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Haki Madhbuit Forced out at CSU

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If you were to stop the average black Chicagoan on the street and ask if he or she knew who Haki Madhubuti was, they'd shrug their shoulders. Although this "renowned" writer/publisher was a big fish in the little pond of Chicago State University outside of literary circles he is not that well-known, and this institution, itself, has a bad reputation because of its poorly-managed finances and the revolving-door policy that plagues its staff, not to mention the low academic accredation it perenninally rates.

People who earn a degree from this predominately-black university, are almost apologetic in admitting this, since it's like a last resort for those who have dropped out of other schools or struggled though 2-year community colleges. (Terrible I know.}

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Guest dmlawyer

I've been reading this story for a couple of days waiting for it to make sense. It still doesn't.

I don't understand why Mitchell called it a public fight, when it wasn't public until she wrote about it? (And it is notable that no other media outlet picked the story up).

I don't understand why

Mitchell wrote 2 stories in three days, the first about a non-existent feud and the second to foment public response about the non-existent feud, unless the something about the relationship between these two that we don't know. Where is a good ethical editor when you need one?

So these are my questions.

First, when would an English Professor work for the President? He wouldn't. He would work for the Chair of the English Department. But the Chair of the English Department is three levels below the President. So why does this professor call the president "his boss?". It doesn't pass the sniff test that this is a real feud.

Second, Emeritus status is always an unpaid status. I don't understand why this Professor thinks that he should be paid when there is a Director of the Center Quraysh Ali Lansana, Director, Gwendolyn Brooks Center, Associate Professor of English/Creative Writing. Is Chicago State supposed to pay two Directors for this center? Is the media being used in an effort to get the CSU to back down?

Third - retiring is the way to get what he wants, to be paid (he will get a pension), and he won't have to teach. So why not just take that option instead of creating this noise?

Fourth - why does Madhubuti think that an obscure letter he wrote a year ago is even relevant? Everyone but him had forgotten about it a year ago.

Fifth - If Haki would rather retire than teach, why does he think that there was a move against him? Why isn't it just that he exercised an option to retire which was available to him?

Sixth - Why is a 68 year old man retiring considered to be "an early retirement?"

Seventh - I don't believe CSU has a job called cultural icon, but if does, why doesn't Madhubuti apply for it and be done? If his job is an English Professor, why does he think he can be paid to be a cultural icon instead?

Eighth - If Madhubuti can teach somewhere else, why doesn't he just go there and teach? Why put CSU through the hoops? He has given up his slave name, and he should give up his slave mentality about work. Nobody forces him to take a check from CSU.

Nineth - If he doesn't teach, why would he be missed? How many students even know who he is or that he has an office at CSU?

Last, why pick now? Why pick this way, (in the papers) rather than civilized and behind closed doors. Why not show the students the courtesy of not bringing dishonor to CSU with public name calling and mudslinging - if you have any students you care about?

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I must admit, I can't figure out why he didn't just go on and teach the classes.

Did they want him to teach four classes every day (something that most high school and gradeschool teachers do)--or what?

Especially these days with jobs real tight--I don't figure it. I would teach four classes for 100 thou plus--Dr. Madhbuti (who was once Don L. Lee) may be making a bad move.

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