for the topless picture of Michelle, a "photo shopped" print can hardly be considered classic art, in my opinion, but I don't find the portrait offensive. It resonates with a certain dignity and it's an interesting concept. Didn't somebody once say, "all art is political".

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I had less than zero interest in both the conventions. So I have not idea what Michelle wore nor do I care. The idea of listening to all these folks telling lies for hours is completely unappealing.

But I listen to the radio so I could not avoid hearing about the event.

Listening to the talking heads talk about what a great job Bill did for Obama struck me as odd since my biggest recollection of Bill presidency was how he managed to ejaculate all over Lewinski's clothing, then there was Travelgate, impeachment, saxophone playing and being the 1st Black president. Can you image what they would do to Obama if he came in some intern's mouth in the oval office.

Well the Michelle Obama photo is certainly political. As far as art, I feel it qualifies as art. Whether the art is "good" is another question. If it was painted rather than photoshopped ( and I'm assuming it was photoshopped), would it meet your definition of art?

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