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Mandela, Aparthied and Winnie

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A little while ago there was a great outpouring of concern for the health of Nelson Mandela when he took sick--primarily in your white establishment press.

I guess they should be grateful--he and the ANC let them keep all the money and power.

I will be ambivelent toward Mandela.

He could forgive the Aparthied Regime for jailing him, killing and torturing thousands of his brothers and sisters, opressing millions, stealing the wealth.

But he couldn't forgive Winnie for allegedly cheating on him while he was locked up.

I see where his priorities were.

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Winnie is the true hero of South Africa.

Go on Twitter & talk with a wide range of South Africans.

She is far more revered and considered a "Malcolm X" figure--which is

why Mandela (bowing to world political pressure) had to let go of

his "Militant" wife.

I never liked Mandela very much. He's like Martin Luther King.

They were good for their "time", their "era." That moment.

But they did not have the timeless relevancy of Malcolm X, Marcus

Garvey or people like Chinweizu and Achebe.

I even respect and admire Mugabe to a degree.

I think that WHITE people hold up Mandela and King, because that's

as Black as they can deal with.

But Winnie Mandela (who has been greatly slandered & lied on) is

really more impressive and far more loved IN AFRICA than her husband


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