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Astrology and Time

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When you read an astrological chart, you're interpreting the symbolic expression of space and time. Which may imply that information is encoded within time. Although I am starting to feel that time is information.

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Why does time seem to have sped up?  I hear this from young people as well as old ones how,  lately, time really does seem to fly. (Except, of course, when you're waiting for a pot of water to boil.)


The answer, I suppose, has something to do with the duration of the events which determine the passage of time...  


With each passing day, I become more mystified by this thing called "life", mostly because it is beyond words. I am suspended in a vacuum of wonderment. 

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3 hours ago, Cynique said:

Why does time seem to have sped up?  I hear this from young people as well as old ones how,  lately, time really does seem to fly. (Except, of course, when you're waiting for a pot of water to boil.)


The answer, I suppose, has something to do with the duration of the events which determine the passage of time...  


With each passing day, I become more mystified by this thing called "life", mostly because it is beyond words. I am suspended in a vacuum of wonderment. 

Probably because we are trying to combat by boredom by filling all of our available time. When I take public transportation nearly everyone is on their phone. I have also seen a few people having conversation while texting. Or scrolling through tik tok clips and then texting. So while we are filling the time I don't get the sense that it is fulfilling. The availability of something doesn't make it feel more precious. So we are stimulated more but we may be reaching our saturation point.


We are living in the age of instant. So everything has to be done in minutes.  If our clip doesn't load instantly we are annoyed. So technology has acclimated us for instant or near instant gratification. Which also means we have to do everything quickly. A good example is binge watching. We can get to the end more quickly. However like sex it's the journey and and anticipation that is thrilling. The ending is literally anticlimactic.





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@DelanoWell, with me, it's simply a case of it being Monday, and before I realize it, in the course of doing very little but lounging around, it's the weekend!  There was a time when I couldn't wait for Friday to come, now it's here before I even have time to plan for it  With everything, it seems like it was just a minute ago that I  did something routine, and it's time for me to do it again. Even with my monthly pension, every time I look up I'm getting another direct deposit into my bank account. 😛



Btw, did we ever decide whether or not time exists?  And - what's the outlook for 2023? Is it worth stickiin around for??? A friend of mine told me it's the year of the rabbit.  Is that a good sign?? 


If i win the billion dollar Mega Jackpot, I'll hire you to be my personal guru. 



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3 hours ago, Cynique said:

I'll hire you to be my personal guru. 

I already am


I haven't look at 2023 although I am sure it would be more challenging than 2022, unless you adapt. Although I feel this will be a very good year for me. There are a few things percolating.  I have been going more deeply into my experiments with time. I also have a Saturn Return. Which happens every 30 years or so. I am doing some meditation and magical excercises.


I can't speak for everyone but for me I am certain time doesn't exist. What we call time is simply the movement of objects. Which we correlate with some counters, then we use other counters to check the accuracy of the counter. However the real arbiter of time is the Sun and by extension the seasons. In Australia the sesaon start at the beginning of the month not close to the 21st. Which is when the Sun enters the cardinal sign. Which are the following months Mar Jun Sep Dec. A day is from sunrise to sunset, which is the rotation of the earth. A week is one phase of the Moon The month is a day or two less than the revolution of the Moon. A Year is an orbit around the Sun.


So I say that time time doesn't exist, but the measurements of clocks are informative no matter the type, analog atomic or Astrological. I find only goes quickly if I am working on a project.

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@DelOK, Pesonal Guru, I'll add you to my entourage which also includes a spiritual guide who gives every indication of being  a guardian angel or guardian alien.  i can decide whether this presence that  clears the way for me is divine or extra-terrestrial.  Maybe time will tell, if - you don't. 🤩




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2 hours ago, Cynique said:

i can decide whether this presence that  clears the way for me is divine or extra-terrestrial.

If it is extra terrestrial and clearing the way then ipso facto it is divine.

Recently I've been having more chats with Astrologers. The last couple are big thinkers an have said some cutting edge stuff. One of them is having a hard time understanding that I create charts from words to either understand the word more fully, or I use them with clients to answer their concerns.

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3 hours ago, Delano said:

If it is extra terrestrial and clearing the way then ipso facto it is divine.

Yes, I guess so  if what's divine originates in the heavens.


3 hours ago, Delano said:

Recently I've been having more chats with Astrologers. The last couple are big thinkers an have said some cutting edge stuff. One of them is having a hard time understanding that I create charts from words to either understand the word more fully, or I use them with clients to answer their concerns.

Well, looks like I'm in good company when it comes to not fully comprehending your fixation on numbers as they apply to word definitions.  You should call yourself an etymologist instead of an astrologist. Are your clients on your wave length?  You must be great at working crossword puzzles. 


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The querent get it  because because it answers their questions. Or helps them to reframe an issue .  


I don't think a name change will result in more comprehension.


A few Astrologers thought it was amazing but they still didn't understand it.

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17 hours ago, Cynique said:

Well, looks like I'm in good company when it comes to not fully comprehending your fixation on numbers as they apply to word definitions.  Y

The words I checked out were: Time; mind; Spirituality and I may have looked at Mother as well.


I like to know stuff. The idea of asking an oracle a question and getting some type of answer, is an indescribable feeling. Looking at trending topics on the internet means I am not alone, in seeking answers. The only difference is subject matter.

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@DelanoI  am very curious, myself, and I like to know stuff, too, so I am also constantly looking things up.  But numbers are not my liaison between questions and answers. To me concocted number codes are like bumps on the road to information.🤨

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Numbers and symbols carry information for me. For instance I saw a license plat and the number said understand who you are talking to in a conversation. So if I choose to look the world is full of omens and signs.

So in a way I get the information directly without someone else's filter or interpretation. Although I have to interpret the symbol. I was talking with a friends and she said the following. If you showed someone how to turn a word into a chart maybe it wouldn't work for them.

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I am not exaggerating when I say I know everything there is to know about TIME.

I usually am forced to limit myself, and set mental parameters, in order to stay focused on the question being answered.

I have read these postings and enjoyed every single one.

Being on this website is very enjoyable.

There is a sincerity in everyone's interactions which validates everyone's position.

It is very familial.

I was encouraged to leave a link to information when I can.


googledrive: TIME


docdroid: TIME


These are links to a book. TIME; I have written.

Making a judgement of, and with consideration to these postings, I can safely say that TIME, contains information relevant to everything here.

When you are ready. Access the book. I am not asking for a review, nor am I making sales. I am sharing. Because sharing is caring. I do care.

There is no catch. My only gain is in knowing that the information is being shared. The more we know. The more we can do. Knowledge is power. I am simply empowering those, who choose to use it.

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That particular upload is unfinished. I stopped at what I knew was enough to work with for anyone requiring the basics.

I chose to upload that version specifically because of its content being focused on how TIME functions in reality, and how TIME is used as a weapon. I kept all the technical talk out as much as possible.

As a student of TIME haven't you ever wondered why absolutely no-one is aware that they are being robbed of an entire month and forced to work for free every YEAR?

That is why I had to present the REAL way TIME functions in that book.

Once people learn they are working for free. They still wont know what to do next. So I had to include that as well.

Or how people are fatigued, worn down, overworked, stressed, and unable to relate that those are all TIME sensitive relations?

Which is why I included TH13MS to help people get a grasp of what is happening and how, as well as why.

Or how literally every illness disease sickness and negative condition in society is a direct result of the manufactured systemic use of TIME?

A fact, that I am the only person, ever, to be able to correlate with proof, and evidence, that ALL of these social dynamic interactions, which kill, hurt, and injure people, every Cycle, are originated in the misrepresentations of TIME. Not even doctors know this. Although they acknowledge it offhandedly.

Or how not one person you have ever met has been able to conduct such a simple task as do the math and allow the answers to be revealed to them directly that there is an extra Cycle added to each Year?

Which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer among the many other things it does.

Or how incredibly inaccurate and messed up the calendar is?

Or how clocks and other TIME pieces are not doing their job?

Nobody knows these very basic elementary school level things.

And whats worse, they have been conditioned, programmed, hypnotized, brainwashed, and beaten into submission to accept the status quo without question. And in some cases to attack the truth and defend the lie.

Or why people call 24 Hours which is both Day and Night only using the identifier as a  Day?

Or how most people are so brainwashed they literally cannot differentiate Night and Day? Morning and Evening?

Or how people are so misled that TIME to them is moving faster, slower, or they miss entire segments of TIME altogether?

Or how most people still do not know how to calculate TIME?

Or even know what TIME it is?

People have literally no concept of TIME in relation to reality!

And how people have been triggered to direct themselves regarding the dynamics of TIME to be aligned outside of the reality we are in?

I am a person of TRUTH. Truth is REALITY. Most people are seeking an escape from reality. While I am grounded within it. While others seek answers, anywhere, and everywhere else, except reality, for reasons which only they know, they are going to miss that which they seek as each step takes them further away from the source.

It is for all of these reasons that technical discussion of TIME is kept to a minimum.

Because literally. Most adults have no idea how to calculate TIME, know the difference between Day and Night, are even remotely aware of TIMES use in the system, or its affects on their biological, spiritual, emotional, thinking, self.

They must be introduced to TIME.

Because they not only do not know it.

But also because they have been lied to about it.

And TIME is also being used as a weapon against them.

I haven't met anyone yet that is ready for the simplicity of TIME.

It must be made clear.

I am only recording information that is a fact of reality as it exist. I am lifting the veil. Nothing more, nothing less.

Technical information about TIME is extremely simple.

Which is why everyone gets it wrong.

Although every formula for TIME will inherently be wrong because none of them include the fact that TIME cannot be quantified in any formula, only its components can.

Mine. Is the only formula, ever, to account for that variable.

Most people are more interested in making their name known and getting some kind or reward or honor by inflating and overstating the information about TIME.

I am not interested in making my name known, my only interest is in making sure that people who do want to have access to REALITY so that they can make their own decisions in LIFE. About their own LIVES. Will have that opportunity to do so.

I am breaking their chains, and if they want be free, they will be, they can also choose to keep working on their masters plantation, the beauty in that, is that it is a choice at that point, not a mandate. If they are smart enough to remain free, they can also choose to leave at a later TIME.

Or are a part of the system in which TIME has been converted to a weapon such as the weapon of TIME being used to confine 99.5% of all people now.

The only known formula which includes every aspect of TIME as a calculated function of its form is the one I give in the book.

For all of these things I have written volumes. I have shared none. From observation I can judge that the information is far beyond everyone's ability to grasp. Because they are all living LIFE enslaved and are oblivious. With very few exceptions which occasionally are enough to alert them that something is not right. But they cant seem to lock in on it.

When people are locking in on it I know they are ready to be introduced to it.

That is why I shared it here. You very few were able to lock in on it.

I did my part. I shared. Sharing is caring. The rest is all on whoever wants to make use of it.

As I said. It is simple.

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@Rodney campbell i find what you say, mind boggling and fascinating.  And best of all because you write with clarity and put things in context,  I actually understand what you are expounding on to a certain degree and your challenges to conventional wisdom make sense.  To me, what you claim also has an element of ZEN in it, a discipline  that has always resonated with me. Still there is just so much that's unfamiliar to the human mind set and, as you imply, mere mortals have to re-think what they've always assumed to be, and realize that truth and reality are profoundly elusive. 


One thing I really want to know is if there are others,  like a secret cabal of Earthlings or a  hierarchy  of Aliens who assess time the same way you do  and who are at work manipulating Society in order to enslave the masses. Or - is what's going on just the random way Civilization has evolved and Life is simply "doing what it do" for no rhyme nor reason????  


Your postulations are particularly relevant to me because I'm trying to sort it all out before I depart this world. I spend a lot of time reminiscing about the "past" andIi now wonder where memories fit into your scheme of things.  I am no longer the girl i used to be so maybe age really isn't just a number...


And the mystery continues.   It is, what it is.

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It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Cynique.


Not to divulge my background, while answering your questions, what I know I can say is that, there are no secret cabals.

With the - F.B.I - The C.I.A - The N.S.A - The D.H.S - Revolving Door Politics. - Social Media - Facial Recognition Software. Credit Cards. - Cameras. - And People who Dislike Each Other. There are no secrets. All  lies are out in the open. People have been well trained to behave as triggered to behave in relation to those lies.

Every cabal is well known and there members are identified quite easily.

What is secret, as best as they can mange to keep it, is their activities. Everybody has secret activities. Singular and Conspired. For better or worse.

Nothing is random. We exist in a very ordered existence.


This is an excerpt from My book: If The World Was A Sphere

The known resonance frequency which binds the entirety of existence together.
What they call The Cosmological Constant, is fine tuned, to one part, in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion
This tiny value of The Cosmological Constant. This fine tuning, cannot happen by any form of chance or coincidence. That is impossible.


The Creator has fine tuned our existence to a precision that can be measured, not duplicated.

Study that ye may be approved.


There is no evolution outside of imagination, fables and make believe.

Everything has a purpose. Everything has a value that must be respected.


As to the assessing of TIME. You give me a personal credit which I did not earn, and I am undeserving of.

My only action in relation to TIME is as an observer.

I merely accepted the reality over the propaganda. It is a choice that we all have to make.


In a world of drama kings and drama queens, there are many people who will readily accept the propaganda, because it gives them the attention and spotlight they crave so desperately.

While accepting reality will literally remove you from any attention. Unless the propagandist find a way to put a spin, twist, or some other form of yellow journalism into it.


However. The conclusions Shared in the information I present is done in such a way that it is open to peer review. Any one can check and recheck the numbers for themselves. That is its power. That is its strength.

I am not the source.

It is not my message.

It is the truth.

It is not my truth.

It will persevere and retain itself in my absence no matter what. I am a messenger. That is the most credit I can take. I am only recording and sharing that which is observable.


As you do not know me, I will say to you, about me, I have no opinions. They are not required. Having no opinions I also have no truths. There is only reality. Reality is Truth.

Experience has proven that most people cannot manage reality. They require access to substances, artifacts, and paraphernalia, to assist them in not dealing with reality.


I am the opposite of escapism.

As to truth and reality being elusive ... that all depends on how dedicated a person is to learning the truth and acknowledging what they have learned enough to accept it and live with it.

Which has very little to do with age, and is directly related to awareness intake, and mental organization, in tandem with memory. A process that only grows with each opportunity to use what you know.


If not reality, then they run back to escapism, and look for a scapegoat.


An example of which is when I see parents who have raised a horrible human being, and when that horrible human being is beaten, imprisoned, or murdered, at any age, the parents choose to blame the person who beat, imprisoned, or murdered their precious child.

Always in self defense from the monster they raised.

As opposed to accepting the reality that the child they raised was a monster, and that as a parent they are a failure.

They choose Delusional. Escapism. Unfortunately its all to common.

As a good parent would have not let it happen at all. Or simply disowned the monster from their union as one. Que sera sera.


The information I share is not a postulation.

A postulation is an imaginative process and has no basis in reality.

Any and everything I say, will only ever be a fact. A fact, or facts, that can be verified by anyone who chooses to put in the TIME to know it to be so.

We all must depart this world. There is no choice in that matter. It is to be expected. We have TIME enough to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for that event. I am only now meeting you and I can assure you that what you have chosen to share of yourself with me will carry forward and onward. As it will with all of those you were willing to allow the opportunity to interact with you. It is not a thing I take lightly.

Also. We are supposed to reminisce, that is the reason it exist. As in all things how you use the reminiscing is what matters.


Again, I will clarify, that, it is not my scheme of things. You give me much undo, unearned, credit.

Which will eventually burden me were I to wrongly accept what is not mine.

The scheme of things goes to The Creator.

The Creator gave us the ability to remember so that our senses can align events with TIME. That combination is what keeps us.

Each Cycle, we age into a younger being. We only appear to be old as our body develops into the consequence of the way respected it.

Our body is a TEMPLE. But how many people acknowledge this reality and LIVE LIFE with that knowledge as the basis for all subsequent actions? A well respected Temple is a well maintained Body. A disrespected Temple is a disrespected Body.


Everything we do in LIFE is important. Because everything in LIFE is FINITE.

And yeah ... whoever said age is just a number doesn't understand aging.

Aging is everything. Aging is our LIFE keeping in step with TIME. I wont even begin to list all of the ways the body is designed to stay tuned with TIME.

And as for the girl you used to be.

That has never changed. I can state in absolute certainty that it is an impossibility for that to change.

We all are who we are and no amount of changes in the world can ever change that.


I wrote that book 3 years ago in full.

Without going into detail. And there is alot of detail. I can safely say that in every way. You always have been and always will be that same girl you remember, that same girl you are denying yourself access to, by partitioning that part of yourself off ... as a used to be.

The body is a TEMPLE. There many parts of a TEMPLE. If you chose to lock that part of you away then so be it. But if you want to access that part of you it is available to do so.

You are already there.

All it takes is to remember, and then to do. Muscle memory in combination with recall and psychological queues established already within you will do the rest. Respect your bodies limits now, and you will only get stronger with each recalled action you choose to indulge.


And there are no mysteries.

Everything is knowable.

There are no coincidences.

Everything has a path it will take based on its origin and method of movement.


Mysteries and coincidences only reveal the limits of what a person knows. Which is why someone else can solve it or predict it.

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to not know certain things. Who has that much TIME? No-one. That is who.


So we go to someone who did develop those answers and we get it from them.

I don't mind saying that I have the answers to how almost everything works.

I used to hide that.

I was told to hide that.

I never should have. But I did.



As for enslaving the masses. Who is free?

And aliens ... you require a security level clearance far greater than above top secret for that question to be acknowledged any more than I just have.

My security clearance was revoked twice. I am not going for a third. So don't ask me that again. SERIOUSLY.


Cynique. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to communicate with you.

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@Rodney campbellWhew! Thanks for what I can only describe as enlightening me.  For one of the rare times in my life, i don't have the compulsion to question or challenge the assertions of an "ideologue". You have inspired me to have an open mind. There's nothing you have expressed that provokes my skepticism because everything you say is plausible.  And, above, all, you do not pat yourself on the back or claim to be a font of wisdom.  You  are. indeed. a "messenger" who doesn't wallow in his opinions. Maybe even a Buddha.  I also feel that you have been sent to me  at this late stage of my life to awaken me -  a voice from cyber space deconstructing  the nature of reality. Lately there have been so many signs that have appeared to me, confirming  my suspicions, entities that can only be described as being outre in their origin. Whatever. Your  post was like a condensation of a modern day bible, filtered through the lens of modern day linguistics minus all the fables and sermons and geneology that bible thumpers muddle through.  A manual for survival.


i do not discount, however, that others will think that I am under the thrall of a  loquacious con man, plugging his books.  And although i accept the "possibility"  that the Creator has fine-tined everything into a "Cosmological Constant" and that there are no coincidences, still I wonder with the mind i was given, why there is so little justice in this world and why senseless tragedy and hardship devastate so many while others thrive, enjoying carefree existences. And you never broached  the elephant in the room. KARMA.  


Thanks also for reassuring me that i am the girl i used to be. 


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Greetings Cynique

It is clear that someone is distressed about our communication. Someone close to you who is concerned. That is wonderful. Would that we all could have that in our LIFE.


What I say next I say for the person who is concerned over this communication:


There are no demands being made and no orders being given that are to be followed. There is no control.

The words that I use are descriptive of the subject and are accurate. The reaction of being strongly influenced by the choice of words is not an indication of the transmission of the words. it is an indication of the receivers ability to relate.

Simply put. Cynique and I are communicating on the same wavelength making everything seamlessly easy to connect.

This addresses the THRALL.


I am not interested in taking money from people. Which is what a conman does using trickery.

To establish this matter of fact. I present to you as proof, every comment I ever made on this website.

It is my position to freely share information. Only seeking kickbacks from anyone that decides to become prosperous for my work.

That is fair.

And only using those kickbacks as a way to help others.

That is the right thing to do.

This addresses the CONMNAN.


Your position is that I communicate at length to mention  my books publicly to promote it.

You couldn't be more wrong.

You are overlooking and bypassing the obvious.

I am a writer.

I have written books.

That is what connected me to this website, to these people, to Cynique.

Most writers are also scholars. It is a consequence of having to be accurate. It is unavoidable. Especially over-TIME.

The fact that I have written enough books to be able to make references from my own work is a testimony to my level of understanding.

I can stand on my own two feet ... so to speak.



It is very admirable that you are securing Cynique from what you have determined to be a possible danger.

I have no interest in being a disruptive force that will upset such a precious relationship.

Therefore I will reply to the statement Cynique has posted.

Upon request, I will never do so again.

I am no-one.

Surely I am not worth contention.

Let it be soothing to you, to know that with but a word I will be as the wind passing by.

Think no more of it.


In reply to Cynique. I can confirm and verify that I have no opinions.

My presence here is indeed for you.

In the same capacity as I am here for everyone.

The elephant in the room. ... That is exactly why there was no need to discuss it.

It is obvious.

However your statement does include a duality in definition.

Karma is a balance struck by the ending of one LIFE being incarnated into a next LIFE that will be lived in reward or punishment for the previous LIFE'S LIFESTYLE.

Another definition for Karma is the one you gave "why there is so little justice in this world and why senseless tragedy and hardship devastate so many while others thrive, enjoying carefree existences."

Both definitions are accurate. Which is why I never really mention it.

I will explain.

Minus any excerpts from books I have written ...

But first I will include;

Newton's Third Law: Action & Reaction

His third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. If object A exerts a force on object B, object B also exerts an equal and opposite force on object A. In other words, forces result from interactions.

This fundamental principle of physics is required to understand the way The Creator included JUSTICE in everything. Which is why both definitions are correct.

Always have at the forefront of your understanding when passing judgement that you are on the outside looking in.

Those people who you describe as thriving, and enjoying a carefree existence, I can assure you is not an accurate description of their LIVES.

The Creator embedded within the foundation of energy itself a rule that supersedes what only the eyes will see and the ears will hear.

Study That Ye may Be approved.

We exist at a quantum level, we are all attached to each other, and our actions, which is attached to what is the equivalent of a self balancing scale. The heart weighed against the feather.

Making JUSTICE both immediate and continual with a culmination, when we become too young, and the body will cease, at LIFE'S end.

What you, and far too many others are doing, is setting an expectation marker that is a bar for what you will recognize and perceive as JUSTICE.

That is why it escapes your notice, and those others as well.

You cannot see a persons burden, pain, sorrow, worry, guilt, sadness, anger, frustration, concern, misery, hurt. You cannot hear a person wailing and anguish when they do so in private. You cannot know a persons debts. Their arguments and fights are also unknown to you. The only thing you have access to is what the person chooses to show in public.

In the public. Which is to say, for the eyes to see, and for the ears to hear, they will present that they are Thriving and Enjoying a Carefree Existence. They will only show you their Senseless Tragedy and Hardship Devastation when it will benefit them to do so.

Karma; which is also Newtons discovery of The Third Law of physics. Action & Reaction; Which is The Creators Design that brings about immediate Justice, continual justice and culmination justice. None can escape it. It is always present for you to behold. You must simply stop using only your eyes and ears to behold it. We are all living it.

I witness this so often that I am filled with empathic sympathy.

I am aware of the process. Which allows me to properly manage it.

Others who experience these moments of awareness do not know enough to know how to categorize and then manage it.

They call it toxic people, or depressed people, or energetic people, all they know is that they are picking up a feeling from someone. They may, or may not understand it is empathy. And even if they do. Do they know the rules from The Creator to know what to do about it?

For themselves, and for the person who they are receiving the empathic feelings from?

Usually the answer is NO.

Study That Ye May Be approved.


To Cynique's protector know this. A proper and thorough answer is very seldom going to be a short answer.

The only TIME short answers can be given is when there is a common bond which surpasses language and the people involved have a relationship which consist of lots of private jokes.

So if your goal is for me to become less wordy we need a mutual basis of relationship and TIME to develop it.

Or. You can just say, Scram!

Hit the road jack!

Whatever works for you ...



To Cynique. It was a pleasure.  All is well, as it should be.

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6 hours ago, Rodney campbell said:

To Cynique's protector know this. A proper and thorough answer is very seldom going to be a short answer.

@Rodney campbellHow ironic that the person to whom you direct your words is my alter ego, the cynical side of the Cynique coin.  Me, myself and... I simply imagining what an onlooker might think, hoping to dispel any notion of my being a gullible ol lady.  😜


Seriously, we good, Babe.  I really enjoy reading what you have to  say.  I look forward to engaging with you again when  another profound subject comes up.  Meanwhile, I will continue to contemplate what you have put on my mind.  I really do think our paths crossed for a reason. That you appeared at just the right moment as TIME runs out on me.  "...tomorrow and tomorrow creeps at its petty pace". My temple is in reasonably good stature, all things considered, but like any ancient edifice, it could collapse at any time... 🙄    

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On 1/11/2023 at 6:41 AM, Rodney campbell said:


Which is why I included TH13MS to help people get a grasp of what is happening and how, as well as why.


@Rodney campbell Never really thought about this!


On 1/11/2023 at 6:41 AM, Rodney campbell said:

Or how incredibly inaccurate and messed up the calendar is?

Or how clocks and other TIME pieces are not doing their job?



Oh WOW! 

This is very interesting.



On 1/11/2023 at 6:41 AM, Rodney campbell said:


Although every formula for TIME will inherently be wrong because none of them include the fact that TIME cannot be quantified in any formula, only its components can.


This sounds like what I've heard from @Delano

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 if you know the quality of time is possible to choose the right moment to do anything successfully. This is known as elective astrology, a branch of the ancient astrological tradition that seeks to anticipate the facts and take advantage of that knowledge to obtain favorable outcomes.



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4 thoughts on “Astrology, predestination and free will.

  1. bbb430e1d0e4aaf8a2f2c0fc3e7236f0?s=135&d Steven Birchfield A.M.A. says:

    Very nice Pablo! Not to get into a lot of discussion because we both know how provocative the subject can be, I did like the thought from Thomas Aquinas that since the creator is spirit and lives in a dimension where there is no time, but he sees what was, what is and what will be, then the stars are his record and we can read that record through the conceptual language that is astrology. In other words he knows what choices we make and the philosophy contains free will at the same time it explains how we can know what choices people make within their area of choice because most often our choices lie within a very narrow parameter like driving through a tunnel and we can only go so far in any direction. That is what the “accidents” of life produce. One of the fundamental considerations was what would happen (as seen by the house and ruler) and the outcome of that “accident” (as seen by the house ruler of the ruler). So that both “accidents” (what we have no choice in) and how we choose are seen in the chart which is the record written by the one who sees it all 🙂 Again very insightful Pablo!


    This is the best discernment from that article. It is almost correct.


    The stars are not his record. The Creator needs no records.


    The presumption of even thinking that The Creators Language is comprehensible to this existence will inherently result in a failed outcome. Just to be clear. The Creators language is not a thing that can ever be reproduced in our existence. It literally exist outside of our existence. Using every technology and wisdom combined, as humanity has been doing forever, we have literally not even scratched the surface of his language. The very best we can choose to do is to stop pursuing the act of being The Creator and using his language and instead to focus on making use of the laws, the rules and the guidance which he did give us. In our languages.


    The Creator gave us The Firmament to use for many things. He specifically and very pointedly made it clear to not use it for divination.

    He made the reasoning clear too, which was already addressed. It is beyond comprehension.

    Being in a position to understand Creation down to its most minute particles and its most macro completions, I am certain that Creation is beyond a contained definition. Having an understanding of how everything functions in reality puts things in perspective.

    The Firmament is made of many things. All of which require you to know their Creation. Not knowing their Creation places these fixed in the sky heavenly objects beyond your reach in knowing.

    The Creator knows that these are things which cannot be known in full by any person in a LIFETIME.

    However. The Creator also gave you free will and the ability to experience JOY and HAPPINESS from your work.

    Therein is the juxtaposition crux.

    I can solve this.

    But it is not for me to solve.


    The Creator does in fact see it all. Which is why he needs no records to keep. Forcing a position onto The Creator and assigning The Creator a task of keeping records is only to assist the position of the human who wants so desperately to be able to do what The Creator does. Which is admirable, and need not be admonished. Understanding and kindness are required to be of assistance. Nothing else. The Creator does not want humans to be like him. The Creator wants us to be ourselves, and LIVE as he has Created a Perfect Routine for us to LIVE.


    We do write our own books of our own LIFE. When we reach our final age of youth, and we cease to be in this existence any more, having died of young age, if nothing kills us. As we approach our judgement. The Creators very presence, which is about as close as we can get even in death, will cause a tree to manifest, which from roots to branch ends shows our LIFE in great detail. This tree manifestation is called a book in translations. The manifestation of our tree which shows our LIFE, causes the manifestation of another tree which is through translations called The Book Of LIFE. Only if your LIFE tree is proven to be a growth from The Tree of LIFE are you then permitted to enter A portion of what is called heaven. If not. What awaits you is going to make you wish for death every moment of your existence thereafter. Whichever one you get. You have earned it. Its your LIFE. Free Will and all. Reap what you have Sown. We all get whats coming to us, now and later.

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19 hours ago, Rodney campbell said:

The stars are not his record. The Creator needs no records.

Luke 21:25

Bible Rank: 805
"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." 
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OK. i'm not an avid fan of Astrology.  but since everybody else ifs going off  on tangents creating their own scenarios, i will refer to the red comet in Game of Thrones, another great book of fiction!  Damned if it didn't portend disaster.  Those Night Walker were something else!  😳  

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The word signs has an unknown origin in language. Its source is beyond what is known and every definition historically related or attributed to the word sign, is an admitted hypothetical, or, idea. Both of which mean the definition is a guess. I know this because of it's association with TIME.

The sun.

The moon.

The stars.

The sea.

The earth.


None of those things are what the systemic dissemination would have everyone accept them as.

What does that mean?

It means that a word. SIGN. Which no-one knows the true meaning of.

Is being used as an origin of allocation to indicate a set of events related to six things which most people have absolutely no understanding of.

When the truth is applied as an overlay to that quote I can assure, and guarantee, that its meaning is very far removed from the superficial facade all are encouraged to accept.

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I happen to read signs symbols and omens so I don't share your opinion on this matter.


It's also important to understand that both words and symbols mean what we say they mean. And this can vary across both cultures and time

 On addition it vary on time within a culture. However it is problematic to judge or even ascertain the values across cultures and time. And it is probably extremely difficult across both simultaneously.

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So did anybody see the green comet? i didn't.  i just hope the Returmpicans stop  playing games and extend America's debt line  so that government pension checks wouldn't be delayed.  

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@Cynique, you can rest assured that government pension checks will not be delayed.


The clowns on Capitol Hill will do just enough within their circle jerk to keep things teetering on the brink and moving along simultaneously.😎

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have found a way to ask Astrology questions, and it returns an answer via a chart. This is a chart that I drew for the word mind. Below is the delineation of the chart.

This is a chart for the word mind. Notice that the ruler of the third, Uranus is in the third from the Third. The ruler of the ninth, the Sun is in the ninth from the ninth. The third is practical thinking. The ninth is your conceptual thinking. Both rulers reside in the fifth. Which is a creative house. Inspiration is a twelfth house issue. The ruler of the twelfth is in the first house. Saturn is the ruler of the first second and third house, intercepted in Sagittarius.



Capricorn is the first house. So the ruling planet is Saturn. so it rules the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd. Interestingly it is ruling an extra house but it is intercepted in the 12th.
The lower mind or practical thinking is ruled by Saturn and Co-ruled by Uranus. The third house has Neptune in Domicile and Uranus and Saturn /co-ruling. This means that even the practical or tactical mind also gets inspiration and revelations. However based on the placement of Neptune it would seem that you have to do some mental legwork before the intuition kicks in to assist.
The other interesting bit is that Uranus is the thinking of the thinking house, in the fifth. So creativity also figures into rational or tactical thinking.
The fifth house happens to be the busiest in terms of tenants. The ruler of the the fifth is in Gemini also a thinking sign. Again Gemini is also intercepted.
The ninth is higher mind and theoretical thinking. Is tenanted by the North Node. Which interestingly is where you are going .
The twelfth is intuition and Sagittarius is intercepted, the ruling planet being Pluto. Which is quite elegant. So here you have the combination of the unconscious with the intuition.  Uranus Sun and the Mercury  are all in the fifth. Which signifies that the Mind higher thought , lower thought and creativity seem to be linked


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On 2/9/2023 at 6:20 AM, Delano said:

@CyniqueI have a technique to convert a word into a future date. I then use that date to create an astrology chart . Which I then use to answer questions. Tell me the first word that pops into your mind plus your question. 

@Delanothe first word that comes into my mind is... weirdness.  What or who is the entity whose presence I  feel at night alone in my bedroom and why do I feel like i shift into another environment after this occurrence causes me to close my eyes?  That's the best way i can verbalize what mystifies me. Do you believe  in visits from the dead?  I know, - i've asked more than one question...

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Yes I believe that communication from the dead is possible. Will have a look to see what it is. Did you have four siblings and is your sister the most recent sibling to pass?


It looks like two departed siblings and Auntie or older women, plus a reall independent women. Who guys probably called a bitch, but she stood up for women.


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21 hours ago, Delano said:

Yes I believe that communication from the dead is possible. Will have a look to see what it is. Did you have four siblings and is your sister the most recent sibling to pass?


It looks like two departed siblings and Auntie or older women, plus a reall independent women. Who guys probably called a bitch, but she stood up for women.

@DelanoMy only brother who was older than me passed away in 2008, preceded in death by my 2 older sisters. Don't know who the "older independent" woman would be - except me!  There are other super natural  things i am experiencing, some good and others curious, things i don't like to verbalize lest this affect their "magic".   More and more my consciousness is like an LSD trip, like I'm being introduced to and endowed with the ability to shift between worlds. Is this the "awakening" seers talk about??? it's fascinating but also a little scary. 


Over the past year or so, inspectors from the electric company have been coming and going around where I live as if trying to find some kind of irregularities.  Meanwhile within the walls of my bedroom all hell is breakin loose, as all the electronic devices which are bundled together are just having a field day! My land phone beeps in the middle of the night, my  TV is always going haywire but repairs itself  as soon as we decide to call the cable company.  My computer has become very temperamental while my android phone has also taken on a mind of its own. My grandson's dog also exhibits peculiar behavior when he decides to come into my room and stand there perfectly still, on point like he's on a hunting trip and senses a prey.  i'm wondering if the lot where the house stands is some kind of a portal for ghosts or aliens!  Whatever.  

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@Cynique I would say that there may have been a cemetery nearby. If there is a church that old it may have a cemetery.


I may have said this before. As you get closer to the answers the less you are on this planet. So my feeling is that you will either transition or you will spend more of your time in an alternate reality.  


You are seeing that this reality is out the be all. Why is that frightening?


I've had electronic problem for the last 20 years. Although three were really pronounced and signalled a massive change in my life. I had the last one in Sept 2021. I feel this may be the biggest shift if all. In about two weeks I have my second Saturn Return.


You have completed your third Saturn Return. Jan 16, 2022.

I have stayed with two friends and they both have cats. The cats seem gravitate more to me even the cat that was a rescue cat. Animals can sense energies, both dogs and cats will protect you.

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@Delanowhat you say is pretty much what I have come to believe after giving my situation much thought. More and more i am becoming  comfortable with the idea that i am on track to begin a new journey.  The crazy state of this world makes it easier for me to accept this idea.  i just want to make 90, and then - come what may! And, btw, i think you are one of the spiritual guides who are facilitating my transition.  Thank you, my dear!

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It has been an interesting few years. During your absence I feared that you had died. Which is really an ego centric fear. It does feel things are winding down. Or perhaps I am becoming a jaded Black Man. 


I have spent a fair amount of time learning and reading. Although I Have enjoyed it , I wonder if it has a purpose or is its own goal.


I have said it before you are unconscious Magus. When you awake it will be another world.

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All things in the universe operate under the sanction of God's Laws. The deep study of anything, whether it is mathematics, language, music, physics, botany or swordplay, brings about an understanding of God - of God as in active principle in creation. Thus study, when performed out of devotion, serves to spiritualize the consciousness of man. Astrology is known as the "Eyes of the Vedas" due to it being the study that more quickly than any other helps to spiritualize the consciousness of man and help him to see, or realize, the Veda, the supreme truth. No other study develops the intelligence and understanding more so than does the study of astrology. (Only active meditation is more effective in doing so.) Thus for those of intellectual bent, the study of Vedic Astrology has much to offer. In my opinion, it is only for this reason that astrology becomes the most worthwhile pursuit. An individual who understands the principles of astrology, easily grasps the principles of all other things and is truly an individual of knowledge. @Cynique

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