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Writing for children is a joyful endeavor. It takes heart, passion, and one endearing story that yearns to be told. As with all things, commit to putting your own ideas on paper. A story left untold will never blossom or touch the heart of a reader.” —Christine Taylor Butler

Christine Taylor Butler grew up in Ohio surrounded by books and literature. She developed an overwhelming passion for reading and writing at an early age that defined her purpose and who she has become today. She read every opportunity that she got and even made up story filled adventures of her own. Sadly even though she was a gifted and prolific writer she was missing one ingredient in order to step out on her dreams of becoming a writer, and that was courage. Fear gripped her heart and to alleviate the fear of stepping out she became preoccupied with other productive tasks. Some entail a New England boarding school, two MIT degrees (Engineering and Art & Design)and a series of jobs that included working for a start-up software company. Following thereafter was several years at Harvard University and more than a decade as a Graphic Arts Manager at Hallmark Cards. Although she was productive the overwhelming desire to write kept knocking on the doors of her heart until she eventually opened up.

One of the main reasons for her courageously stepping out in pursuit of a career as an author was the love that her two daughters had for reading children’s books. But it saddened her to see their urban peers did not. She came to the conclusion that sadly multicolored children don’t see themselves as being relevant in today’s society or as having the potential to make a difference. And even though more books are now like never before presenting children of color in a more positive light Christine wanted to really ensure that this continued. As a result of her lending her voice and being an agent of change her writing career soared. Since then she has released 65 commercially published books.(2018)

Christine Taylor Butler is a force to be reckoned with. She genuinely enjoys the journey of children’s book writing and prides in the fact that she was courageous enough to answer the call to write. She has received a countless amount of awards, ranging from Best Children’s Book of the year by Bank Street College Of Education. Best Books Of The Year by Nebraska Library Association, Best Children’s Book of the year by Barnes and Noble Review. As well as Best Multicultural Books list just to name a few. Her accolades attest to the fact that writing, inspiring and captivating the hearts of children through writing is what she was destined to do.

Author profile written by Daisy Copelin.

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