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I Want To Be Openly Gay


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I'm sure it'll be an interesting read.

((Pioneer taps his cigar a few times and looks down with a smile))


I find it quite INTERESTING........that the author saw fit to use a small town in TEXAS (of all places) to set this story.


I've noticed that often times whenever people choose places to illustrate examples of homosexual intolerance , they seem to usually choose places in the SOUTH.
The same region of the nation that is well known for slavery and racial intolerance.

Now I've been all over America and I've heard and seen intolerance of homosexuality in all regions of the nation.  No one place seems to have a monopoly on homophobia.   There are plenty of places in the INNERCITIES of America where homosexuality is ridiculed and not tolerated at all.    

So it's funny....to me atleast....that so many see fit to LINK regions known for historic racism with being homophobic also.
As if they wish to LINK homosexuality with race.

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It is no secret the Bible belt, which runs through the state of Texas, has a higher intolerance of homosexuality than places like New York City.  I think much of the resistance is due to being Christian, which is not a function of race.

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