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Hi Everybody,

Yes, naughty girl that I am, - I've been sent to the corner. Can you believe that?? Seriously, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Troy Johnson for bestowing on me the honor of re-naming this forum after me. I am very grateful and humbled. I guess persistency pays off, huh? I've been hangin’ around this site for years, ranting and debating and pontificating and, hopefully, informing. I’ve made friends and enemies and have also learned a lot from a broad specturm of regulars who have come and gone and who still offer occasional input. It’s been enlightening and stimulating and a pass time that has kept me young and viable, so I really appreciate this gracious gesture on Troy's part.

I would also like to give Troy a pat on the back for the esteemed role he has played over the years, not only in promoting black books, but in facilitating the discussion and exchange of ideas by providing a black-oriented sounding board here on the internet. Kudos to this dynamic trailblazer who I am proud to call a friend!

Now, I would like extend an invitation for other members to step up and express your opinions about whatever is on your mind. Keep this site going. Don't be intimidated or hesistant. No, this forum is not for the faint of heart - but then - why harbor a faint heart?? Here's your chance to be vibrant and assertive. Speak out and be heard!


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Cynique this is long over due and the honor is actually mine. I believe the other posters and lurkers have been graced by your contributions over the years.



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