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Amazon charges non-Prime members more at physical bookstores


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Amazon in store book pricesWhen the Amazon bookstore in Seattle opened almost exactly a year ago — the company’s first full-fledged retail location — book prices were identical to those on Amazon.com, whether you were a Prime member or not.


But now the discounted prices are only available to Prime members. If you’re not, you’ll pay sticker price.

The message: If you’re not a Prime member, you can’t get discounts.


There are no price tags on the books at Amazon’s store, as customers can either scan the book at a kiosk or use Amazon’s app to find out how much each product is.   Read the full article at GeekWire

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What does DTC mean, "Direct/discount to Consumer?"  


When I went to the Amazon store I installed the app.  You really have to do it.  I later uninstalled it because I don't ever intend to buy a book from an Amazon physical bookstore--boycott or not.


The data these aps collect is very valuable, so I get the incentive  The other problem is all these apps sap storage space and battery life from cell phones.

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Yep, Direct To Consumer. Because I cover shoes so much I have a grasp on that, but the information from there goes across categories. Nike delivered information that customers in the apps spend 3X as much as those browsing so the brand has every incentive to get as many people utilizing the app as possible. This is the same with all apps. The interesting thing that you wrote above is that the price isn't posted and you need prime. People rely so heavily on Amazon (and this speaks to your point) Amazon's push of Alexa translates into more search via voice. When people search and order via voice Amazon actually charges more on the transaction than they do if a person actually utilizes traditional search and shop options.


Amazon is an amazing business study, but the most amazing study is the laziness of the American consumer who no longer wants to browse, or look for the best deal. In sneaker terms, which doesn't apply to books because Amazon is using a different strategy of taking on incredible losses to control the book atmosphere, Amazon dupes the customer.



It's impossible to boycott Amazon because they have so much capital available, books have become a loss leader for the company. All of that extra capital means that they can get an Alexa in every home in Kindles and they can ultimately move to a point where they no longer require a ONE click order, you can order via voice which is being touted as the next big search method in commerce.


Black people still use cash when shopping and could save brick and mortar or Black owned bookstores, but they are so content to sit on Facebook and give away their power, that the few people you pull away will return because even my wife has an Amazon Prime account even after the amount of money I lost building my business on the platform... smh. Cheap trumps Building communities.

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