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What do you think of AALBC's New (Proposed) Logo?


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I'm starting a major overhaul of the AALBC website.  The designers felt it was time for a logo "refresh."  Here is an option I'm currently considering.  This will be the 4th logo change in 25 years.  Here are the previous logos.  


The logo will inform the look and feel of the new design, so it is important.  I considered more radical redesigns but rejected them, as I did not want to stray too far from the current design and make the brand unrecognizable. 


Let me know what you think. 








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An interesting idea i think That would require the head to be light-bright to blue-black right?

One of the changes was making all the colors solid getting rid of the transparency and gradation, which i think i prefer.


@ProfD there thinking was that the old logo needed to be modernized. Take a look at some of the old logos and you’ll see what i mean: https://www.aalbc.com/about_our_site.php

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why red orange green blue book pages/text?  I never thought to ask why those colors? 


If I think on logos in modern media, consistency is key. I wish I would had been part of this group when originally started, I would had suggested one symbol but it is too late.  

Meaning what? the symbol for aalbc has always been composed of parts. 

The circle for the head/ the book/ text

I think the new logo is fine, especially the one to the left. Troy on tumblr or youtube the aalbc is more present than the proper name of the site. so, that is key. 

I personally don't mind the logo staying the same, a website's true strength isn't in logo's it is in quantity of users/time users spend on website/advertising revenue or retail revenue being earned and but do as you will, this is your website, I always wish it the best. 



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The one on the left. Changing the head color to represent - LOVE!  Adding color to the letters, yet keeping the the acronym - Legacy! 

@Troythe incredible job that you and your crew(everyone who has, is and will become part of the aalbc community) do to educate, support, entertain, challenge, and offer opportunities to dialog IS your logo, but thanks for asking!


Keep doin the damn thing!!  AALBC FOREVER!! 

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On 12/3/2022 at 10:31 AM, richardmurray said:

website's true strength isn't in logo's it is in quantity of users/time users spend on website/advertising revenue or retail revenue being earned



 The colors don’t really mean anything when the logo was designed, over the years I’ve said they represent the diversity in our culture.


On 12/20/2022 at 10:36 AM, Dee Miller said:

@Troy, what’s your story?

Thanks for asking, but I’ll have to point you to some interview or something.



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On 12/20/2022 at 6:50 AM, Dee Miller said:

Keep doin the damn thing!!  AALBC FOREVER!! 

After beginning the journey on this road, on this path to learn about publishing books, their have been many routes which become optional the further in one continues. Each option being useful in its own way. However. aalbc.com is different than all of the others. This website is not limited to being a resource. Which by default, as with all of the other options that are limited in that way, really define them as a scheme to manipulate the end user. aalbc.com is different in a way that makes it better.

This is a website that offers real access to a writer in ways that will allow the writer to refine and grow. A fact made even more obvious when aalbc.com is compared to any other website that is advertising itself as being in the same category and for the same purpose.

Everything about this website functions as a support, and assistance, to new writers, veteran writers, published or non published, known and unknown.

aalbc.com is comparatively better.

Independently superior.

A stand out in its field.

Steps above and beyond those others of similar qualities.

Logos matter, logos are the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning.

The logo for aalbc.com is appropriate. It has been sculpted in the divine, given meaning from its connection to the actions of this website, which then revealed its form.

Hear! Hear! aalbc.com FOREVER!!! Indeed.

May google soon know its place and kow tow to the aalbc.com logo.680203445_aalbc.comrulesgoogle.png.adcba15fbd7457ddd142335f9ffc460d.png

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