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by Cheryl Robinson
Booklocker (Mar 05, 2019)
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Single-handedly, Lynn shatters the hopes and dreams of her close-knit family and severs the bond with her twin sister, Ruth. Each person fights to survive in the face of betrayal, deceit, loss, pain, even regret. An unexpected ray of hope occurs but it is only a prelude to more devastation and pain. When Lynn’s parents think that things can get no worse, they realize just how wrong they are.

Lynn wants nothing more than to be free of her past and is willing to abandon her parents, their rules and expectations, and all that she has known. With a friend’s help, she escapes and begins a new life. But is she really free? She soon learns that her trusted friend is not the man she thinks he is and her dream becomes a living nightmare.

Amy and Marlo’s marriage is destroyed by a chain of unimaginable events that neither could have predicted. Left reeling from the aftermath, divorce appears inevitable. They begin the slow process of picking up the pieces and building lives with new love interests. When a tragedy occurs, they are forced to look within and beyond themselves. What they discover is life-changing but is it too late?

A gripping story of self-discovery, surrender, spiritual awakening, faith and unexpected grace.

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by Michael R. Lane
Booklocker (Aug 05, 2018)
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C. J. Cavanaugh is working a routine Lunsford Insurance undercover investigation accompanied by his Homicide Detective girlfriend Destini Pendleton. At the same time, Kylie Preston is out for a night of fun with The Liberated Wives Club, a group of close friends who have not only survived divorce but also thrived in its wake. C. J. sees enough during his spy mission to render a decision on the claimant and is ready to call it a night. He and Destini decide to conclude their veiled date with a nightcap at his place. Kylie Preston encounters an alluring stranger who charms her into going home with him. As fate would have it, Kylie and the stranger drive past C. J. and Destini en route to their separate destinations, neither couple aware of the other.

The next day, Kylie Preston’s body is discovered in a stolen car, dissected and preserved in ice chests, the parts wrapped in brown butcher’s paper secured with cellophane tape and twine. When Portland Homicide finds themselves at a dead end, Carl Wheaton, a dear friend and colleague of the deceased Vice-President of Acquisitions for Lunsford Insurance, implores C. J. Cavanaugh to investigate on behalf of his employer. Despite his misgivings about becoming involved in another murder case, C. J. cannot say no to his friend.

Not everyone at PPD Homicide is happy to have C. J. snooping around on their case. Hotshot rookie Homicide Detective Laurie McCaskill is half of the team assigned to the Preston murder. Detective McCaskill is determined to have C. J. booted off "her case" despite repeated assurances from her veteran partner and the Police Captain that having C. J. on board is a good thing.

As C. J. delves into the background of the murder victim in search of motives, he is disturbed by what he uncovers. Kylie Preston chaired a culture of unethical insurance practices that constructed many of the rungs on her ladder to success. Were Carl Wheaton and Lunsford Insurance aware of Kylie’s unethical practice of short-changing insurance claimants? If so, were they complicit in any way, or did they simply choose to look the other way? The answers could irreparably damage the hospitable relationship the Cavanaugh Investigation Agency had with their number one client. When C. J. also learns that Kylie Preston’s greed and deceit were not restricted to ripping off policyholders but extended to the Lunsford family themselves, then all bets are off. Add to that the discovery that Carl Wheaton and Kylie Preston were lovers, and the shallow suspect pool deepens.

During the course of Cavanaugh’s murder investigation, more victims turn up mutilated in precisely the same manner as Kylie Preston. The press dubs the deranged killer "The Butcher." C. J. places his ethical and personal concerns regarding Carl Wheaton and Lunsford Insurance on the back burner in order to maintain his focus on apprehending a serial murderer. Each grisly discovery intensifies the race to capture The Butcher before he strikes again.

Click for more detail about The Family Stone by Michael R. Lane The Family Stone

by Michael R. Lane
Booklocker (May 01, 2018)
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Before the supermarket boom, there were neighborhood markets where most people did their grocery shopping. They served as a junction for the exchange of ideas and gossip in much the same way as barbershops and beauty salons still do today. It was typical for owners of these markets to live in the neighborhood. They were part of the community and often took an active interest in what best served its needs. The Family Stone is set in the memory of these institutions long gone from most of the American economic landscape.It is the year following the long, hot summer in America. Abraham and Winona Stone are the owners of Willie’s Market, a corner grocer in an urban community known as East Liberty, a Mecca where people within the community can catch up on the latest gossip regarding their uncommon neighbors. Theresa Peoples, a beautician during the week, a nude dancer on the weekends. Reverend Embry Wilshire, a man on a quest to redeem every sinner’s soul, his own being his most challenging. Jessie Wilkerson, philosopher, a learned man of unknown origin and past. These characters, and more, round out the stories of this neighborhood cast in The Family Stone.

Click for more detail about Blackout: My 40 Years in the Music Business by Paul Porter Blackout: My 40 Years in the Music Business

by Paul Porter
Booklocker (May 31, 2017)
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An explosive look at the music industry’s dark side.

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by Carl Gamble
Booklocker (Nov 01, 2016)
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Carl Gamble, a premier airline pilot, has penned a remarkable memoir, a powerful story about his journey from the cotton fields of Madison County, Alabama, to the captain’s seat flying jumbo jets between North America and Europe. While in grade school, Gamble was inspired by Air Force jet fighters flying over Madison and his dream to become a pilot was born. Gamble’s hard and focused work overcame an inauspicious start studying aviation at Tennessee State University, a necessary stepping stone toward a flying career for African Americans of small means in the 1960s.

Gamble was awarded the Air Force’s coveted Distinguished Flying Cross. His quick thinking and superior flying skills enabled him to land his C-47, severely disabled by enemy antiaircraft fire, and save the lives of his crew in Vietnam. 

My Blue Yonder tells Gamble’s story by taking you to his boyhood home, into the cockpit of his burning airplane, and into his PTSD. You fly with him to rescue men adrift on an ice floe in Lake Superior, refuel combat aircraft at four hundred miles per hour over the Gulf of Tonkin, and negotiate with a hijacker while flying in a holding pattern off the coast of Florida…

Written with Bob Rogers

Click for more detail about First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier’s Story - Sesquicentennial Edition by Bob Rogers First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier’s Story - Sesquicentennial Edition

by Bob Rogers
Booklocker (Sep 01, 2015)
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First Dark is a coming-of-age story, an epic adventure, and a compelling examination of the primary feelings that drive human nature – hate, hope, desire, love, loss, grief, revenge, and forgiveness – as seen by Apache, black, Mexican, and white young adults during and shortly after America’s Uncivil War.

The San Francisco Review described Bob Rogers as a rising author who takes readers back to life and times in the early years of the Civil War, blending a brilliant mix of historic persons with his fictional characters. Celebrating the sesquicentennial year of the famed Buffalo Soldiers, Bob Rogers delivers his most ambitious work yet–a novel that spans their first generation–from Charleston and Vicksburg to Appomattox and desert Apache battlefields.

First came dark days that beset Isaac Rice’s epic journey–America’s wars to settle the "Negro and Indian problems.” 

First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier’s Story–Sesquicentennial Edition (with a foreword by General (Ret) Lloyd “Fig” Newton) is an historically correct action novel that follows Isaac Rice, the Tenth Cavalry, and the women who love him. His nineteenth century saga begins in Charleston and contributes to the story of how twenty-first century America came to be. Telling Isaac’s story, Rogers surrounds a host of diverse fictional characters with an impressive nonfiction cast, including historic political, military, religious figures, and entrepreneurs of that era.

Subsequent volumes follow Isaac’s descendants, ordinary nineteenth and twentieth century working people, into and out of calamities–recessions, panics, droughts, world wars, a depression, natural disasters, and the division of people by race, class, and caste. The view through their eyes serves to enhance twenty-first century readers’ understanding of “how things got this way” in America.

Isaac Rice, a teenager on a South Carolina rice plantation, traveling alone, follows a treacherous waterborne route filled with incredible hardships and danger to escape from slavery. Too young to be a soldier, the Union Army hires him to shovel coal on a gunboat. Thus begins Isaac’s westward journey, in which he encounters storms, stampeding buffalo, and the hate of zealous patriots whose causes are antithetical to the nation he is sworn to defend. Undaunted, he pursues respect and dignity on an odyssey from the middle of the Civil War in South Carolina’s Low Country and the Mississippi Heartland, to the Indian Wars on the Great Plains and deserts of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Isaac’s is an epic tale of young North Americans coming of age amid the violence of the U.S. Civil War, Indian Wars, Reconstruction, and spillover bloodshed from a Mexican Revolution. Telling Isaac’s story required extensive research of 19th and 20th century books, official documents, and letters, plus multiple visits to relevant geographic locations over a period of twenty years.

A memorable set of characters revolve around Isaac–a Confederate guerilla, a black female activist in a Mississippi Constitutional Convention, a Mescalero Apache warrior, a white Union cavalry sergeant, and a Mexican nurse–who raise their voices and bare their souls as the world they seek constantly changes, bringing tragedy to their lives and danger for Isaac.

Click for more detail about The Laced Chameleon by Bob Rogers The Laced Chameleon

by Bob Rogers
Booklocker (Mar 15, 2014)
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New Orleans native Francesca Dumas is a quadroon courted by moneyed white men. She leads a sheltered life of elegant gowns and lavish balls until a bullet shatters her dream world. While awaiting arrival of the Union Navy atop a Mississippi River levee on April 25, 1862, Francesca’s lover is shot dead. Rain soaked and blood-stained, Francesca vows revenge. Conundrums confront Francesca: solve her identity crisis, succeed as a spy, and find and defeat a three-time murderer.

Click for more detail about Hitting Life’s Curveballs by Bob Rogers Hitting Life’s Curveballs

by Bob Rogers
Booklocker (Feb 15, 2014)
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In his native North Carolina, Will battles America’s baseball apartheid by accepting an invitation in 1943 to play on an all-white team. His high school sweetheart is Dena, whose mother disapproves of their romance. The Ku Klux Klan decides to teach Will a lesson in the status quo and attacks. Will escapes Klan pursuit and hides in the US Army where he keeps the 99th Fighter Squadron (Tuskegee Airmen) safe on the ground.

Click for more detail about The Diary of an Overcomer: An Inspirational story of True Love, Hope, Triumph, and Victory by Daisy Copelin The Diary of an Overcomer: An Inspirational story of True Love, Hope, Triumph, and Victory

by Daisy Copelin
Booklocker (Dec 01, 2013)
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The Diary of an Overcomer, an Inspirational story of True Love, Hope, Triumph, and Victory is a diary depiction of a young girl growing up. Diary entries entail the physical, sexual and verbal abuse she was forced to endure. She details the anger that followed and being labeled a “Problem Child.” She even details one of the lowest points in her life when she was kicked out of the house for her sexual orientation resulting in homelessness. She developed a heavy dependence on drugs and alcohol. Statistics was her destiny if it had not been for positive role models stepping into her life at the right time. As a result she was able to beat the statistics, she went on to graduate high school and college. And is currently living out her lifelong dream of becoming a Teacher, Author and more importantly an inspiration to youth.

Click for more detail about Oooooh . . . Say It Again: Mastering The Fine Art Of Verbal Seduction And Aural Sex by Alan Roger Currie Oooooh . . . Say It Again: Mastering The Fine Art Of Verbal Seduction And Aural Sex

by Alan Roger Currie
Booklocker (Dec 15, 2011)
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Oooooh … Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex can be described as one part self-help in the area of verbal seduction skills; one part social commentary about America’s judgmental and often times, hypocritical, attitudes about kinky sex and casual, promiscuous sex; and one part detailed examples of erotically explicit dialogue that author Alan Roger Currie has used in his real-life verbal seduction experiences with women. Readers will enjoy Currie’s no-holds-barred writing style and entertaining, enlightening, and honest advice and wisdom.

Book Review

Click for more detail about Will and Dena: Love and Life in World War II by Bob Rogers Will and Dena: Love and Life in World War II

by Bob Rogers
Booklocker (Sep 30, 2009)
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In the spring of 1943, Hitler and Mussolini were near the apex of their powers. Will, an amateur baseball player and US Army solider, and his beautiful, head-strong, co-ed bride fight to overcome classism, racism, fascism, and Nazism.