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Click for more detail about Deadly Deception (Deception Series Book 2) by London St. Charles Deadly Deception (Deception Series Book 2)

by London St. Charles
LS Charles Publishing Group (Jun 15, 2020)
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Four years have passed, and Cadence Goldsmith’s family is in just as much danger as it was before they moved to Germany. Lester, the man of many evils, has still managed to evade capture for Braelyn’s murder, and the trial of rogue Detective O’Brien, who had threatened Cadence, is less than one week away. She wouldn’t be so worried if she weren’t seven months pregnant, on top of being the star witness for the prosecution, which means Cadence has to leave the place where she feels most safe and return to Chicago and face the menaces that prey on her demise.

Cadence’s husband, Jackson Goldsmith, is not on board with his wife testifying. Not only is their safety at stake, but the welfare of their daughter, Jackie, whom, through years of therapy, overcame the nightmare that Lester inflicted on her young life. Jackson’s holding onto the promise that the trial will be over in enough time for them to return to Germany before the baby’s born. Though Jackson feels strongly about staying put, he supports Cadence’s decision and vows to protect her at all costs.

Less than twelve hours after arriving in Chicago, their greatest fears become a reality. Havoc and unforeseen coincidences consume their life, starting with vandalism to the family home. No longer knowing who she can and can’t trust in law enforcement, Cadence questions every day if she made the right decision.

Who knows what other injustices may happen to the family while awaiting trial?

Let Cadence and Jackson pull on your heartstrings as they maneuver through obstacles and triumphs that will have you rooting for them from beginning to end. They’ll show you why love is an action word through this story that’s filled with mystery, suspense, and intrigue.

Click for more detail about King of Chatham by London St. Charles King of Chatham

by London St. Charles
LS Charles Publishing Group (Nov 26, 2019)
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Mariano "Reno" DeLuca uses his skills and resources to create safe havens for women who find themselves in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, a surge in criminal activity in the Chatham area threatens the women’s anonymity and security, including the mysterious beauty who landed on the doorstep of The Second Chance at Life Women’s Shelter right before an all hands on deck call that summons him to The Castle.

When Zuri Okusanya, an exotic Tanzanian Princess, arrives seeking refuge from an arranged marriage and its deadly consequences, Mariano is now forced to relocate the women in the shelter to an even more secluded place. He is striving hard not to lose his heart to the forbidden goddess, all while fighting an enemy who’s supposed to be an ally and fending off immoral attempts by men who covet his seat on The Castle’s board.

Will Mariano have the power to defeat his adversaries before they destroy him and the woman he loves?

Click for more detail about Sugarcoated Deception by London St. Charles Sugarcoated Deception

by London St. Charles
LS Charles Publishing Group (Jun 27, 2019)
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Walking a tightrope of a career, a husband, and fulfilling a life-long dream is never easy. Balancing a lie, a child out of wedlock, and a public scandal is almost unforgivable.

Cadence Goldsmith, a young, successful automotive engineer for a European car manufacturer, learns in the middle of an awards ceremony, that her husband fathered a child with a woman he claims to have stopped seeing long before he married Cadence.

Weighing her options, she’s paralyzed by the tug of war between present life and future possibilities. She must either have blind faith in her husband and trust him when he swears he hasn’t touched the other woman in seven years or cut her loses. Not willing to simply walk away, she works to uncover the sinister plans of a woman who is out to destroy them. Cadence is now racing the clock to save her marriage … and herself.

Click for more detail about Betrayal of Trust by London St. Charles Betrayal of Trust

by London St. Charles
LS Charles Publishing Group (Apr 28, 2019)
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What do you do when you’ve created a heinous crime? You run and never look back.

At least, that’s what Uwezo Omari and his mother planned when they fled their hometown of Reno, Nevada and planted roots in the Midwest, far away from their tumultuous past. Or so they thought.

Fifteen years later, Uwezo, now known as Chef Cedrick Dalton, is a loving husband, father, and successful businessman. Still haunted by the sins of his childhood, he treads carefully by keeping a low profile. Unfortunately, having a booming restaurant in an affluent neighborhood, the anonymity he once coveted is now a thing of the past.

With the anniversary of the worst day of his life nearing, Cedrick’s feelings of guilt and paranoia are triggered and kick into high gear. The mysterious phone calls to the restaurant and anonymous notes left behind stating that someone is looking for him doesn’t help. The belief that his mind is playing tricks on him vanishes when he runs into, Victoria, his childhood friend who knows his secret. Turmoil is brewing within because Cedrick’s wife, Sierra, is unaware of his past. Victoria’s presence threatens his freedom and puts the people he loves in danger.

Cedrick’s left with life-altering decisions: tell Sierra and jeopardize her safety, or risk losing her because of this betrayal of trust? Or does he take his secret to the grave?

All options have dire consequences.

Click for more detail about The Husband We Share by London St. Charles The Husband We Share

by London St. Charles
LS Charles Publishing Group (Sep 23, 2017)
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Xavier Carter is a Chicago detective who is leading the ultimate double life. He is married to not one, but two beautiful, intelligent, professional women. Over the years, he has taken extreme measures to keep both homes happy—and separate.Patricia, the first Mrs. Carter, believes that Xavier has left his playboy ways in the past. She had been warned to stay away from the "Campus Casanova," but didn’t listen. Now she’s finding that something’s not quite right in their world. Unfortunately, Patricia can’t focus on him, when she has a secret of her own that has shadowed her since age sixteen. Fate has been unkind in the fact that her "secret" is actually watching her every move, waiting for the chance to destroy Patricia and her family.Lauren, the second Mrs. Carter, is an independent, down to earth, home girl from New York with enough passion and sassiness to keep her husband intrigued, and the presence of mind not be taken for a ride. She gave Xavier an ultimatum and Mr. Carter managed to put a ring on it, even though, unknown to her, he’d already made a lifetime commitment to his college sweetheart.Shawn Johnston has a unique and intricate connection to both "wives" and the husband, which only stirs an already complicated pot. She survived, by coming out on the opposite end of a turbulent past within the foster care system. Her quest for the one thing she has craved more than anything, may cause everyone’s world to collapse and send someone to an early grave.All in all, when the skeletons come creaking out of the closet, two of the women will wonder if the man they share is worth dying for.