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Candice Owens versus Marc Lamont Hill

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@Pioneer1 you made it sound like it was proof of a conspiracy to kill Black people. The fired white cops were unlikely to haved killed any niggers, cause they would have done it already. 


As far as producing evidence for you, I thought I was crystal clear on that.


Do you still believe in multiple human races?

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@daniellegfny is seems the RNC is even rejecting Candice Owens. According to Newsone:


"...the only thing unexpected about the RNC was the omission of Owens as well as any mention of Herman Cain (two Black diehard soldiers for Republicans and the latter of whom literally died supporting Donald Trump and the party.

Instead of using her to spread their lies, Republicans trotted out some of their other usual Black suspects as well as some new ones, suggesting Owens’ 15 minutes of infamy could finally be expiring."

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 is seems the RNC is even rejecting Candice Owens


That's ok.......


jjmasterbarn compared to smiling black guy... | IGN Boards
       "I'LL TAKE HER!"




the only thing unexpected about the RNC was the omission of Owens as well as any mention of Herman Cain (two Black diehard soldiers for Republicans and the latter of whom literally died supporting Donald Trump and the party.


I wrote a post a couple weeks ago telling Daniel that the Republicans don't give a DAMN about Black people or even Black Republicans.  They're only using them.
I told him that as soon as they end up DEAD  from doing stupid shit for the Republican Party....WITHIN 2 months they'll pretend that you didn't even exist as the move on to the next project.


I wish I could find it.

Man, I'm good..it was EXACTLY 2 weeks ago on August 17th.
In the Black/Kamala Harris thread  on the first page I said:



"After Herman was offered up as a SACRIFICE....then all of a sudden  Trump decides to cancel all of his future indoor rallies including the GOP convention.

Hmmmm....I wonder why.

See, what you don't understand is...

Your fellow Caucasian Conservatives don't give a damn about YOUR life.
They only care about THEIRS.
And they will toss YOU (Black Conservatives) out as guinea pigs to see if the coast is clear; and if you end up paying the ultimate price, oh well.
They'll go back inside where it's safe, plan another strategy over cocktails, and forget you ever existed 2 months later.....


Drinking With 'Mad Men': Cocktail Culture And The Myth Of Don ...

"Ok guys....the rallies are out...so what's next???"



I said that and low and behold, like you quoted the man wasn't even honored in their National Convention.

Those racist bastids don't give a damn about him, Candace, or any other AfroAmerican who THINK they're smart by trying to rub elbows with racists.

They'd have better look trying to cozy up to alligators and other cold-blooded reptiles.






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4 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:



LOL, you can have her and that Omarosa woman too.


I feel bad for Cain though. For some reason he struck me as sincere.  He drank the Kool Aid but unfortunately was not as lucky as @daniellegfny


Owens, on the other hand, does not strike me a caring person.  She popularized the fact that George Floyd did not live the most virtuous life -- I learned it from her.  That reaction to his execution (I still have not brought myself to watch it) is simply cruel.  Even racist white people were taken aback by Floyd's murder.  Man, you can keep callous "b-word" all for yourself.

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@daniellegfny, why do you think the Republicans pulled Hershel Walker out of obscurity rather than use their most popular Black supporter, Candice Owens?


If Herman was so great.  Why do you think the Republicans failed to recognize or acknowledge his untimely (and avoidable death).  A moment of silence would have been appropriate for such a "great man" wouldn't you agree?


The Uncle Tom film used Owens and Cain because they arguably the most visible and strongest advocates for the president and republican party, clearly the RNC chose not to return the love when it mattered most. 


These action do lend credence to @Pioneer1's perspective that Republicans don't  give a damn about Black people.  Now I don't believe that is universally true, but I can easily see why anyone would believe it.


When you make an unqualified statement like; "The President is doing a great job of getting America back in order."  All my experience tells me there is a troll behind the keyboard. I've encountered many trolls in my days moderating these forums, and if you are a troll you would be the most sophisticated one I've ever encountered.


For now, I'm assume you truly do believe "The President is doing a great job of getting America back in order." This is hard for me to do, but I'll continue to take you at you word ... for now, for all trolls eventually make themselves plain.

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Looks like Herman Cain is reaching back from the grave with more news about him!
Just today we read:





Herman Cain account tweets coronavirus 'not as deadly' as claimed after his death from COVID-19

The late Herman Cain's Twitter account, now supervised by family and friends, tweeted Sunday that the coronavirus which killed Cain in July is "not as deadly as the mainstream media made it out to be."




a close up of a man: Herman Cain account tweets coronavirus 'not as deadly' as claimed after his death from COVID-19



The tweet was later deleted, but the account tweeted other messages questioning the risk of the coronavirus which has infected more than 6 million people in the U.S. and killed more than 182,000, including Cain, a former Republican presidential candidate.

"It looks like the virus is not as deadly as the mainstream media first made it out to be," Cain's account tweeted, according to reported screenshots of the since deleted post.





Sounds familiar?
I wonder what other Black Republican loves to run around claiming Covid 19 ain't as bad as people claim it is.  

What's not clear is are these OLD tweets from Herman that is just now being posted OR is someone using his twitter account to post this crap in his name as some sort of sick joke.


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There's a distinction between what is good for the country versus what is good for any subset of the population. So if it puts money in the pocket, the person may say that's good. However having national debt and GDP on parity is not good. It's like raising your standard of living by increasing your debt and not paying it down. 

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What about the article I just posted????

Are you just going to IGNORE it and pretend it doesn't exists while continuing with the same narrative?

101 Healthy Habits for Men to Follow Right Now | Best Life
"la la....la la....la la...
it's not that bad....it's not that bad
la la...la la.....la la...."



I'm telling you  and showing you  that SOMEBODY is going around in the late Herman Cain's name SAYING that Covid isn't as bad as people claim it is!!!!

You don't find that a bit strange or odd?

My question would be who's interests would that serve.....certainly not the public's.

Btw....how did you KNOW you actually had Covid?
Did you actually get tested for it?
I don't want to know the details, just whether or not you actually got tested.

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So somebody starts tweeting under the account of a recently deceased high profile Black Republican and tells people that the very disease  he died of really isn't so bad after all......and you call that "irrelevant"?



But you still haven't answered my question......


How did you KNOW you had the Coronavirus?
Did you actually go to a physician or clinic and a get positive test result for it?


Many people claimed they had it simply based on symptoms alone and didn't bother even getting a test.

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@Pioneer1 how do you know you have a cold? The symptoms. 


Twitter like most social media sites are subject to hacking. We don't know if it was a Trump hating insider that sent those tweets. So it is Irrelevant. 


You still don't get me. I make my own decisions. I don't have Idols. I may respect certain people more than others. I may do modeling. But, just because someone says something I am not really going to get into a tizzy. 


My primary focus is on writing and selling more books and stories. Politics has little interest to me at this point because I know who I'm voting for.

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1 hour ago, daniellegfny said:

how do you know you have a cold? The symptoms. 


Danielle this means you really don't know.  40% of the people who get it have no symptoms at all. 


@Pioneer1 I seem to remember hearing that someone in Cain's family is continuous his legacy by posting in his account.  But I agree it is misleading. But since when has social media cared about being misleading; it is how they make money.



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I hear you, I know others who have said the same thing and most did have it, but they were tested.


As far a lowering the numbers, that is actually the opposite of what I've heard.


We know the numbers of cases are acutally higher because people like you, who had it, were not tested so can't be counted.


This is one of the problems of so many people not having medical insurance.


Were did you read that the counts were being revised downward?

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That’s why I say it is the deaths that count. Unless you are exhibiting symptoms do you get tested for the flu or a cold. Some diseases, like cancer and diabetes we do get tested for because they are developmental/degenerate diseases.


Another  illustration is the testing for H1N1, the bird flu or other seasonal diseases? This response is a media creation. The more testing you do the lower the mortality rate becomes.  Also the testing still isn’t reliable. 

How many days of protest have been going on? See people will say “Trump is manipulating the CDC testing.” But he can’t manipulate Hospitalizations. So if you don’t focus on what’s relevant, you are creating boogeymen that aren’t real.

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Danielle this means you really don't know.


And if he doesn't REALLY know if he had it or not, how can he a reliable judge of "how bad" it really is?


It's like a soldier who's never seen any action coming back home and telling people.....



Happy Smiling Soldier Ok Sign Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  14571031 | Shutterstock
"Listen guys, I was in the military and war isn't nearly as violent and bad as the movies portray!
They're just trying to scare you, that's all."




Were did you read that the counts were being revised downward?


As soon as the White House told the hospitals around the nation to start sending in the numbers to THEM FIRST instead of the CDC.....you should have known the rates would start magically "declining".


Don't be surprised if you go outside and see thousands of people laid out in the streets and sidewalks dead while on television you see a VICTORY PARADE for having "defeated the virus".

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6 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

That’s why I say it is the deaths that count.


No.  This is a narrow minded perspective.  Fortunately the majority of governments around the world don't share this view.  Why?


Because Covid-19 has no vaccine, is far more contagious and far more lethal that the flu Danielle.  Why is this so hard for you to understand?


Roughly 34K people died in 2018 from the flu. 184K have died from Covid-19 in less than a year and that is with all the PPE in use, social distancing, shut downs, business closures, etc.  Doesn't that tell you anything?


Now I see you are floating the notion that the numbers are somehow being inflated, so it is becoming plain that you don't want to believer this. I'm still waiting to hear where you gt this information, or did you just make it up?


Again every indication that deaths from Covid are probably higher. Some people are dying from  pneumonia and heart failure brought on by Covid-19.  Many people lack medicial insurance and don't go to the hospital (like yourself), are not treated, get sick, and die. 


Again, your position defies logic. Your hero Herman Cain's dying was not enough?  Don't you know anyone who has died from the disease or complications from it?  Don't you know anyone with long term health issues because of Covid?



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So you want me to disprove something that is false? 


People unable to prove or substantiate a statement usually resort to this tactic; mix in a little hubris and indignation and they feel vindicated.


OK @Danielle you know more than the CDC and the WHO.  We can't have a meaningful conversation because you won't accept facts. Instead you operate on the propaganda promulgated by our president.  It is not clear why though ... 

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Look like a big brown SAUSAGE party to me.

Not meant as an insult, but half the dudes standing up there look gay as hell....lol.

2 of them  (bald headed one and the dude in the hat)  for sure, and the other 2 are questionable for spending the day hanging out WITH men like that.






Check out the dude with the black derby on, he's REALLY spreading some "sugar" on the microphone....lol....especially at the 1:50 minute mark:






dailymail.co.uk on Flipboard: Billy Porter is the first gay black man to  win lead actor at the Emmys


"Don't TELL me I'm oppressed honey!
Because I am NOT oppressed!
Do you hear me????
Okaaaay!!!!!! "
((two snaps))


Thanks for that video.
I could use the laugh.

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9 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

What is your problem with the LBQT community? 

It depends on the PART of the LBQT community you're speaking of.....

If they are CAUCASIAN LBQT....their violent racism and exploitations are among the biggest problems.

Being Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, or Transgender does NOT prevent a Caucasian from practicing racism.


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