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Triple Crown Publications

Triple Crown Publications was started in 2001, with the self-publishing of Author Vickie Stringer’s debut novel, Let That Be The Reason.

T.C.P. the symbols had a history and great meaning for the author. During her past life of crime, it was always told that in the streets one should stay down for their crown. With desire, drive and determination to give up her former ways of life, again, she has decided to stay down for her crown. Once running with a crew called the Triple Crown Posse, the author started her own publishing company and named it Triple Crown Publications. This company will introduce emerging talented authors.

In 2002, she joined forces with a silent partner to stake a claim in the publishing game. Together, they are staying down for their crown and going for a piece of this billion-dollar industry pie.

The vision for the company is longevity, integrity, gripping unforgettable tales, and prosperity

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Triple Crown Publications
3124 Geneview Dr.
Columbus, OH 43219

Email: production@triplecrownpublications.com
Web Site: http://www.triplecrownpublications.com
Telephone: 614-478-9402