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Sunday Spotlight: Highlighting 5 New Books #readingblack

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Please provide some constructive feedback on this video. Let me know what was good and what could be done better. Y'all know I have thick skin so don't worry about being perceived as hypercritical.  I'm working with a book club called called The Tea, and am hoping to use videos like this to promote the best of Black literature, and I want to make them better.


No matter what you think please subscribe to The Tea's and AALBC.com's Youtube Channels to keep this videos like this coming.



The books highlighted in the video include:



Keep #readingblack

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Yes Guest showing some of the photos would have been a great idea. 


Cynique well that is good to hear.  My blurbs could have been a but tighter I think.  I also said Toni Medina's book was appropriate for kids of all ages.  That was a sip up the book deal with police brutality, and may not be appropriate for really young children (thought some may disagree). 



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Hello, Troy


December Selections - 5 books


The music and the set are fine. What needs improvement is the presentation of the books.


1. Put the camera on the book and hold it there so the reader can focus on the cover, title, and author.


2. Have at least two people talking about the book. One to give a brief introduction and another voice to read a brief excerpt.

    The viewer needs to get a "taste" of the book.


3. At the end, give each book a close up for about 5 seconds.


The Tea- presenting six books (maybe bring it down to 5 to give more time for each book


1. Wonderful energy and personalities of the book club members. It's good that there are different voices here. The moderator is excellent. The set was unobtrusive.


2. Same as above. Close up of the book for the entire time. The presenters should not be the focus, the book should be.


3. Same as above. A brief introduction, then a brief excerpt. For the yoga book, a picture of a pose on camera while reading the brief excerpt.


4. During the vote, show the books again this time in a group.


5 . Come back to the presenters for the vote. Close on a close up of the book at the end.

I'll post this as a comment on their site, too.





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Thanks Wendy.  Funny my daughter felt the music was corny :-)


All my short video you did not think that showing the book on the stand and then showing a graphic of the book was not enough?


(BTW, I forgot to acknowledge receipt of the additional edits I'll get to them tomorrow)

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