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D.E. Eliot

The Cost of it ALL

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Self-publishing your book is an investment and you should treat it as such. This means before you sit down to write, you need to decide on what path will you take once the novel is complete. So many new authors get overwhelmed by the process because they went in without some sort of plan. They didn't take a class or attend any kind of writing conference so they were screwed from the word go. 


Now what I am about to tell you is just my EXPERIENCE... so take from what you will and please don'twaste your breath telling me I should be done. Everybody's path is not the same even when everyone is walking the same road. Here are a few things I paid for. And please note that I have made 11k off of this book before I entered it into Kindle Unlimited. 


1. The first thing you should get, while you writing is beta readers. Between 4 to 8 of them. People you can trust and most importantly people that read your genre. This should coat you nothing. 


2. After the novel is finished it's time for step two. You love the book; you'e beta readers love the book. Now it's time to hire editing. The price here is based off of the the length of your manuscript and on how much work you feel needs done to your story to make it as perfect as possible. For example: I didn't know how to read until I was 10-years old so I suck at grammar. Really, really, suck at it. So I attacked the problem with 2 rounds of professional editing and 3 rounds of aggessive proof reading. Cost: $3,335


S/N: being my first rodeo I hired Createspace to help me put a lot miscellaneous stuff together. 


a. Book Cover $734 ($375 of this my screw up)

b. Interior design $324 

c. LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) $25


3. The one thing I wish I had more money to spend on was marketing. In my opinion, for my company to have made a major dent like the big boy, I would've had to spend about 10k on marketing. 



Hopefully this helps a littleScreenshot_20180312-143329.thumb.jpg.0cb374cd871aca78127c92727637e2ad.jpg

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