Asia Hill

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Asia Hill was signed to Good2go Publishing Jan 2015. She was one of the lucky authors chosen and given a publishing deal out of hundreds of manuscripts we receive every year. Our submission criteria is very tough, it’s less than a 0.02% chance of someone getting signed to Good2go Publishing. Not only did she accomplish something very difficult she did it from behind the walls of a federal correctional facility with the help of Ms Detra Young.

She also was able to achieve this accomplishment on the first book she ever wrote in her life My Besties PT 1 which is now in libraries and book stores all over the United States. It’s almost impossible to get a publishing deal with us and to do it with the first book you have ever written means that she has an incredibly bright future and is a very gifted author. Her story is proof that you should never give up on your dreams and no matter how bad your situation may be or hardships you’re going thru in life you can always turn a negative situation into a positive outcome.

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5 Books by Asia Hill