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Top 100 Recommended African-American Children’s Books - March 22, 2022


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“A love letter of recognition to children of color"—The Horn Book

“A moving reminder of what we gain when we draw strength and inspiration from the past.”—BookPage, Starred Review

A History of Me, written by Adrea Theodore and Illustrated by Erin K. Robinson, is one mother’s account of her experience as the only Black child in school serves as an empowering message to her own daughter and children of color everywhere.

Inspired by her daughter’s experience in school as well as her own, Adrea Theodore’s debut picture book is a powerful testament to the past as well as a benediction for the future. Buy Now ▶


Children’s book authors, booksellers, and avid readers shared their favorite children’s books with us and we’ve compiled Our Top 100 Recommended African-American Children’s Books. This list is an updated version of our very popular list, which focused on books spanning a longer period of time. Many of the titles are of historical significance, but unavailable for purchase.


Our new list only includes books that are available for purchase. All 100 books on our list may be purchased with the ease of ordering a single book and will be shipped via UPS 3-day service for free. As always, no sales tax is collected on AALBC orders unless the books ship to Florida.


Hand-Me-Down Dreams by Phillip Wilhite

Phillip Wilhite’s novel, Hand-Me-Down Dreams, happens in a period in the glory days of big-league sports during 1980, when the media and baseball were having an extended honeymoon. Xavier, a pitcher with the New York Yankees, lives the high life with his former college sweetheart, Ida, until a serious injury in his pitching arm forces the elite club to release the fire-baller. Drinking has always been lurking in his life, but it raises its head full-blown in his troubled existence.


It has been said that male writers sometimes fumble when they try to create an entertaining tale of love, lust, and romance. Here Wilhite, a business broker for Wells Fargo and a sportswriter, concocts all of the ingredients for a bewitching story that plucks the heartstrings. But it’s not all fantasy. It’s the stuff that turns real-life on its head. More ▶


Reflections of an Anxious African American Dad by Eric L. Heard

Following a troubled childhood, Eric L. Heard, an army brat who resided in Germany and Japan, decided to write a book warning African American fathers to up their game as responsible parents. He looked back at his early life in Pensacola, Florida, a Black community confined by the systematic bias of Jim Crow. No challenge or obstacle would emotionally cripple Heard, for he earned a BS in engineering from Florida State University through sheer determination.


Every book has a purpose. “I wrote this book to connect my childhood to the challenges I face as a father of an African American child,” Heard wrote. “I have come to realize that I need to face the ghosts of the past to raise a son who can be ready for the future. The uncertainty and pain that were instilled in me fuel my anxiety and irrationality in ways that I pass on to my son as a father and mentor…” More ▶


Dear Troy,

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Peace and Love,
Troy Johnson
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