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AfroAmerican Men Need A CODE

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You said you lost respect for Tariq because of his video, but outside of the Hidden Colors series did you follow his work or even know who he WAS before the controversy?

I agree with you that neither would I do that in public, and I also agree that it's a rather natural or "common sense" thing as far as I'm concerned. But just like some people NEED a religion to give them direction and tell them what to do, some people NEED to be taught a code because they would be clueless as to what to say or do otherwise.

When it comes to social issues, I'm more focused on the BEHAVIOR ITSELF than on what the motivation is behind it. Meaning......

I don't give damn WHAT keeps you from robbing, killing, and raping.
Whether it's because of your personal conscience, your family upbringing, your religious indoctrination, or threats of death for your crimes.....whatever, I don't care.
As long as you're NOT DOING IT.

Which is why I don't trip on brothers who do things for money or personal gain.
If that's what it takes to motivate them to do the right thing....so be it.






You believe that the African trait of bushy hair is more recessive than straight hair!?

I believe kinky hair is just as dominant as EAST INDIAN straight hair (which is also dominant).
And more dominant than EUROPEAN straight hair (which is very thin and recessive).

My consideration of dominant and recessive has less to do with the TEXTURE of the hair and more to do with the STRUCTURE of the hair.

The more coarse it is and the thicker the strands....the more dominant because it has a medulla.



Okay, and the 'keener features' in contrast and comparison to the African traits means that you believe that FULLER LIPS and HIPS of AFrican people are recessive traits and that the FLATTER HIPS and the THIN LIPS are more dominant and this 'BLACK KEENER FEATURES' are unique from White people and Africans?

No, I don't believe this.




That you believe that Africans and their trait of bushy hair and fuller lips and hips stem from East Africans with their traits that show, as do White Europeans, of oftentimes possessing flatter hips and thin lips and straight would be saying that White Europeans and East Indians express the more DOMINANT TRAITS and that the human species today, MODERN HUMANS originate from EAST INDIA?

No, I don't believe this either.
I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying.




This would be a contradiction because, as you have also stated, there is a high percentage of TALL, BLACK or, DARK SKINNED NUBIANS in this part of Africa. Because of the hundreds of years of transatlantic slave trade, it would be West AFrica that expresses a lot of European admixture too. So, the Genetics of Africans would not necessarily be based upon what you are saying.

It's not a contradiction.
I'm speaking of separate groups that exists concurrently.

Slavery and mixing in with Caucasians occured to BOTH West Africans AND East Africans.
With West Africans it was primarily done by Europeans but you don't see as much admixture in West Africa because the Africans who were enslaved were TAKEN AWAY to the Americas.

Where as with East Africans it was primarily done ON THEIR OWN LAND by the Arabs, Assyrians, and Persians who came down to exploit them.

They also set up a "caste" system in East Africa based on how light skinned or close to the exploiter you were just like they did with the creoles and octoroons in America.

If you study East African nations whether it's Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Eretria, ect....no matter what nation the lighter skinned groups with the curly hair and thin noses have historically dominated and mistreated the dark skinned groups with the kinky hair and broad noses whom they felt they were better than.


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Yes I was aware of the hidden colors films I've sold a bunch of them and helped spread the word about them. 


I don't mean to imply that I lost all respect for Tariq. It is just that he came across very petty and childish. I expected more than that from someone with the wherewithal  and consciousness to produce the hidden colors movies.


Perhaps I put him up on  pedestal when the reality is that he is no different than the rest of us. 

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