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Michael Eric Dyson Goes off on President Obama


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No, I'm not a mason.

I'm sorry, I didn't intend for my reference to God to be taken as a RELIGIOUS reference.
I'm speaking from a non-religious point of view, though I do consider myself spiritually inclined with a strong belief in the Supreme Being.

Nor do I believe in that "Noah cursing Ham" garbage.
Most of the stories of the Bible were written by Semites....desert Caucasians who had to justify their racist genocidal takeover of Black lands in the Middle East.

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Obviously, Chris you get no arguement from me on the power of people working together and doing things in an organized fashion in their own self-interest.  The problem is that we rarely do this.

Rather we do what what is in some corporation's best interest or what is in our own individual best interest.  Corporations are great at helping people do what is the individual's best interest, often at the expense of everyone else.  If that makes sense.

To your point about Michael Eric Dyson, Omar Tyree, and Bernice McFadden participating on this site in a conversation.  If course if that happened people would come here to participate or read and AALBC.com would grow stronger as a result.  I'd be able to help many authors more easily with the additional revenue, and readers would be better served, and I'd also be able to pay more writers.  It would be a win for all.

But the likelihood of that happening is small, because individuals can enrich themselves more through their own efforts or through a corporation.

But I wrote the likelihood is not, but not non existent.  First, I would not lump Bernice and Omar in the same category as Michael.  @CDBurns check out something Bernice did that you would DEFINITELY appreciate: If you visit Bernice's website, you will see that she is using AALBC.com affiliate codes for her Amazon links!  

If you go to Omar's site you see he has a list of Black owned bookstores. He continues to support Black owned business on his website long after other authors have stopped doing this. 

In stark contrast, if you visit Dyson's website he does not link to another Black site (bookseller, reviewer, articles), or even mention one. But his own platform is weak given his resources; he latest book is not even mentioned. Image if Dyson directed readers to a Black bookseller, image if he linked to a Black book reviewers sites (I've published reviews of his work).  Of course I could go on and on about prominent Black folks who make no effort to support their own, but I'm sure it is just a matter of ignorance rather than a lack of desire, so i try to help these folks understand why it matters.

Now if you visit my Michael Eric Dyson Page, you'll find it is actually more complete than his own website, and I'm just getting started.  If someone supported my work to the extent that I support Michael's, there would usually be some form of reciprocation, acknowledgement, or gratitude. But this is nothing to complain about, for it is not unusual.  While I'm not motivated by Michael's reciprocation, I know it would help.  One day this type of thing may change.

For now I get by with the support I do get; for therein lies the hope, not ust for AALBC.com but for all of us.



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The Bible says Noah cursed his son Ham who laughed at him when he saw him naked, by "marking" him.  White Supremists interpreted this as meaning that black skin was the mark of Noah.  The Black Muslims said white skin was the mark of Noah. The Bible is full of "garbage" just waiting to be interpreted by those with ulterior motives.

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I read your page on Dyson and what you've written about his website and online profile vs that of Bernice and Omar is very telling. It is also why anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. I've often said he is an opportunistic academic who rides the coattails of the next hot topic. You are exactly right on every point though.

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sara, the sincere, stupid, ignoramous just proved my point.  Guess she doesn't realize she already posted the definition of herself.  Nothing like "a fool who knows not that she is a fool", another perfect description of sara.   LMAO. 

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18 minutes ago, Cynique said:

sara, the sincere, stupid, ignoramous just proved my point.  Guess she doesn't realize she already posted the definition of herself.  Nothing like "a fool who knows not that she is a fool", another perfect description of sara.   LMAO. 


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It's all about interpretation, Dummy.  No where in the bible does it say that women should not be licking each other's vaginas , but what you and your girlfriend do is considered an abomination by people who interpret the bible any way they choose.  Chew on that and don't hurt her labia or she might not do your anus for you.

And listen to the hypocritical sara, "lover of black people" talk about Blacks who don't conform to her phony standards.  You are really a piece of work. A fool who knows not that she is a fool.  SMH

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Guess ol lying, desperate, silly-assed sara is in her cups again which of course means one of her multiple personalities has emerged.  This is triggered by her inflated ego reacting to my disregard for her being anything other than a mentally disturbed psycho.  (Is that redundant, or what?)   

Poor fool.  She tried so hard to be sane, but has apparently gotten off her meds and is at again. One look at her spamming was enough to keep me from actually reading what it is she posted by I'm sure everybody will find it entertaining.  YAWN. 

 What a nut case. I thought this loose cannon might've had a life, but I guess she doesn't. Poor ol wanna-be.  LOL




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Sara ((if you feel like coming back to this thread...lol))

The bible was written before 638 A.D.

So was Homer's "The Odyssey"...what's your point?

At any rate, it is well that you don't believe in that "Noah cursing Ham" garbage because nowhere in the bible does it says Noah cursed his son, Ham

I know it actually says it was his grandson Canaan.
But regardless, it's still garbage.
I peronally believe the story was made up during the Jewish exile in Babylon to justify their taking the land of Canaan from the people who were already living there.
How can anyone who gets drunk stand on the moral highground to curse someone else....and that curse be honored?


Come on Sara..........

Now why would you sit up there and talk about that woman's titties like that?
You KNOW there is no such thing as titties turning "leathery".....lol.

That's right!
I still can't believe you'd say such a thing about another woman's titties.
You have titties of your own....Sara....you should have more empathy, lol.


it has waaaaay more free time than even the average octogenarian!

The average octogenarian doesn't know how to post on the internet!

I'm under 50 and still don't know how to use Instagram.
And don't WANT to....lol.





The Black Muslims said white skin was the mark of Noah.

I've studied the Nation of Islam teachings and never came across that one, however there are some  scholars who believe the mythological "Mark of Cain" was White skin.
Many also believe that the "leprosy" of the Bible was a curse of White skin or what we now call "vitiligo" today.

But I personally don't believe that entire races or ethnic groups are cursed from the actions of one ancestor.

The closest thing to a "generational curse" would be a genetic defect, which is usually through no fault of the ancestor but probably came about through some form of incest.

People need to understand that in Western Civilization, White supremacy is the OBJECTIVE.  Religion, laws, science, and other institutions are just METHODS used to achieve the objective.

In the past when people were more religious,  White Supremists used religion and religious books to justify their mistreatment of people of color by claiming they were descendants of a "cursed Cain" or a "Cursed Canaan".
But now, since much if not most of their religions have turned out to be based on falsehood and stolen mythology....they've turned to "science".
So now White Supremists use "science" to justify their racist behavior by claiming Black people are either intellectually inferior or less evolved.

It's all garbage not based on actual facts, but cherry picked bits and pieces of pseudo-science and mythology patched together to justify the mistreatment of people.

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I said desert Caucasians because they came down from the Caucasus mountains and migrated to the desert areas of Iraq and Syria and became what was known as the Hyksos, Hitities, Hebrews, Assyrians, and other groups......


Uh, (snicker) NEXT time so there can be no, er, uh, misunderstanding give the correct answer rather than the incorrect one that makes you have to "backtrack." Wheee!!!!!

Well, "Wheeeeeeee" my ass...lol

I'm not the one who said "Ham" had the curse in the first place.
I was responding to the original statement Cynique made...word for word.


But of course you didn't "look it up." It's just 'coincidental' that you and Wiki came to the same conclusion.... INDEPENDENTLY!

I gues so.
We both tend to come to our conclusions based on FACTS and solid research.

I had known for years from reading other sources that the "myth" of Canaan being cursed was made up by Jewish Rabbis to justity them their taking of the land BEFORE wikipedia even existed.

The Aryans came up with the same excuse to demonize the Dravidians to justify taking the Indus Valley region from them...calling them evil and animalistic. ou won't find THAT in Wikipedia.

Your momma has titties. Would she extend her titties sympathy to Cynique?

I suppose any woman with titties would...lol.
If I had a pair of titties myself, I wouldn't want to even THINK about them eventually become leathery.


What the....??? So NOW it comes out - YOU'RE Cynique's alter ego! Oh, for shame. SMDH

If you think I'm Cynique's  "alter-ego"....you've been shaking your head TOO damn much...lol.

Stop that.

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Negro, please!

You don't have to beg.

Just start being nicer to me and I MIGHT....lol.


Oh! Just in case I decide to tell in what war black men kicked the U.S. Army's butt, killing at least 20 white soldiers for every black one (in some cases, darn near 100 whites killed for every brutha biting the dust! lol)... in case I decide to SHARE knowledge of that war, tell us - what war am I talking about? Uh, and if you don't answer, please don't come up with "I knew that!" .... should/when I decide to 'share

I hope you're not talking about Somalia back in the 90s.
That wasn't an official war, and a lot more Somalis died in the conflict than Americans.
They were just so relentless that Clinton decided to pull out early ((he made the same mistake with Monica...lol)).

If you're NOT talking about Somalia, then please share you knowledge with me and the viewers.

Anyway, I just came across this question on my way out the door so whether you tell me I'm right or wrong don't expect a response from me until later.

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We'll I'll admit I'm unaware of a war (formally declared or otherwise), fought on U.S. soil, in which darn near 100 white U.S. military men were killed for every one Black man.  But I'm a product of the America's public education system.

I did not cheat and try to look it up.  (I'm not even sure how I would craft that search). But if you do share the information I'll make it an Black history month update.

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On 4/16/2016 at 9:19 PM, Pioneer1 said:

Cynique said:
The Black Muslims said white skin was the mark of Noah.

Pioneer replied.
I've studied the Nation of Islam teachings and never came across that one, however there are some  scholars who believe the mythological "Mark of Cain" was White skin.
Many also believe that the "leprosy" of the Bible was a curse of White skin or what we now call "vitiligo" today.


I take exception to your comment, Pioneer.  As someone who was a grown person in the late 1950s and 60's during the hey day of TV round table discussions hosted by white liberal moderators, and where people like Malcolm X and MLK and other prominent black activists and celebrities were frequent guests who,  in this informal setting, very often said things just off the top of their heads, many of which I remember because they were provocative. 

Believe it or not, the myth about Ham being marked by his father Noah has been floating around for over a century propagated by white supremicists, like the KKK. I made the mistake of assuming that this was common knowledge.  Malcolm X was who I remember turning the tables on white supremicists who claimed black skin was the curse of Noah. He said that white skin was actually the curse of Noah.  He may have been kidding when he made this remark but I remember him saying it. 

There are a lot of things I know from being observant about the world around me and remembering noteworthy events down through the years, things that  I don't have to go to Wiki about.  This seems a foreign concept to liars who dismiss those who have lived history and who love to distort my recollections.  And even if a person does double check things by googling them, why is such research scorned by someone who calls herself a writer to whom research should be essential.  I  continue to be amused by sara who so obviously doesn't have a broad scope of knowledge about a lot of different subjects.  Just somebody who wants to play "gotcha" about obscure black history but didn't even know that the freedom rides and sit-in demonstrations happened during the 1960s, showing her ignorance when she pompously informed me that I stood on the shoulders of these demonstrators when, in fact,  I started dooing my protest thing back in the 1950s. This is the same yammering wanna-be who was even less informed about how in the 1920s Jews dominated the movie industry and regularly anglicized their names.  She's too busy dispensing  the tired old legend  about  Napoleon shooting off the Sphinx's nose because it was flat.  SMH.  LOL

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If you noticed, I didn't say they DIDN'T teach it...I said I never came across it.

When Elijah Muhammad's brother John was still alive he used to teach and I would go to hear him speak from time to time and heard things from HIM that I NEVER heard or read from Nation of Islam literature or Elijah Muhammad's speeches.

Nor am I questioning what you may have heard from Malcolm.
I know for a fact that we often witness things with our own eyes and ears that doesn't make it on the "official" records of history.
Growing up in Detroit you could watch a crime or accident go down in the street and if it was big enough to make news you run to the television later on that night to see it and the reporters end up telling it NOTHING like what you saw yourself.  Half of the description is wrong and it seems that some news reports even feature people in the story that you've never even SEEN in the years you've been living in that neighborhood.
You turn on the 11 pm news and you see some fool running his mouth with a showercap on and tattoos but you were out there on the same block all day since the incident occurred and NEVER saw him..lol.

My only point was that I studied the Nation's teachings heavy when I was younger so I know that in most of their official literature they teach that White skin came about through a sort of selective breeding...not a curse, regardless as to any casual statements made by some of it's members.

As far as racists claiming Noah cursed his son Ham Black, the fact that they claim it is true.....but the object of the curse is Biblically not true which just exposes more of their ignorance.
I've also read the Bible from cover to cover and most curses in the Old Testament involve turning the skin WHITE...not Black.

For examples:

Exodus 4: 6
Again, the LORD said to him, "Put your hand inside your cloak." And he put his hand inside his cloak, and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous like snow."

2 Kings 5:27
"Because you have done this, you and your descendants will suffer from Naaman's leprosy forever." When Gehazi left the room, he was covered with leprosy; his skin was white as snow."

In most cases the "leprosy" of the Old Testament spoken of as a curse actually turned the skin White and not Black.  
If more Christians would actually read the book they claimed to believe in instead of letting preachers tell them what was in it, most would know better than to believe Blackness was a curse.

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SMH.  For somebody who professes to be sane and intelligent, you are an incredibly childish and mentally unbalanced ditz. You hide behind your anonymity but your transparency will not be denied and it doesn't take long for your real self  to transcend your cyber persona.  You  are an ugly, maladjusted, shallow liar. You have no class, no character, have a repulsive personality, are an educated fool and you have found a soul mate in ol sorry-assed wanna-be Carey who skulked off to start his own blog which tanked. LMAO.

 Frantically researching old posts,  looking for dirt about me and cherry picking as usual, says more about you than it does me. How many orgasms did you experience when you found what you were looking for?  Who is begging for attention and approval and seeking it at my expense any more than you?  Why does it make a difference to you whether people like me or not?  No matter how bad I come across, it does not elevate you. Your hysterical whining about not being treated fair really reveals your lack of insight about your true self. You think, everything you say is permissible but when you get it thrown back in your face, you go ballistic because you can't deal with the fact that someone isn't impressed with your shallow phoniness.  That's the difference between you and me.  I never professed to be Mary Sunshine; I've said this numerous times. Why do you think I adopted my screen name?  But ol saran wrap clings to the idea that she is admirable and above reproach. tsk-tsk  Pity poor old strapped up sara, the homo ho, a psychotic schizo who is obviously eaten up with hate for old women, as evidenced by how she goes into great detail to recreate memories from her sordid past. tsk-tsk.  

Obviously this board is not big enough for the both of us.  And this feud with you has provided me with the excuse I've been looking for to retire from this forlorn forum. Maybe things will pick up if Troy renames it "Sara's Sink Hole", - undoubtedly your 16-year-old girlfriend's nickname for her favorite part of your anatomy.  :lol:

See ya, but I wouldn't wanna be ya! :P

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OK I see you are referring to the Seminole Wars. No they never covered that in history class I learned about it later in life, but never dug deep into the details.  Worthy of a Ken Burn documentary.  That guy andrew jackson was something else huh?

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I saw your post @Sara and I don't understand why you rejected my response, when we were obviously referring to the same war (perhaps because you referred to one of them).

I'm not sure why you think the Seminole Wars are so widely known, but it is not worth debating the point.

Denzel wore a cross in Training Day.

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quickly married anything pale white and relied upon White Supremacy to claim the confused offsprings were "black" (the idea that one drop of black makes you black lie comes from - The Doctrine of White Supremacy), embraced white liberal attitudes that "men were no longer necessary in the family" and that women, through feminism, could raise children alone, that Black Americans should be more concerned about social issues at large and less concerned about Black America's issues, and implied that Black America's economic situation would improve if we only embraced white liberal democrats and bashed white conservative republicans (in which studies show that white liberal democrats are equally as racist in employing African-Americans, particularly Black American men! Not only that, white liberal democrats are also notorious for attempting to control the thinking of Black Americans in the white liberal racist democrat stating "You are Black" should a Black American disagree theologically with gay marriage, abortion or any other white racist liberal movement). The older Black generation also informed us that anyone with a drop of black must be dumped on the Black community and be an issue for Black America to embrace all rejects by different cultures, which instantly made Black America's respectability further decrease substantially in the world, as no culture has or will ever respect any culture that has an open-door policy to all, particularly rejects or trash (which is why cultures, countries, organizations and institutions tend to more highly respected when these entities exercise exclusivity.


Those were very insightful comments concerning the confusion so many AfroAmericans have about race.
I've been saying for quite some time now that the "one drop" rule is not only inaccurate, but is down right insulting and demeaning to the Black race by forcing every rejected one into our ranks while keeping thier own ranks "pure".

Infact, I touched on it not too long ago in these threads:



This is why I use the term "AfroAmerican" for our particular ethnic group in the United State regardless of phenotype. But I'll use the term "Black" specifically for those AfroAmericans with a preponderance of African ancestry that clearly manifests in their physical characteristics.

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  • 1 month later...

"Today I can barely understand WHAT the hell most of those younger cats from Mississippi and Georgia are saying they are mumbling and dragging and half pronouncing so much of thier vocabulary. White kids born and raised in the same district don't even sound like them. Some of these young negroes sound like slaves who just stepped off a plantation."

Interesting you should say this. A friend and I were having a discussion about this very subject two days ago. I have noticed that Negroes from the South are the worst offenders of staggering poor English. Yes, I understand how a history and legacy of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow was the perfect formula for this tragedy. I got that. But at some point, you would have to know that your ability to articulate and enunciate words properly is compromised. It's not as if these people are isolated to the point where they only hear themselves and have nothing to compare their usage to (the rest of the world). I have seen these Negroes on television say things that left me paralyzed with disbelief. In fact, at one point, it was so bad -I had written a number of instances down (don't have them front of me at this moment). 

Unfortunately, in America, there is a linguistical divide based on race. There is so-called black English and then there is rest of the American populace. Yes, there are various southern, midwestern and east coast accents. But there is a very definitive and highly recognizable verbalization difference between most Negroes and the rest of the populace. And for the record -there is no such thing as speaking white! This is nonsense. It is Negroes and their different levels of Ebonics and standard North American English that is spoken by the rest of the nation. Yes, I know such talk offends many Negroes but it does not change the naked and harsh reality of the American Negro dialect and the rest of the English-speaking population....

"Again, other than thinking you sound dope, where is your proof for the above? Except for 'abandoning' the slums and ghettoes to move into middleclass (white) neighborhoods, you're blowing smoke.

BIG time!"

THANK YOU! The commentary you are referring to is so convoluted and ridiculous I had to read it twice! There was not one shred of fact or evidence that was even remotely connected to reality!

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To be fair, having lived on the West Coast the Latinos there have their own type of speech that mixes the corrupted Spanish of Mexico along with the corrupt English of America. And like you said many older Whites in the North East from Boston down into Pennsylvania still have that strong Eastcoast dialect though it doesn't seem to be as pronounced in the younger generation of Whites.
I've met White people who claimed they were born and raised in Brooklyn who didn't have the slightest "Brooklynese" dialect.

But as you've pointed out,  that southern drawl of Black youth from the South (and Chicago for some reason) seem to stand out from the rest.

I wouldn't even call it Ebonics.
Ebonics I believe has a scientific explaination to it involving the West African syntax that seems to be genetically inherited.

I attribute the vast majority of Black southern youth's desecration of human speech directly to the rap music so many have been listening to the past 15 or so years.

I remember back in the early 90s you had southern rappers like Arrested Development and TLC who didn't sound ANYTHING like these slaves dominating the airwaves today.
You couldn't tell them from Black youth who came from Detroit or Los Angeles.

But then OutKast and Nelly (who's not even from the South) came out pushing that deep southern drawl in thier music and then New Orleans rappers and it's been downhill since.
It seems that life started imitating art as Black youth from the South began to purposely drag and slur their words just to create a distinct sound they could call their own.
But if only they knew how sloppy and uncivilized it sounds.

Instead of saying, "Over there"....they started saying "Oba durrr".
Straight up retarded.

One of the most embarassing moments not just for hiphop but for the Black American community in my opinion was when Three Six Mafia came on stage to accept an award back in '06 and people could barely understand what the hell they were saying:


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